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lo_ongg1 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
not my words, but expresses exactly my thoughts, originally written by Josh Gaisser:

'Dear How I Met Your Mother Creators,

To say I was disappointed in the series finale of How I Met Your Mother is a gross understatement. I am disconcertingly, irretrievably, unfathomably disappointed in the way you chose to end what used to be my absolute favorite television series of all time, to the point where it makes me physically ill to think about. For nine seasons you taught us to believe in magic, and in destiny, and happy endings, and in the fates always working out in the end, no matter how bumpy the road to get there was. This ending absolutely destroyed everything that was magical about this series. A few things you destroyed:

Barney Stinson. From the moment we saw Barney asking about his tie at the end of season 6, and realized that he was getting married, we have seen the character of Barney Stinson evolve, albeit slowly from a manipulative womanizer to a gentlemen worthy of marrying Robin Sherbatsky. When he finally vowed to always tell Robin the truth the moment before he married her, I was proud of him and the full circle that he had done. And then, in one episode, you destroyed three seasons of character development for Barney and made him devolve into an unfunny, immature scumbag of a guy who knocked somebody up and who wasn't even happy about having a child until the moment he held her in his arms. What a SAD, MISERABLE ending for one of the most diverse characters in the show.

Robin Sherbatsky. Ruined her character as well. So she becomes famous, ditches all of her friends and her husband for her career, and lives an anti-social life where she eventually ends up all alone in her old apartment with more dogs?

I could have lived with the mother dying. I could have lived with this. I could have been happy. I could have made it work.

But you decided to take it one step further.

You decided to ruin Ted Mosby. You decided to turn Ted Mosby from a hopeless romantic telling an amazingly beautiful story of how he met the mother of his children into some elaborate ploy to ask his kids' permission to pursue Robin again. Robin. THE SAME WOMAN WHO MARRIED HIS BEST FRIEND AND WHO TOLD TED SHE DID NOT LOVE HIM AND THAT THEY WOULD NEVER WORK OUT EVER BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. By the way, way to break the bro code, Ted. You shattered Ted's character by convincing us he finally moved on from Robin. But no. Still pining after the same woman after 20+ years. Makes me physically ill.

But the worst thing....

You ruined The Mother and her story. You turned her death into a minor part, another hurdle Ted had to jump to finally reach Robin. We did not see ANY mourning from Ted for the death of his wife. We did not see their final moments together. We did not see the funeral. We did not hear any sadness from her kids. All we heard was "Oh by the way, the mother got sick and died, let's talk about Robin instead". Makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

You ruined the magic. And for that, I will forever be disappointed.

In my mind, the series ended with Barney and Robin's wedding. A snippet of Ted seeing the mother playing bass on stage. Finally meeting her at the train station. Flash forwards of their lives together. Ted proposes. They have an amazing life and two children together. She slowly gets sick and eventually passes away. And in order to honor her memory, he sits his kids down and tells them the long, amazing story of how he met the love of his life.

And that's the true story of how Ted met the mother, the love of his life. At least, that's the story I will be remembering.


A Disappointed Viewer"
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Extremely disappointing.
Salman Sufian1 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
*Barney & Robin getting divorced is basically a slap on each viewer's face. This makes the entire season 9 (also many parts of season 7 & season 8) seem pointless.

*What the hell just happened to Barney?! He knocked up a random woman (who didn't even appear in the episode) and ended up being the single father of a baby girl?! No love in his life?! I cannot believe that the creators gave this awesome character such a pathetic ending.

*And Ted ending up with Robin?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I actually thought that after meeting the Mother, he would finally let Robin go. But it turns out, the Mother was just a rebound to him. This got me devastated. The last 5 minutes basically destroyed the show. The title "How I Met Your Mother" doesn't make any sense now! He didn't tell his kids the story of their "Mother" because he missed her and wanted to remember the moments! The storytelling was an indirect way of letting them know how much he loved Robin. The Mother had no significant role in this story. She didn't even get her deathbed scene for crying out loud!

Overall, it was a really bad episode. And a HORRIBLE way to end a show. Very disappointed.
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Just Wow! Seriously ?Just No!
dawidbalaz1 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So where to start. I was ready after ep 23 to give this a 10,not after the whole ending,never that is how bad it was and how bad executed it was! I liked HIMYM as it was, some seasons were unnecessary long, some too short. Like season 9 :

1) Whole season 9 tells us the story of Robin's wedding day, which is unnecessary long because it disbands shortly after(not a surprise) but too much unnecessary drama.

2)They could make the wedding on a few episodes and then the rest of the season would be what should be the wider plot of the 2 last episodes, where a lot and I mean a LOT of STUFF actually happened that moved the storyline forward. Not in 2 episodes - it was RUSHED I felt as if they flushed it in the toilet.

3)Then BARNEY is back to his older self in 2 minutes 9seasons of character development -GONE, yeah then he grows up again (9seasons only for a contrast -that is cheap)

4)TRACY- the writers made us love this character, only to kill her afterwards ? If they would give her at least a season of flashbacks to make us prepare then it would be OK, not like this. Where was the gang at the last moments of her life ?Big moments... tcc. No funeral ? No last words ? She was there only to give birth to Ted's children that is all ? If they needed to kill her (still against that) then they should make another season with her.

5) ROBIN and TED , That was the nail into the grave. I would just put up with Barney's change back and forth in 2minutes ! I would even digest, the death of TRACY(even though it was lazy work to make her die so fast, no plot whatsoever-RUSHED), but that he is telling the kids the story to only be with ROBIN again ? WHAT? JUST WHAT? Do you honestly think he would have been able to ? 9 years he was unhappy, unlucky, depressed and wanted to move to Chicago. Then he met Tracy, then she died ?Would you seriously assume that he would not moved away? That he would be sane ? He must have been at THE deepest bottom,destroyed! And that the whole HIMYM series is actually an excuse story for the kids if he can "bang" Robin again ?

Sorry, but just NO, that was too much even for me. I am deleting HIMYM from my minds as it never existed. (True story)
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Such a waste
Sam1 April 2014
Wow, before watching the final I saw the ratings and they were unusually lower than before. So I was expecting an average episode. I wasn't even going to write about it as long as it was decent or even boring. So imagine my surprise when I saw that the final was worse than any bad things I could imagine.

I usually watch good sitcoms several times but I'm certain that I will not watch another episode of HIMYM again. Such a waste.

This entire season has been a mess and the final just made it worse. The final makes you think the writers are writing for a bad time travel Star Trek episode with the amount of jumps they did.

The ideal final season would be the Robin-Barney marriage lasting 2 episodes max (2 episodes of season 8!). And the entire season 9 of Ted and the mother and their relationship and nobody freaking dying at the end.
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Horrific, And Series Ruining
glomzap2 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The finale episode was horrendous. Just a gigantic pile of garbage. I have no idea what the creators of this show were thinking. They ruined the entire 9 seasons in 40 short minutes.

All the character growth blown to bits.


For the last 3 years they have built towards Barney and Robin. From character growth, to an entire 9th season dedicated to the wedding. Then in one commercial break it is destroyed. They divorce? Really? After spending 3 seasons and an entire final season building up to it, you end it in 10 minutes? You thought that was a good idea?

Ted and his kids are turned into morons. His kids complained for the duration of the story about hearing the story, and then we find out their mother is dead? What the? Yeah, seems realistic. Kids complaining about hearing a story about their dead mother.

I did not want to see Ted and Robin for the 950th time. Yet that's what we got. So, the creators of this show get in return a well deserved failure for not only this episode but now the show as well.

Seriously. This one episode ruins the entire series. It is not among one of the worst I can recall. And I mean it too. There is literally no point to the series now that the final episode has destroyed everything about the previous 9 seasons.
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What just happened???
Kathleen Miao2 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly...these two episodes contained so many out-of-place events that I have repressed a majority of them. Let's go over what happened Lily and Marshall: So Marshall went back to corporate law and he hates it. Marshall eventually gets a call saying he got the job. Marshall later announces that he is applying to become the Supreme Fudge. Where is Lily in this picture? Does she still go on with her art career? Is her happy ending "oh yes baby #3 is on the way"? I will not accept that as her ending, her character has grown so much since her kindergarten teacher days and I will not accept her settling as a housewife. Nothing really substantial happened to the two of them, they were just the bystanders to witness the disaster that is Barney/Robin/Ted/Mother. And I think that is a big shame.

Barney/Robin: As the audience lives off the high and satisfaction of their marriage...barely 20 minutes into the episode do they announce Barney and Robin have divorced. Barney and Robin have built up their romance for 4/5 seasons, with both of them growing and sacrificing so much to love each other wholeheartedly. Yet they break up over what? WORK ISSUES. Yet okay, looking at the ending of the first half of the episode, maybe there is hope! Robin and Barney have broken up over before over something similar. And they came back stronger later on! So maybe there is hope! Nope. The ending of this final episode diminishes any hope of that. Instead, Robin becomes consumed by her work and fame and isolates herself from her friends. She goes back to her apartment with her 21904 dogs. Barney goes back to his womanizing ways and games. All of their growth over the past seasons, DESTROYED, ANNIHILATED, DIMINISHED, BACK TO THEIR FIRST SEASON PERSONALITIES. The writer's tried to somewhat redeem Barney's character by granting him his "love at first sight" with his baby, but to do that they sacrificed all of the growth he had with Robin. Think of it as this: Over the course of the seasons, Barney was trying to climb a mountain to reach its peak. He achieves, but the writers decide to kick him off this peak, show him reaching his low, and then offer him a giant stepping stool to go on a different peak. All within the same episode. It's so messy and nonsensical. As for Robin, yes you can say that she "achieved happiness by becoming a successful reporter", but I think Robin's "goal" throughout the series was finding someone to understand and love her. Her broken relationship with her father, commitment issues. Hm, sound familiar (BARNEY). And they worked together to comfort and nurture each other, which is why it does NOT MAKE SENSE THAT THEY BROKE UP AND THIS ENDING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Ted/Mother I think the few touching scenes with Ted and the Mother are the only things that made this episode bearable. Yet the fate of Ted and the Mother is exactly what made this episode unbearable. By spinning all of the unnecessary Barney/Robin drama to make room for Ted/Robin, they sacrificed time for Tracy. THIS is the moment we have been building up to for a decade! I think the one episode centering around how Tracy met Ted offered some insight, but otherwise I want to know more about her. Maybe I wouldn't have been so completely enraged by her death if they had let her off more eloquently, instead of just saying "she got sick". And looking back on the first episode when Ted says "i'm going to tell you the story of how i met your mother" to the kids, why do the kids look bored if their mother is dead? Speaking of the kids, when they said "this isn't about how you met our mother, this is about Aunt Robin". Wow. What a slap in the face. You mean none of this was about the mother, probably the most iconic ominous character in television? This ENTIRE story was just a permission for Ted to go for Robin...AGAIN? The mother was never the true love of Ted, it was Robin all along. W o w. So here we go, back to Ted's old ways with the blue french horn and Robin in her apartment with her billion dogs. We are all back to classic season 1. That makes us ask the question, what was the utter POINT of watching the past seasons that have been deviating us from this romance, just for the writers to slam this couple back into our face and say ACCEPT IT.

I read somewhere that the writers wanted to bring us back "full circle" or something along the lines of that. There is a difference between giving us a few reminiscent moments, than completely BRINGING YOUR CHARACTERS BACK TO THEIR FORMER SITUATIONS.

As a closing note, TV show writers need to realize this. Sometimes the most simple and predictable endings are the most suitable ways to close off a show. I've seen my fair share of TV shows and their finales, and I absolutely despise it when the writers hastily try to turn the whole show into a new direction in order to "end with a bang". Take Breaking Bad for example (spoilers ahead). The audience knew that Walt was going to die from cancer. The writers didn't decide to jump shift and try to miraculously cure him, no, they ended with him saying his goodbyes and redeeming himself in his last days, giving us one of the best finales in television. And How I met Your Mother could have given us that similar moment of satisfaction, but decided to completely spoil it all. So writers. Shame on you. Sincerely, a very very disappointed fan. P.S. We never knew what happened to the pineapple. There's another loose end for you to tie.
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SlixSC31 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
9 seasons of character development, showing Ted's journey of getting over Robin to meet his true love (the mother) are undermined by this episode.

As much as I hate to say this I really just expected more, I expected the final episode of this show to ask (and perhaps even answer) some deep philosophical questions about the meaning of love and life and this would have certainly been possible with all the interesting and unique characters in that show.

But in the end it's just 9 seasons of showing why Ted and Robin could never possibly work just to then have them come back together in the end.

(Note: Earlier, in season nine, Robin even said that she doesn't love Ted)

It just begs the question... what is the point?
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WTF?! In a world where slap bets and willow tree can happen, you have to be realistic NOW??!!!
tanyin_20001 April 2014
are you kidding me?! Do you guys think it's funny or beautiful?! or it's in any Level tolerable?!

I don't Need NINE years to know that I have followed the WRONG Show?! So what is the mother/tracy?! A Baby Maschine so that Ted get the babies?! And then continue to bang the woman he has wanted to bang for 20 years?!!!!!!!!! what the F***?!

The whole ninth season is about how great the mother is and how Ted is over Robin, and the last 5 years were about how Robin is over Ted. And continuously, Barney showed how great he can get and how he evolved, and for what?! in 20 min all of the changes are overboard, they just became how they were 9 years ago? why the storyline then???There should be at least some greatness, some melting point for the people, now some olde scambag who wants to bang the woman he wanted for 20 years, even though he was married and loses "the love of his life", how ironic that sounds. and all the changes Robin had went through, they are just not important for her anymore all what? so she became this career woman again and got dogs, just like at the beginning, but this time, it is different? why? because she want to settle now? and ted is the Person to settle???? the Show once melt my heart, and in only ONE hour, the Producer just screwed us????? i will sell all my DVDs i will never NEVER NEVER watch the Show again
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The worst
luter skendaj1 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Im not a great reviewer and i don't usually review but boy i had to talk about this one couz was one of the best show out there.Seriously barney gets split and you kill the mother just wtf you just ruined everything i loved this show and my god i wished i hadn't watched the last episode,and i personally would have loved another ending and hoped this was like and april fools joke.You ruined all the magic the sparkle that was in this show by this last episode.You gave us hope and magic with all the episodes of how ted meets the love of his life and then the womens he loves dies.I have to say this were the writers smoking weed when they wrote this?
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This ending turns me off from ever watching the rest of the show
el minster31 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Way to go and create a terrible ending to this series.

Robin comes across as being a selfish jerk who skips out on Lily. She sort of redeems herself but not really.

Any kind of maturity that Barney has gained over the years is tossed aside for most of the episode until its revealed that he has a kid with some nameless mother. I kind of have to wonder about the narrative logic in spending 9 years talking about Barney but the mother of Barney's kid is never mentioned at all (despite it apparently being a life changing moment for Barney).

The whole Ted and Robin getting back together was just sad. Barney and Robin being together had a shred of believably. Ted and Robin never came across as being a believable couple.

Overall it was a very poor ending to a series that deserved better.
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Stinnnnson out...!
vvek-one1 April 2014
The episode got No respect to the characterization that was showcased for 9 complete seasons! Absurd at parts, ridiculous at others, no class. The essence of the entire series thrown away by one silly end line. Do not watch it if you have really liked this series a good deal till the 22nd episode. That according to me was the perfect ending! :D

If u had liked Stinson thru the 9 seasons - better "Stinnson out" on this final 2 episodes! :D

They just could not carry it on - so




Stinnson out!
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just wrong.
ybbod6 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Made an IMDb account especially to make this review. I also just signed a genuine petition for this ending to be re-shot and re-released.

This show was instrumental in helping me get through issues of my own when me and a girl did not work out. I would watch it and imagine I was ted and she was robin. As lame as it sounds, this show helped me see that there was other fish in the sea and although I had loved this girl with all my heart, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Now that you've seen the ending, you can see why I'm left disheartened. This show gave viewers images of hope and destiny which is why they watched it! Shocked that producers didn't cotton on to what made their viewers watch their own show. After people emotionally accepted the fact robin wouldn't be the mother, they moved on. If this shows aim was to show life is never perfect, it succeeded in the sense that I can't seem to get a perfect TV series.
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selling my collections
user-964-7766022 April 2014
The worst of endings ever...

I am kind of person who loves to collect the DVDs and BlueRays, and CBS will never see a coin out of my pocket. I decide to sell all the DVDs I already bought, and shame on me that I spent 35€ to get the 8th one.

This is the proof I need to not begin with HIMYD, it will be the same freaking selfish people who are really dead to me.

CBS good luck with those writers and Producers.

I just want to warn everyone who wants to see this show ,you don't need to watch it, take the first episode and the last one, everything happens in between doesn't change anything in the plot. have fun
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I actually loved the ending
chrisbrundell8 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I seem to be in the minority on actually liking the ending, and I am going to try and explain why with this review.

To start with the show was called 'How I Met Your Mother' so the title itself inferred it was going to focus less on getting to know her, but about the journey that Ted's character took to get him to the point of meeting her. Given what we now know about Tracey's ultimate fate I view this as more important than ever for Ted and explains why the show took the route it did, that the story was Ted's way of trying to explain to his kid's how much he loved her and what he went through to find her so that they don't think he has forgotten her.

I loved Tracey's character and the more we go to know her the more her and Ted seemed a perfect fit for each other, so now even when I re watch the final episode for the umpteenth time and we find out she is sick it still causes me to shed tears after several viewings. The writers had this fate in the pipeline from the beginning and followed through with this, life is not fair and the people wanted a happy ending well unfortunately that does not always happen in life even if people deserve it.

I never saw Barney and Robin as a fit couple wise, I can't explain it and they just never seemed right to me so it was no surprise when they got divorced. As for Ted and Robin at the end, for me as time went on it always seemed to me that their characters had probably met at the wrong point in their lives. Fast forward to 2030 where Robin has moved back to NY essentially as full circle but it seems she has achieved things she wanted and is probably more where Ted was when they first met, and throughout the series it was said on a couple of occasions that Robin had her moments of regrets in regards to Ted.

For me looking at the series as a whole the ending worked as well as I could have expected, and I will thoroughly miss the show so thank you for 9 years of awesome entertainment.
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The Perfect Ending To A Perfect Show
James Zulak29 April 2014
I have seen a lot of hate for this ending, simply because it wasn't "what was supposed to happen". As far as I can tell this is the ending they wanted from the very start, and not only that, it was, in my opinion, perfect. This show isn't about affirming one's belief in destiny, it's about love. Love is something that does not die, and it is not something with limitations. The ending was perfect for it's imperfections; it didn't have a modern fairy tale ending, it was a bittersweet ending. It had "problems" in the same way real life does, things don't go the way we expect, but that doesn't mean everything is bad, it just means we have to keep trying. There is no "the one" but there is still love; and it is an incredibly powerful thing. That is what i took away from this show. And I honestly don't think there could have been a better message for it to end on.
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Too much expectations
juanhm221 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers

I have to say that I expected the dead of the mother and I could imagine a tragical, sad but emotive final that make us cry while we hear a memorable speech in the voice of Bob Saget.

What was the mistake? First of all, we liked so much how Ted and Robin were as a couple, and in the first seasons, this might be a great final. On the other hand, I can say that we all love Barney since season 1, he was the "legendary party soul" of the group and I loved see all the crazy stuff of that character, that makes him be the perfect representation of "What a 30 years old single man want to be", but all that change when the writers decide to make a huge change of that personality, he fell in love with Robin and for many episodes we can see the transformation of barney and how love can make the difference, since then Barney and Robin begin to be "the perfect modern couple" and we love that duo a thousand times more than Ted and Robin.

I know that the writers wanted to create an unexpected finale and they tried to give us the lesson that sometimes the happy endings are different than we expected, but it doesn't means that they had to destroy the story and the personality of many characters.

I guess I am disappointed, not only for the story of this episode but poor creativity in the end... I hope the writers hear the voice of the fans and can bring us an alternative finale.
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Major Disappointment: Were they eating sandwiches when they wrote the finale???
emmaliu21314 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I am a huge fan of this show. I have watched quite a lot of sitcoms so far, and HIMYM is still one of my favorites. The Finale is pretty much a disappointment to me, not really the ending itself, but the pacing of it, which is very inconsistent with the show as a whole.

I am neither a Barney&Robin fan nor a Ted&Robin fan. No matter who Ted ends up with, I just enjoy watching the gang hanging out at the bar or wherever they are, doing silly crazy things together, loving each other at the same time. As far as I'm concerned, the friendship between the five is what the show is really about. The show used to very good at telling stories, flashing backwards or forwards, always ends up well.

However, this finale is very inconsistent. I am 60% sure that the writers were 'eating a sandwich' when they wrote this finale... They didn't answer many questions we have, like the pineapple. On the contrary, more questions popped up, like what happened to Barney after? Single father and die alone?? Okay, I am 100% sure that they were eating sandwich now.

If the writers decided to use the ending they shot 9 years ago, the ninth season shouldn't have been all about the wedding weekend! The ending scene Ted holding the blue french horn and standing at Robin's apartment again 9 years later is very heartwarming. (After all these years, many things have changed, but people are still there, feelings are still there... very romantic). BUT if there are gonna be these many twists and turns after B&R's wedding, how the hell did the writers think it could be a good idea to focus the whole season on one weekend?! Don't they have stories to tell? They have an entire episode for Barney got drunk before the wedding photo, but use only 3 minutes for Barney and Robin breaking up. An episode for 'Wedding Bride 2', but less than 2 minute for the mother Tracy's death? (Are you kidding me?) There is a whole episode about Marshall telling bedtime story to little Marvin, which includes several boring stories, but there is only 3 minutes to make Barney go back to be the sad womanizer again (this is just coming out of nowhere: didn't Barney grow at all in the 9 years? I mean, after Nora, Qinn and Robin, I thought he had grown up and been ready to have serious relationships. Where is the 'perfect month' idea coming from? Seriously? So he broke up with Robin, he couldn't move on and find someone else nice?).

Just changing either the finale or the season's storyline would save the show. I think, like most of the audience, I am able to accept any kind of ending as long as the show keeps its consistency by telling good stories.

The writers didn't manage to live up with this one single expectation... Dear writers, HIMYM fans have followed the show for NINE freaking years, so if you think the disappointment that fans complaining about is just because they only want B&R stay together and the Mother not die, then you are wrong. They want this ending because you use at least 2 seasons to convince them this is for the best. The expectation for this kind of happy ending is actually built by you, writers!

Please don't pull some 'bittersweet' crap on the audience. This is a sitcom for God's sake, of course fans are expecting a perfect ending. Please don't use 'this is closest to the reality' as an excuse. Playbook? Bro-code? Slap bet? does any of these sound realistic to you at all? The audiences are not looking for 'reality' in a sitcom!!!

Don't say the audience couldn't cope with bitterness happened in this show. When Marshall's father died, Barney reunited with his father, Ted got left at the alter, the audience are fine because those episodes are tastefully done.

Life is full of surprises, good and bad, people deal with them and move on. In fact, the stories of moving on are the best part, because it's like a journey, a journey we shared with our friends and loved ones. When you present those surprises in life on TV as form of sitcom, you can not just throw a bunch of bombshells and skip the journey.

I have to mention Friends here since these two shows are so similar in many ways. I love Friends' finale because they were simply celebrating love. The pacing is nice as usual. The audiences have some laughs when Phoebe shouted 'Flandge', teared down when Rachel stood at the door said 'I got off the plane.' They didn't rush the stories that Monica and Chandler couldn't have kids, Rachel and Joey were in love and broke up, Phoebe broke up with Mike started dating the scientist guy but finally got back to Mike into 40 minutes, because these are the key moments of those characters' lives. It takes time to show the audience HOW all of these happened. That is how a great show should end.

It feels like the writers are running out of time in HIMYM's finale, so that they have to compact so many moments in one episode, but they do have time, they have one whole season to end the show in a lovely way and they wasted it... Such a shame.
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Boring melodrama
elbreth1 April 2014
'Himym' was a one of most brilliant comedy series of 2000'. They were 'Friends of the new millennium. Fresh jokes (even if some was rip off from 'Friends'), really absurd humor, little too much disgusting sometimes, but still fans waited for every new episode year after year.

That is a really big achievement for a comedy series in today's show business, when everyone watch only short you-tube clips, and fame last only for couple of days. Unfortunately, last season was very disappointing. It's look like they did it because they have to. And last episode is best example of that.

Instead of light, absurd humor, we watch boring melodrama, full of bad acting and tiring dialogues. In 'Friends', scene of M&C wedding was so funny so you may watch it over and over again. Here, we saw about 20 sec. of boring one-camera shot. What is that?? This is definitely one of worst ending of comedy show i ever saw.
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Terribly Frustrated
Guillem Amat2 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First of all just say that I didn't have an IMDb account and I had never written a review of a TV series episode before, but this was so bad I thought I had to do it. I must also tell you that I've watched lots of series, some with really bad endings but this one tops them all. So where should I start with this? In my opinion I could have taken it all till what was the very end of the episode, which also destroys the whole series. The group of friends falling apart and not seeing each other that often was a beautiful kind of sadness that I even enjoyed watching. That's something we find ourselves in lots of times and is part of life itself. Robin and Barney divorcing was not the same thing. We have seen this two characters develop all throughout the last 9 seasons and making Barney go back to his old self was a mistake that goes against the characteristics that the writers attributed him. Afterwards Barney gets a woman pregnant and has a little girl. Such a pathetic ending for such an awesome character. I could still accept all of this though. Ted's wife death was devastating. I really loved this character and I though it was the perfect couple for Ted. It taught me things like waiting for the love of your life is worthwhile and that you should never give up. I didn't like this but it was in accordance with what can happen in the series. What really could not happen at all and that goes against the principles of HIMYM is Ted asking permission to his kids to start a relationship with Robin now that the love of his life is dead and also saying that he had always loved Robin. This was so frustrating. Maybe this ending was suitable in the beginning of the series, but not now that the characters had evolved so much. This is not possible anymore and shall be considered a very BIG mistake. Watching and listening to this made me angry as I felt they had lied to me all throughout the whole series. They made us believe HIMYM was a story of laughs, friendship and waiting for and finally finding true love when at the end it was just an excuse for a selfish, unrecognizable Ted to ask Robin out. I can't accept this and after watching it, it just makes me want to forget about the whole series.

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The most disappointing finale to a TV show ever!!!!!!!!!!!
elisabeth-kungla1 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I usually don't write reviews, but this time I don't have any other option!

First. WTF!!!!?!?!?!?!? Now I realised that I have wasted 5 f*****g years of my life. With each year my expectations fell lower and lower, but still in some little corner of my heart, I - and did we all - had hope. This was like a love/hate relationship with the HIMYM. You know it doesn't work, but it still comes back to you or you still take it back to yourself. With the series finale, all went bust. All was thrown out of the window. Why the f**k did I watch the last season or why did they even produce it. This whole pus dripping piece of rotten rat carcass was the most awful thing that I have watched in a long time. I wanted to throw my computer out of the window.

I feel deep in my heart THAT WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BIRTH OF THIS TELEVISION SHOW, ADDICTING LIKE HELL, WORSE THAN HEROIN POSSIBLY, IS A WASTE OF VITAL ORGANS AND SHOULD MAYBE WELL.. NOT DIE, I DON'T WANT TO SOUND VIOLENT AND I AM NOT THREATENING ANYONE, but.. they should.. really.. go swimming and then in the middle of the Pacific Ocean maybe FORGET how to swim and then, accidentally they could, well, maybe, sleep with the fishes and stuff.

The worst demon ever who has crept in the darkest corners of my once so innocent heart.

And may I repeat myself again - What The Effing Hell?

May peace be with you, my dear friends. My heart goes out to everyone who finds comfort in a bottle of vodka and xanax.

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A terrible end to a wonderful story
alvabob7 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have been watching HIMYM for years with my husband and we have been devoted fans. The show has had its ups and downs, but none more so than this final season. The seemingly endless stretch of episodes devoted Barney and Robin's wedding promised a satisfying end to the drag, but the actual finale was PATHETIC. It was almost as though they woke up and realized they only had 2 episodes left to finish their story. To go from dragging one weekend out into several episodes to cutting through several years in 22 minutes made the episode feel rushed and the emotions seem forced. If I could go back in time and stop myself from watching this episode I would do it, I would make myself stop at Barney and Robin's wedding.

Why would you drag this beautiful story of what Ted went through to meet his wife only to kill her off, alienate Robin from the rest of the group, and then reunite her with Ted after years of him telling this story to his kids in the hopes of getting their approval of his love for their "Aunt" Robin? & why would you sell us on Barney & Robin's love story only to tear them apart because of issues that they have worked so tirelessly to work out? What kind of children are willing to listen to a story about how their father met their mother and then immediately encourage him to move on to the woman who has played a consistently reoccurring role in their father's love life?? What the deuce is wrong with you people?? If I wanted to watch a show with an easy out for a crap ending I would watch the Disney channel. If I ever meet the writers of this show, rest assured I will be kicking everyone in the shins, your fans deserved better than this!
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My opinion of the finale
Nestion1 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I think people misunderstood the main point of this finale. Most people seem to think this: Ted was supposed to meet this amazing girl (not Robin)who would be everything Ted has been searching for, but instead the writers took a cheap exit and killed off the mother so that Ted could be with Robin. I might be wrong, but this is what I think: Ted is telling the kids about how he met their mother. But, the real story is that Ted has only ever loved two girls, The mother and Robin. But, after a while he gave up on Robin and she gave up on him and (as the time-line in the episode shows) they drifted apart. Robin stopped believing in "the gang" because the gang was really just Ted, the guy she should have married. Ted met the amazing woman he had been searching for, and he married her, but this amazing woman, got sick. Ted stayed with her through it all, but in the end, no matter how hard you try to cling to the past, its already gone. Ted is telling his kids this story because he loved their mother and he'll never truly be ready to get back out there and meet someone new. Ted's only ever loved two girls, and the other reason he's telling the kids this story is because he is and always has been, in love with Robin. That's what I think the meaning of the finale was.If you compare how many episodes the mother was in as opposed to how many episodes Ted showed how much he loved Robin, you would be comparing about 8 episodes with almost three quarters of the show. Nobody deserves to have the love of their life taken away, but Ted, he didn't deserve it one bit. Robin may not have been the mother, but she's the love of Ted's life and in the end, wasn't that what Ted was always searching for? In the end it is kind of touching, the way Ted is telling his kids this story. To remember how he fell in love with their mother might only take an hour, but to remember how he fell in love with Robin, well, that would take a lifetime of stories to tell.

My review 11/10 for reminding me why I loved this show in the first place. Its about reality and I will always remember How I Met Your Mother because it wasn't just a sitcom, it was a story.
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A great statement on how people change...
Sophidius5 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have read a lot of angry fan outcries at the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. I understand that people have been very upset, because over nine years of amazing character development we have started to care deeply for the main characters. But what people seem to forget is that How I Met Your Mother is not as much about finding true love as it is about growing up and gaining life experience.

Ted grew from a hopeless romantic loser into a responsible and independent dad after making many, many mistakes. And while Ted ending up with Tracy might be a happily ever after ending that fans desired, it is not always what happens. In fact, the ENTIRE POINT of this show is that people change. People change a lot in nine years. The last scene in which Ted ends up with Robin is the perfect statement to make that absolutely clear. It might not have been so powerful if Ted had spent more time mourning over Tracy.

Besides, in all nine seasons Ted was shown to deeply care for Robin and it was also clear that this love never really weakened. In fact, as time progressed his feelings only became stronger. Does that invalidate his relationship with Tracy? Absolutely not, because the show creators gave their all to make her a perfect match for Ted. They were truly happy together and I am sure Ted's world collapsed when she passed away. But he knew from experience that moping around does not solve anything. That is just not how life works. He had hit a brick wall multiple times in his life, but he always moved on.

And this ending might be his biggest achievement of all. Having the balls to stand up again after losing the love of his life and taking a big risk with his old flame is the most courageous thing he has done in the series. Yes, he has a lot of baggage and so does Robin, but he learned from previous experience to deal with it.

Furthermore, people tend to think that How I Met Your Mother was an unrealistic, magical, light-hearted show with lots of fantastical scenarios and over-the-top caricatures that suddenly got dark and grounded in the last episode. While yes, this may be true, they forget that HIMYM has always dealt with serious issues in a grounded and nuanced way. The series has always been bittersweet at times, with lots of traumatic events (Ted being left at the altar, rejected by Robin, losing 'the gang', etc).

While I agree the show may have overstayed its welcome (which becomes especially clear after watching the 6th and 7th season, which seem to drag on forever), this is the ending the show creators have always wanted. Not for shock value, but to make a statement. It took a lot of guts to end the show in this way and I am glad they pulled it off the way they did.

All in all, How I Met Your Mother is one of the few shows that provides funny jokes, believable and likable characters and sometimes incredibly sharp writing at a reasonable pace. Like life it has had its ups an downs, with a lot of mediocres in the middle. It was a damn good show with a fitting ending.
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Seriously worst finale ever
cdingding2 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why the writer of the show have to let it end like this. Maybe they want to stick to the origin idea of how the show ends. Fine. You can do that. But seriously,there's other much better ways than using the old shots from season 2,and screw the whole show with it. It's an OK ending for a 2 or 3-year HIMYM.But after 9 years of character growing and evolving,this ending is just like,WTF. the whole part of the finale is unbelievable disappointing,and the last 3 minutes is just SICK.

You have to spend the whole ninth season to prove how Barney and Robin is a perfect match,then broke them up in ten minutes,and let them sort of resent each other for the rest of their life. You have to let us know the perfect mother,let us see how wonderful she is, how she is perfect for Ted, then kill her in 2 minutes, and let her two children became permission for Ted to bang Robin.

The finale ruined the last five season. And the last 3 minutes just screwed the whole show. This is not "How I met your mother", it's "How I get over my dead wife and get back with the girl who dated me,dumped me,did not love me,could not let me go and are always my love".

I see no respect for the character, the audience and the show.

Way to go for ruining such a wonderful show and turning it into some douche love story.

And I thought Dexter had a bad end.
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Truly, an awful end to a great show
halfcrack7 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So, we watch faithfully for 9 years, we get emotionally invested in each character and, more importantly, each relationship, only to have everything shoved aside so the writers could stay "true" to their stupid gimmick they filmed 8 years ago. Pathetic. The Mother, played so charmingly by Kristin Milloti, deserved better than just to have their wedding and her death be literally 1 minute of screen time and a Bob Saget voice-over.

And Barney, poor Barney. He had such growth from a reprobate charlatan in the early years to a devoted, honest man in the end (loved the P.L.E.A.S.E. explanation of his job, for example), only to turn back into a shell of a man within the first 10 minutes, after we had been invested in the Barney/Robin relationship. Sure, he wised up after having his daughter, and that was a beautiful scene mainly because NPH is such a great actor that he made it believable even though it was a cop out way to show some "growth" for Barney.

And Robin. So, she gets to abandon her marriage, travel the world, ditch her friends and all their important moments, and then all is forgiven at the end because Ted has a "one that got away" moment with a blue french horn? They are all supposed to be better than this.

I get it, people die, Ted should have moved on after 6 years, that isn't the issue. I would have been fine with that ending, HAD THEY GIVEN US MORE THAN JUST A PROLOGUE dropping all this in such rushed, awful ways. I will stick with my "revised" ending in my head, thank you very much.
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