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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is seen sitting in a bathtub. Only her back is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • Men, women, and children are all murdered brutally throughout, usually with an axe.
  • An open head wound gushes blood.
  • A women is struck across the face with an axe, leaving a bloody gash.
  • A skull is split open, extremely graphic.
  • Several bloody bodies are seen in a pile repeatedly.
  • A decaying hand strangles a women.
  • A child is hung over an edge by a strap. This strangling scene is rather prolonged and distressful as the child struggles.
  • A child is pulled under water and held there.
  • A man is slapped across the face.
  • A man's face is badly burned by steam.
  • A woman's hand is crushed under a falling windowpane.
  • A child is implied to be killed by medical scissors. Blood is seen splashed across a wall after a scream.
  • A woman is hacked to death in a bathtub (fully clothed). Her back, axe embedded, is shown afterwards. Bloody, but little gore.
  • A women is stabbed in the hand with a pen.
  • Several ghost, wounds visible, appear around characters or in the background of shots, usually unnoticed by the leads.
  • In passing, someone hits someone else with a glass. A fight breaks out, but this is background to the scene.
  • Uncertain, but a man might have been impaled by a small metal rod projected at high speed. Unable to ascertain for certain if this was the intended implication at this time.
  • A woman's head is bashed repeatedly against piano keys. Her face, growing more and more disfigured, is shown a few times between hits.
  • A man takes physical damage from a painting being destroyed by a hammer, as though he himself is being beaten. Shot very choppy, he starts with a nose bleed then coughs up blood before collapsing.
  • Several people walk about covered in blood.
  • A child is seen, face obscured, covered in blood, with medical scissors sticking up out of their stomach. Labored breathing is heard as the stomach and scissors move up and down. Then both stop.
  • A man is tackled and stabbed repeatedly. Dark and quick, but up close with blood splatter.
  • A man has his throat slit. Quick, but center screen.
  • A man is shot several times, then shot in the head.
  • In the style of animated drawings, a man is "buried alive," having what appears to be molten metal poured on him while in a hole or box, then hot rebar are driven into the resulting slab.
  • Waterlogged bodies, one with an axe in the back, float to the surface of a pool.
  • Two unarmed men are shot. Neither is up close, but some spatter is seen.
  • A man walks off screen with a gun, alone. A dark winow lights up with blood splatter.
  • A child, dangling from a drainpipe, falls.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few men smoke, several people drink wine.
  • An injured woman drinks alcohol from a bottle while being patched up.
  • A man has a flask in his pocket while on the job.
  • An older man with shaking hands takes a pill.
  • A man drinks from a flask. He had taken medication earlier.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Children are often in peril and/or murdered.
  • A child climbs out a second (?) story window during a storm, is perched on slippery pipes on the exterior of the building.
  • Jumpscares throughout.
  • Soldiers with facial wounds, both fresh and healed, are shown at times.
  • An eight year old has Dwarfism, with may heighten the viewers' sense of anxiety for his perceived youth.
  • A woman dangles from an open door above water.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A homeless man taking refuge on the ship is shot several times after his shaving razor is perceived as a weapon (the actual threat he posed is debateable). Instead of getting him help, as he is still alive, he is wrapped in a shower curtain and shot in the head. As he is unrelated to the events of the story, this may be upsetting to some.
  • A woman closes the window on her possessed son, refusing to save the ghost from falling, as the ghost has essentially killed her son. The police confirm the fall was fatal.
  • A man puts a gun in his own mouth. He does not end up shooting.

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