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It's not terrible by any means but the series is starting to fade.
ofpsmith12 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's a common curse with the third movie in most trilogies (assuming we don't count Minions.) The third movie is usually where it starts to wear off. Such is the case for Despicable Me 3. The movie is average. That's it. It's not great, it's not bad, it's just average. The story is that Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker), former 80s child actor turned super villain has eluded capture from Gru (Steve Carell) and Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig) for too long, and the new chief of the Anti Villain League isn't happy about it and fires them. Eager to get their jobs back Gru receives word that he has a long lost twin brother named Dru (Carell also) who invites him to his home in a country known as Freedonia (the same country that Groucho Marx ran in Duck Soup). Dru attempts to get Gru back into villainy. Gru manages to resist the urge for a whole 5 minutes. The master plan is to now steal a diamond from Bratt and hopefully be readmitted to the Anti Villain League. Along the way we have numerous sub plots involving Lucy trying to be a good mom, the Minions fed up with lack of crime and going to jail (it's never specified how that happens), Agnes (Nev Scharrel) wanting to find a unicorn after hearing a legend, Bratt wanting to destroy Hollywood in revenge for rejecting him as a teenager, and the relationship between Gru and Dru. In all honesty I think there's more plots than The Dark Knight Rises. This is really the biggest problem. A Despicable Me movie really doesn't need this many plot threads. Most of the time the movie just jumps around to each one and it comes off as being unfocused. Kids will probable be fine with it and it is enjoyable enough, but I don't think it's as good as the other three.
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Not nearly as good as the first two, but kind of fun
mclong200922 July 2017
I thought Despicable Me 1 and 2 were great fun, movies that you could watch over and over every few months or so and still laugh. Despicable Me 3 I hardly laughed at all, and can't see myself watching it again anytime soon. That's not to say it wasn't fun. The Minions were kind of funny as usual but the overall plot and script wasn't as witty and charming. Mr. Gru is not really a good guy or villain in this one. The interaction between him and his new found brother provided a few laughs. His new wife tries hard in her new role as mother to Gru's kids, maybe that could have been played up more. I've heard another reviewer say this was an unnecessary sequel, and that's hard to disagree with.
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Feels More Like a Sitcom Than a Movie
bkrauser-81-3110649 July 2017
As far as disposable sequels to kids films, Despicable Me 3 is pretty much on par with Cars 3 (2017). It's not a particularly memorable film nor can it really hold its own against something like The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) but at least it's not unpleasant. In-fact in may ways Despicable Me 3 is better than the original in that it improves its look-and-feel and provides a decent foil for once in the form of Trey Parker's Balthazar Bratt. Of course it's to the detriment of neutering the refreshing mean-spirited-ness of the original, but hey, at least you still got those Minions am I right? Despicable Me 3 catches Gru (Carell) and newly minted wife Lucy (Wiig) trying and failing to secure the world's largest diamond from the hands of Bratt our flamboyant 80's themed villain. Fired by the new head of the Anti-Villain League (Slate), Gru and Lucy discover he has a twin brother named Dru (also Carell) whom their parents separated at birth. With nothing on their plate, Gru, Lucy and the girls (Cosgrove, Gaier and Scharrel), travel to the Mediterranean coasts of Freedonia to meet Dru.

When the family lands in Freedonia, the movie descends into a series of fun but thematically incongruous vignettes. Gru bonds with his brother over Dru's desire to become a villain, Lucy fails, succeeds and fails again to become a mother figure to the three girls, Agnes, the youngest of the three tries to capture a unicorn, Balthazar Bratt sees his plans for world domination come to near-fruition and the Minions...well let's just say they have their own thing going as well.

About half of all this busy, busy, business works at least as far as furthering the plot. The fact that none of the film's insanity really coalesces into a compelling whole, only makes the film feel more like a mediocre sitcom episode than an actual movie. Yet as far as inspired moments of slapstick, Despicable Me 3 supplies a little bit more than is to be expected. One highlight involves Gru and Dru driving around the Freedonian countryside in a golden-plated mean machine while police follow while riding literal pigs. Parents will find these comedic bits more amusing than funny but the kids, the kids will be rolling up and down the aisles.

And isn't that what this movie is ultimately about? To provide entertainment to children? While I don't necessarily condone families watching kid's films for their own sake (and this one in particular is all over the map as far as messaging), there's not really all that much to object about here. Despicable Me 3 is at its core a thoughtless but entertaining jumble of sights, sounds and goofiness. Thankfully unlike your racist aunt, Illumination Entertainment has not used the Minions for nefarious least not yet.
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Made me laugh quite a bit actually
kz917-116 January 2018
Enjoyable especially all the 80s jokes! Gru finds out he has a long lost brother mayhem and hilarity ensue.

There are also tender moments that touch your heart, the unicorn search was magical.

Worth the rental.
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I can't tell if these movies are getting worse, or if my tolerance is just waning
matthewssilverhammer10 July 2017
Either way, they're all too innocuous to truly hate. Lowest common denominator in every way: tons of lame jokes, forceful heartfelt moments that aren't earned, and random acts of cuteness. Carell deserves so much better than just being given a tired, silly accent like the worst of Mike Myers.
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They need to stop making bucks off of these movies
pinkarray11 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first Despicable Me I really enjoyed, the second one was okay but not that great, the Minions one was mediocre, and this third one is iffy. Despicable Me has also had shorts and I saw a few of them like the House Makeover one, the Training Wheels one, and the one that played before Secret Life of Pets. The Training Wheels one was okay, the House Makeover one was pretty good, but the one that played before Secret Life of Pets was sub-par.

I think that they need to stop milking this franchise because Despicable Me is just getting worse and worse with each movie and short and from the cliffhanger in the end, I could tell that there's probably going to be a fourth one about Dru's career as a villain. And what's going to happen? Dru and maybe even Gru are going to meet their dad who they haven't seen in a long time and maybe bring him into the family? Are the girls going to find out that their biological parents abandoned them and leave Gru to live with their parents? And what if they make a T.V. series?

None of the characters I thought were very good and are shadows of their former selves. The new characters, Evil Bratt is obvious and Dru is an unnecessary character, he caused trouble for Gru and doesn't even know how to drive yet he has a car. Lucy is annoying with how aggressive and hyper she acts and an unnecessary mom and teammate of Gru and she and Gru are burdening a 6-year-old little girl with stuff about work. Which I think is too much for a 6 year old to comprehend. Not to mention, the kids act too precocious now. Like how could a 6-year-old girl know how to cook soup? She also sold her unicorn, well, Despicable Me is dead now. Isn't she too young to be even thinking about businesses anyway? And she adopts a goat? Why would she adopt a wild animal? And the minions are now more annoying trouble-makers than ever.

There are too many popular songs in there. But I really loved the end credits song. This movie is kind of like a rehash of Despicable Me 1, 2, and Minions. A villain causes destruction to the town towards the end, the girls get kidnapped by the villain, and a boy falls in love with Margo and even talks about getting engaged with her even though they're too young. And he also does embarrassing things such as smooching all over her.

Edith's voice actor sounded a bit too old for her age.

There are a few good things to say about this film, the action scenes are alright, there were some heart-warming moments between Gru and Dru and I like how they help each other, and I also like how they got three different stories going on, one about Lucy and the girls, one about the Minions, and one about Gru and Dru being spies. Agnes's new voice actor did pretty good on her character and I think she sounds kind of like Elsie Fischer, but I still miss Elsie Fischer's sweet, babyish voice but she no longer has that voice.

This movie was clichéd, silly, cartoonish, predictable, slow, and therefore boring. I barely laughed at even one part, the humor was lowbrow and the dialogue foolish. And I can probably guess what the fourth one is going to be about and that there may be a fifth one.
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sjarja17 September 2017
I do reckon that at 31 years - i am not the target audience of this movie. There are of course movies that address both, children and adults alike - but this is not one of those.

The plot was ... pretty stupid. Not stupid in a comedic way - but stupid in a "that makes no sense" way. There was no notable character progression, the minions were a snooze and the newly introduced characters made no sense. Shedding light on Grus past might have been interesting, especially since there was the scene of a young Gru in the minions movie - but instead we got a kind of family reunion with little to no impact at all. So they just got to know each other - and they like each other .. well, good. Thats it.

The villain - the most important part of such a movie - was rather weak, too for my taste. Memorable in design and behaviour, but rather weak in terms of motivation and threat. (considering Gru had to deal with a genius villain that was trying to steal the moon in the first movie ... the villain in the 3rd was just a substantial step down)

Jokes fell mostly flat - but there weren't many for an adult audience.

I d say - a nice movie for kids, but in contrast to some of the classic pixar movies ... not for adults.
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This is not what I expected...Nor what you expect..
mhesham8724 July 2017
I just wanted to have some fun and a good movie like the first one.. It keeps getting worse every part.. I thought that this part will make up for the other one and the minions disaster.. Yet , No No I did not like it at all. I Really liked the bad guy with his style and dancing all around.. But at the end of the day it was boring.
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It's really fun
Gordon-1118 June 2017
This film tells the story of the ex-villain Gru, who teams up with his twin brother whom he has never met, in order to fight against the former famous child star in Hollywood who has become a horrible villain.

"Despicable Me 3" is so much fun! The plot is super funny as usual. The cinema laughed hard many times. Every character is cute, even the villains. Using bubblegum as a weapon is a novel idea, and it's actually fun. The mansion is crazily nice, abs the minions are cute as usual. I enjoyed it lots, and the many children in the cinema enjoyed it too.
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Save Yourselves
eme-593434 July 2017
Despicable Me 3

This movie was weighed down by a lot of problems, but before I get to that I will say that I did not hate this film by any means, it's just not very good.


1. The whole "brother" concept is good, but it shouldn't have been set up in this movie. It should have been set up in the first one, or the end of the second at the latest.

2. This problem I refer to as "the politics of film," because the studio did not acknowledge that they are going to far with this series. The minions stole the show in the first one, however the studio kept pushing it on audiences by over-commercializing them. They somehow became the face of Illumination Studios, and they somehow managed to get their own unnecessary origin story movie. Universal should've stopped while they were ahead with the first Despicable Me.

3. I do not like it when a series will reuse jokes, in this case the "unicorn being so fluffy I'm going to die." It was funny in the first one, but in this one it felt forced.

4. The villain, Balthazar Bratt, felt way too underdeveloped. He got about four minutes of an origin, which resulted in vague motivations and just another generic, one-off villain.

Overall: Save yourself from this mess
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Not as Smart or Original Like the First Movie, But It Still Has Fun With What It's Got
masonrobledo1 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Unlike most people nowadays where they are sick and tired of these movies especially the Minions, I loved the first Despicable Me when It came out, It has somewhat dated animation and you've seen this sort of story before, but It felt refreshing, smart, funny and at times emotional, the two-time Oscar nominated Despicable Me 2 was not as fantastic as the first but It did Improve as a sequel, had a well crafted plot, well developed characters, It was Interesting and the Minions were still going as always, the Minions movie again not as good as the first movie but was more fun then the sequel for reasons that people may disagree, critics and audiences were mixed about It I generally liked, the choice of music, the characters, the jokes and references were really funny and It was a good prequel to the first movie and yes I did like a little more then Despicable Me 2 but I still liked that too.

Now when I heard they will be releasing the third movie this year and I saw the trailer last year, I was really excited to see how they will Improve the franchise even more with better clever writing and characters, even the second trailer looked like It It will still have the family element that the first movie had, after that avoided all the trailers Inlcuding TV spots because If there's something I learned from Smurfs: the Lost Village Is that, the more you show, the more It's gives too much away.

So I went and saw It today still really excited and....It was great, It has a Interesting plot, It got some new characters that are pretty Interesting and funny Including Balthazar Bratt voiced by Co-creator of South Park Trey Parker, all the recurring characters are all still good as they are, well most of them.

However again, not as fantastic as the first movie, slightly better then the second but on par with Minions, Because there are a couple of things that this movie got a bit of downgrade from, the writing while executed fine, It has far too much going, Gru and his twin brother Dru (both voiced by Steve Carrel) are bonding, the Minions end up In prison, Lucy (voiced by Kristen Wiig) trying to be a better Mum for the girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes, Balthazar Bratt sitting around In his lair and Agnes and Edith try and find a Unicorn.

With too much going on, there Is no real plot to this, the most Is Gru meeting his twin brother and trying to stop Balthazar Bratt, It could of been like Toy Story 2 where they only focused on two while a couple slipped but they were kind of short towards, but these drag on although Lucy's sub-plot finishes very quickly and finally the other thing and people will be split with me Is that the Minions were somewhat misleading, In the first two trailers they were just the supporting characters, but In the film and the advertising they are In prison, they are In It for good like 10+ minutes, but they are everywhere In the advertising, sure they are iconic and are mascots for Illumination but they are not In the film often like the other movies, I don't know I just like when the Minions show up they can bring me a good laugh they do here but not as much as before.

So as you can tell I'm a bit mixed, the writing Is all over the place and the Minions are not In as much, but It does have okay execution, still great animation, the new and old characters are fun and It was still funny, as a long time Despicable Me fan, this Is not the best In the franchise, but not the weak thus far.

I'm giving Despicable Me 3 a 8/10.
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Entertaining! Funny! and Adorable! They've done it again!
uzitha25 June 2017
When the first trailer of the third installment of the popular franchise surfaced on YouTube, I was quite amused but skeptical at the same time. I loved the previous two movies, but the 2015 Minions movie fell very short of my expectations where the jokes seemed overdone and I kept glancing at the time hoping it would end.

I went to the cinema not knowing what to expect, because despite my doubts, at least rotten tomatoes had given it a good rating. From the first scene itself to the last, this movie had me laughing throughout. The jokes were slapstick most of the time, there was no real depth to it, but was there ever? Nevertheless it was good. I instantly loved the villain, the man wearing shoulder pants! While not as entertaining as vector from the first movie, this 80's villain Balthazar Bratth held up as a worthy successor. The minion bits were good, as long as it's not a continuous two hours of the yellow bastards running around and making trouble, they are a treat to watch. The next highlight of the movie was Dru, Gru's twin brother. And not bad at all, Steve Carell manages to do a higher pitch version of the same voice and accent he used with Gru and he nails it. The character blend effortlessly into movie.

The third movie follows the same formula as the first two, the super villain causes big trouble kidnapping someone close to Gru while making things go boom boom! While Gru and the family come to the rescue. However unlike most movie trilogies, where the jokes get old and we feel they should just stop *cough cough transformer cough cough* Despicable me 3 manages to keep her charm and deliver a very entertaining movie. I went with my family and everyone enjoyed!
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Three is A Win For Me
rgkarim30 June 2017
Despite what I had hoped, it seemed inevitable for Universal studios to bring about another Despicable Me movie to compete in this summer's animation flick. The series has been incredibly popular with merchandising, despite a film series with an up and down quality. Gru and company are back for another round to try and tickle our funny bones while melting our hearts in the process. Will time number four (three if you don't count the prequel) return back to the quality of the first predecessor, or does it fall victim to merchandising simplicity? Robbie K here to try and answer that question! Let's get started!


Animation/Cute: We all know that these movies are adorable, and that same atmosphere is present through much of the movie. The relationships between Gru and his Minions, and his newfound brother Dru, and even lovable little Agnes and her new family are certain to soften the hardest hearts. And to bring that cuteness to full form is the lovable, fluid, and crazy animation of this series. All the disproportioned anatomical parts, colorful settings, and vibrant gestures are flawless in this movie and bring that same atmosphere you fell in love with.

Funny/Clever: Of course Despicable Me isn't just about being cute, but also comical at the same time. It seems the directing team learned something from their first movie, and did a nice job bringing entertainment to the silver screen. Despicable Me 3 dives back into its comedy roots, maximizing on awkwardly hilarious scenarios and over the top comedic delivery. Gru (and Dru) spout off plenty of one-liners that had me laughing, in those grossly accented, over the top accents that make me laugh. The writing is not only well-timed, but also quite clever in the number of references they make alongside the pokes at popular culture. Even the Minions redeem themselves, falling back into a supporting role that changes up the comedy styles and brings even more laughs. Such nice balance works and is a step in the right direction for future series, especially with the jokes integrated into a story instead of just jabbering nonsense.

Music: If you have read my previous reviews, then you know I appreciate good sound support to the visuals. Certainly, the sound editing goes well with all the crazy visual effects, but the real masterpiece comes in the music. Balthazar Bratt is an 80's obsessed villain, see the trailer, and with this obsession comes a love for the 80's songs. Despicable Me 3 is not shy of the wonders of the decade, in all their toe tapping, synthesizer heavy glory. I was happy to know all the songs on the track list, and appreciated it even more at the clever integration into the movie. Sure, there are some stretches into the silly section, but for the most part my friend and I had a blast enjoying the teams' integration into the movie that was incredibly fun!


Smaller Character Development: It was cute, it was cuddly, and it had some strong moments of development. Yet Despicable Me 3 still cannot hold a candle to the majesty of the first film in regards to balance of the character development. Gru and Dru's story is well matched, and the main villain has a tightened-up story. Yet, the development of the other characters remains lacking at parts, forced at times into a rushed mess that felt shallow and lacking. Gru is doing well with his fatherhood, but the third installment somehow washes the caring father role away in favor of the newer relationships, such a shame. In addition, I didn't feel the emotional kick like I did back in the first installments as well. There was one point I felt sorry for a side character, but outside of that…nothing.

No Dr. Nefario: It's unfortunate, but true. Fans of the notorious, invention making, gas filled madmen are going to be disappointed with the lack of his deep voice and obscure lines. Sure, there is a cameo (that is quite entertaining), but the absence of the side kick was a disappointment to this reviewer and the hilarity that could have ensued. Oh well, perhaps the next one will bring him back into the mix, but don't get your heart set on anything.

Trailers reveals much: Why can Hollywood not learn to sell everything in the trailers? Despicable me 3 falls victim to much being revealed in the 3-4 TV spots that have been released. Pay attention to these trailers and you will be able to decipher the intentions, schemes, and outcomes of much of the movie leaving little to the imagination. And yes, there are many comedy moments that have been overdone on the trailers, which may chip away some of the effect. Shame on you advertising for revealing so much surprise. Fortunately, if you are free of TV ads (thanks to streaming), you are okay.


Despicable Me 3 was a fun, family friendly adventure that I very much enjoyed. With a fantastic sense of comedy, revamping of storytelling, and animation to support it all, I certainly think this entertainment worth watching. Yes, it still has its shortcomings in regards to emotional punches, character development, and surprise, but this reviewer feels the positivity contained in the 90 minutes will make up for it. Worth a trip to the theater? You bet it is, but no so much in 3-D as it did little but to add the coming at you from the screen gimmick.

My scores are:

Animation/Action/Adventure: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0
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What happened?
GoUSN6 July 2017
The previous installments nicely balanced the over-the-top tricks with the plot, and somehow it was plausible in an imaginary sort of way.

But this one? It's as if the writers had the plot then later realized they needed the tricks, and in they went, one by one, arbitrarily, with no real imagination or thought. You can hear the director saying, "ok, insert a trick here, then there, and there, then there." With a 90-minute run-time, there were actually five stories going on: the brothers, the unicorn search, the minions' imprisonment, the engagement segment (involving the oldest child, age 12!), and the Brat. Two are eventually irrelevant and unresolved, while the other three meet in the end, but in a forced "we have to write it this way or the movie has no ending" sort of way.

The premise was interesting - long-lost twin brother wants to resuscitate the family tradition of villainy vs. Gru's new home-bound stability. But the execution was just mediocre, if that. Light laughs, an LOL or two, but that's it.

The minions stole the show.
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Bonkers fun.
Sleepin_Dragon26 December 2017
The first two films were exceptional, and were always going to be a tough act to follow, but I thought they were followed particularly well with this one. It was huge fun, wonderfully over the top, great laughs for kids and adults. A bonkers plot which was loaded with jokes, and the introduction of his brother provided most of the laughs, the Minions were great fun as usual. Very touching at times too. I've read a forth is in the pipeline, I wonder if that will be it, they've been great. 8/10
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A nice, family-friendly ending to a half-way decent trilogy.
Carycomic1 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Once again, Steve Carell proves he's better at doing CGI voice-overs than he is at live-action comedy.

The movie begins with a retrospective news story about Balthazar Bratt; an ex-child TV star gone bad (Holy Danny Partridge, Batman!). Followed by the super-villainous, middle-aged version going after the world's biggest diamond in the modern day. When Gru and Lucy fail to capture him, however, it turns out that this is the _third_ such disastrous confrontation.

Result; termination of employment with extreme (though non-lethal) prejudice.

The rest of the film is like a cross between Disney's THE INCREDIBLES and the Ah-nuld/Devito comedy TWINS. Carell does an admittedly good job making Drew appear to be a more naive/less competent version of Old Gru (the villainous one from the first film) simply by using a shriller voice combined with wavy-blond CGI hair! So, who better to help him overcome that handicap than his long-lost brother who once stole the Moon, itself?

Speaking of shrill voices; once again, the Minions are voiced--at higher RPM's--by French executive producer Pierre Coffin. Although, the sub-plot about their going to prison for loitering and trespassing wasn't as hilarious as it could have been, I still got a kick out of the French version of that old Gilbert and Sullivan classic, "The Modern Major General."

I also loved Julie Andrews' cameo "appearance" as the voice of Gru's mother (now a cougar-ish dowager). Priceless!

But, of course, what really stole the show (as in the first two films) was the lovability of Little Agnes. This time, on the hunt for a "really live unicorn."

Add all of the above--plus some STAR WARS and Marx Brothers references-- to a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, head-bobbing sound track from the Eighties (back when MTV actually lived up to the name "Music Television") and you've got another winner from Sony/Illumination.
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An entertaining, breakneck-paced sequel.
bastille-852-73154729 June 2017
I'm a fan of the "Despicable Me" franchise (except for the "Minions" spin off movie, which was terrible,) and I'm happy to say that this sequel does not disappoint in terms of entertainment value, laughs, thrills or charm. I think it is on par with the first movie and a bit better than the second one. In this chapter, Gru meets his twin brother Dru, who both must work together to stop Balthazar Bratt, an 80's-obsessed supervillain and former child actor out for vengeance.

The movie doesn't waste a minute of time and moves at a very fast pace. The jokes and action come rapid-fire, but never wear on the viewer or become ineffective. The plot has enough twists and turns to stop it from being formulaic, and the movie has some excellent and funny references to the previous two films. Finally, Bratt is a perfect villain for this type of film and is too tongue-in-cheek to resist. It probably helps too that I'm also a big fan of Trey Parker (who voices him) and his show "South Park," but he manages to make the character incredibly funny. While the 80's music and references stemming from his character will probably go over the heads of the kids in the audience, their parents won't be able to stop laughing at those moments. While there are some lines that don't work (e.g. fart jokes) for anyone except the young ones in the crowd, the vast majority of the script is very clever. All in all, this is a funny and sweet sequel with witty writing, an enjoyable plot, and a very memorable villain. 8/10

Note: I saw this film in Dolby Cinema, which is a new premium format that was installed at an AMC theater very close to me a few months ago. This was the first movie I have seen in that format. The clarity of the picture and sound quality were impressive, although I did find the sound a little bit too loud in some scenes for my liking (which is a bit odd, since when I saw 'Wonder Woman' in IMAX 3D at the same theater, the sound--while powerful and thrilling during the action scenes--did not feel too loud.) All in all, I enjoyed the Dolby experience.
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Enjoyable film.
Takethispunch20 June 2017
Gru faces off against Balthazar Bratt, a former child star who has grown up to become obsessed with the character that he played in the '80s, and gets into some sibling rivalry when he meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist to steal the diamond that Bratt has stolen.
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Lovely return to what's special about Despicable Me
mina-cute15 June 2017
I really liked the film. It is funny, touching, fast-paced and gives attention to all its characters. Minions don't dominate the film but are hilarious, the girls are super adorable and Gru-Dru relationships was handled a lot better than I expected. - Seen at world premiere at Annecy
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Very disappointing
evarehm-1425710 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan but this movie was totally uninspired and lacks the charm and anarchistic humor of its predecessors completely. The story is confused, several plot lines (like Ramsbottom, Dr. Nefario) remain open or are illogical and sketchy (like the Minions' jail episode). I just hope that the crew will regain its old performance, and that the Minions will be back - YELLOW, please!
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one-nine-eighty12 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Back again, in this 3rd Despicable Me film Gru and Lucy get sacked by the Anti Villain League for failing to stop the largest diamond in the world being stolen by Balthazar Bratt (a child star of the 80's turned super villain). Gru learns of his long lost brother Dru, somebody that's worlds apart but still managed to be a super villain in his own right. Teaming up they attempt to get revenge on Balthazar, while Lucy and the girls have their own adventures. The minions end up in jail and have their own issues to deal with.

Another fun film with all the voices you've come to know across the trilogy. It's got the same beauty as the first two films and manages to further the characters development. The plot is a little weak compared to the first films. For me it feels like the concept is getting a little tired now, it's a decent watch, but I didn't laugh as much, nor did I care as much as in the first two films. I was more amused at Balthazar Bratt and the 80's references than the main story, but that's because I'm a product of the 80's myself. Having done 3 movies now, 4 if you count the stand alone Minions film, I get the impression that the series is coming to an end. It's still watch this if it was on repeat sometime, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. 6 out of 10.
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It's fine stuff. And not really anything else.
Despicable Me 3 is another obligatory sequel to an animated box-office smash, and it plays out as such: the story's essentially the same as before but the big twist is that South Park co-creator Trey Parker stars in this movie as the lead villain. He does a good job with what he's given, but you wonder WHY he took up the part in the first place!? Was there any real motivation for him doing this besides the money? I think not.

What can I say? It's perfectly harmless family entertainment that makes up for a very... 'because-movie' type of film. This pic gets 3/5 stars.
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Not a bad prequel from the Despicable Me franchise
lisafordeay21 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Despicable Me 3 is the 2nd sequel off the 2012 film and this time GRU(Steve Carrell) finds out he has a twin brother(voiced by the same person) who wants to become a villain like GRU before he married Lucy(Kirsten Wigg) and adopted 3 girls.

We are also introduced to a new villain named Blatzar Bratt(Voiced by Trey Parker) who is a former child star from the 80s and is obsessed with 80s fashion and music. He also is a master of disguise as he steals a diamond in disguise as a heavily man. So its up to GRU and Dru to retrieve the diamond and save the day.

Overall I enjoyed this film,its not as good as the first two films but if you 80s style music than check it out.

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A fun film, but with a very annoying villain
webberrules15 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Despicable Me 3 is a good movie, although I prefer the first two over the third one.

The Bad: 1. Balthazar Bratt was an incredibly annoying villain, mostly because I hate Trey Parker, the man who voices the character, also the co-creater of South Park and the voice of another character I hate with a passion, Eric Cartman. I think Balthazar Bratt was partially based on Eric Cartman, which makes me hate him more than before. The moment he got defeated in the end was an awesome moment. It could be a lot worse if it had Matt Stone in the cast as well. Thankfully, this bad aspect doesn't ruin the movie as a whole. 2. It is a bit disappointing that Russell Brand as Dr Nefario did not return. He was very funny in the first two movies.

The Good: 1. The voice acting, for the most part, was really good. It consists of Steve Carell, a comedian I like, Kristin Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Nev Scharrel, Steve Coogan, Julie Andrews, Jenny Slate and Pierre Coffin. About Trey Parker, to his credit, his voice did fit the character of Balthazar Bratt, although his voice did make him annoying. 2. The music used in the movie was pretty good. "Bad" by Michael Jackson was really catchy. 3. The cast of characters, minus Balthazar Bratt, was likable and colourful. I love the chemistry between Gru and his twin brother, Dru, both voiced by Steve Carell. It is common to have twin siblings in animation voiced by one person. Yubaba and Zeniba, from Spirited Away, were both voiced by Mari Natsuki, as another example, albeit a foreign-language film example. 4. The animation fits the comedic tone of movie, and is pretty colourful as well.

If you enjoy the Despicable Me franchise, watch this movie, but do not expect it to live up to the first two.
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Better than the second and Minions
deanacolomban29 June 2017
This movie was my second favorite out of all of the Despicable Me movies (including Minions). My favorite is the first one. But this movie was so funny and enjoyable to watch! Will your kids enjoy it? Yes they will. Even the Adults should enjoy it. This movie was so funny everyone in theaters laughed at the jokes and so did I and my family. This is a movie worth watching.
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