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Must Watch For Shahrukh Fans
adarshbohra6924 January 2017
Gear up for a throwback to the great Salim-Javed blockbusters of the Seventies, where the hero grows up mid-action,breaks the tension and action sequences compel you to whistle. Carrying that legacy forward, is Raees. Shah Rukh Khan plays the titular character of a spectacled goon who hates being called "battery"; he starts from harmless Ponzi schemes but graduates to pre- planned rackets and becomes the top bootlegger of his town. Shah Rukh Khan has never looked better; he's full of fury and for once, isn't spreading his arms, but breaking others'. The film lies entirely on his shoulders and he carries the weight most of the times. When he doesn't, the ever-so-reliable Nawazuddin Siddiqui steps in with his crackling performance. In the trademark Nawaz style, he delivers some comic relief. Mahirah is restricted to songs and a few emotional scenes, but doesn't really add much. If her purpose was to soften the baddie, it's lost on the viewer.Action Scenes Are Like Every Other Bollywood Movie. The first half is well- paced; it draws you in and makes you root for the SRK, But the second half plunges into a weird Robin Hood zone where the antihero's morals are suddenly defibrillated and he becomes a messiah. The movie takes a rough path there on, and the long runtime makes the ride bumpier. The movie can feel a bit long, but if you're going for a great Shah Rukh performance and some good old popcorn- entertainment,And It Gives A Good Message To Viewers. it might just 'raees' to the occasion.
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SRK and Nawazuddin's performance makes it a brilliant must watch
umashankarpati199728 January 2017
Finally the day arrived after 3 years if wait, the day arrived. RAEES . Miyan Bhai SRK stole the thunder with his power packed performance. He has nailed it this  time. Raees SRK has shown and proved " Form is temporary, Class is permanent " Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin 's bravura performances, Action sequences, Well researched script, Music, Screenplay , Editing, and Climax.

The first half is well placed; Majmudar's one liners and the music is fabulous and the Laila Main Laila sequence ups the ante. The second grips the audience in their seats and the smoke scene is the show stealer. The dialogues are just bang on.WOW ! The part where SRK says "dhanda Karta hun, dharm ka dhanda nai karta" is the best one.

It's tough to maintain a character's ferocity and vulnerability in equal measures, but this is what SRK does best.

Full of tightly-choreographed action sequences and a brilliantly written script,

On the whole , Raees is a full on Masala Entertainer packed by power full performances and adrenaline charged action sequences. Made for Classes and masses alike. Action , Acting, Romance, Violence, Music and Masaledar dialogues all add up to the genre. A classic masala flick, Best movie of it's genre. A must watch movie. So my rating 10/10 Stars.
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One of the best films Shah Rukh Khan has ever been a part of.
ahsanimtiaz24 January 2017
3 words, Shah. Rukh. Khan. One of the finest actors that India has ever managed to produce has come out with yet another masterpiece in which he excels in every single category. The actors supporting him, from Mahira to Nawaz are also fabulous and hats off to the national award winning director, Rahul Dholakia for making the film. The screenplay and dialogue delivery in this film is amazing as well. After 25 years, Shah Rukh has played another negative role which honestly is something that I've wanted to see for such a long time.I don't want to give too much away, but "Raees" is in line for one of the best films of the year, and thankfully I have gotten the chance to watch it.
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A Quintessential 1980's film + Intense Uncompromising Masterpiece + SRK Heart Wrenching Performance
ambersingh1328 January 2017
This movie is a brilliant story of ferocious greed, bootlegging, realistic events, power-play with emotional currents of human drama.

Protagonist RAEES(SRK) says this line before killing MUSA (one of the villains): "For me Business is Religion but I never did Religious Business". For me this line sumps up the whole movie.

RAEES is one of the rarest movie which balances both the quotient Entertainment and Story. This movie is brilliantly directed (Rahul Dholakia has done a great job), well edited, amazing background score with superb songs & have good screenplay with great classic dialogues.

The way characters are established in RAEES will remind you of great movies like Baazigar & Deewar. The action sequences are very realistic & hard hitting especially the Riot scene and Meat market scenes are real bone cruncher. The second half of movie is very emotional (The scene where RAEES breaks town in her wife laps after he realizes about his bankruptcy is one of the best scenes ever).

From performance point of view SRK shows why he is the best, his acting is terrific. From the first scene to the Last you will never get a glimpse of SRK the star because he is not there at all. What you see in RAEES is a Character Portrayal at his best (not a role played like other actors do in Bollywood including SRK himself. They play a role and do not portray a character most of the time). He depicted human side of a bootlegger with great sincerity and correct emotions.

Nawaz and other actors are brilliant in their respective roles. Kudos to the casting director for such a brilliant cast.

Powerful, occasionally humorous, sometimes shocking, emotionally brilliant and a great entertainer, "RAEES" is one of the films which stays with you when you leave the theater.

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A Must Watch movie!
shaanzx28 January 2017
Starting with SRK, he has done a tremendous performance no doubt. Now coming to Nawazuddin, he is always in his best ! With all the supporting actors including Mahira Khan ,the movie has become just Awesome.. Don't listen to those who are saying the script was crap, just watch the movie and u will get to know how Rahul Dholakia spent 2-3 years to make this fabulous movie with GREAT Messages! Now coming to the Songs and music, they have played a very important part in the movie. Everything was perfect like what audience want from a film .Shahrukh khan has come back in his best avatar looking forward to break most of the records!
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One of the best movies made by SRK
dhgexoticjayz25 January 2017
One of the best movies I have ever watched from SRK. It was an insanely good movie and kept me engaged the whole time. I recommend you go watch it. The acting was superb and SRK and Mahira Khan shown through amazingly. Nawaz's role did it justice and he helped the plot along very well indeed. His acting ability was superior in every way. Nawaz exudes nonchalant charm in every scene. Shahrukh Khan excelled in this movie and really grasped his role as a gangster immensely. The pairing of SRK and Mahira Khan was fresh as well and was great. The Soundtrack really enhanced the movie as well making it a huge hit. Raees is surely a blockbuster and I urge you to watch it.
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Raees ends up as a film that is just about mediocre enough to pass off as "mainstream"
shrutipathakps26 January 2017
Raees is a protagonist that isn't villainous enough to despise, isn't large-hearted enough to root for, and isn't misguided enough to feel sorry for. His aura, too, is kohl- lined like his eyes – everything is presented in broad aggressive strokes, including his robotic swagger, finely trimmed wisps of lion-beard, token Gujarati phrases and signature spectacles. Each of them screams out: this is 'badass' Shah Rukh Khan, the cool and stylish gangster, the natural descendant of Darr and Anjaam, and this is different because he isn't the good guy. Unfortunately, though, he is still the 'hero'. And in Hindi films, this is often more self-aggrandizing than being the good guy.  So you have a director wanting dramatize the legend of a murderous bootlegger (Abdul Latif), and you have producers yearning to humanize this chap to accommodate the effeminate strengths of their in-house superstar. And this is precisely how inconsistent, how painfully functional, Raees is. On one hand, you see Khan doing his snarling Josh-meets-Don impression, and on the other you see a middle-aged Rahul aching to open his arms and show you the omnipresent glycerin in his eyes.

Therefore, Raees ends up as a film that is just about mediocre enough to pass off as "mainstream" – a euphemistic term used to justify dated plots, simplistic caricatures, incessant hamming, pulpy 70s hangovers (I blame Sriram Raghavan and Balaji Telefilms), unauthentic dialects, venomous background scores, redundant heroines and underutilized talent.  Within the first few minutes, we are made infinitely aware of the character that plays Khan. Or, wait, is that the other way around? Maybe not. A proud Muslim mother tells her weirdly driven kid that 'no work is too big or small' – a proverb that he misinterprets as 'be a criminal in prohibition-laden Gujarat, as long as you don't hurt people'.  Soon, the Chinese whispers in his adult brain turn the phrase into 'kill anyone you don't like, as long as you believe in secularism and Hindi-Muslim bhai-bhai Aman ki Asha.' To display his anger management issues and killer instincts, we see him slay a few goons here and there. But to reinforce his inherent nobility, we see him walk away dazed and confused from these bloody battles. It's all 'dhandha,' we're repeatedly told, and made to wonder why the rousing 'Gurubhai Gurubhai Aavya Chhe' chants have evolved into the quasi-techno idiocy of 'Enu Naam Chhe Raees'. One is also somewhat disappointed that the writers didn't grab the opportunity to slip in a cheeky 'drinking is injurious to wealth' disclaimer.    On one hand, you see Khan doing his snarling Josh-meets-Don impression, and on the other you see a middle-aged Rahul aching to open his arms and show you the omnipresent glycerin in his eyes. The Robin Hood of Fatehpura breaks away from his greedy mentor (Atul Kulkarni), monopolizes the illegal-alcohol market in a rather Chopra-Sharma (Baazigar fans only) manner, before starting a cat-and-mouse game with super-cop Jaideep Majmudar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui; a Godsend) – an equation that the writers will have you believe is far cleverer than it looks. Block the bridges, and we'll take the boat; block the highways and we'll do something ridiculous enough to distract you with a romantic song showcasing a pretty woman who only exists for these interludes.  At some point, she is declared pregnant, and only a full year later, a post-interval scene acknowledges the rare scientific miracle of a post-mature newborn baby.  But the baby and his mother aren't important. Raees is. Hence, an Uttarayan (kite- flying) sequence is inserted only so that he can rock the post-modern dialogue interpretation of Agneepath's 'hawa tez hai, topi sambhalo': don't fly too high (insert symbolic kite-in-sky shot), or you'll be cut to size (insert kite destroying villain kite). 

Soon, he becomes a corrupt politician, no doubt causing plenty of chaos and unforced errors (read unnatural deaths). He has the chief minister and his crony running scared – depicted by them perpetually and urgently walking together, in corridors and rooms, narrating the plot's happenings and mouthing gritted-teeth variations of 'We must eliminate this Raees!' But whenever we doubt his psyche, he is shown leading a gang of local women, in between standing up to the ills of communal terrorism.    Srk is ostensibly so obsessed with maintaining a balance between the Salman Khan brand of cinema – which he is too smart for – and the Aamir Khan brand of cinema – which he is too self-aware for – that he has forgotten to be the effortless bridge that connects these stark worlds. This constant tug of war, I suspect, isn't thematic as much as it is an exhausting pull between two perilous spectrums of Khan's own career. Because he is, in every way possible, at the crossroads. What we see on screen is sort of an existential crisis distilled into the realms of lowbrow commercialism, eons away from every writer's favourite intelligent, witty and charismatic interviewee.  srk is ostensibly so obsessed with maintaining a balance between the Salman Khan brand of cinema – which he is too smart for – and the Aamir Khan brand of cinema – which he is too self-aware for – that he has forgotten to be the effortless bridge that connects these stark worlds. He is neither the populist superhero, nor the visceral inventor, and the everyman star he ends up impersonating is every bit an idol seeking lost worshipers. He expresses himself on screen as if he were trying to prove a point; his pursed-lip crying and throaty baritone bear the signs of a conflicted artist trying to act the hell out of every frame.  It's truly a pity Fan didn't work at the box-office. Its success would've perhaps kept Khan exploring and experimenting, trying and occasionally thrilling, instead of sitting on his throne and surveying the lowest common denominator of entertainment.
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Best Commercial Movie Which Equally Appeals Critics
alisheraz58725 January 2017
"BEST PERFORMANCE EVER" These were my exact words after watching SRK in Raees.How come one beats himself over and over again.When My Name Is Khan came these were exact words of everyone than he did some commercial movies than came Jab Tak Hai Jaan same goes for it "BEST PERFORMANCE EVER" a few more commercial movies than comes FAN and man o man what a performance was that then DEAR ZINDAGI and now RAEES which highlights his best performance till date. Three back to back critically acclaimed performances by Shah Rukh Khan.Just when everyone thought that "HIS TIME IS ENDED-HE CAN'T ACT ANYMORE"That very moment he says "APNA TIME SHURU".I have watched Kaabil too which has Hrithik Roshan who also gives a career best performance but its nothing compared to what Shah Rukh has done.Now back to movie....... Story:Its a story about the rise of a small boy from slums of Gujarat to its elite personalities.As his power grows he comes into sight of Police that's when comes Majmudar(Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who challenges his business and tries to bring him down

Story looks as simple as any other gangster flick but there's more to it than just that.Its a multidimensional story and has many layers attached to it.It doesn't have a single genre.It has high octane action(which will make classic Bollywood fans happy),Romance(For typical SRK fans),Drama(For Nawazzudin fans).Overall it will appeal to everyone. Direction:Director Rahul Dholakia does a great job on this one.His previous works were good but this one will be his career highlight. Acting:I have said already much about SRK's performance and now I will just say he is a scene stealer in this one. Nawazzudin as always does a great job.He has done equally good work if not more than SRK.He is a highlight of the movie. Mahira Khan does a great work on her character as Raees's love interest.This Pakistani actress muted her every hater in India and told everyone with her acting that she is no less than anyone else. Music:Raees has a great album with Laila,Zaalima and Dhingana with Udi Udi Jaye being the chart busters and others are good too.Its theme soundtrack is way more popular in audience than any other movie's.Its really great and energizing. Final Verdict:A movie not to be missed for any reason.You will hate yourself if you missed this one.A great package for everyone.A 10/10 for me and surely you will like it too.
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A Wealthy Entertainer
snaidu42225 January 2017
Every Sharukh Khan release is an event in itself, RAAES is no different. Most of the characters the Khan had been portraying in the recent past have been disappointing to his fans…even the much admired Jahingar Khan of Hello Zindagi was not of much satisfaction due to the limited screen time. And now Raees is something his fans had been waiting and praying that it would tip the balance of fortune towards their much loved star

And yes….from the word go, we know a masterpiece is unfolding on the screen. Though the story is not new..a rise and fall of a righteous don has been done to death in Bollywood from times immemorial, but what sets Raees apart is Sharukh Khan, his performance and the amazing screenplay.

Jaideep Majumdar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) reminiscences his tryst with bootlegger Raees (Sharukh Khan) way back in the 90's. Raees story unfolds right from his childhood where he is touchy about his short sight (has to wear glasses) and people calling him "battery" due to this impairment. His Ammi (Sheeba Chaddha) is his greatest influence and her words "business is bigger than religion as long as it does not harm anyone" remains in his mind and starts working for a local don (Atul Kulkarni).

Raees once when he is old enough decides to start his own business and miffs the don and joins hands with a Mumbai don Moosa who funds Raees's bootlegging business.

Raees falls in love and gets married to Aasiya (Mahira Khan) and soon becomes a father. His rise disturbs the local don who tries killing Raees and fails and ends up getting killed by him.

Jaideep Majumdar, a honest police officer is hot on the trail of Raees and uses every method at his disposal to bring Raees down, but he is unsuccessful as Raees has the support of both the ruling and the opposition party.

But soon, Raees's ego makes him a commit one fatal error which turns things in favor of Majumdar…..

Sharukh is back to doing what he does best, hogging the screen time and also giving one of his career's best performances, his ire when called Battery, or when he is weeping away to glory in his wife's arms after a major setback or his astounding performance in the climax undoubtedly proves the crown is still his.

Mahira Khan performs well in what little screen time she has, as the only person who gets away after making fun of Raees's short sight. Wish she had more screen time.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is wow as Jaideep Majumdar, the scenes involving him intimidating his superiors, or the several faceoffs with Raees showcase his talent.

Sunny Leone brings the house down with the peppy item LAILA and her tumka's are well synchronized to the beats

K U Mohanan's Cinematography captures rustic Gujrat at its best, the filters highlighting the era in which the film is based

Deepa Bhatia's editing ensures the movie does not drag and uses the scissors the right way in making the film crispy and entertaining.

Rahul Dholakia's direction is top notch and it is not a mean task handling two live wires Sharukh and Nawazuddin together, but he has managed to extract the best possible scenes involving both of them. He has also managed to recreate the 70-90's era with just the right touches

Watch it if you are a hardcore Sharukh khan and also if you have a major crush on Sunny Leone and also if you have been missing the wonderful action sequences of the 80's.
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Nawaaz is always a treat to watch, Mahira is illecebrous in those outfits but atch out for the cartoonish parkour sequence done by the racist actor who endorses fairness.....
Fella_shibby25 January 2017
I saw this film with my family in a theater. Typical gangster flick which had been done to death in Bollywood. Used to watch a tv serial with my wife starring Mahira n had been a fan of her since. It is about a poor kid who works for some shady guys, later progresses n starts working for a bigger syndicate. One fine day the grown up boy (Srk) wants to start his own business n splits from the syndicate. Nothing new, except for some good one liners, good performance by Nawaaz as the cop hell bent on taking down all the bootleggers. As a fan of Mahira, i liked the footage she got. She was really looking very attractive in those dresses. One very bad sequence of parkour. Srk running on rooftops was silly coz it wasn't executed well. It looked too fake. Watch District b13, Yamakasi, Tracers, Casino Royale's chase sequence, Chris Brown's parkour sequence from Takers. The shot gun scenes were decent. I still prefer Steve McQueen's The Getaway shot gun scenes. The best gangster film in bollywood is indisputably Devgan's Once upon a time in Mumbai.
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Despite Potential In Its Setting, The Narrative Isn't Arresting Enough!
namashi_111 April 2017
'Raees' Directed by Rahul Dholakia is a well-shot, well-directed film, that sadly, doesn't have a strong enough Screenplay to be called an all-rounder Winner. Despite Potential In Its Setting, The Narrative Isn't Arresting Enough, because then Writing doesn't hold beyond a point.

'Raees' Synopsis: Criticizing the prohibition of alcohol, prostitution and illegal drugs in Gujarat, this film unfolds the story of a cruel and clever bootlegger Raees (Shahrukh Khan), whose business is challenged by a tough cop (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

'Raees' is an uneven saga of a bad-ass. Raees is a fascinating leading man, who's tryst going against the law, has moments of power. And while the first-hour still works, in which Raees goes from being a nobody to the ultimate King in the world of illegal smuggling of Alcohol, despite being pitted against a tough cop who gets on his trial. The first-hour has a rustic, realistic feel to it & the confrontations between Raees & the Cop, are super.

Unfortunately, in its second-hour, 'Raees' goes haywire. The protagonist turns into a Robin-Hood for his people & his character suddenly comes across more as a Hero, than bad-ass who defies the law. And hence, the film falters. 'Raees' isn't a villain for sure, but to make him a messiah & take away his mean streak for the sake of a heroic end, looks forced & rather unconvincing. Also, the narrative get bloated up & the over-stuffing leads to underwhelming results. In short, 'Raees' has a good first-hour, but a really unconvincing second-hour.

Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi & Niraj Shukla's Screenplay is half-baked. What starts off as a story of an anti-hero, suddenly turns into a heroic story, with very less feeling or depth. The Writing needed to be stronger, for sure. The Dialogue, however, are excellent. Dholakia's Direction is good. How one wishes if his Writing was as good! Cinematography captures the rustic feel, skillfully. Editing isn't sharp enough. The second-hour is overlong & needed some trimming. Ram Sampath's Score is well-done. Action-Sequences are ordinary. Art & Costume Design are fair.

Performance-Wise: Shahrukh Khan as Raees, looks the part & even gives his best. But he shines only in the first-hour. Post-Interval, just like his character, his performance doesn't arrest your attention. But its Nawazuddin Siddiqui who steals the show. As the tough cop who'd stop at nothing to get Raees behind bars, Nawaz chews on the scenery & delivers a flat-out brilliant performance from start to end. Also, his introduction sequence, where he disguises as the Late/Great Michael Jackson, is simply terrific. The confrontations between Shahrukh & Nawaz, as mentioned before, are the high-point of the enterprise.

On the whole, 'Raees' works in parts, not entirely.
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Engaging Gangster flick but the story is bit old and could have been better but overall it is a watchable flick
ridinbal25 January 2017
"Engaging Gangster flick with srk's and nawazuddin's good performance but the story is bit old and could have been better but overall it is a watchable flick"

My rating- 3.3/5


1.)Direction and screenplay- Direction was good and director succeeded in fusing correct elements required for this movie. Screenplay was equally good but story was little used and old and this brings slightly downfall to this movie.

2.)Srk , Nawazuddin and Mahira - Srk as usual did his role neatly. Mahira as the female lead didn't have any trouble and succeeded in bringing charm to her character. Nawazuddin was also good but not his career best performance. Same for srk as well. These two actors had potential but the screenplay didn't allow them. Srk i can understand but screenplay could have given nawazuddin chance to show his talent. This role looked like as if it wasn't written for him. He didn't do bad and i wont blame him but scriptwriter could have taken little notice on this.

3.)Cinematography and edits

4.)Music and bgscore

5.)Some powerful dialogues


1.) Story- It was bit old and it didn't have any support from director or scriptwriter to make it good. This is one of the major flaw which i found in this movie.

2.)Duration- It was lagging and it will bore audience a lot. Makers could have trimmed it.

3.) Action scenes looked messed up at some areas

Is it a must watch?

I don't recommend it as must movie because this movie may not suit all types of audience.

Overall- Raees may bore some or entertain and it all depends on audience's taste. This movie could have been better but as an final product it was watchable one but not an extraordinary flick.

My rating - 3.3/5

for full more reviews on all language movies go to- Ridin bal movie reviews
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Senseless, unoriginal and underwhelming
sid_kullar28 January 2017
This is one of the worst movies made and acted specially by SRK. The way he walks in the movie with skinny body try to look macho doesn't really came out well and i strongly believe that SRK is now too old to play this type of macho role and he should stop tutoring us and should rather try his hand in playing roles like father or grandfather type.

The film may be set in the '80s but it also takes the cinematic liberties that films made in the era did. A song sequence to mark every occasion, chest-beating reactions, laboured death scenes (complete with slow-mo falls and multiple bullets punched from pointblank range to complete the job) and loud internal monologues ("Ya Allah, what have I done?" says Raees to no one in particular).

In the action scenes, SRK mounts walls and leaps over buildings with the agility of Contra. But this is barely enough to make up for his loud and lazy performance. The actor seems to be too preoccupied with doing a Bachchan and ending up like Raju Srivastav on a bad night. Investing in Mahira Khan's visa was a wasted cause as the actress can barely construct half an expression. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is surely the only redeeming factor in Raees but sadly, his parts are brief.

Seriously guys if you want to torture yourself then go for it.
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Raees is Just Awesome
rahulssingh21119426 January 2017
Raees is Just Fantastic. SRK is phenomenal as Miyanbhai. Nawazuddin is just superb as the cop. Story is well researched and well articulated in the movie. Mahira looks beautiful in the movie. All supporting characters are too good to be there. Raees is all the way winner. Rahul Dholakia has been good enough to pull this off. Sunny Leaone sizzles as Laila. Songs are beautifully made. SRK is playing a bad guy the it should be played on screen. For the first time after My name is Khan SRK is delivering such a fantastic performance. He is just unstoppable in Raees.This will be the biggest hit of 2017 without a second thought. Raees will set a benchmark for crime drama in the future for sure. Dialogues are just heartwarming and top notch.Cinematography is perfect so is screenplay.Overall its an out and out entertainer. A must watch and highly recommended.Songs are just perfectly placed in the film. Thats why they do not look like forcibly placed. SRK fans will certainly enjoy watching this flick. Go and enjoy the daring of Miyanbhai and dimag of Baniya.
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not up to the mark
itsuttamkumar29 January 2017
the movie strongly resembles with Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, hence being predictable with no climax.

needless to say nawazuddin work being top notch. A must watch for shahrukh lovers.

From the beginning of the movie till the end the two dialogues are used frequently making them cliché.

direction and screenplay along with the story would have been better.

the movie highlights the era of raees in fatehpura city of gujarat and how a typical honest cop chase him and gets him

mahira kahan in her debut role does a great job
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Watch at your own risk
sunalgautam28 January 2017
even i am a die hard SRK fan but............. Waste of money. Same old SRK movie go for Kabil Hrithik has rocked. awesome songs. however Nawazudin was awesome. dialogues are great. Shah Rukh Khan has never looked better; he's full of fury and for once, isn't spreading his arms, but breaking others' Waste of money .... instead watch Kabil.... Hritik has rocked it !!Masala is right but today''s cinema requires a good content. See the difference between Sultan & Dangal and you will find the reason of having a good content movie.Old wine in old bottle. Yes Hrithik wins the race surely.I watched Kaabil and was weeping in the movie. Go for a movie content not for a well known actor.
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Watch Raees for stellar and electrifying performances by Shah Rukh and Nawazuddin
ketgup8325 January 2017
After being in making for past 2 years and being shelved for multiple reasons, "Raees" finally sees the light of the day. The trailer looked promising bringing back the 80's Bollywood era and so were the dialogue promos and the songs. Does "Raees" lives up to the mammoth expectations ? Well, it was almost there with few glitches and few engaging moments ...

Inspired by the true story of liquor don, Abdul Latif, who ruled Gujarat and even few parts of India, "Raees" tells the rags-to-rich tale of Raees Alam (played by Shah Rukh Khan) who faces the heat at the peak of his supremacy by a tough cop (played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

From the director of National Award winning,"Parzania" and "Lamha", Rahul Dholakia gives his first attempt at the commercial potboiler and is fairly successful. The film kicks off in 1970 showing how a small boy becomes a local bootlegger into full grown small time smuggler, Shah Rukh, who steals the scene with his entry and uses his tactics to setup his own independent liquor business. The film becomes an interesting watch, moment Nawazuddin enters the scene. His witty one-liners are impeccable and you will enjoy each and every moment of it. The first scene between Shah Rukh and Nawaz at the police station is good. The first half does have few tense moments to sail it through. With second half, the movie starts dragging and sometimes feel out of places.

The songs places hindrance to the flow of the film while action scenes looks tacky. The screenplay loses the track and becomes a typical melodrama in the later half of the film with new to offer. This is definitely not the best work from Rahul Dholakia carrying huge expectations. Even barring the tuneful and well-choreographed "Udi Udi", none of the songs will be memorable once you leave the theater. I loved the original version of "Laila" featuring Zeenat Aman from "Qurbani". Editing could have more crispy.

What works is admirable cinematography and fine art direction. The dialogues are simply mind blowing especially "Koi Bhi Dhanda Chotha Nahi Hota". Coming to the performances, Shah Rukh Khan makes a good comeback. The superstar steals the show with his daring avatar speaking much through his eyes and expressing appropriately. Watch for him in the climax scene. Nawazuddin is outstanding. The supremely talented actor gets much chance to show case his talent and he does it with aplomb. Mahira Khan is just about okay. Talents like Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub and Atul Kulkarni are wasted due to under-written roles.

Overall, "Raaes" is watchable only once for electrifying performances by Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Decent 2.75/5

  • Ketan Gupta
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Raees is an INTENSE, HONEST Don's saga
hymavatithegood25 January 2017
The crime don Raees makes us believe he is just not SRK at all. He is absolutely convincing in what ever character he plays always. Each frame makes us flatter to Mr.khan's hotness in Raees. Raees is dark, yet extremely honest and very lovable. Kudos to such a committed actor in these times!!! what more to say,,very proud to b his FAN. darling Nawazuddin Siddiqui,, what an entry..he has beaten everyone wow. a Mr.perfect cop with no support but great will at heart,too great!! yes, v can give it "in writing" to you sire, totally impossible to take eyes off from Mr. Majumdar. Sheeba Chadda as Raees's mom is absolutely fantastic; Mahira khan, Zeeshan Ayyub, Atul Kulkarni added a good support. The poor screenplay is the major drawback of #raees wish it were more crisp so that the movie would be even more gripping :( The background score is all lovely; songs were good, could have been even more better for the commercial movie lovers ;) its -> DANDHA vs DHOKA ? SRK vs NAWAZ ?? catch their tight fight !! #undoubtedlybrightestperformances
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An all in all Shah Rukh show. Watch it for Shah Rukh Khan.
aniseprakash25 January 2017
Shah Rukh Khan as Raees rocks as usual. He lives as a don throughout the movie. The anger in his face, the romance that he showcases, the sentiment he experiences and the fights he undergoes shows he hasn't aged at all. The style he carries as a don will bring whistles in the theaters for sure.

His dialogue delivery is perfect as ever. He impresses in every frame. One of the best roles Shah Rukh has done in his career. His lead pair Mahira Khan as Aasiya has little screen presence. But she has utilized it well. Be it the sentiment scenes or the romantic part she is a perfect addition. A little more of her screen presence wouldn't have spoiled the movie.

As Shah Rukh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui does have a powerful role. He walks with pride as the ACP Majmudar. His acting was perfect and does what was needed for the role. I won't say it's his best ever, but he delivers what was needed.

Rahul Dholakia's direction was excellent. He has handled both the character to the perfection. Whereas directing Shah Rukh or Nawazuddin, he has added the right blend. The recreation of the 90's time frame was the top notch. The battery scenes are good add, Mahira is the only one spared for calling Shah Rukh the battery.

Cinematography by K.U.Mohana and the music by Ram Sampath are added colour. Sunny Leone sizzles as Laila.

Though the screenplay is good the story is way old one. There are few side-lines like messed up action sequences and a dragging second half. Director should have concentrated in trimming the second half.

It's a must watch if you are a die-hard Shah Rukh fan, but as a common movie goer few might find it boring in the second half.
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This movie is just well marketed
naveen-rv26 January 2017
The movie is disappointing, Nawazuddin's role is a lot better than the role of SRK, he should have been the protagonist. Mahira is the worst choice for the role, may be they just wanted to milk some money in Pakistan.

The film overall has no novelty value and SRK is just trying too hard to look cool than a gangster selling illegal alcohol. The 2nd half is dragged unnecessarily and feels like they forcefully made the gangster look like a noble person, they should learn from movies like GoW or Vaastav like movies.

Better to wait for a DVD than spending 300 for the ticket and 200 for the popcorn's, you may end up liking popcorn more than the movie.
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inspired from a gujrat mafia,wrapped up in bollywood melodrama
ishubham-sg27 January 2017
the stupidest thing is it tries to convey a bootlegger,mafia and suspected terrorist as robinhood divine soul.nothing new about srk except the surma in eyes and beard.1st half is super boring though 2nd half is better but only because of nawaz.mahira khan is as dull in acting as possible.it's just a waste of time and money,watching this movie.though if you want to give it a try,download it from torrent instead of going to theatres. and too many songs,just too many,which will irritate you enough to leave the theatre. one more dumb movie of bollywood. please save yourself from watching it. don't go to see raees. instead go and watch Kaabil. it has something new to offer.
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Tried too hard that made it a garbage.
mahinrony26 January 2017
The film starts with a promising story to be built on up with the young Raees but lacks emotional continuation in every scene. The screenplay was poor which made the film fail to make any sense. From the beginning, he is a terrorist, drug dealer, mob but because he's Shahrukh Khan he can enter a girl's bedroom without any trouble. And his macho, gangster look neither suited him nor the story demanded in romantic scenes but hey, he's SRK and you're watching a bollywood masala movie. So, they had to make him do all the ridiculous stuffs. This movie sucks big time in syncing from one scene to another. In one scene, he is angry gangster and in the other scene he's a romantic guy. Doesn't make any sense. At the beginning the character was established as a terrorist, mob man but it all changed without any strong consequences. They probably wanted to make a Anurag Kashyap kind gangster movie with a Vaastav touch in it but messed it up with wanting to make people feel sympathized for SRK as good gangster. And as I said about the screenplay, it doesn't give audience a breathing space so that you can buildup an emotional bonding with the character so you don't really feel bad for the character in the end. Feels like happening too much too easy. And no other characters were given importance except Nawazuddin though I feel his dialogues were very repetitive on many scenes which doesn't create an impact. Such a waste of time. Not recommended.
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Fails to live up to expectation
alvisgosai26 March 2017
Cheap attempt to copy Netflix TV series Narcos based on Pablo Escobar's life. This movie may only favor SRK fans. The story is somewhat different than typical masala bollywood movies which is good. Sad to say this but SRK's days are not looking promising unless he revolves himself such as Akshay Kumar has with Rustom and Jolly LLB and like Amir Khan with PK and Dangal. Raees is not the type of movie one would want to watch twice unless you are a blind SRK fan.
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Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish
happycolours2 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What on earth did I just watch, who ever is rating this movie anything above 5/10 must be a retard...this movie was complete utter rubbish...Kaabil is a lot better movie and story line...Shahrukh khan should leave these kind of movies for Ajay Devgan Sanjay Dutt and Imran Hashmi...Shahrukh Khan Is no longer a king Khan, the king Khan title should be considered between Amir Khan and Salman Khan... The only decent thing about the movie is Nawazuddin's acting. Mahira was OK, but movie is rubbish guys...The movie was all over the place the makers rushed it...something Dolakia the director probably got nervous around Shahrukh Khan still thinking he is the king Khan and went all confused with the movie since it was a complete s...t gangster movie...Shahrukh Khan sentimental movie days are long gone the one who stole the hearts of millions once upon a time, k k k Kiran days are gone too...Shahrukh Khan please think of something new, cabbage head...
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cleanserious4 March 2017
Waste of time. Waste of money. Avoid watching. Watch if you want to go crazy. Worst movie of recent times This movie should be first shown in TV rather than wasting peoples time going to cinema halls! When director has no other work they make movies like these.. So just stay at home n if you really want to see some dirty scenes then wait for the pirated version of the movie. Cause there is nothing worth to go n watch movie in theater.
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