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better than average
ops-5253521 February 2019
This is a crime drama, loosely based on a true story about a young afroamerican basketball player with enormous talent and wants to be a star among the stars, his attempt to do that are abruptly stopped by a knee injury, while doing a fade away with his basket bladder.

its also a story about friendship, having an hispanic friend and they have supported eachother in thick and thin, with a small difference in choice of carrieres, the hispanic friend ,does trade drugs, makes money and having seemingly a dream life that attracks our basketbladder boy. they join forces og brain and gain, and succeds alot, till other gangs starts war against them and their bussiness. there are mexicans,dominicans,haitians,cubans,and seemingly the rest of the sugarcane-nations takes part in this pretty good story.

acting, well,quite good, it seems pretty natural allover. musical score, i'm not a hype of hip hop,r'nb vibrato fan, so it lowers and stigmatize this good product. the editing though are smashing and makes the story float higher than usual. some of the light settings and film angles are at times amateur standard, but when the focus fades out and away from below close ups it passes .. the story could have been better told with more gylden on the creditbook, and the film is a slightly bit too long.

so considering me not being a fan of hiphoped, golden chained drugcoolio africanamerican hispanic mexican drug and basketbladder action, the seven stars comes from the grumpy old mans heart, with a sense that this was abit more senselike than the usual.
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