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Episode List


Season 1

6 Jan. 2014
Enigmático asesinato
Ignacio tells his mom that he's going out that night. Hoping that he takes care of himself, Clara says "come home early" and they both stare at each other's eyes for a while. Ignacio and Pablo are drinking a lot at Santiago bar. Pablo proposes to change to something stronger and Ignacio agrees saying "the only thing I want is to lose myself tonight". The party continues at an apartment with two women who are Pablo's friends.
7 Jan. 2014
Primer sospechoso
Clara and Santiago are shocked after having to stop their son's funeral and ask Prosecutor Loreto for an explanation. Loreto tells them that Ignacio died after receiving a sharp blow to the head. The investigation begins and Deputy Antonio Fuenzalida starts by questioning those who were closer to Ignacio; Catalina tells him that she went to La Negra and saw Ignacio kissing Denisse.