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Do people honestly take this satirical show literally?
okifofaith-225-28282529 January 2015
I am writing this review because I find it utterly unbelievable that people take Black-ish literally. The show is obviously satirical. It's making fun of the idea that society believes that there is a certain connotation to blackness or, put simply, certain behaviors and beliefs are considered "black". As an upper class black individual who lives in a white neighborhood, I get it. Because of the color of my skin, I'm supposed to "act black" and black friends find it weird that I "talk white". The show is basically Dre making fun of the fact that being black is more than having a skin color; it comes with expectations and stereotypes that many black people feel the need to embody because if they don't, they won't be authentically black. It is not being racist. It is raising stereotypes, but in a comical way that is supposed to make watchers really question the validity of them. It's a comedy and you're supposed to laugh at Dre's nonsensical obsession about not being black enough. I think the problem is people fail to recognize satire, not just in Black-ish but in any context, such as articles online, commentators always take it literal.

But it's a joke. It's making fun of the idea of "acting black".
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It's Funny - Let it Go & Enjoy
royalehead26 September 2014
Normally I don't go to the trouble of writing a review but in this case I had to. Reading the other reviews you'd think this was directed by Malcolm X. It's amazing how offended people can get by a black character (yes he's a character and one of the few) on TV. Do these reviewers who were so utterly offended by this character ever stop to wonder what the black community thinks of white TV? Which is to say almost all TV.

They mentioned being too militant, too black black black (even though that's literally in the title) and so forth. If you watched the entirety of the show, you'd realize that was the point. It was way over top, it was a classic caricature of a man who realized, and so too did his family, how ridiculous he was being and let it all go at the end.

At the end of the day it was funny and entertaining, my wife and I laughed out loud at a few spots which rarely happens. As for the not-believable comment, well I'll leave it at the fact that it's a comedy on TV. That's like saying I don't watch The Colbert Report because it misrepresents the news. By this standard you'll scrap about 95% of the stuff out there, although Transformers could happen if you think about it.

My gauge of a show is whether I was entertained or not, and in this case I was. I second the 7.3 round to a 7.
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It Has Won Me Over
atlasmb10 October 2014
Like some other reviewers here, when I watched the first episode, I turned it off after about ten minutes. It's an unfortunate pilot that leads viewers to think that the entire show will be a narrow diatribe on "blackness". But the show is titled "Black-ish" and it is appropriately titled.

I don't remember what made me give it another chance, but I decided to watch the second episode and I was pleasantly surprised. But one episode does not a series make, so I watched the third. And I found "Black-ish" to be a very enjoyable comedy that had me laughing out loud numerous times.

Like the Cosby family, this family speaks the Queen's English, and they prove to be rather genteel, despite the father's attempts to reconnect with "the struggle". He says, "They (the younger generation) have nothing left to struggle for." The mother replies, "Can't that be a good thing?" And he answers, "No!" This show reveals some truths without spelling them out, like "All in the Family" did so well.

"Black-ish" reveals that the father's discontent is a generational thing--something all of us feel who realize that young people cannot identify with the values and events of earlier generations. And it eventually shows that humanity trumps "blackness".

I hope this show pursues the path it is on. There are lessons here for everyone. And the writers are mining laughs far outside the topic of race.

The cast is excellent. I especially love the two youngest kids. The youngest daughter, Diane, is hilarious; she possesses a comic timing that far surpasses her age.

Update 10/30/14: The show has proved that it is consistently funny. I am upgrading my vote to "9".

Update 11/10/16: I am sorry to say that the show's focus and its comedic balance shifted in season 3. So my grading of the show applies only to the first two seasons. Enjoy them.
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Overplayed race card
explore14406 April 2019
The show is non-stop race baiting. Every episode and several times in each episode. I find it ironic that multi-millionaire black actors are whining about how bad they are treated by whites...OK.

The show is unbearable.
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Intelligent fare for more than just African Americans
flowasis122 October 2014
First of all those who are offended by the title of the show should just pipe down and realize that the creators where just being satirical. As a black man I find the over abundance of buffoonish television shows that are typically geared towards African Americans to be passe and very stereotypical. Tyler perry based shows like Meet the Browns and House of Pain, though well meaning in their portrayal of the Black experience, often suffer from poor writing ( a habitual issue with Tyler Perry productions) and out of date tropes and production values. These shows are typically successful due to Mr. Perry's built in audience and,quiet simply ,a scarcity of programming geared towards black viewers. What makes Blackish stand out is its strong writing, perfectly cast lead actors( Anthony Anderson and Lawrence Fishburn's chemistry is particularly impressive), and irreverent look at the issues facing an upper class black family. Obviously some may not "get" some of the humor if you are unfamiliar with the nuances of black culture, just as an African American might not get every funny referrence from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". The vast majority of the show, however, deals with issues that anyone can relate too. I'm 3 episodes in, and like most good shows, Blackish gets funnier the longer the writers have time to flesh out the characters and progress with the story lines. One more note. In no way is this show racist like some misguided and ignorant reviewers ( with some admitting to having only watched 15 minutes of the about ADHD) suggest. To those individuals I would say give it an actual chance. Check out the first 3 episodes on ONdemand before you pass a hasty judgement on such a small sample size
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He is crying racism every episode
gaspy7513 March 2019
Probably it should be a good and nice show but it's unbelievable. Every episode have the same story line "oh I'm black and I haven't... I can't... " . Stop watching at the middle of season 2.
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This show is one long bad played out punchline
henrybret-7714218 January 2019
Most of what I've seen is just them highlighting the idiosyncrasies of white people. It's just a punchline to a worn out 90s joke about white people. " white people be like, beep bop boop I'm a nerd with no rhythm. Black people be like yo whuddup brotha, we got soul and are better dancers, white folks is lame"
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Never was great
ericapolitica22 February 2019
This show started off as being okay with a few funny lines. Now it's more irritating than anything else with no funny lines at all. It's time to cancel this show and bring in something else.
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Had me but lost me... quickly
chiguy1711 January 2019
Ok, so the commercials weren't enough to make me tune in, but it's been on in reruns after another show I watch. At first, it was funny, so I decided to start watching it regularly, and that's when a few things started bothering me...

1) It REALLY feels like 2000's Cosby reboot - all the way to having the eldest daughter leave for college and turning it into a spin-off. The only difference is this time the wife is the dr and the husband is an ad exec instead of a lawyer (and hopefully not ruffying unexpecting women). Ironically, I'm watching an episode right now and they JUST mentioned the Cosby Show...

2) It's really pretty racist. Given the title of "Black-ish", of course I knew it was going to be dealing with a black family and black issues, but it goes the extra mile to paint all of the white characters in a negative light. That really pisses me of because it's such a double standard. You can't say it's wrong for one group to make jokes about one group, but it's ok for that group to make fun of the other. Racism is racism, it doesn't matter who's making the comments to which group.

The wife, Rainbow, is bi-racial (1/2 black, 1/2 white), which could really open up the series to some interesting (and much needed) story lines and talking points, but instead not only do her black husband and in-laws make fun of her for being mixed, but she only identifies as black to the point of open hostility to most white people she encounters - NEVER saying anything when confronted with a sensitive situation like, "My dad is white, and I love him," or "I'm bi-racial, and..." It's always, "as a black person in this world..." It almost feels like they included it to try to give them a pass on making white jokes, but they show ZERO sympathetic white characters, just villains.

They show Dre at work, and all the white co-workers are absolutely idicotic, racist, and clueless. Yet somehow, it's a huge win for Dre to work there because it's such a big, prestigious firm. Which is it, a prestigious firm or nothing but useless idiots?

It's just really disappointing. Instead of making it a funny show that's about a family that happens to be black, it's all racial issues all the time. It could have done for the black community what Will & Grace or Modern Family did for the gay community, instead it's just a reason to perpetuate stereotypes.
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Is this still a Comedy series??!
carriestwin25 September 2018
We use to watch Blackish regularly in our home. A great and hilariously funny family show. Now, in Season 4 it has taken on this super dramatic role which is quite honestly terrible. I watched a few episodes on Hulu, after work, hoping to wind down and get some laughs in. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I had to watch something else before bed because Blackish left me filled with anxiety and sadness. I won't be watching the last 2 episodes of season 4. I don't know what the writers were thinking... but seriously... GET IT TOGETHER. We won't be returning to watch this series unless there's a serious change... toward COMEDY. Ugh! So disappointing.
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my opinion
thekemotherapy23 October 2014
the show is racist plain and simple. to say its not a show about race is a lie. its about a man who think his family is assimilating to well into white culture and are not being black enough. the problem is...THERE IS NO BLACK ENOUGH... black is your race (your social category) it has nothing to do with your social status, culture, personality, or behavior. cheep stereo-type after another. if a black man grows up in japan is he not a black man? who ever thought of this trash is extremely lacking in creativity and is just trying to make money and obtain publicity and ratings from the hot topic of race in America. stupid 1/10 stars id give it less if possible.
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Good Acting however....
lderman-7796925 July 2018
Not funny. What a downer this show is and you can feel the hate and bitterness towards ALL whites. I would not let my kids watch this show. I will not watch again. I was quite astonished as we're my guests visiting (who just happened to be black). This show divides and does not unite. What a lost opportunity.
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Should Change the Title to "Hate-ish"...
MNKim196718 February 2018
I used to really enjoy watching "Black-ish" - the writing was innovative and the cast was (and still is) stellar. I empathized with story lines highlighting major social occurrences and issues, and, as they mirrored my own thoughts and feelings, it made the series more relevant to me and that much more enjoyable to watch. I laughed wholeheartedly at the satire and looked forward to the next, new, episode each week. However, the series has evolved, and where it's gone is just plain mean. The show is supposed to be a comedy but it's turned into a scripted, serial bully. I pass, now, and think they should change the title to "Hate-ish" - it's a much more apt descriptor.
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racist.... even for Africans also.... especially Nigerians
ohembenjamin16 January 2018
Blackishabc .....pls for God sake stop criticizing Nigerians ...not all Nigerians are what you claim them to be Season 2 episode 12 have been my worst episode, I am your number 1 fan and I can't continue watching if you continue classifying Nigerians as scammers... Not all Nigerians are what you think they are Please get your facts straight... You are making us look bad here... I am a Nigerian and I love my country... Nigerians are peace loving people and not scammers
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Too much racial overtone!
tnwlk5 October 2017
My wife and I started watching Black-ish from the very beginning. We're a white middle class family, dead in the middle of the USA. I must say, we really enjoy the earlier episodes; always looking forward to the next weeks show. But as time has passed and a new Presidency, the series has taken a very political and racial turn. I question if we want to continue to watch and support this sitcom. Last weeks show about Juneteenth and the credits ran at the shows end, has possibly made that my last episode. The acting from top to bottom is suburb, that's what's going to make our decision difficult.

We have many African friends, attend a Southern Baptist Church with a mixed congratulation, this show and other make me question what they really think about their white friends (my wife and myself). I fear this show will make a negative impact on African American youth. It could skew their vision of what a great country we live in and the opportunities that await them.

Everyone is aware of Black History, the oppression and unfair treatment African American forefathers were exposed to. We cannot turn-back history, only strive to correct it. We need positive and encouraging shows centered around Black people that would be uplifting, with a promising message. God Bless the USA—— all people, all race
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ssteal9619 September 2018
I was able to successfully make it through one segment of this show and had to shut it off due to the passive aggressive lecturing and hate speech of what is and is not acceptable in today's "culture." It seemed almost as if it were a handbook on how to walk through eggshells without upsetting the egos of the uber-sensitive. For those saying "just let it go..." I can do that with stupid humor. Examples of this are Airplane!, Naked Gun, Monty Python, Top Secret!, etc... The Jeffersons, Archie Bunker and Good Times have everything already covered with brilliant story lines and writing that still hold up in today's times. Who is the writing pool for this show? Volunteers from the street? Non-paid interns? All the offspring from the old UPN failed shows?
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what happened to this show?
dmgrignano11 January 2017
This show used to be creative and genuinely funny. I looked forward to every episode, told friends about it, and my husband and I loved it.Now it is over the top racist and if we don't get enough of this in every day life. Newspapers, the internet and all media are so dang negative all the time, I watch comedy TV shows to smile, laugh, and escape reality, for just one half hour. The election is over, whether you like the results or not, stop spending time and energy complaining about the situation and find the best in it. Your skin color is just that, it is not your character, morals and values. This show was a fantastic idea with humorous appeal to blacks....and whites...purples, greens and blues. You had created a good thing, and you successfully ruined it. I USED to watch this show.
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Not recommended
lfsml11 October 2014
Blackish has a simple message, that you must subscribe to and embrace clichés about your race or you are betraying your own kind. The message is an unfortunate one because the implication is that conforming to stereotypes is desirable. One has heard the arguments against assimilation but instead being aware of one's roots while pursuing one's individuality the solution offered by the show is enforcing stereotypes. There is also the unfortunate message that acquiring wealth and its attendant possessions makes young Americans white as though there weren't legitimate black avenues of self expression at the upper echelons. It caters to and encourages the perpetuation of stereotypes of black people. This is the second time, the first being in 'Girlfriends', that Ms. Ross has acted in a show that does this. Why in every project she participates in is blackness synonymous with a lack of manners. This show does not represent any race positively and sends a terrible message. Not recommended for adults but particularly not for impressionable children.
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Nothing new, nothing amusing. nothing funny
jazebelle11 December 2014
OK, back up, back up now. Is Black-ish trying to be the new Cosby Show or something along those lines? Whether it is or it isn't, I still don't see the appeal of this show and I'm already in episode 5. One, Blackish isn't funny. Two, Blackish recycles humour but delivers it badly, therefore, making it not funny. Three, the show is borderline racist, not just to black people, to people in general. Anthony Anderson is a great actor, he's a funny guy, great chemistry in front of the camera and clearly the only reason this show is tolerable. Along with Laurence Fishburne, these two are the only two people I enjoy watching. As for Tracee Ellis Ross, in all honesty, her role is pretty damn annoying. It's My Wife and Kids all over again, where mom tries very hard to connect with her teenage daughter and tries to look cool so her younger daughter looks up to her. While we're on the subjects of daughters, when did it become funny to see young kids be sarcastic, rude, back-talk and too big for their own shoes? Plus this little girl carries it out with terrible acting skills. And again, when was it funny to see teenage girls with constant mood swings hating on their parents? No parent finds that funny. This whole scene, has been done over and over again. The difference with Blackish is that it's delivered extremely poorly, thus making it unbearable to watch. It's a terrible sitcom honestly. I'm amazed it's been given a full season's run.
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Great family show, not about race.
cwamne_h4 October 2014
Despite what many people are saying about Blackish, it is not a racist show and it is not even a show about race. It is in fact a family show and it is a family show about culture. In the first episode it does come off as too, but by the end it comes off in a good way, many people must not have watched or didn't finish. Despite that, it delivers great laughs all through the way. The 2nd episode was more of a representation of what the show really is, which is a family show. The second episode again delivers the laughs, but it does it in a very creative and fresh way, and it also did not use anything racial at all. For obvious reasons people will not give this show a chance and they really should. Blackish is a funny and creative show, about family and culture. This successful family is living in the suburbs and adopting that culture, to the dismay of the father. Its laughs all the way through, as these parents, try to be great parents, not so much on culture, but family.
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This show is GARBAGE
chris_willson1 May 2015
I wish I could rate this show lower than "1".

When the show "dads" started airing I didn't think I could ever hate a show more. Thanks BLACKISH(wtf?) for correcting me. Even Laurence Fishburne couldn't save this smouldering pile of garbage. I ENDURED the pilot and had a scathing review drafted in my head. Then I thought, maybe It'll get better.. pilots have been known to be misleading. I suffered through the first three episodes, and I should of trusted my gut. This show is absolutely terrible. There isn't one redeeming quality about it at all. Mainly due to the premise of the show and the cringe worthy dialogue. Watch for yourself if you don't believe me. This show should never have been made, and if this is the future of television I am gonna throw my TV out the window right now. HORRIBLE SHOW 0/10
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Got too political
courtneybayer2 August 2018
At first, it was an ok show. But then, nearly every show was about politics. And if it wasn't about politics, it would have at least 3-5 political jokes. The reason I watch tv is to get away from it.
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DavidYZ17 July 2017
This is a sitcom about an upper-middle-class African-American family who live in a predominantly white suburb of Los Angeles.

The main fault with this show is that it's rarely funny.

Three seasons - each consisting of 24 episodes - have been broadcast. A fourth season is due to be broadcast in late 2017.
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Terrible, just terrible
olasnah-97-47522125 September 2014
I made it only through about 15minutes of this garbage. One cliché after another, the characters hitting on every single stereotypical issue there is, mentioning their blackness, and being black, black black black, etc etc. The main character emphasizing his blackness, acting 'black' by seemingly ignoring the decorum and other mannerisms of the white people in the office like he's special, and then getting upset that he's chosen for a stereotypical black role ('urban' developer or something). I had to wonder, as a white person (and it's not like they didn't heap on one white person stereotype after another), do black people even appreciate this sorta thing? Should they? Bill Cosby was right.....

Anyways, this show is complete racial garbage. An insult to blacks, an insult to other races. I kept asking myself if a black person originated this show, or a white person, because whoever it was, they are either an uneducated boob, or seriously naive.
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brianroxxycryenvy25 September 2014
Sad and very disappointing. I have always enjoyed Anthony Anderson. but this is pure racist garbage, unfunny crap. With all the BS going on in the real world why would a show meant to be a comedy, push at stereotypes and racist material.. yeah black people can be and are quite racist just as any other race So why continue to push this separation.. this show should be yanked, better shows have been yanked for less, hell his last show "guys with kids" was totally funny this one Sucks. You think that in 2014 we as a Nation and people might have come a little further along and Stop playing this boring and destructive race card.
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