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Great songs and great characters
klchu26 November 2016
I knew I was in for a good music movie when the first song gave me chills.

I went into this movie expecting lots of songs and gags, and they are there, but I didn't expect to start caring about the characters and their stories. SING brings together a talented cast and writers for a movie that transcends some of the animated movies out there. The whole family loved it so feel free to bring anyone from 5 on up. Even the younger ones may enjoy it when it's available at home.

Every voice actor delivers and the animators nailed it. The pacing and directing are also very well done. In fact, I could have done with even more of the "auditions" at the beginning.
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Great movie.
rdoubleoc27 February 2019
I've seen quite a few animated movies, but this one was very theatrical and memorable. Great choice of cast for voices, great story, and great animation. Not just a kids movie -- a lot of adults will like this as well.
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lighthearted and inspiring
aminifatimaaa20 May 2019
An immensely enjoyable & likeable animated comedy, Garth Jennings' Sing is extremely entertaining to children and adults. The film may not, however, leave a lasting impression as the tale of a singing competition and its animal competitors does little to stand out. Characters are cute, and voice-talent is strong; but both the narrative and the animation lack depth. Sing is fun, but it rarely hits any high notes.
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Excellent movie. Clean entertainment for kids.
vasanisalim19 December 2016
We saw Sing at a free preview organized by the makers and AMC. I really enjoyed watching the movie with my kids. I appreciate the fact that the makers did not resort to toilet humor to generate laughs. The entertainment was clean. There were no unnecessary sexual references.

I like kids movies that inspire and Sing managed to do that. It encouraged kids to get over their fears and try against all odds.

All the characters were lovable and unique in their personalities. Movie also had some very good music. Length of the movie was just fine for kids. My kids sat through the whole movie and did not get bored or restless till the end. Everybody in the theater seemed to have a good time. Nice feel good movie to watch with the kids. Go for it.
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SING will Blow You Away!
octogonpc12 December 2016
We just finished seeing "SING", and it is undeniably effervescent and will make you leave your cares in the cinema and burst with youthful glee as you witness the effect of the performances on the little children (and some adults), and the happiness emoted from their actions. IF that doesn't make you want to see this probably shouldn't, for it will possess you with a spirit of joy that you'll have to later explain why your body was moving the way it just did. This is a great Family Movie that everyone will enjoy, for young and old, 8 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy...this is a must see Holiday Treat!
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mrsjond4 December 2016
I have just seen Sing with Hubby and two 7 year old's we all thought it was absolutely brilliant. It is rare for us all agree we all enjoyed a film. In fact this is the only one this year.

The music was first class lots of heads rocking to the beat, it had a good variety of music and I am even considering getting the soundtrack.

Rosita Pig was my favourite character and I thought Reece Witherspoon had an amazing voice though really all of them were good singers.

If you are looking to start the New Year off (as due for release in January 2017) I cannot recommend going to see this film enough as "fun for all the family".
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Sing is the most enjoyable of the musical computer-animated movies we've seen this year!
tavm21 December 2016
This is the third computer-animated movie in a row that features actual singing by the characters after Trolls and Moana. The title basically means just about every character is singing something because it's about a singing contest being produced because the producer wants something that brings the people to his theatre, not like those previous shows that didn't do much for his career. Seems like all genres of music from various decades is represented here. My movie theatre-working friend was especially enamored with the gorilla singing a song associated with his favorite singer, Elton John. This movie does show the struggles of putting on a show and possible disasters that happen when risks are taken. I really don't want to reveal any more so I'll just say that me and my friend highly recommend Sing.
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ashleydesern22 December 2016
I went into this movie not expecting very much. I had recently seen Zootopia and Pets, both animated movies set in worlds full of solely animals, and had similar expectations. Sing, however, had much more of a plot than I had expected. The animals go through some real issues and struggles faced by people who own small businesses or businesses related to fine arts. This is a good movie to take the kids to as it is animated, full of songs, and family friendly in its humor. The outstanding cast full of big names in the must industry makes the movie more inviting to parents as well. Overall, this movie was worth the watch.
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One of the Best, Feel Good films of 2016!
GhostHunter1229 November 2016
I got a chance to view "Sing" at a early Pre-Screening and it was an absolute blast. Starring the film was an all star cast, too many to name and they all did a spectacular job singing and acting, the main star that gave me goosebumps singing was Tori Kelly, she can sing the house down. The movie was a feel good movie and it had things for both Kids and the Adults to enjoy. Me and the audience laughed throughout and enjoyed the film, we even clapped when the end credits rolled. This by far to me beats "Secret Life of Pets", I thought "Secret Life of Pets" was an okay film but I was so disappointed. I Highly recommend everyone to see "Sing" when it releases in theaters December 21st.
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Like "Zootopia," with singing.
Amthermandes15 January 2021
It's a cute film, despite the overbearing typical modern themes of "you're special," "you can do anything you set your mind to", and "follow your heart". Plot development and execution is extremely predictable and "cookie-cutter", but the good stuff is all in the details: the humor, the characters, the animation, and sure, even the music.

One may think the movie is purely a platform upon which to showcase all the current, popular musical artists, with almost no thought or heart going into everything else, but thankfully this is not the case. It's not perfect, and yes, there is heavy "music placement", but it should be obvious even to the most skeptic of critics that a lot of work went into creating a fun, family-friendly movie for all.

The actors & singers do a great job too, and on a personal note, it's a great way for anyone unfamiliar with Seth MacFarlane's singing abilities to see just how friggin' talented the guy is, despite their opinion of him.
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SING!...some more
jessminecornelius22 December 2016
This movie was equally exciting for both adults and children and honestly, I couldn't tell you which of whom had more in the audience. By the trailer alone, I could tell that this was going to be captivating due to the fact that it was not animals singing but familiar voices as well! They also sang current songs and some older songs during the audition portion but I believe that was truly them catering to their audience and they hit the nail on the head with that one. Each actor/actress delivered for their character immensely and I was shocked to see that a few of them knew how to sing! The beginning was...interesting. It caught my attention (the voice and not so much the sheep) but I was glued once the main character began to speak about his present life. The most exciting part of the movie was the lessons in it which was people will do what they want to do when they want to do it and never be afraid of doing what you are good at! I hope a sequel comes out soon!
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A whole new kind of Hybrid flick
wewilsons22 December 2016
Forget the book version reviews, they like their own voice.

I was very surprised at this movie. The depth of the character development for animated people/animal things. The number of characters was complex but complimentary. The thorough plot and plot twists. And then the music, singing. Super heavyweight Jen Hudson, pros like Reese Witherspoon, Tori, Jennifer Saunders, John Reilly. The singing built up throughout. And shocker to me Scarlett Johansonn was awesome. Its got fart jokes, jiggly pig bellies, sad family tales and a really super ending.

Pay your dues, have no expectations, sit and enjoy. Sing my arse, they Jennifer Hudson'ed this flick. Awesome !!
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Took my 12 year old to see it and we were both BLOWN AWAY! A++
karenbethyoung4 January 2017
So no joke, I bought the soundtrack while the credits were rolling for the car... for me the Mom! I was so utterly impressed, never got bored and thought it was a kiddie movie, never not wanting to hear the next song. Who ever chose the songs they perform is genius. I still cannot get over the vocals of all of the actors, they were incredible. Jennifer Hudson's rendition of Golden Slumbers is soul lifting. We just saw t after the Christmas rush in 3D, and that was the best way to really appreciate it. If your tween wants to see it, this is one you as a parent will love.❤ I can't get over "Eddie the Eagle" as "Mike", his vocals are beyond incredible.
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Sensational dramatic experience. Full of joy, tears, laughter and pleasure
toshani200317 December 2016
I did not like the trailer, nor the poster. I got a free voucher and I had to use it. I was surprised that the movie got a high rating at IMDb (>7), "what the hec" I said; I will just see it. From the 1st five minutes I was attracted to the amazing characters and the plot. It was a totally different experience to me than any other movie; I literally burst in laughter in some scenes and cried in others; my feet were dancing whenever they sing a song and it all reach a breath-taking climax at the end. The plot brings amazing background story of each character and dramatically shows us how they all overcome their troubles to reach their goals. You should see this movie and enjoy the music and the character development. I rated it 8
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An excellent show that has great music and explores the values of dreams and hard work...
dj-berry-886-11360227 December 2016
This is probably my favorite movie that I've seen in a long time, and we go to the movies a lot! The music in the show is excellent and quite diverse. There's everything from classical crooning songs to teenage pop songs. There's the shy reluctant character who ends up stealing the show. The animal characters are charming, and there are the token "bad guys," and some really, really good characters. Big dreams and hard work are themes that are woven throughout the movie, and something that every parent hopes that their children understand. My three year old grandson and my 6 year old grandsons sat spellbound throughout the movie. They both said that they liked it better than Moana. I think this movie is a must see for children and adults alike!
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Why would it be this
dklllmwk29 December 2016
The twists are predictable, the scenes are unlogic, 5.5/10, can't be any higher.

But...wait, why would it be this? Sure those are the thoughts in my mind, but why hands are shaking, why there are jellyfishes swimming in my eyes? Although there is the most clichéd routine, and the most nonsensical plots, but with the earnest production and the performance with the true heart of every filmmaker, animator and voice actor behind the scene, there is a film provided to us, beyond compare. As a foreigner, I think those maybe the one reason why the US is great, the children in the auditorium are cheered for the roles, with the audience in the film together, when the film about ends, and then the adults are cheered with children, too. I think after years, when those children grew up, there must be someone who will always remember the night he/she had been planted a seed in the heart, named DREAM. This film is similar to La La Land, but still different. On is the love story for adults, but another one is the modern fairy tale for young and old. The only thing there are same is Dream, the eternal topic of human being. 1 point for Dream, and 1 point for cheering audience in the auditorium. 7.5/10 highly recommended.
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Interesting characters, great concept
Floated227 July 2019
There have seemingly been a wave a very solid animation movies within the last few years or so. Sing is quite a different animation film since the basic is about singing. Initially did not expect this film to be great, funny or interesting but upon viewing, there was something different in both style and originality with this film.

What makes this film work is not only the singing (there are a blend of older songs and newer ones of different genres) but the different type of characters, and how each main animal character is given a backstory and subplot.

For a family/children film it works- the comedy is juvenile, the visuals are nice to look at and it sends a positive message. Exceeded expectations, anticipating Sing 2.
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The best film of 2017
emmastubbs-9996121 January 2017
This film is heart warming and not just for children. I went with my two children and I think I enjoyed it more than them. It's like pitch perfect and all stars combined into one incredible film you just want to sing along to. It is by the makers of despicable me and you can definitely tell in the quality and the humour it brings. The 3D version is incredible it is so well made you feel as if you are there with the characters I felt as if I was a child again. It helps show the true value of team work and friendship as well as that your dreams will come true. The film is great for all ages and I definitely recommend it I couldn't stop smiling through out it is much better than I anticipated and the cinema should be much more packed next time I see this film and I definitely do !
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Great family movie
sharonheath-066877 January 2017
First of all, let us all remember that Sing is a family movie....meaning it needs to capture the attention of children of all ages. My kids (6 and 12) both LOVED this movie, as did I. If you don't like musicals, this is NOT for you.

Sing contains a wonderful ensemble cast that draws you in and captures your heart. You find yourself routing for all of them, and your heart picking a favorite. Mine was Johnny. You cannot help but to route for him to break away from the messed up family he has and pursue his dreams.

It draws you in from the beginning, creates character stories and plots to hold your interest throughout, and gives a wonderful conclusion in the end. Yes, that is the recipe for a typical (and successful) kids movie. My kids cannot wait for this to come out on DVD so we can have it here at home to watch over and over again.
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A good animated film with great singing performances.
Anurag-Shetty3 January 2017
Sing tells the story of a koala named, Buster Moon(Matthew McConaughey). To save his theater from shutting down, Buster has a singing competition involving some very talented animals.

Sing is a fun film. The animation is superb. The 3D is impressive. All the actors sing really well. The only flaw in the movie is, there is not too much humor in it. There are barely any laugh-out-loud scenes in the film. A note on the voice-over work. Matthew McConaughey is brilliant as Buster Moon. Reese Witherspoon is awesome as Rosita. Seth MacFarlane is excellent as Mike. Scarlett Johansson is spectacular as Ash. John C. Reilly is great as Eddie. Taron Egerton is outstanding as Johnny. Tori Kelly is amazing as Meena. The supporting cast is good. Sing is not a must watch. However, it is worth a watch with your family.
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Doesn't completely sing, but really soars when it does
TheLittleSongbird21 July 2017
Took me a while to come round to watching 'Sing'. It looked very interesting, and animation and musicals are things there is a real personal fondness for. Why did it take so long to watch it? Being behind with my film watching and hearing very divisive opinions on how good it was or not.

Seeing 'Sing' for myself finally with an open mind, from personal opinion it was an enjoyable film with many good elements but has a few things that stop it from being even better. It really does soar fantastically when it does work, which it does a vast majority of the time, but doesn't completely sing with a few things that weren't given quite enough attention. While opinions seem mostly mixed to positive, it is easy to see why people will find fault with it. As far as 2016 animated films go, it's a good one and one of the better ones but there are far superior ones overall.

Let's start with the positives, which are a great many. The animation is wonderful, it's bright, colourful, rich in detail and with slick character designs and some parts in the musical numbers have some imagination. Absolutely loved the soundtrack, which was incredibly varied which was great (from the Beatles and Katy Perry to Puccini and Stevie Wonder, amongst many others) and they are not just great songs on their own but the renditions of them have so much passion and heart (even remarkably fresh takes on songs that are done to death in talent shows).

Most of the writing is good with something for both kids (younger and a little bit older) and adults. Parts are very funny and others very heartfelt. Likewise with the story, simple and standard stuff but it entertains and it moves with very emotional and beautifully written back-stories for particularly Johnny and Meena. The portrayal of talent shows and the backstage drama, while not much new at all, is affectionate and with much heart instead of being cynical or exploitative. Its message is universal and is as easy to relate to as the best of 'Sing's' characters.

Enjoyed most of the characters, Johnny and Meena are instantly easy to relate to and the portrayal of the underdog with a heart of gold will also appeal greatly. The chemistry between them all is great. The voice acting is terrific, especially slick Matthew McConaughey, emotive Taron Egerton (really surprised me he did) and Tori Kelly and sassy Reese Witherspoon. John C Reilly is funny too.

However, as has been acknowledged, 'Sing' is pretty predictable in places and would have benefited from having less characters and richer depth to more of the back-stories, all interesting but some rushed and not explored enough. Some of the characters were too thinly sketched, and some could have been left out entirely (a shame when most were written very well).

For instance, count me in as somebody who found Mike an unpleasant and annoying character that will go over some children's heads and will make adults question about the message the character is meant to give out. Seth MacFarlane overdoes it in the voice acting too and considering the type of film needed to tone things down, this is a family film not the more adult-oriented 'Family Guy'.

On the whole, while not perfect 'Sing' is enjoyable family fun. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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A Touching and Moving Animal American Idol
FelipeCarrillo5 January 2017
In 2007, Christopher "Chris" Meledandri, the founder and current CEO of Illumination Entertainment, founds his own animation film production company after having been President of 20th Century Fox Animation and supervised and produced movies such as "Ice Age", its sequel "Ice Age: The Meltdown", among others. Three years later, "Despicable Me" seeps in worldwide movie show-times as a joyful, energetic and mostly invigorating feature film. Since then, the company has been rising, collecting recognition and purification which are credited to its works. With discrepant spin-offs, sequels, and original ideas, they've been working on providing an annual film, and while 2011 didn't release any new project, they challenge themselves this year like the major studios with two films filled with magic, spirit, and exultation. After "The Secret Life of Pets" of Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney, arrives the seventh one and the first animated musical of the Universal Pictures section. The factory shows clearly conviction deposited in its product, since it has been a pretty competitive year in the matter, and even story lines of this film have been outlined in other projects, putting it at great risk around to the unpleasant and subjective paradigms. However, there are inexplicably films of which you cannot hate, even though you know that something goes wrong, well this is the case.

In a universe where humans are substituted by animals, it's ordinary to glimpse a giraffe jogging, a lizard talking or a zebra cooking. In this domesticated world is set Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), a koala owner of a fluctuating theater which is falling apart due to the almost non-existent income. He hopes to become a virtuoso host and rebuilds the theater, which his father bequeathed him; so announces a singing competition without restrictions or impediments, anyone who considers that can hum has the possibility of auditing in the proscenium. After a grueling knockout round, there are five shortlisted contenders to fight for the tempting award, a prize that has been altered by mistake. The finalists are intended to be a heterogeneous group: Rita (Reese Witherspoon), a housewife and mother of 25 piglets should be related a lover pop culture pig, Gunter (Nick Kroll); an egotistical and individualistic small mouse, Mike (Seth Macfarlane); a teenage elephant with stage panic, Meena (Tori Kelly); a young bouncer who wants categorically a different tomorrow from his family gives him, Johnny (Taron Egerton) and a rocker porcupine with an amorous deception, which impels her to emerge as a soloist; Ash (Scarlett Johansson). Around these plots, the story succumbs in well-known territories, however, it comes out unscathed thanks to the thoughtful and authentic connection with their characters; a story that finds its main propellant in the wonderful inspiration.

In times where scrupulousness for accuracy and concentration for detail ruled in "Zootopia" or "Kubo and the Two Strings", many people consider that the film does not take hold in visual terms regarding its predecessors, placing emphasis repeatedly in the facial gestures scarcity and poor worked textures, however, contrary to what many declares, I encounter this one even more effective since they put the organic aside for going deeper in significant features for development, it should be noted that the above does not mean that the movie perishes visually, it's gorgeous on the essentials; the squids liveliness, the flood, the city environment and the auditions are grandiose but evidently dissimilar against its competitors. It's noteworthy that Illumination has joined the trend of concealing different easter eggs among its films in order to generate a kind of not confirmed interconnection among them, clearly highlighting the masks used by gorillas in the robberies, the iconic and unforgettable face of Snowball played by Kevin Hart in "The Secret Life of Pets".

Music is a vital issue, therefore they inject covers of 65 different artists, which ranging from Ariana Grande's low notes to the exquisite polyphony of Frank Sinatra. Katy Perry, Kanye West, Sam Smith, The Beatles, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj lead the melodic lists artfully personified, linked and adorned by particularly humorous circumstances. In addition to this, the film also conceived two own songs: "Faith", performed by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande and "Set it All Free" sung by incredible Johansson.

The last card of the ascending study is an uplifting, noticeably touching and fertile in laughs reality show that will return you the hope of finding simple films with teachings so important. With animation standards of the seventh art in these days, "Sing" may not be an aesthetic pearl, but who longs for sensational animals and computerized voices when you have Taron Egerton singing to the dreams, to Scarlett Johansson as a mother and model or to Mathew McConaughey keeping alive the illusion of dreaming and fighting; any human being would swap one thing for other.
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etimmons-5164610 January 2017
I don't write reviews often, but my friends and I decided to go see this due to all the great reviews, so I feel obligated to write a not so great review in hopes I can rescue at least one person from making the same mistake we did. It should be said I am an adult, but I'm a kid at heart and I love animated movies. This is the first animated movie I've ever seen that I just could not stand. The creators are getting lazy. You can't just create a bunch of animals and hire big name celebrities to do the voices and make them sing and expect it to be a good movie. Although I don't know, according to all the positive reviews, maybe you can? Here's my take on the movie: it was not funny (I didn't laugh once and I laugh at everything) and it was not cute (I also find most things cute). The story was very lazy and predictable. The characters were very annoying and unlikable. From start to end they are lying, stealing money, robbing, bullying one another, and then lying some more. But hey who cares, because in the midst of it all, they are singing! There's the cliché stern parent who doesn't support his child's dreams, until all of a sudden he does for no apparent reason. I realize this movie is for kids, but even the kids in the theater were running up and down the aisles because they were bored. If you enjoy quality animated movies with depth and creativity such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up, Monsters Inc., etc then I would really advise against seeing this movie.
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I loved this little sweetie
chrisdye-318674 January 2017
I just got a chance to see this movie yesterday and I will say that I have been awaiting this for quite some time now and It was well worth the wait to see it I Laughed out loud and smiled at most of the movie i really felt for the characters threw most of the movie and one thing I greatly appreciated is the lack of peril the movie had I felt so relieved that I wasn't worried about the characters in dangerous situations threwout the movie i loved the pig mother and the girl porcupine the koala bear was cute too even though he did lie he made up for the lies and gave it his best the movie was hilarious as was heartwarming I will say go see this movie over the winter you will have a blast
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A Pleasant Surprise and A Very Kid-Friendly Must-See!
ciaoamicomio3 January 2017
Sing! was undoubtedly my favorite kid's movie of the year. It was lively and fun, without clichés and it was just a pure-hearted comedy. Unlike movies like Zootopia and Secret Life of Pets, it flows nicely as a comedy WITHOUT peril or scary images and is the true definition of a children's movie.

To those who are obsessing about the rabbit's shaking their tails, THAT WAS NOT TWERKING. They were simply shaking their tails! And that scene was like, what? Three seconds? Seriously, STOP GOING CRAZY OVER A 3-SECOND CLIP. Yes, yes, they definitely shouldn't have put that in a kid's movie, but it goes over their heads. Or they just laugh at it. It's harmless. At least it's not violent or a jump scare.

And to the people claiming that the movie is racist because of the gorillas, don't you think it's racist to believe that the gorillas are portrayed as African Americans with NO PROOF AT ALL? If anything, I would think the elephants, who were actually voiced by African American VOICE ACTORS, were portrayed as "black", not the gorillas, who are all portrayed by CAUCASIAN British MEN. As an African American, I found no proof at all that this movie is racist or that the gorillas portrayed black people.

To gjzabala: I understand that today's songs are very bad compared to songs from the late 90's and early 2000's. But that is no reason to hate a movie just for showing some popular songs. Two older songs, "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John and "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" by Stevie Wonder were both older songs. I'm an introvert and I absolutely LOATHE dancing. I also think it's pretty embarrassing, but still, I like concerts and stuff like that. At least none of the songs were inappropriate. They were all positive songs that would convey good messages to children.
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