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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, thematic elements, and some disturbing images

Sex & Nudity

  • We do see lots of naked apes, but nothing critical is exposed (unless one is disturbed by small ape breasts).
  • Apes express their affection for each other by pressing their foreheads together, and Caesar refers to his fallen mate as his "wife."
  • Nothing

Violence & Gore

  • There's only two large scale action style battle sequences: the first one is the opening scene, while the last one is the closing scene of the film. Besides this, there are frequent moments of emotional "violence" both psychologically and physically especially in the 2nd half of the film.
  • Human Apes are enslaved and tortured. A lot of whippings and forced starvation.
  • Some character vomit dark blood while bleeding profusely from the nose. Quite graphic for a PG 13 movie.
  • The Colonel and his crew are cold-blooded killers, and not just of apes, as we'll see.
  • Those primates certainly suffer their share of violence at the Colonel's hand.
  • In the movie's opening skirmish, apes are shot and die in explosions before most of the humans are then speared and killed by them in turn.
  • Caesar's later told that 63 of his kind died in the attack; we see their corpses strewn about after the battle.
  • A follow-up sortie leaves more of the intelligent creatures dead, and Caesar cradles his lifeless family members in his arms.
  • Simians unfortunate enough to be captured alive by the Colonel are sometimes "crucified" on those X-shaped crosses or whipped if they make a mistake.
  • Other servant-like apes, called "donkeys," get pushed around and manhandled (gorilla-handled?).
  • But the humans sometimes brutally kill their own kind, too.
  • The Colonel believes that the virus has mutated, robbing humans of their speech.
  • So he executes everyone who's lost their ability to talk-including his own son-and also slaughters anyone who dares protest.
  • Caesar comes across three victims left in the snow, bloody bullet wounds staining their white shrouds. (One victim still lives, but his mouth and beard are bloodstained.)
  • Apes pummel men to death, and they beat up on others of their kind, too.
  • Someone who's about to kill Caesar's friends gets gunned down.
  • A man is blown up via rocket launcher.
  • One gorilla is suffocated.
  • Another is shot in the temple, killing him.
  • A well-placed grenade triggers a series of explosions, killing many.
  • Helicopters are blown out of the sky.
  • A man shoots himself.
  • An ape gets struck in the side with an arrow.
  • An avalanche kills hundreds, perhaps thousands of humans-perhaps all that's left of humanity's fighting forces.
  • Two scenes of gun and arrow battles between apes/humans and humans/humans. The entire movie only has two action scenes. Not very graphic, but often emotionally taxing. Humans and apes are shot and fall dead in several scenes, there is mild blood and bullet holes but not overly gory. A few apes are shown dead with bloody bullet holes in their heads. Several apes shown with blood on his face. An ape suffocates. Human corpses shown with blood dripping from nose. A few live humans with crusted blood on their nose. Explosions send people and apes flying. Apes are chained and kept prisoner, they are whipped, starved and beaten. Some apes are strung up alive (ie crucifix). Several instances of apes being gunned down in mass - piles of corpses are seen. Injured apes are seen bleeding and bandaged with visible lascerations after a battle. There is a lot of ape/ape violence between Caesars tribe and the "human's apes" - mostly physical fighting. Character talks about murdering Innocents.


  • The movie's sentient simians have discarded humankind's bad habit of swearing.
  • But the remaining humans still spit the occasional salty profanity: Characters say "h---" twice and misuse God's name twice, once with the word "d--n." Jesus' name is abused once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The Colonel pours something from a flask into a mug.
  • In another scene, we see him lying in bed, reaching for what appears to be an empty liquor bottle.
  • A character appears drunk. He frequently drinks from a flask

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A character commits suicide.
  • A character suddenly starts bleeding from the noise and making "zombie-like" sounds.
  • The final scene may upset some viewers who have been invested in the story.
  • The sudden death of Ceasar's son and wife may upset some viewers.
  • The proper official ratings are included below by IMDB and the plot is on the main page


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Koba returns in a couple of scenes looking like a zombie. It is up close and detailed.
  • Ceaser dying at the end will be extremely traumatizing for some viewers.

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