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"Pun"ishment at its finest
Bmoviesforever26 March 2014
Justen Overlander's word play in "The Bequeather" is fast and furious. No doubt the viewer will understand or catch myriad subtle (and blatant) references upon second or third viewings. Fine comedic acting, that brain teasing script and wonderful production values elevate this low-budget indie to the ranks of the big boys.

Overlander combines his love of such classic movies as "Young Frankenstein" and "Airplane" in his dialog, visuals, slapstick antics, and general all-around goofiness of the characters. You'll laugh, groan, scratch your head, rinse and repeat throughout.

The fine cast features Meisha Johnson, Tiffany Cornwell and Keri Bunkers as three estranged sisters who have to join forces to solve a puzzle that will lead to their inheritance from their dearly departed father. The bumbling men in their lives and two beyond-quirky neighbors (played by Overlander, Gary David Keast, Sid Korpi and Joel Thingvall, respectively) variously help and/or hinder their attempts.
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joelthing26 March 2014
The most colorful black and white movie I've seen in a long time. So funny I wet my pants! Henry Novotny is worth the price of admission or rental in itself! It's not often that an independent film is produced from the hinterlands of Minnesota, but you see the history of comic genius (Pat Proft and his Airplane! ilk) came from the roots of America. I hope that more people will be able to experience this laugh-out-loud epic of nonsense and humor. The Grahams are MY next door neighbors! Oh, and it has some good-looking women to offset the hideous male population of the film! Justen Overlander is a writing and acting and directing triple threat.
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"He kind of appeared out of nowhere, like campaign money."
Reaper-of-Souls10 March 2015
This one line, being somewhat of a political person, I not only found it very funny, but I found it also perfectly describes the emergence of Justen Overlander. Seemingly from out of nowhere, he not only possesses the zany acting skills of Jim Carrey, minus the overacting & tired facial expressions, but he can also write a witty script and direct as well! He just seems to have a broad and natural ability to deliver his lines fluidly, without forcing them. With his film, THE BEQUEATHER, Mr. Overlander gives us a taste of things to come.

I am a lover of Independent Films, as I believe this is where the real talent, heart & soul and passion for filmmaking lies. It is truly amazing to see what can be accomplished on a restrained budget by a genuine lover of films and filmmaking. THE BEQUEATHER, as far as I know, is Mr. Overlander's first full-length feature film as a director. The choice to film in black & white was a great decision. As promised, it brought back memories of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. It also, though it is not a horror film, reminded me of the great classic film THE OLD DARK HOUSE (1932). It had a bit of that aura.

I think all the actors and actresses were very good in their roles. I am specifically looking forward to seeing more films with Justen Overlander, whether it's acting, writing, directing or all three. I have found it a bit difficult to find some of his films, but that will not stop me from continuing my search. More people need to see these films. These are low-budget, independent films done right and deserve a much broader audience. I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Overlander in all his future endeavors. His talents are immense.
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