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The concept was lame and the execution was even worse
davidbarro18 January 2019
Xin Wang can't act. She can't write. Emmanuel Sapolsky and Xin Wang make a nice couple. They're equally trashy and soulless. Perhaps they should just go back to Paris and disappear. This movie was a waste of 90 minutes of film. It's been a very long time since I hated a film as much as this, which is a shocking thing for me, because I've seen very few "Asian" movies that I've disliked.

I think westerners should stay away from the Asian film market. It seldom turns out well in the moral sense, and there's only ONE Bernardo Bertolucci, meaning, there's likely never to be another "The Last Emperor." Nor should there be.
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Being able to see in the dark does not benefit the outgoing Amelie in the fast-paced Beijing nightlife. In fact, it might do her more harm than good.
rconrad-148-74822728 July 2016
The Eye of Silence was a pleasant surprise for me. I rate it as follows: VISUAL (2 stars) - the cinematography and editing were excellent with many candid views of modern Beijing, particularly at night. STORY (1 star) - the premise of the story is good and, despite a couple of major plot holes, it is engaging enough to warrant a full viewing. strong use of flashback to explain Amelie's nature and make her more endearing to the audience. ACTING (1 star) - while the lead, Xin Wang, was completely capable of carrying the movie, the supporting characters were a bit one-dimensional and, unfortunately, comical in dramatic situations. SOUND (1 star) - sound editing was excellent. Accompanying music was appropriate for each scene and did not interfere with the storytelling. DIRECTION (1 star) - Sapolsky does fine work here manning the helm. This is not his first collaboration with Wang - I hope they continue to work together and hone their craft. I anticipate with interest the promise of future collaborations.
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