Edgar Buchanan: Luke Herkimer


  • [first lines] 

    Luke Herkimer : [writing in his ledger book]  One dozen patent-pending sure-fire husband-getting sassafras sashay - IOU one hen.

    [speaking to the audience] 

    Luke Herkimer : This is your lucky day, one you won't soon forget. I travel far and wide all over the West sellin' and tradin'. You're lucky you caught me when you did - I was on my way somewhere else. Herkimer's my name; tradin's my game. Got somethin' for everybody.

  • Sam : Why don't you have a drink?

    Luke Herkimer : I never touch the stuff.

    Sam : It's on me.

    Luke Herkimer : Double shot - straight!

  • [Pete, pretending to be the Boston Kid, has agreed to take on three town toughs in a boxing match so Luke can save face] 

    Pete Quinn : Mr. Herkimer, this fight's for you. You're the only friend I have left in the world.

    Luke Herkimer : [to himself]  What did he have to go and say that for?

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