The Hateful Eight (2015) Poster

James Parks: O.B.



  • O.B Jackson : [after busting in the haberdashery out of the blizzard]  I AIN'T NEVER GOIN' OUT IN THAT SHIT EVER AGAIN!

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [throws Mannix a pair of handcuffs at his feet outside the stagecoach]  Put them on and come inside.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : [grabs the handcuffs and throws them back at Ruth]  Nope!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [stares at him]  Then you'll freeze.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : Then you'll hang!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [chuckles]  How so?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : [to OB who's sitting on the stagecoach]  Stagecoach driver, could you come down here and join us?

    O.B Jackson : I gotta hold these horses. I can hear you just fine from up here.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : You just heard me tell this fella that I'm the new sheriff of Red Rock, right?

    O.B Jackson : Yeah.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : Red Rock is my town now! And I'm gonna enter my town in bounty hunter's chains? NO, SIR! Sorry bushwackers, I ain't entering Red Rock that way. When you finally get to Red Rock, you're going to realize that every goddamn thang I said was right. And I expect you, OB, to tell the townsfolk of Red Rock that John Ruth let their new sheriff freeze to death.

    [to John Ruth] 

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : There ain't no bounty on my head, bushwacker. You let me die, that's murder!

  • [commanding the horses to charge near Minnie's Haberdashery] 

    O.B Jackson : GET IN, BOYS!

  • O.B Jackson : That door's a whore!

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