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Scarlett Johansson: Ash



  • Buster Moon : [showing her a shiny, overly flashy outfit he wants Ash to wear for the performance]  Isn't this a great color for you?

    Ash : I can't tell. It's melting my eyes.

  • Lance : [going over the song list given to Ash by Buster Moon]  Man, these are like the cheesiest songs of all time!

    Ash : I know right? I mean, I was thinking of writing my own song instead.

    Lance : Wait, what? Your own song?

    Ash : Well... Yeah.

    Lance : Look, if you wanna win that money... Just do what the koala says.

    Ash : Why, you think I can't write my own song?

    Lance : Hey, I'm just saying. Not everyone can write songs, okay? I may make it look easy, babes, but no it's not!

  • Ash : [Ash has just discovered that her boyfriend, Lance, has been cheating on her and is throwing him out of her house]  I DID ALL OF THIS FOR YOU...

    [throws Lance's guitar case into his lap, knocking the wind out of him] 

    Ash : FOR *BOTH OF US!*

    [Ash slams the door behind her. She looks hurt as she listens to Lance and his new girlfriend Becky] 

  • Ash : Hey, Moon, you gave me the wrong list! Cheesy pop's not exactly my style.

    Buster Moon : Style. I'm glad you brought that up. Now, let's see. There... Isn't this a great colour for you?

    Ash : I can't tell. It's melting my eyes...

  • Buster Moon : [Ash finishes her set]  What about that? We just witnessed the birth of a genuine rock star!

    Ash : Moon, you've... you've got some stuck here.

    Buster Moon : [she pulls a quill from his cheek]  Ow!

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