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Let it Stand Alone
brockleyavenue15 July 2016
Personally, I was enthralled with this Western from the start and stayed that way. It delivers twists and turns that keep you planted to your chair, and after reading some of the reviews of others, I was surprised at the 'nic picking' that went on while comparing it with the 'Hateful Eight". This movie stands on its own, and if H8 hadn't of been out, then I feel the reviews would have been more favourable. I thought it was great...it certainly turned corners and ventured into areas that would/or may offend others, yet being a lover of good movies, this 'epic' kept me glued to the screen. It is certainly well worth the watch, so you can determine for yourself.
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An ultra violent, psycho-sexual art house flick. Totally unique
noremakeassistant6 August 2016
I think the main problem when it comes to the bad reviews here is that many folks watched this expecting a western and it's only a western because of the time period. The story isn't for fans of westerns, clearly, and people expecting the same old satisfying formula plot points in a normal western are going to be sorely disappointed. This is a wild ride. Fans of Bad Lands, Killer Joe, Natural Born Killers and Goodfellas will have more in common with this than anyone else. Acting is incredible. Story is totally surprising and unique. And that gorgeous and grainy 35mm film is absolutely stunning. Not for the faint of heart, but a damn good ride.
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JT Mollner's weird vision just did not appeal to my idea of a good western
Ed-Shullivan5 April 2018
Besides writer/director JT Mollner deciding to create his own unique vision of a western where the three fugitive bank robbers hold a preacher named George Tildon (Ben Browder), his wife Ada (Teri Polo) and two daughters hostage the bank robbers have a continuing dwindling posse chasing them and the story just gets weirder and weirder.

The posse chasing the bank robbers is led by Josiah (Luke Wilson) who tries to lead his posse through intimidation and with idle threats but quite frankly he cannot even protect himself from of all people, the preachers half dead wife? Then there is the leader of the bank robbers named Henry (played by Chad Michael Murray) who takes a shining to the preacher's youngest daughter Florence Tildon (Francesca Eastwood) who has some secrets she wants to share with Henry.

In other real suspense films, the director/editor will purposely lower the actors voice so as to hold the audience's attention but this director, JT Mollner took this approach to extreme with his star Henry (Chad Michael Murray). Not only does Henry's voice come to almost a whisper, he mumbles most of his dialogue such that I thought the film would need to include sub titles because the quiet language Henry was whispering/mumbling was certainly not English no matter how many times I attempted to rewind what the heck he was mumbling.

If you enjoy seeing faces and heads being riddled with bullets and brain matter landing on the shooters own face then maybe you could be remotely satisfied. Or maybe incest, or male on male anal sex is your thing, then this film may appeal to you. I found it disgusting for a western and I do not object to violence just to sensationalism for garnering false attention. The dialogue was also very boring and extremely slow moving but I still hung in there which is why I did not rate the film any lower than a 4 out of 10. At least the ending was a bit of a surprise which I will not divulge so that you can also sit through the entire film and see if you agree or disagree with my review.
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Good western
bogle-6350029 July 2016
An excellent low budget western, shot in the style of your favourite 70's westerns. I can't believe some of the negative reviews. It is well acted, well shot with some great thoughtful moments and has a nice flowing style with a few twists and turns. I really enjoyed this film leading up to a great last half hour.

It helps being a huge fan of westerns but I think some reviewers think the western starts and finishes with the Hateful Eight.

This film deserves more than 5.4. If you are a fan of westerns check it out. If you are 16 years of age move on,,

Can't wait to see more from this writer director.
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Classic homage to Peckinpah with real issues
joeldodd5 January 2017
If you are oblivious of the heritage of westerns as a genre, then many aspects of this movie may not be relevant. If you try to avoid real issues around domestic violence and "Christian" role models molesting their daughters, then you will find this movie confrontational. That said, the plot is well-crafted, the acting is excellent and the themes that the movie deals with, while unpalatable to some, are very real in our communities, and always have been - just not talked about openly. Family secrets, closets of skeletons. This story is about a young woman who sees a chance to escape from her less than ideal family life, and exploits the opportunity. Yes, the movie does have a few weak points, but they do not detract from the strengths of the cast and direction. Scenes of violence are reproductions of the classic Peckinpah style, and remain in context of a thread of dark humour running through the movie that surfaces most frequently in the development of the outlaws' personalities. I rate it 10 not as a perfect movie, but one that is well crafted and holds a mirror to the false morality of families who mask their abusive relationships with a veneer of respectability. If you give credence to those who rated it less than 3, you should see more classic westerns (sixties to eighties), research rates of incest and domestic violence, and read "Tess of the D'urbervilles" - not a western, but a classic of social mores and what a woman can do to escape social judgment. As a comparison, Francesca Eastwood made a better western than her brother Scott. She has truly earned her Eastwood stripes.
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Outlaws and Angels: Love, Misery and Egoism.
niutta-enrico23 March 2017
The present movie is the final elaboration of a shorter piece called 'Henry John and the Little Bug', released about seven years ago by the same Author, JT Mollner, a peculiar kind of film maker.

The final full-length result is peculiar too, but very well acted and very well written. It deals with miserable beings living miserable lives and is a paradigmatic story of how misery, love and egoism can bring anyone to perdition, given the wrong circumstances.

There isn't much pity in Author's heart for his own characters and not many of them will make it through the end. But there is love, as in any great artist's eye, even though of a strange and desperate sort.
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Garbage in the Absolute - Strictly for Troubled Minds
vitaleralphlouis19 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
We love westerns, but lately the low-budget filmmakers have substituted brutality, cruelty and depravity for the previous heroism and brotherhood we've enjoyed for decades. May I tell you about this one>? (Spoilers!) While robbing a small bank, the robbers unknowingly murdered a teenage girl. After hightailing it out of town they meet an elderly couple they previously know. They shoot the man in the head, then as the woman runs away, they shoot her in the back, twice. (Sweet!) This was so they wouldn't "talk" although if they'd have talked they had no information to give the sheriff anyway.

From there they invade the home of a very poor preacher and his family. Make no mistake, the filmmakers really "get off" on the humiliation of these people, which anyone liking this film will appreciate. Here you'll see feminism 2016 western style: the rape of a 15 year old as her parents hopelessly watch. (Charming!) From there we have a teenage girl shooting her kid sister in the head. (delightful!) The promised unusual sex scenes include man-on-man rape as well as finger-rape (possibly a screen breakthrough worthy of an Oscar!).

At about this point, we left the depravity to others.

I noted that the movie had 14 Executive Producers (seriously). They must have emptied the nuthouse. I kept wishing Marshal Dillon would come along and shoot the whole bunch; along with those who rated this movie with high marks.
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Superb but Sordid Western Thriller
mojoguzzi-879-6849811 March 2017
I didn't expect much when I tuned into this movie and was more than pleasantly surprised. I was expecting another modern indie Western shot in some Wild West theme park with stunt men pretending to be actors and a half-baked script.

Outlaws and Angels blew me away. The psychosexual dynamics of the screenplay stretch the Western genre until it bursts apart at the seams. This is not a family film. It's not Shane, although it is something of a morality play, with several characters getting their just due at the end of a gun. There is plenty of violence and sexual content. Although the seedier bits are handled with care, prudes and squeamish viewers are advised to skip this one.

The direction and editing are crisp and tight and the production values are excellent. Locations and costumes are authentic - there are no actresses with bleached hair and Maybelline blush and no cheap polyester duds on the dudes. The soundtrack is the most inventive in the genre since Ennio Morricone's signature work on spaghetti Westerns.

The cast is superb and matched perfectly with their characters. All the actors are totally believable and appealing, but Francesca Eastwood steals the show with her quirky beauty and nuanced performance.

If you like intense action thrillers like Sicario, check this one out. I can't wait to see what this director does next.
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johncochrane00718 July 2016
I'm constantly baffled how quality actors end up in horrible movies?

How does Luke Wilson, Terri Polo, and Chad Michael Murray end up is such an utterly unwatchable movie???

The acting by the supporting actors is dreadful, you can almost see the pain on the "real," actors faces.

The script is deplorable, and the pace of the movie shows no glimmer of hope for escape.

I felt like I had been watching this for hours, checked and it was only 22 minutes in.

Watch paint dry. . . you'll have a better time.
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You just wish that six shooter was aimed at you.
Refulgeo18 July 2016
Imagine Wood Allen Jr, dreaming about growing up to be Tarantino. As a viewer, It is a shame that you have to suffer a worse faith then 90% of the cast.

You spend most of your time with this movie just by trying to endure the dreadful first one and a half hours. By the end you realise that there are some small reflections of a story and the fact that Francesca Eastwood looks good wearing riding pants, while the star of the movie is actually a fly resting on Teri Polo's leg (seen at 1:34:22).

When you just cant bare to stand it anymore, you cant avoid the feeling of cringe when you come to the conclusion that the whole plot revolves around setting up for a sequel.

My only tought after watching this movie is, what sane person would ever take on the task and humiliation by producing the sequel.
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Horrible script - wanna be Tarantino with no grit
filmtravel10115 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The story is slow and dull until finally the 3rd act it becomes a wanna be Tarantino twist similar to Hateful Eight. Rather pathetic since the DP did a wonderful job and the acting was quite decent but in the end you feel like it was too rushed and unbelievable, almost pointless.

Hard to imagine this film was even made based on the script. A sad commentary on American film makers once again trying to create bad ass blood thirsty violent Female lead characters.... truly pathetic. what is wrong with American film makers these days. And why did Luke Wilson get involved with probably the worst useless character in the entire film.

I give it a 4 mostly to the Crew and Cast esp DP. Otherwise it would be a quick B rated 1.
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Fantastic homage to classic westerns
singleyem31 July 2016
I absolutely loved this movie. Initially I wasn't so sure about it because the way it's filmed at first glance makes it look low budget but as it progresses it's apparent that they were attempting to make it look older like a classic western. The movie is funny, thrilling, shocking, gritty, and gory, all things I love. The script and acting were brilliant. I loved most all of the characters even the ones you are supposed to hate just because they were so well portrayed. The scenery is really beautiful as well. This movie reminds me of the old westerns I used to watch with my dad but at the same time feels up to date with the advances in acting, plot, and originality.

I saw someone else comparing this to The Hateful Eight. I have to completely disagree with them. This is so much better than that movie. The Hateful Eight was highly disappointing: too long and drawn out, mostly boring, and not really funny. This movie is not in any way boring, it is clever, funny, and entertainingly shocking.

The two issues I did have with this movie are:

1. Luke Wilson--he sucks as an actor and I was annoyed when they switched to the scenes with him. Luckily he isn't a major player in the picture. 2. While the turn of events at the end did have some entertainment value, part of me feels it would have better had they ended it just before the last bit. It just seemed like maybe they were trying a bit too hard. Plus taking that part out seems to fit more with the traditional ending to a western. But still it's good as is.

8 out of 10. Would have easily given it a 9 without Luke Wilson.
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Poorly acted "Dirty" western wanna-be
rhardy-390-70134115 July 2016
The acting was bad The storyline was bad The subplots were bad The setting was the only thing even close to being western-esque

Has to be the last time I let the name Eastwood, not relating to Clint, influence me to see a movie. Scott Eastwood seems to have SOME skill, albeit mediocre initially, but you can see the spark.

HOWEVER after seeing Francesca Eastwood's acting in Heroes reborn, I blamed it on the script and directing....until I saw this horrid tripe. No, she is not in even her brother's range of skill. The only thing she has down is that "Deer in the headlights" look...and nothing else. I foresee a LOT of bad horror/Sci-fi in her future.

The BIGGEST disappointment in this flick was Ben Browder. I mean he is one of those guys that has that specific way of talking, looking and reacting that can carry a bad scene up a level or 3...not this time. I am unsure if he is just tired of acting, disliked the director or was drunk the entire time, but he actually drug the movie down

Wilson!!!!!!!!! Yah, his bit parts were done as badly as can be. The catchy phrases they had him toss out MAY have resembled period specific jargon, but they were idiotic in delivery. I mean, Wilson makes me laugh. That snort snicker of his, sideways smile with the curled lip, THAT is his segue into a scene. In this flick he was just a monotoned, quip quoting character who's skill, it appears, was to carry every scene with no emotion of feeling

if I have not made it clear enough, I EXPECTED A LOT better from this movie and barring some bad writing, expected at least 1 or 2 actors to carry a bad script into the realm of bearable

I was sorely mistaken.
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Outlaws and Angels should be OUTLAWED for viewing
dgefroh10 August 2016
Really people, would anyone with even half a brain rate this garbage better than a 2? I can't believe some of the reviews I've read on this site that actually can find even one redeeming quality with this crappy movie.

The writing is terrible, the acting is awful, the story line is juvenile, and the movie besides being complete and total rubbish, is so boring that even fast forwarding it won't get you to the bitter end fast enough.

When IMDb give this trite a 5+ rating we know all is wrong in the world. Those brain dead reviewers who pushed the rating for this crap should be banned for life from ever sharing an opinion ever again. Take it from me, this movie is so bad you'll be dumber just for even considering it.
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thomasgustafsson31 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Full of SPOILERS!!

Just another bad "rape and revenge" move with the classical characters, the ugly, the dumb and the sexy bad boy leader. The bad boy who has no second thoughts about killing anyone man that gets in his way, but wont harm any women. No surprises here (except that the sheriff goes posse with his finest shirt on and there are female stretch pants in the late 1800). The bad boy (who always are weak to a female touch) runs in good girl who tames bad boy and and shows that even a out beauty can hide awful cruelness. Has revenge on her wrongdoers with a bloody touch. And as in every r&r move there is a "counter rape", excessive blood splatter on revenging victim, dick shot. Utterly predicting boring. Bad scrip, bad music, bad move.
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where246316 July 2016
After reading the negative reviews here I nearly didn't watch this epic film. I am very pleased I did as I liked everything about this classic. Cinematography was beautiful, stylistic and creative. Dialogue was like a western homage but subtle. Sets and costume flawless. Lighting was a standout. Loved the evening scene with the chooks. The script has humour, romance, suspense, characters with depth and the themes and subtext work all the way to the end on many levels. Some of the scenes are confronting and there is gore. If you like Tarantino then this is sure to please. However I don't think comparisons are fair as this gem stands on it's own and works in more subtle and richer ways. A rewarding watch.
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One of the Worst I've Seen
phm-209-62557330 July 2016
Spoiler alert-it sucks. Do something else with 2 hrs, please. The only type of individual I could see enjoying this is one of those sad, pathetic atheists who seems obsessed with hating Christians. They would love the crosses posted everywhere at the homestead where the disgusting, incestuous preacher and his miserable family live. The whole film seemed like it fell out of some silly, angry 18 year old's head. I wish I could think of at least one worthwhile element of the train wreck, but it's just not there.I generally like westerns, but this was something else.If you like slash flicks with the blood spatter overdone, well, there's that.
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LJ's QR: Decent Western with Intriguing Characters
ljsmovies11 July 2016

"Outlaws and Angels", directed by JT Mollner, is a Western that takes place in the unforgiving American frontier. It follows the story of three wanted bank robbers that take refuge in a troubled family's home.

The movie's script features violence, crime, love, and revenge. As the movie progresses, the seemingly ordinary characters reveal darker and freakish sides to their lives. Emphasis is put on cynicism, human fears, and role of women in Western society. However, several characters never get the screen time they deserve. Their transformations often feel rushed and awkward.

Visually, the movie captures the essence of a Western. The colors and tone used in the film make for a very immersive experience. The movie is also shot using 35mm film, which adds to the gritty and grainy feel. Clearly, a great deal of effort was put into the detailed set-pieces, costumes, and makeup.

Overall, "Outlaws and Angels" is a movie with intriguing characters and high-quality visuals, but the flaws in its script and editing slightly compromise the experience.

LJ's Grade: C , 6.4/10

To be honest, Django Unchained and the Hateful Eight are better Westerns and were both released recently.

For more quick reviews, please visit LJ's Movie Facts on Facebook.
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Fetishist's Gorefest and waste of a few hours.
robbyme56628 November 2016
This movie was awful enough to inspire me to do a public service and warn others away. First let me say the acting is decent as are the shots but this movie quickly devolves from exciting to excessively drawn out soft core porn with a gore furled orgy of an end except that it's not the end, it just keeps going and going with it's awkward out of place music as it tries to be artsy. I guess it worked based on the surprisingly positive reviews.

Don't worry no spoilers if this is your thing, if you like this style of movie then enjoy. The bandits themselves are entertaining at times so at least it had that going for it but the bounty hunters trailing them will undoubtedly leave you wondering what the hell happened on the journey.
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Instead of a typical western path, it took the long, hot road to Hell
nappa19528 February 2017
This production nailed a few things. One, is the self-awareness that IT KNOWS that it's gone off the deep end. Every dust particle, dry shrub, and wooden panel amounts to a resounding portrait of this film's disdain of the west. The film is obsessive but subtle in its metaphorical foreshadowing and the groundwork laid out manages to prepare the audience for the 2-hour torture chamber.

The other are the unforgettable performances and chemistry (or intended lack of it). What these characters do to each other, and what they go through, transform into, is spiritually connected to the worst of the human nature we can relate to.

That's really the movie magic here. I wanted to see more of these characters, but I can assure you the meat the audience will chew off are the juicy performances of depraved humanity. There seems to be some sort of insatiable demand for this type of thing...

And now, the bad.

The blood effects are cheesy, some scenes are far too excruciating to sit through, the stereotypes feel more redneck-ish and not pioneer- ish, and the final result is a pointless exercise. I can tell the writers struggled with a satisfying ending to their half-baked escapade into nihilism.

The film could have very easily been set in the post-apocalypse. Those types of films intend to "hollow you out", westerns are supposed to "grind you down". Ask yourself, how many apocalyptic-themed films you've seen with unsatisfying ending, and how many westerns you've seen with satisfying endings? Challenge yourself to watch this film, and tell me if that distinction ISN'T clear to you.

This film reflects the losing battle the western has with Hollywood and the contempt it projects onto 19th century conservatism. This film reminded me that having characters sound like hillbillies and setting it in the desert, is not enough for it to be considered "a western". Outlaws and Angels doesn't spend enough time appreciating what made westerns special, and maybe not enough time appreciating what keeps the world together.
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Absolute must see!!!
wldsthrnboy18 July 2016
This is an absolute must see for anyone who is a fan of the late 60's early 70's nihilistic gritty style of film making, westerns in particular. This film could have easily been released in 1973.

As much as I liked Hateful Eight, I believe Mollner far better captures the B-movie "grindhouse" quality that Tarantino likes to strive for. Everything from the Kodak film stock, to the Panavision cameras, to the sound track is just absolutely authentic. Even the script is more authentic, and in my opinion superior.

The whole cast is amazing. Every single part down to the smallest was played to perfection. The standouts by far being Francesca Eastwood, Teri Polo, and Chad Michael Murray. Murray captures the brutal anti-hero of few words excellently. Eastwood is amazing as the tortured youngest daughter. Polo gives a jaw dropping performance as the bible thumping lunatic mother.I honestly didn't even recognize her.

If I had to pick one flaw in the film it would be the sporadic voice over done by Wilsons character. It just felt out of place and pointless. It happens very little though so it is a very minor flaw.

The film is a masterpiece that is a true representation of a time when film making was an art form. I look forward tho seeing more of what Mollner can create.
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The movie seemed to try way to hard to be like a toned down Hateful Eight but came off as more of a soap opera
cosmo_tiger25 July 2016
"Where does it all begin. Violence, the gun, the knife, the axe. How's it born, how's it start?" Henry (Murray) and his gang of outlaws are on the run when the find a frontier house. They decide to hide out in there against the wishes of the family that lives in it. What starts off as a simple idea to hide soon expands into a dynamic that no one involved can explain or expect. There have been many many westerns that have come out in the last few years. Most of them awful, a few decent ones and then ones like this. One that isn't terrible and one that is worth seeing, but at the same time one that isn't all that memorable but it is watchable. The movie seemed to try way to hard to be like a toned down Hateful Eight but came off as more of a soap opera. There are some really good things in this and the twists are interesting and I do think it's worth seeing, but really only once. Overall, a movie that is entertaining as you watch it but a day or two after you won't remember half of it. I give this a C.
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Porno Unchained
mike33862 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As an aging Western fan, just consider me a lone sentinel standing watch against this current spate of other movie genres masquerading as Westerns. THIS MOVIE IS NOT A WESTERN.

This movie contains a purely pornographic plot and script, even if the visuals might somehow escape an XXX-rating . . . its R-rating makes a joke of the MPAA film rating system.

It is almost impossible to find a shred of redeeming value in this movie . . . perhaps it was the oddity of finding the beautiful daughter of Clint Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, appearing on screen with her mother in a cameo role, Frances Fisher – "Unforgiven" (1992). Well, the dialog was so mumbled, so garbled, so poorly delivered and edited that much of it was unintelligible . . . and that is a good thing.

This movie works diligently to destroy everything we Americans regard as sacred, e.g., parenthood, Christianity, family, home, and childhood. Retribution? There is none.

Director J. T. Mollner's first full-length movie, and maybe his last?
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A bad pizza.
lostcultur327 January 2018
Now you might wonder why I'm calling it a bad pizza, that's because no matter how bad a pizza might be, I'll always take a slice. That's what I did with this movie. Now the slice might not be good but hey at least I GOT a slice..

Now applying my Pizza philosophy here: The 'slice' being, it's a damn good story. A twisted western. Loved every part of the story. Hats off to the writer and the person that came up with the idea. I'll give credit to JT Mollner there.

Now about the pizza: The director was absolutely horrible. The weird zooms. what the heck was that. Completely unnecessary. The editing had it's flaws too, picked out some mistakes as well but assuming that the editors had to work with what the director gave them, I don't blame 'em. The acting was mediocre at it's best. The only actors that stood out as actually decent was the female lead Flo (Francesca Eastwood) and her mother, Ada (Teri Polo). Rest all were mediocre. And finally, Luke Wilson. How the hell did this guy become an actor??! He was horrible the first time I saw him in Idiocracy (2006) Although I thought that movie had potential. His southern accent (I assume) sounds like a HORRIBLE impression of Owen Wilson. All he had to do was say 'Wooow'. Honestly I could go on ranting about this movie, the unnecessary scenes, amateur camera work. Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you do a bad job. You can find people who have lower budget make YouTube videos a millions times better with better actors.

Should you order the pizza in the first place? If you got time to kill and have nothing better to do, and I mean absolutely nothing, then go for it sure, watch it. BUT if you're looking for something entertaining and you don't watch a lot of movies then I'd skip it
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Expected better big disappointment
djg3251415 September 2017
Saw Like Wilson, Ben Browser and expected at least a decent western. Instead I tried to watch as lines were mumbled, acting was terrible and plot was crap. Sad. Violence by idiots. Clint has a pretty daughter and she can act but this was a poor vehicle for her. I lost interest rapidly. Luke Wilson and Ben Browser must really be hard pressed for work. Read some reviews that gave this a 9-10 ) even comparing it to Pecinpah's work. What an insult. Crap. Pure crap.
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