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Dr. Zap vs. Electroboy

Theodore is hit by lightning and believes he's like his comic book hero, until he's told he's actually a villain.

Current Episode (aired 6 Sep. 2020)

Dad Jokes

Alvin is alarmed that Dave will be hosting an auction where he'll have to tell jokes because he's not that funny.

Season 2

4 Mar. 2016
Dog Days/Dragon Dad
When the chipmunks find a stray dog, the boys do everything they can do hide it from Dave so they can keep it; Theodore buys an egg online in hopes it will hatch into a dragon, but Alvin and Simon do not believe his wish will come true.
9 Jun. 2016
Members Only/The New Kid
When Alvin attempts to help the Mathletes stand up to bullies, they take their newfound confidence too far. After witnessing what appears to be a wallet theft commited by Alvin's new friend, a foreign student named Emil, Simon and Theodore decide to investigate in hopes of finding answers - and, perhaps, justice.
10 May 2016
Simon the Superb/The Sub
Alvin and Simon compete to determine who is a better magician. In order to pay off a fine, Alvin takes a job as a music teacher.
5 May 2016
Lights Camera Uh-Oh/Wax Dave
After watching a horror film involving hot wax, the boys fear Dave has been caught up in a similar story.
6 Jun. 2016
Brittany the Body Snatcher/Agent Smith
After Brittany overhears Alvin standing up for her, she begins to behave in a peculiar manner that leads Alvin to believe that she has been possessed by a body-snatcher. To land Simon a position on the school newspaper, Alvin and Theodore search for a groundbreaking story, discovering some interesting things about their teacher in the process.
8 Jun. 2016
Baby Whisperer/Let's Make a Deal
Alvin goes to drastic measures to impress a girl he sees babysitting at the park. Alvin takes on numerous favors in order to do something special for Dave.
10 Jun. 2016
Munk Man/Ride Along
In Munk Man, Simon enters a superhero contest. The only thing that is a potential threat to him, lives with him. In Ride Along, Alvin's bicycle is stolen as is an officer's. Together they team up to catch the thief bringing hoots of laughter until the very end.
2 Aug. 2016
Alvin's Wild Weekend/For Whom the Bell Tolls
A professional hypnotiser accidentally hypnotises Simon a few days before the B.U.T.T.
9 Aug. 2016
Double Trouble/Liar Liar
Alvin accidentally clones himself/A small lie turns into a giant one that everyone knows about
11 Aug. 2016
Suck Toad/Secret Admirer
Brittany gets a Suck Toad stuck to her face/The Chipmunks think that Kevin has a crush on one of the Chipettes. The girls annoy him to get him to stop liking them
16 Aug. 2016
Un-Send!/The Orb
Simon accidentally sends a rude email to one of his teachers/Simon makes Theodore a No-Buddy to get him to stop saying yes to everything
18 Aug. 2016
The Music Box/Special Delivery
Theodore accidentally gives a special music box to the principal of their school
23 Aug. 2016
Missing Miss Smith/Monster Madness
Miss Smith quits her job and Alvin tries to get her back/The Chipettes post a video of a very scared Simon and Alvin on the internet
25 Aug. 2016
Super Girls/Held Back
The Chipettes try to show the boys that girls can be superheroes too/Alvin is held back a year in school and tries to get Simon and Theodore to join him
12 Oct. 2016
It's My Party/Keeping Up with the Humphries
Kevin fears his birthday party will be lame so Alvin decides to host a paintball party in his house. After learning about Bocarter's New Computer, The chipmunks decide to build a bigger and better one in order to beat him at his own game.
4 Jul. 2016
Simon Sleeps/Fireworks School
Simon Have Sleep To Much Ariving Parent Dreaming To Fight, Arcade Dream To Alvin The Chipmunk Theodore The Chipmunk and Simon The Chipmunk.

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