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Not terribly original, but sweet nonetheless
gbill-7487720 December 2021
A sweet little film, especially considering it's set in a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Maybe that's the Tom Hanks effect. Comparisons to Cast Away are inevitable, with Wilson the volleyball replaced by Goodyear the dog and Jeff the robot, but the grim sense of the struggle to survive somehow seems muted here. This is light entertainment, geared more towards families or younger viewers. There were cute moments as the robot needs to be trained and weepy moments as the human's health is failing, but unfortunately it never seemed terribly clever or original. Hanks is great as always and the robot is awkwardly cool, but I wish the story had been better.
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Apocalyptic future story with again a great Tom Hanks.
deloudelouvain9 December 2021
This is exactly the kind of movie I do enjoy watching. Post-apocalyptic scenes, it makes you think about the future. In the case of Finch it's quite simple, no Mad Max action scenes but a simple story with only one actor, Tom Hanks, if you don't count the voice of the robot and the lovely dog Goodyear. Like in Cast Away Tom Hanks carries this movie like nobody else can. One actor only doens't mean bad movie and he shows us that. Quite a long movie but never boring, with good existencial conversations between Tom Hanks and his robot. The dog, what is he cute, adds something sweet and emotional to the story. In other words I liked it a lot and I'm not surprised others will like this one as well.
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Robot-man, man, dog, dog-robot.
Pjtaylor-96-13804411 November 2021
'Finch (2021)' is, essentially, exactly what you'd expect it to be. It's an inoffensive, low-key sci-fi set in a post-apocalyptic future about a man who builds a robot to look after his dog. The main problem with the piece is that it doesn't really know what it wants to be. Nailing down exactly what it's about, for lack of a better term, is quite difficult and it doesn't seem to have a proper underlying theme to it. Is it about the relationship between the robot and the dog, as its premise would suggest, or is it about the relationship between the man and his companions, as the title would suggest? Is it about the robot coming to terms with his blossoming sentience or is it about the man coming to terms with his dire situation? The answer to all of these questions is, more or less, "yes" - even though they aren't really "yes or no" questions. It wants to be about all these things but, as a result, ends up not really being about any of them. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining enough. There are some charming moments, mainly surrounding the innocence of the robot and the inherent 'doginess' of the dog, and Hanks' almost 'one-man show' acting hits home as much as his performances tend to. The visual effects are also surprisingly excellent. From what I understand, the robot is brought to life via a combination of practical puppeteering and computer generated imagery; both are as convincing as each other, and the general performance of the machine man is wonderfully convincing. The overall movie just isn't all that compelling, though. Its music, both original and licensed, isn't all that great, either (which is, frankly, astounding considering that the composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, is the same guy who did the music for 'The Last Of Us (2013)' and its sequel). Ultimately, this is a perfectly fine slice of science-fiction that has some highlights but is mostly just a bit inconsequential. It's underwhelming, really. It's entertaining enough for what it is, though, and those who love dogs will probably get a kick out of it. 6/10.
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So So
Tweetienator6 November 2021
Robinson Crusoe embedded in an en vogue (post)apocalyptic scenario, spiced up with a dog (how cute, dogs work always), and Number 5 (Short Circuit, 1986). The only thing I miss is E. T. ;) Finch is not a bad movie but it is one of those ueber-generic movies they produce en mass these days. Everything we get we already got served in many other movies, maybe in another context, maybe not, nothing is really new, besides maybe the blend and dose of the ingredients well known. Tom Hanks is solid, the production pro, the humor sometimes forced, and Jeff, the robot is the equivalent of mini Yoda. In a sequel Jeff maybe will get the job of WALL·E done, and clean up the mess mankind left. Verdict: all in all okay but nothing memorable. Movies like The Omega Man or I am Legend are the better ones. The movie business really needs some talented writers and not those hired copycats who depend on formulas and really have not a tiny drop of own creativity at dispose.
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andrewchristianjr6 November 2021
Loved it. It's Tom Hanks, a robot and a dog - what's not to love? From the life lessons, tender relationships portrayed between human and robot, human and dog, and the action-packed suspenseful scenes - it's a fun wild ride that had me laughing and crying and hugging my dog.
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I don't understand....
radhrh5 November 2021
...what people don't like about this movie. I'll admit it is a little sentimental, but in a good way. Tom Hanks gives his signature "ordinary Joe" performance but the stand out is the robot. Despite beginning sounding like Borat the robot is the star of this movie. I'm fascinated to learn how they made the robot so life-like but in the end it doesn't really matter. In addition it would be nice to see a movie not based around an apocalyptic vision of the future. Given the huge advancement the human race has achieved wouldn't it be a welcome novelty to envision a positive future? Just a thought.....

BTW a great family movie. No violence, sex, bad language or drugs. Just a story of simple human values everyone in the family can enjoy. Even the dog.
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Tom Hanks carries the film like a boss !!!
ketgup837 November 2021
Tom Hanks is such marvelous actor that he can get into the skin of any character and does it with so ease that convinces the audience.

Finch (played by Tom Hanks) is struggling to survive both mentally as well physically in the post-apocalyptic world in the company of a dog and a robot. He knows that he is getting old and will not be able to make it through, so he invents another AI based human-like robot who imitates the activity of Finch so that they can travel as far as possible away from storms which tends to threaten them.

From the director of Game Of Throne series, Finch is a heart-warming and compassionate film which will make you smile, laugh and cry with its moments. The film could have been better just like Tom Hanks's previous classic Cast Away, but looses the steam towards second half. Nevertheless, the powerful performances and few brilliant scenes and Finch can be a pleasant watch with your family.
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What's this about "no story"?
XweAponX10 November 2021
I had no trouble of following a very touching and sensitive story in this film.

I have seen other movies that involved AI, well, AI for one- and Chappie, the Terminator franchise, I Robot...

But this is the first time I have seen elements of "damnation alley" used in a basically "robot dog sitter" film.

Because basically, that is what this is. We think that the Finch character is making a joke when he is programming Asimov's four laws of Robotics into the robot, with the fourth law focusing on the welfare of his dog "goodyear", rather than "mankind".

The dog was Finch's sole focus, and he explains why to the robot "Jeff" about halfway through the film. What I found pleasant with this film was that the robot picked up humanizing traits from Finch as they traveled.

But at the same time we learn some unfortunate things about the man, Finch. Which explains mostly why he is doing what he is doing.

It is one thing to program intelligence and knowledge into a computer. What about compassion, what about common sense? This is another thing that provides a stark difference between this film and most other "robot" films.

"Jeff" is being taught common sense- and that lesson is learned at too high of a cost, much too high.

There is another aspect to this film: what would our world look like in the aftermath of a climate change event as severe as what happens here? Finch barely escapes a storm which is traveling at him at a rapid speed. One of the interesting things that he says about this world, is that the climate change, the solar flare, did most of the damage but we ourselves as people provided the killing blow to the human race.

But there is also a glimmer of hope in this film as well.

There were all kinds of stories in this film it's just that there weren't very many characters: it's just Finch, Jeff, the dog, and another dog robot, Dewey.

We really don't see anybody else but you can feel their presence.

There is also a little bit of Harlan Ellison's "a dog and his boy" here as well. Except that Jeff is less than successful in learning how to speak "dog".
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Great film- lousy reviews
Snootz5 November 2021
This is a slow-burning, slice-of-life movie. It doesn't have to have amazing CGI; not all sci fi is about giant robots and space battles. No, the robot didn't "carry the film". Tom Hanks pulls this through all the way; the robot and dog were supporting actors so to speak. This isn't an action adventure film, it won't fill one's adrenaline addiction, doesn't throw gore and sex at the viewer, and isn't for Transformer fans. It's a film about friendship, regrets, hope, and renewal. If someone doesn't get that... watch something else.

The 1 & 2 star reviews are ridiculous drivel. Even if someone didn't personally like the film, it's considerably better than 1 or 2 stars. Methinks some people post reviews out of ego rather than trying to fairly critique the film.

This was a very good movie, full of emotion and simple humanity, presenting the good side and bad. It's not flash bang; it's more a simmer with a satisfying flavor. Great job by Hanks in what was basically a one-person show (four if you count the robots and dog).
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Rather enjoyable...
paul_haakonsen11 April 2022
I stumbled upon the 2021 movie "Finch" here in 2022. And seeing that the movie starred Tom Hanks, then I really needed to know nothing more about the movie. So of course I sat down to watch what writers Craig Luck and Ivor Powell had to offer.

And let me just say that "Finch" is a spectacular movie. Not only does it have a really entertaining and well-written storyline, but it is also a very emotional story that you quickly get submerged in and swept away by. And it is also a movie that has something to offer for audience members of all ages.

The storyline told in "Finch" is really good. The concept is rather enjoyable and believable, and you quickly get into the shoes of Finch and take a liking to both the dog Goodyear and Jeff the robot.

"Finch" is a movie with a very small cast ensemble, but it worked out great nonetheless. Tom Hanks really carried the movie quite well, and the voice acting done for Jeff - by Caleb Landry Jones - really added a lot of character to the robot character.

Director Miguel Sapochnik really delivered a wholesome movie with "Finch", and it is a movie that I can warmly recommend you sit down to watch, should you have the opportunity to do so. "Finch" is a movie that will stick with you for quite some time, given the well-written storyline and narrative of the movie.

The interactions between Finch and Jeff really were memorable and very realistic, and director Miguel Sapochnik managed to do this in a way where you start to look at Jeff as a person and not just as a machine. Even Seamus, playing the dog Goodyear, was really well-trained and performed quite well on the screen, both alone and in response to the actors.

Visually then "Finch" is spot on. The special effects and CGI looks great and is nicely brought to use on the screen. And the robot character Jeff really is a memorable character, not only in its appearance, but also by its demeanor and personality. And the crew that brought Jeff to life on the screen really managed to do so quite well.

I was more than genuinely entertained by "Finch", and my rating lands on an eight out of ten stars.
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Another One Man Show for Tom Hanks
Alexander_Blanchett5 November 2021
It was a decent movie. The premise was not the most original one, as we have seen elements of it in previous films. I think this is a film that again suffers a little bit from its marketing and the expectations it arises. If you expect an action loaded film like "I, Robot" you will be disappointed. This is rather a melancholic story about a dying man and his dog who creates a robot as a caretaker. Its a film about life, loss and moving forward.

It does have some action and tense elements that are typical for a SciFi adventure, and it does have fantastic visual effects and a beautiful cinematography. But the core of it is the characters (including the dog, which has its own character) by which the film is driven.

Its truly another one man show on Tom Hanks' resume and he has more than once proven that he is great at that. This is no difference. Tom Hanks gives a very touching performance. Its not constantly brilliant as he sometimes sleepwalks a bit through it, but in its essence very good.

I also liked he dynamic between the three characters which was nicely done.

Good film, not legendary, not a 100% must see but a good way to pass 2 hours with.
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A man, a robot, and a dog
legobuilderpro22 November 2021
I didn't know what to think of this movie, but I watched this because of the interesting plot in a apocalyptic earth.

Tom Hanks as Finch was a great performance and his robot named Jeff was a funny and likable character, also the dog was adorable and a good actor.

I like the apocalyptic world they setup and how Finch survives through it, the ending was impactful and I won't spoil anything about it.

Check this movie out when you get a chance, I think you will enjoy this when you see it for yourself.
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A pleasant road trip through post apocalyptic America
eddie_baggins14 November 2021
Originally known as BIOS before it was acquired by Apple TV+ for a prominent streaming release, Finch is yet further proof of Tom Hanks innate ability to carry a film as the sole human presence (here accompanied by a dog and a robot, not a volleyball) in what amounts to a genuinely heartfelt and pleasant journey in a post-apocalyptic America.

Directed by British filmmaker Miguel Sapochnik, who established himself for the big time with his direction of hugely popular Game of Thrones episodes such as Hardhome and Battle of the Bastards, Finch may appear on paper to be a big-scale film ripe for action and spectacle but in a nice turn of events, Sapochnik is content to keep things intimate and humanly focused as Finch forgoes easy wins in the entertainment stake to instead keep the focus on Hank's ill inventor and apocalypse survivor Finch Weinberg as he travels the barren lands with his beloved dog Goodyear and his newly born robot protector Jeff (voiced by Caleb Landry Jones).

What transpires in Finch will be more than familiar to anyone that's ever partaken in an odd couple road-trip movie and one that deals with A. I learning what it means to be human but that doesn't mean the familiarity found in Finch and the comfort food it offers to us as viewers doesn't make it any less enjoyable and it's refreshing to see such a high profile film with this big of a scale happy and comfortable too allow its human moments to shine brighter than anything else that could've easily have been the focus.

As is always the case with one of the most beloved performers in Hollywood and an actor that everyone would seemingly love to call their uncle/friend, Hanks doesn't rework any of his previous performance repertoire to bring Finch too life but whether his interacting with Goodyear, teaching Jeff important life lessons (nothing more important than how to care for a canine) or in one moving scene recounting his past experiences in the violent and confronting new world, Hanks is as reliable as ever as a man doing his best in trying circumstances as he comes to terms with his own mortality and what makes a life worth living.

Throughout the films runtime Sapochnik embraces the staples of the sub-genre his working in, allowing the common components that have become prevalent in these type of films to make Finch a film that gives an experience akin to a big old bear hug, the type of experience we can all use a little bit more of and one that makes Finch an accessible and joyful film that never tries to become anything more than it needed to be.

Final Say -

Lead by a typically strong Tom Hanks performance and its embracing of what type of film it is, Finch is a touching tale about mismatched souls trying their best to survive in a world that has lost sight of what it once was.

4 can openers out of 5.
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All the right ingredients...but the wrong recipe!
Go_For_The_Jugular5 November 2021
This film has it all.

Tom Hanks being Tom Hanks - Legendary. Some of the best CGI I've seen in a while. Great cinematography and it all off with a cute little dog.

So what went wrong? The story just wasn't engaging enough. I don't know if that's down to the writer, the director, or the producer...but it just is.

It's quite hard to stay focused, as it just doesn't warrant your attention...but I guarantee that if it wasn't for Tom Hanks, this film would be getting 1 stars across the board - the man is freakin' amazing! Every body movement, facial expression and word that he speaks is pure greatness!

Unfortunately, he wasn't enough to make this anything more than a bang average flick.
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Two writers and neither could come up with a story?
Top_Dawg_Critic7 November 2021
Basically it's a two hour road trip story about taking care of a dog. I get that both writers are newbs, but at least give us some real drama, thrills and suspense. There was only one part things seemed like they were going to get exciting, but let's just hide under a bridge to avoid all the excitement instead. The story was dull, unoriginal, and lacked any real plot.

I've never been so disappointed in the lost potential from an underused conceptual story, especially with the 115 runtime and amazing casting. This may as well been a short film. And had Hanks not been cast, this just wouldn't of worked and would've flopped. Hanks, and his dynamic with Caleb Landry Jones as Jeff were the only reason I finished the film, although Jeff was unconvincing and a lame and wimpy excuse for a robot.

The directing, cinematography, sets and visuals were excellent, as was the old-school tunes soundtrack. But even all of that will leave you disappointed and wanting more. Even my dog had better ideas to add into this film. It's a very generous 7/10 from me. Apple should stick to computers and phones.
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Not awful - just much too slow for me
thekarmicnomad8 November 2021
This is kind of a Walle meets Castaway which in theory I should love as they are great films.

I found this really boring though.

The robot was not endearing to me and I found its Borat voice grating. The level of its understanding is inconsistent which made it come across as a bit of a dick. It seemed to understand really complex concepts then suddenly misunderstands some basic instruction and causes a big mess.

Tom Hanks is as Tom Hanksey as always - which is good.

But I didn't really care for his character his existence in this dystopian world is as pointless as the plot of the film.

The sum of this adventure is pretty much zero.

As are a lot of the scenes which are draped in sunsets and shots of the open road.

In that respect the world also is a little inconsistent too.

It is absolutely awful and terrifying, unless you take two steps over here -then its fine.

My girlfriend liked this more than me (although she did spend a lot of time playing on her phone) but I found it quite dull and pointless.

All the time it was on I wished I was watching either Castaway or the Martian or something with some direction.
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I've seen this before...
ScoobySnacks6613 November 2021
I've seen this before... It had Hanks stranded on a deserted Island in the company of a volleyball named Wilson. Hanks is always entertaining and the cinematography is great in this film - but it just felt way too similar to Castaway, which I enjoyed exponentially more and actually watched again after seeing this low key imitator.
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Good Acting, Silly Story, Tedious & No Target Audience!
martimusross10 November 2021

Surviving the apocalypse Tom Hanks tries to make the best out of things for him and his dog.

With incredible presence and working with very little Tom develops Finch's character with micro gestures, physicality and method, it was an acting masterclass that's sucked the viewer in, we were invested from the start.

The tone and jaunty music belayed the catastrophic situations that befell him, I'm not sure this really worked. However Tom's interaction with his robots was faultless and entirely believable.

The subject material was adult the story was childish so this movie lacked a target audience, my guess 8 to 14 year old boys would be interested. For me the constant repetition became tiresome, although I have never been a fan of a road-trip!

Overall, whilst excellently played and produced this movie lacked rationale, why did Finch want to make a robot to look after his dog, the movie suggested that there was nowhere on the planet "safe" for humans, however later on it became clear there was. At best this is 5 outta 10 and that goes to Tom for his brilliant acting, but seriously has this story not be done before and better!
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Exceptionally bland drama full of clichéd scenes
kuarinofu5 November 2021
Finch doesn't feel like a sci-fi film, nor does it feel like a survival one.

It's just a rather slow and bland drama with empty dialogue and an expected ending. By the end of the movie, you get a distinct feeling that the movie could have worked, but they only focused on the visuals and forgot about engaging the viewer in the story. The world looks beautiful, but it doesn't feel dead, there is no sense of hopelessness, the need to survive.

Hanks' character hardly catches on. Jeff could have been interesting, but since this is not a science fiction movie, he is not written like a robot, but as a teenager. This is probably done on purpose, but it is not clear why this is not reflected in the dialogues, there is no father-son dynamic. They could have chosen one of two things, either make him a robot and have Hanks explain the world to him through human logic, or make him a full-fledged child and develop the appropriate dynamic. They threw in a little of this, a little of that, and ended up with nothing.

In its current state, Finch (2021) is a visually pleasing 105 min long character introduction that surely won't retain your attention. I cannot rate it lower than 5/10 since the production and all the visual stuff were great. Can't say this for the music though.

P. S. And yeah, closing a dramatic scene with rain isn't such a fresh move in 2021.
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Funny, tender and emotional
lareval7 November 2021
A pleasent surprise I had with this movie. One that triggers the emotions really good and owns a good pacing from start to finish. Tom Hanks proves once again he is a legend by giving his all once again. It's a movie that hooked me from the beginning, that blends intimate moments (Finch and Jeff), with tension and funny bits. One of my favourite moments is when he is telling the story of a mother and her daughter (no spoilers, only Hanks could make it work that gripping). The ending is both emotional and sweet, I couldn't help but cry. A movie that should be seen.
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A rather banal movie
Thepastgazette18 November 2021
The subject is interesting, however a robot that has all the defects and characteristics of a man is not a robot but it is a man, and therefore it makes no sense. This is another film that shows how sure is the feeling that human future will be a disaster due to men errors. The ideas of the movie are not even original.
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How can u give 1?
energy_ucoz5 November 2021
It's not the best movie ever, but how can people give this 1-4? It is very good in my opinion. About 2 hours long but it felt very short. Very likeable characters. And there is only 4 of them. If u count robots and the dog. Not boring, funny, and emotional with good visuals. Perfect movie for one evening.
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Makes you feel human
kenzibit6 November 2021
I really enjoyed this movie, natural to the core with Hanks delivery his best as always. Storyline flowed naturally with lots of emotions. This is one of those movies to watch and appreciate alone. Highly recommend it.
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tom hanks is the sole...
ops-525355 November 2021
Survivor of this , indeed utopian apocalyptic sci-fi drama, making new friends out of what he has at hand, hes very well equiped both on material and intelectual capacities, a lot more than as a sole survivor after a plane crash in the pacific that made a film some decades ago.

Its a film full of special effects, and exploding visual colours, allthough the atmosphere is dazed out by dust and dirt, the filmographers do give this film a solesurviving glow of hope. Its a film about artificial friendship, may feel slow at times, but it gives more than it takes thinks the grumpy old man. Mr finch is the sole survivor i do wanna be. A recommend.
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Post-apocalyptic Winnie the Pooh
leftbanker-19 November 2021
Before I have watched a single frame of this film, I can see that it's too long at 1h58 minutes. It should be a tight 90m, although it doesn't really have the legs for 90m.

Why does the robot (Pooh) sound like Borat? He has an astounding array of technology at his disposal and he's using a voice software from 1998? And if Finch is such a wonder boy with science, why doesn't he make a super-hot robot, you know, to kill two birds and all?

"We're on the Road to Nowhere." Get it? Using the lyrics of a pop song to inform the audience is just about the lamest and most clichéd tool in film making.

There was nothing in this film that made me want to keep watching it. Too long and too shallow. Had it been 30m shorter, it would have been more enjoyable while leaving out a lot of maudlin doggerel, no pun intended.
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