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World Record

The Chipmunks and Chipettes compete to set a world record in hopes of winning a new virtual reality game.

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Alvin's Assistant

Kevin agrees to be Alvin's assistant to get closer to the music industry, but ends up running errands instead.

Season 2

4 Mar. 2016
Dog Days/Dragon Dad
When the chipmunks find a stray dog, the boys do everything they can do hide it from Dave so they can keep it; Theodore buys an egg online in hopes it will hatch into a dragon, but Alvin and Simon do not believe his wish will come true.
9 Jun. 2016
Members Only/The New Kid
When Alvin attempts to help the Mathletes stand up to bullies, they take their newfound confidence too far. After witnessing what appears to be a wallet theft commited by Alvin's new friend, a foreign student named Emil, Simon and Theodore decide to investigate in hopes of finding answers - and, perhaps, justice.
10 May 2016
Simon the Superb/The Sub
Alvin and Simon compete to determine who is a better magician. In order to pay off a fine, Alvin takes a job as a music teacher.
5 May 2016
Lights Camera Uh-Oh/Wax Dave
After watching a horror film involving hot wax, the boys fear Dave has been caught up in a similar story.
6 Jun. 2016
Brittany the Body Snatcher/Agent Smith
After Brittany overhears Alvin standing up for her, she begins to behave in a peculiar manner that leads Alvin to believe that she has been possessed by a body-snatcher. To land Simon a position on the school newspaper, Alvin and Theodore search for a groundbreaking story, discovering some interesting things about their teacher in the process.
8 Jun. 2016
Baby Whisperer/Let's Make a Deal
Alvin goes to drastic measures to impress a girl he sees babysitting at the park. Alvin takes on numerous favors in order to do something special for Dave.
2 Aug. 2016
Alvin's Wild Weekend/For Whom the Bell Tolls
A professional hypnotiser accidentally hypnotises Simon a few days before the B.U.T.T.
9 Aug. 2016
Double Trouble/Liar Liar
Alvin accidentally clones himself/A small lie turns into a giant one that everyone knows about
11 Aug. 2016
Suck Toad/Secret Admirer
Brittany gets a Suck Toad stuck to her face/The Chipmunks think that Kevin has a crush on one of the Chipettes. The girls annoy him to get him to stop liking them
16 Aug. 2016
Un-Send!/The Orb
Simon accidentally sends a rude email to one of his teachers/Simon makes Theodore a No-Buddy to get him to stop saying yes to everything
18 Aug. 2016
The Music Box/Special Delivery
Theodore accidentally gives a special music box to the principal of their school
23 Aug. 2016
Missing Miss Smith/Monster Madness
Miss Smith quits her job and Alvin tries to get her back/The Chipettes post a video of a very scared Simon and Alvin on the internet
25 Aug. 2016
Super Girls/Held Back
The Chipettes try to show the boys that girls can be superheroes too/Alvin is held back a year in school and tries to get Simon and Theodore to join him
12 Oct. 2016
It's My Party/Keeping Up with the Humphries
Kevin fears his birthday party will be lame so Alvin decides to host a paintball party in his house. After learning about Bocarter's New Computer, The chipmunks decide to build a bigger and better one in order to beat him at his own game.

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