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Seriously its better than i thought.
ahao768 February 2016
I specially write this review hope it will help in some ways in promoting this film. I almost did not want to waste time to watch this movie due to some negative comments of few critics who says its boring etc... Well.. Luckily i did not believe them totally.. I just try out to watch it without expecting much. When i finished this movie.. I find it meaningful and i enjoyed it.. I don't see there is any problem with this movie and certainly its not boring to me.. I hope there are people out there who are willing to give a shot watching this movie and enjoyed it like i did. Thanks to all the people involve making this film. Good job.
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Well Performed and Directed
Wayne192116 March 2016
Frankly, Terminus is smarter than those leaving the exaggerated negative reviews here. That might explain the "booooring" reactions to this very nicely turned, intelligent plot line that places character development at the center of an interesting take on how an alien intelligence is responsible for a hinted at 21st century version of Adam and Eve.

Jai Koutrae, Kendra Appleton, and Todd Lasance turn out terrific, understated performances; the script is compelling and held my interest from the opening moments. The Brian Cachia score is first rate and sustained the almost nourish mood throughout. (It's sometimes forgotten how important the music is to driving the plot line). To echo another reviewer's comment, Mark Furmie's direction is indeed, "motivated and inspired."

If you're expecting the typical dumbed-down, mind-numbing tripe that passes for sci-fi née fantasy these days (think auto-bots and Marvel comics), you'll be disappointed. But if, for example, Ex Machina and Under the Skin appealed to you, and you're looking for low-key, intelligent, well performed and directed story-telling, you'll enjoy Terminus.
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Atmospheric and gloomy, but a nice original piece of sci-fi
siderite24 January 2016
You need to be in the mood to watch this. The basis of the plot is revealed early on and from there it's all about what happens around that central point. It has to do a lot with how people think and feel and why they do what they do and how it affects the world entire. It is a slow story, gloomy, antiwar and anti rampant Americanism.

I have to say that the negative reaction of some of the other commenters is not warranted. It was an average movie, but one of those that has enough good things to offset some minor bad things, like some sluggishness of the script and some mediocre acting. I think the worst sin the producers of this film committed is that they made a very intriguing trailer that far outshined the movie itself. Almost all high end scenes are in the trailer, that is. Big Hollywood films do that, so why no them, eh? Because you get people upset, as many comments on this site show.

Bottom line: I wish the film would have been more worked on. As such, it is a gem that is still in the mud. I feel that with another edit of the material it could really shine.
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Solid film making in the almost non existent Australian Sci Fi genre
timbosssss23 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The core premise of Terminus is an interesting one, involving one mans journey of redemption in a world headed for apocalypse. What unfolds is a solid film that could be the beginning of a promising career for director Marc Furmie. The viewer must understand how hard it is to make a genre film in Australia. But this is never an excuse for poor storytelling. The script is good but not great- the story definitely borrows from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, and Marc Furmie shows his respect to classic films from the 70's and 80's. There aren't too many original ways to spin a sci fi yarn these days and this one goes for the heart, with a believable father and daughter relationship that isn't overpowered by action and special effects (which are very well executed). One has to admire a director who can work with a limited production budget in a local film industry that is extremely difficult to get a film off the ground at all. The story unfolds carefully, we are introduced to a troubled man David Chamberlain (Jai Koutrae) who has lost his wife, and things are hard as he struggles to provide for his teenage daughter Annabelle (Kendra Appleton). From here he has an encounter with an alien life form with healing powers that draws the attention of some government operatives with ulterior motives to use the extraterrestrial powers for purposes in a global war that is at the threat of nuclear destruction. Jai Koutae's performance conjures a little bit of Matthew McConaughey, and his quest is quite believable as a man with a past who follows his convictions. The standou performance is by up and coming actress Kendra Appleton. Her portrayal of Annabelle feels at all times real and she does well with the above average script, delivering her lines with conviction. She elevates the film and we care about her character. The peripheral characters are quite cardboard, obviously put there to drive the events forward (disgruntled sidekick who gets into bar fights and helps the main protagonist achieve his goal and government agents working against the protagonist with nasty motives). The choice to set the film in a small American farming town but actually filming in Sydney, Australia was one to obviously attract an broader audience is somewhat questionable to me. The thing that made District 9 work was the fact that it embraced Johannesburg, South Africa as a setting. The Australian actors doing American accents do a good enough job, but they don't feel grounded in reality, the intangible character nuances of small town US folk are all missing from their performances. Kieren Fowler's cinematography is classical with its use of dollies and tracking shots, only going for hand-held at certain key moments. This was a good choice however the lens flares are a little overbearing at times. The score feels like your standard sci fi flick, Brian Cachia manages to rouse the emotions in the later half of the film but unfortunately it feels a little derivative and uninspired at times. I would recommend this film to Sci Fi fans, don't expect anything new, but there is a bright future for director Marc Furmie and up and coming actress Kendra Appleton.
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For a low budget film this one is "must see"!
Autarchus23 March 2016
I have read a number of reviews on this site and disagree with most. I have read nearly 330 science fiction novels and with the exception of a few you can pretty well see what is coming. This movie was a delight in that the end was never obvious until you experienced the climactic scenes. This movie is a low budget masterpiece in the same vein as "Crawl or Die" which was done for $6,000.00. I am sure the budget for this film was higher but I liked both equally in that the endings were surprises. The cast was great, the acting was spot on. The character development was complete if you pay attention (some have criticized it). One reviewer noted that the actors were "obviously" meant to be cheap replacements for Christian Bale and Guy Pearce. I agree and throw in Amy Smart while you are at it. These actors did all three proud if that is what the intention was. The cinematography was done with low cost equipment but it was very well directed giving the audience the views it needed when needed. I, frankly, was amazed at the quality. One possible drawback to some is how the depressing the overall mood is at the beginning but that is integral to the story. Just so you know, I am a big fan of this type of film ... two of my past favorites are "Zardoz" and "The Quiet Earth" to give you an idea. If you liked those films you will enjoy this one.
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Good Movie For a low Budget Film
scottamac23 January 2016
I don't really write to many reviews for movies, People like what they like and the same goes for dislike. First off, The special effects were great.

They didn't try to over do it. The script could have been a little more developed in some areas but it is for all intensive purposes, a Sci- Fie / Drama. The Acting was pretty good For the most part. The Cinematography was Good, No shaky camera crap or blurred fight scene's.

I am not sure why but the Police and other authoritative actors weren't very good. Not convincing in anyway shape or form. I felt like someone p****d on my cornflakes while i was trying to enjoy the rest of my breakfast. A little more info about where the girl was for all those years or a few flash back scene's could have brought her character to life and actually made me care more about her. She wasn't a bad actor she just wasn't really given much to work with to round out her character. Still ' it was WAY better than some of the cheap C-B flick crap that the Sci-Fie channel was trying to cram down our throats a few years back. It is better than some of these movies that have been coming out lately.

I know it was a drama- Sc-Fie but a little more attention to detail on WHERE the dramatic crescendo's peeked would have helped. Some where overdone or a little premature at times. Still all in all it kept me interested and for all the Doomsday preppies? Used government cement trucks should go up in price at the local auction.
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To the point
syronth28 January 2016
This is not a movie for those who expect a typical Hollywood sci-fi flick. Definitely not.

The movie shows an oppressing picture of an Orwellian, dystopic America - not in the far future but right now in the present. It is reducing itself to the point and is pretty straight-forward and sincere about it. It does know exactly that it can only cite because a lot of those scenes are very well known already, which makes it even more intense in my opinion. Also the dialogs are reduced to the essential, no smart tricks, no lengthiness. To the point.

The movie doesn't try to tell you something new, it recaps and reminds. And it still holds on a tiny friction of whats left of hope. Because hope dies last. From my European view this makes it a very American movie (what I like) - although its an Australian movie which was surprising for me. But it has a clear, universal message, that is pretty much addressed at me and my own country as well. A message that has been told before, right, but is nevertheless worth telling again and again.

I can see why this movie might look like one big cliché. But I object. Its a great movie with great pictures and great actors. It doesn't pretend to be something else than a straight-forward punch in your face.
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Character Driven, Introspective, Apocalyptic Sci-Fi_Not "Cowboys & Aliens"
blackcabprod12 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Terminus": Starring Jai Koutrae ("Death's Requiem", "Benjamin Troubles"), Kendra Appleton ("In Your Dreams", "Blue World Order"), and Todd Lasance ("Vampire Diaries", "Spartacus: War Of The Damned"), "Terminus" is tautly directed by Marc Furmie ("Death's Requiem", "Airlock").

What can I say about "Terminus"? The logline reads (and I quote IMDb here): "Following a near-fatal accident, David Chamberlain makes an unprecedented discovery that will not only determine the fate of his family, but of mankind." Well, that's your typical movie sound-bite that makes Hollywood film producers wet their pants by telling the Attention-Deficit-Disorder public everything and nothing in one sentence. So let me fatten that up a bit and clarify (not really any spoilers here, so do not fret). After the so called "near-fatal accident" Jai Koutrae drags himself from his overturned vehicle, in effort to follow the lead of some mystery figure (person?) who may or may not be a mere hallucination brought on by a major concussion. Rebuffing the likely delusions perpetrated by brain injury, Koutrae manages to find himself a life-giving "pod". This "pod"––obvious to any Sci-Fi geek or anyone not suffering brain trauma––has to be from outer-space. OK, now that's all I'm willing to reveal about the story. Go find "Terminus" and watch it, if you want to know more. It's worth the search. On that note...

Marc Furmie's directing is motivated and inspired, which is somewhat belied by the cerebral quality of the film––my latter point meaning, Mr. Furmie places a greater emphasis on the drama and the characters driving the story, than the trappings of the typical Sci-Fi CG effects heavy, alien monsters laden, blah-blah-uhggg, movie. Thank you, sir, for your impassioned focus. Which brings me to Jai Koutrae.

Koutrae has again pulled off an intense performance; one that often appears as placid as a cold lake, but flares with explosive poignancy revealing just how much pain his character is suffering right below the waterline. His portrayal of David Chamberlain, an out-of-work, small town, backwoodsie, middle-American tough-guy-with-a-broken-heart, is realistic to a T. And although Koutrae is an Aussie from Downunder, his American accent is flawless.

The next outstanding performance comes from actress Kendra Appleton, who plays David's (Koutrae's) equally heartbroken and nearly estranged daughter. Her character, Annabelle Chamberlain, is truly the pivot (the heart) around which "Terminus" arcs. Appleton exudes great depth of sentiment, but not cheap sentimentality. She's young, beautiful, and full of hope and compassion for her father, but is also haunted by her equally tormented soul. And when it comes down to the wire, like her father, she can be pretty damn tough and merciless in fight, too.

Our third lead in "Terminus" is actor Todd Lasance. His performance of the itinerant––potential danger and baddie––Zach, is solid as a rock. At first an angry loser coming from nowhere, and on his way to some other nowhere, he quickly reveals his deeper pain and compassion, as well as his hard-boiled anger at the world. The human destruction he has witnessed, and been participant in, has scarred him emotionally, very nearly to the point of no return.

In "Terminus" the planet is on the brink of global nuclear war. This is only a backdrop at first, but eventually floats to the forefront as a very real possibility. Overall, "Terminus" is populated with dark characters trying to make there way through an even bleaker world; each fighting for hope and life in their own way. Even the FBI agents threaded throughout the film, are doing their damnedest to perpetuate hope and life, although their poor decisions and near radicalism constantly made me wonder if they weren't the true evil in the story. Possibly they were Marc Furmie's way of holding up a simple mirror to reflect back the infinitely complex nihilism and savagery that has plagued humanity since the beginning of time.

I highly recommend "Terminus" for its grim, yet inspired view. Its morbidity and its sometimes-violent passions and compassion. The film is not unlike a single flower that somehow blooms in the middle of a deep, dark death-valley.
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A somewhat weak drama with sci-fi elements
procletnic22 January 2016
Terminus is not a bad movie. It just suffers from an illness that is common for many other low budget productions - it doesn't engage the viewer. The movie is more drama than a sci-fi. Unfortunately, the drama element is severely clichéd and the sci-fi element is undeveloped and feels incredibly artificial. The script is atrocious which leaves an imprint on the otherwise OK acting. Character development is non-existent and leaves you wondering what drives some of the characters to do the things they do. The effects are decent but scarce and boring. A real sci-fi flick has to have some thrilling moments but this movie has none of that. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this movie, it's a waste of time 4/10.
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Space Artichokes save the human race. * Lots of Spoilers*
beastboy-0350911 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was a really great film. The background is that America is embroiled in an awful war with Iran. True to reality, Iran has nuclear weapons. The threat of nuclear war is imminent. The movie is about an alien space artichoke communicating telepathically with a man. He is told through his late wife (he couldn't handle a giant alien artichoke talking to him in his dreams. "Contact" has already established this) that he needs to build a cement mixer and put then space artichoke inside of it. It actually ends up being a reverse incubator that preserves a man, a woman and one space artichoke that contains all the DnA for every life form in earth. Nuclear war comes and goes. After fallout is over the cement mixer opens up and humanity starts again via Adam and Eve mk 2.

I really liked this movie. The characters were believable and slightly tragic. The Australian director really portrayed American small town red necks well. Maybe Antipodean rednecks have similar qualities?

The are a few glaring loopholes in the plot that are resolved in the ending of the movie. The war in Iran is dealt with like the very unpopular Vietnam conflict. A disabled veteran is spit on by a redneck. It was very powerful and shocking. The vet was protesting the war. That may have been why he was spit upon. The war results in 23 soldiers KiA daily. It is a very grim situation.

The movie was not perfect. I gave it eight stars for the humanity and the reality of the situation in the film. The bad guy was fairly flat in motivation (just like Negan). If you read this before the film you just ruined the entire movie. I still recommend watching it. It was great science fiction.
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altersaege23 January 2016
Apart for the fact that the casting was CLEARLY made to have a double of Christian Bale and a double of Guy Pearce, the film itself is a sort of cheap double of a lot of other movies (with a bit of Shyamalan, a bit of Cocoon, a bit of Signal, a bit of many other things). And it just does not make any sense. The acting is not horrible but it is far from first class, and the script is better than many b-movies but not enough to make of this an engaging film. Anyway, it makes no sense to start speaking of direction and this and that and play to be the little Movie Critic. Fact is, the movie is not a disaster, but it is not a well made movie, it lacks lot of consistency, it is quite flat, poor and boring. And btw, if there will ever be a nuclear war, it better end it all with our idiot human race. I am sure the Universe is full of other wonderful and less destructive, arrogant, egocentric, megalomaniac forms of life. Nobody will miss us. So just stop making films which imply how important is to save us. It is NOT.
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Not a masterpiece, but surprisingly good
veo15 March 2016
Yeah, you can find a lot of problems with this film, from some of the characters being too cliché to the (I can't believe I'm saying this) lack of special effects, in a few scenes, that would have added weight to the movie. Still, it isn't bad at all and, most important, it delivers more than you expect. It has a good plot twist, it keeps you guessing and makes you think you got it - but you'll find out you didn't. I think it's the best a small budget, unknown actors (but they are actors, not Richard Grieco...), and aspiring writers and director can get. It may not be of Spielberg value, but it's on an honest path towards it.
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Slow and full of clichés
harbhippo11 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Putting aside the ridiculous portrayal of disabled veterans (all they're good for is getting into bar fights for no reason), this film fails first because it makes no real sense. We're told that an object that falls from outer space and has magical properties and stuff is considered so unimportant that it can't get or keep research funding from the US government, which will generally fund any research involving a political connection. Yet agents of the government are so determined to seize the second one that falls, that citizens suspected of having it are beaten and shot at when they refuse to give it up. Is it important or not? But even if you're willing to overlook such things, the pacing is so slow as to make the viewer wonder if he's made a mistake renting or streaming it. And I'm not talking about a lack of action - I'm talking about the pace. Dialogue is so slow, and dramatic pauses are so long, and the plot is so glacial, that it's difficult to keep interested. Especially when the film completely failed to make us care about the characters - at all.
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Old-school SF with a restyled Adam and Eve story.
peterp-450-29871625 February 2016
"You're like every other hick in this town. Full of opinions on things you know nothing about. Scared of losing what you think you have. And what's that? A future."

You feel like watching a Science Fiction that makes you think back to classics like "Cocoon" or "The invasion of the body snatchers"? Well, you need to give this Australian low-budget indie a chance. Just so you know it in advance, it's not particularly innovative and it's not filled with breathtaking special effects. Yet I found it an enjoyable film to watch in between. Unfortunately it was fairly predictable, certain performances weren't the best of the best and the concept was again post-apocalyptic.

The whole story revolves around the mechanic David (Jai Koutrae) and his daughter Annabelle (Kendra Appleton). Due to the loss of his wife, David has a serious drinking problem and a fairly desperate family situation. A conflict in the Middle East ensures that the economy is falling apart and the overall world peace is endangered. While driving through the night, David witnesses a crashing meteorite. He loses control over his steering wheel and ends up in the hospital. The next morning his injuries seem to be healed and in a miraculous way, a kidney he donated to save his wife grew back. After several visions, he takes it upon himself to build a capsule with the help of Zach (Todd Lasance), a disabled war veteran. It sounds a bit like when Noah was given the divine command to build an ark, in order to secure the survival of the human race.

Although this film takes place in the U.S., the majority of the actors are Australian and everything was filmed in Portland and Sydney. If I hadn't read it somewhere, I wouldn't have known it. In most films, aliens visiting our planet, don't have friendly intentions. In "Terminus" on the other hand, the alien phenomenon is anything but hostile. It's rather helpful and has healing powers. And again there's an agency (the National Science Agency) that tries anything to get hold of this meteorite. In that way they could produce unbeatable combat troops.

Obviously this film was made with a limited budget. But despite this limitation, the makers managed to deliver a sound film. The doomsday scenario is subtly mixed throughout the story with strategically placed newsflashes about the developments in the Middle East. Only the end was quite self-evident. In terms of performances only the NSA agents were weak and portrayed in an ordinary and pathetic way. It was the interaction between David and Zach that provided some highlights. A piece of advice won't harm : Lower your expectations before you watch this movie.

More reviews here : http://bit.ly/1KIdQMT
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This is a movie to keep watching to the end
cosmoastro19 February 2016
This movie is a gift. After watching multimillonaries films. This has everything. Action, suspense, and a sci-fi touch. From the start, you don't know what will hapen. It's a matter of time, and until the end, you won't know the true. The actors did well. Of course, the actors aren't soo famous. That's why is underrated. But the acting is well done. The family don't inmerse in an ouwful drama. The issue keeps around a mysterious artifact. It is for good or for bad? Many answers. But instead other sci-fi movies all the questions will be answerd. The visual effects are credible, you notice they worked very hard. And the actors did a great job, even they don't requires a great acting. You won't loose your time. Give it a chance.
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A perfectly fine movie
loxford-5399923 August 2020
I'm not sure why anyone would feel hostile to the quality of this movie. It's a perfectly professional production. Can't knock the cast, the production certainly doesn't look cheap. It's a fair plot, not entirely original but not the same as anything else. It's not an alien, laser war flick, instead a lot more earthbound.

It's sci-fi, strangely a genre that critics are extremely biased against compared to all other genres. After all it's all so far fetched!......Duh. The clue is in the wording science "fiction".
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A Cure For Insomnia
GlenjaminX29 September 2019
Where to start with this mess? Slow, boring, dark, and I mean ridiculously dark. I've never seen so many scenes shot in near darkness. Besides this, the plot wandered, characters were barely developed and there was no effective direction. Fortunately, I did get some great sleep which started before this nightmare ended.
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excellent movie - compelling story, cinematography, sound effects, script
bicycledays18 December 2016
I just watched this movie with some friends and was blown away by how good it was! It is quite literally one of the best movies that I've seen.

I loved the cinematography and the foreboding sound effects. Those two elements along with the compelling story line, well thought out characters, acting and script, make this movie really great.

This movie is a slow burn, and it simmers to make a tense and dramatic and action- packed thriller. It's like a soup that takes a while to cook but ends up tasting better because it cooks at a low simmer.

I want to say "Awesome job to everyone involved with this film." This movie is a lot better than some of the 100-million-dollar and higher movies that I've seen that use the same A-list actors but have terrible plots and don't give us a reason to care about the characters.

In this movie, I was given a reason to care about all the characters.

Excellent movie all the way around. Highly recommend.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - http://tss5078.blogspot.com - @tss5078
Tss507826 March 2017
In the world of science fiction, a ridiculous plot is a bold and risky move. Audiences will generally see it in one of two ways, either as unique and innovative or ridiculous and stupid. While I general advise deciding for yourself, in the case of Terminus, I think the answer is pretty clear. David Chamberlain (Jai Koutrae) is a depressed alcoholic who lives with his daughter. One night he's driving home drunk and is involved in a wreck that should have killed him, except for the fact that he encounters a rock from outer space, that not only heals him, but starts giving him visions. Chamberlain starts seeing visions of the end of the world and sets out on a mission to build something remarkable, in the back of a stolen cement truck. The whole premise here is kind of stupid, however if the casting was better this actually could have worked. The main character here is a guy in his late forties, a factory worker with no skills, no education and general someone everyone already thinks is crazy. In my opinion he just doesn't fit what the story calls for. This would have been a much better film if the main character was a late teen or twenty something guy, who saw the incident as his life being spared for a higher purpose. Instead, Terminus is just really one big mess of sub-par acting, plot holes, and badly developed characters you really don't care about. If you don't care about the characters and what happens to them, and if you can't follow the story too well, then really, what's the point?
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Really Great As a pilot
jameslimmer22 August 2016
Wow I really enjoyed this movie. I actually thought it was a new series the way it played out - there seemed to be a lot of assumed knowledge but it all added up in the end.

Some great concepts and deep questions - would definitely watch this on a weekly basis if was turned in to a series / mini-series. Hope the producers extend this to a sequel or a series of some kind. I was a little sad when it ended actually - there are so many questions left to be answered!!

Great film, and kudos for doing a great job on low budget with some great Australian landscapes.

I give it 8/10 for creativity, not a bad plot and developing some great intrigue throughout the movie.
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When infants try to be politically poignant.
fedor814 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A shoddy, stale-looking, dull sci-fi that manages to make alien contact as mundane as ordering French Fries. To make things worse, the "auteur" of this low-IQ piffle focused much more on politics than on sci-fi, filling up the movie with tons of extremely stupid fake-CNN news-flash exposition, which shows the U.S. invading Iran and eventually causing the outbreak of WW3. (The notion that a liberal-lead U.S. would even contemplate such a move is truly hilarious. What, Obama or Hellary invading Iran to save Israel? Bolivian mushrooms must be very cheap these days.)

So no, I am not joking in the slightest when I tell you that this garbage is a cross between "Born on the 4th of Scientology"… Sorry, got confused there… A cross between "Born on the 4th of July" and "2010". Is it as dumb as it sounds? Much worse. Because dumb can be occasionally entertaining, but this idiocy is just excruciatingly boring.

The premise of an alien being restoring human limbs is not bad, but it's handled with such incompetence by the writer and the actors (especially that sociopathic secret agent: over-actor extraordinaire) that it makes no difference what potential there was or wasn't in it. Certainly there was zip potential in combining left-wing propaganda with alien contact. I'm pretty sure some pompous mongrel had already done that anyway.

To give you a hint just how much muddy pee-worthy incompetence the film swims in, the director can't even make up his mind whether the story takes place in the States or Australia, because there are clear indications of both.
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Simple, low-key, but solidly made little Science Fiction film... Blu-ray: Good A:8 V:8
lathe-of-heaven2 June 2017
For me personally, the ONE thing that really puts me off with low budget films like this, is that many times the acting is SO atrocious that in 10-15 minutes I truly HAVE to turn it off because it is so bad. I just can't take it. And, there are a lot of them like that.

So, that's why I am rather surprised that quite a few people here have stated that they think that the acting was either pretty bad or maybe just fair. Being a person who is EXTREMELY sensitive to that very thing, I absolutely and vehemently disagree with this. I mean, we're not talking Oscar material here or anything, but I genuinely feel that overall, all the characters taken as a whole, that the acting was actually surprisingly solid. Believe me... THAT would have been the very first thing to take me right out of the movie if that were the case.

Also, FWIW, if you've grown up reading Science Fiction from a young age like I have, you know that there is a HUGE range in the Science Fiction Genre. You can have anything from flashy stories like 'STAR WARS' or 'TRANSFORMERS' all the way to quiet, little stories set in the future, or on other planets, or in space, that have very little action, but might be made up of elements that are primarily societal or philosophical in nature. Many of Ray Bradbury's stories are like that.

So, because of that, mainly with Science Fiction, there is absolutely NO way to have a 'one size fits all' type or level or sub-Genre that everyone likes, and that is IF they even like Science Fiction at all. So, in talking about a movie like this, it is really important I think to convey as closely as possible just exactly WHAT type of Science Fiction it is, so that others can get a more accurate idea as to whether they would like it or not.

With this one, in my lowly and wretched opinion, you have a solid Science Fiction story and concept that is very simple and fairly routine in nature, BUT that is put together and told in a pretty decent way. That would include, yes, the acting primarily, since the simplicity and obvious low budget nature of the film would have to lean heavily upon it. And, I honestly felt that all'n'all everyone did a pretty good job. One thing that I think that helped the story considerably, was that there were a variety of different characters who gave the story more substance and flavour. I really liked the one guy's friend who was a fellow vet; he did an exceptional job with what I would think would be a small, but difficult role. YES, in the more 'emotional' scenes, as is my nature, I kind of rolled my eyes and moved the speed along a little. But, that is just because that is me, not because they were done so horribly : )

What makes a simple Science Fiction story like this work well, is that you honestly do care about the characters. Also, contrary to what a couple of others here have said, the story line and writing were done just fine and kept the pace moving along with what I felt was a healthy degree of suspense and tension. One excellent example I thought, and without giving too much away of course, was the agent in charge. They could have very easily just portrayed him as an evil, shallow, 2 dimensional character. But, they took the time to have him come across as a more textured and rounded out person, which to me anyway, really helped make it much more believable.

Like everyone else, I LOVE the flashier Sci Fi films too (can you say 'ROBOCOP' anyone? {the original please}) and also the deeper ones (can you say 'BLADE RUNNER'?) But, I guess what I liked about this one is that I felt that they did a very good job with what they had to work with, and crafted a suspenseful and entertaining (and I might add somewhat heart-wrenching) film that I felt came across as strongly above average for a movie like this.

So, I hope that this gives you at least some idea as to what kind of Science Fiction film this is... Especially, if you've grown up reading many different kinds of Science Fiction like I have, you might enjoy this simple but effective little movie.
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A mediocre low-budget sci-fi film
PeterLormeReviews27 July 2016
Terminus (2016) is a mediocre low-budget sci-fi film. When judging a film, I will always take the budget into consideration. I will also consider how difficult it is to make a movie with an extremely low- budget. Now taking that into consideration, 'Terminus' still isn't that good of a movie. The plot was fine, but it was very jumbled at times. The ending was very abrupt and it felt like it could have been built up more. The acting was bad, and the lead actress was absolutely horrendous. The direction wasn't poor, and there were many great looking shots. What I liked the most was the practical effects. While they did not look realistic, I absolutely love it when filmmakers choose to use practical effects over digital effects. There were some CGI shots in the film, and they looked jarringly fake. While it was refreshing to see the practical effects, the CGI stood out like a sore thumb. 'Terminus' isn't a good movie, but it isn't the worst sci-fi film of the year.
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spookyrat129 July 2019
A cut price Australian made combo of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Knowing, Terminus aims to tell a big ambitious (derivative) story, but cuts way too many production corners getting there to make it all that interesting.

It's one of these annoyingly darkly -lit, washed-out colour films, shot with hand-held cameras and over-indulging itself with close-up camera angles and quick edits to the extent, that in the few scenes of action we are delivered, you are totally unsure of exactly what is going on.

The acting won't live in my memory either. Jai Koutrae in the ostensible central role of David was particularly wooden, though I thought his screen daughter Annabelle, played by Kendra Appleton, acquitted herself quite well.

It's always kind of fun watching Aussie films and actors pretend they are all things American. The accents are pretty good and the above mentioned close-ups I think are designed to avoid giving away too many visual clues as to actual filming locations. But in the very few external panoramas shown, it's quite easy to tell the sound and look of the Australian bush if you are half-way familiar with it.

By my reckoning at least 90% of the film is shot at night or in dim, murky surroundings. I felt like celebrating every (occasional) time we were gifted a scene filmed during the day. I guess this is director/co-writer Marc Furmie's idea of creating an atmosphere of foreboding bordering on paranoia. I personally found it a complete road block to enjoying an imitative, but aspiring, apocalyptic tale.
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An alien themed drama during the cusp of the WWIII.
Reno-Rangan4 September 2016
What would you expect from a B movie, but it looks like a mainstream film for the Australians. Yep, it is an Aussie sci-fi-drama, but sets in the United States. The world is at war, so people everywhere struggling with their jobs. But in a small town, a mysterious object from the sky falls and soon it was claimed by a single father after he was healed by its touch when he met a car crash near the site. The government people too after it, but how these two groups confront each other while the country is falling was told with a small twist at the end.

The poster looks like 'Intersteller' or 'Tron', but the film was different. Kind of a simple version of 'Evolution' and a mix of others as well. I felt it was well written, but not convincingly made. Keeping a simple story, revolving around a mysterious object, it had the strength to come out strong, but doesn't wanted to be the high octane action film and the budget was the issue. So in its limited cost, it impacted managed to become a decent film, but I think the direction should have been a bit cautious. There were lots of sci- fi-dramas succeeded because of the good directions.

I call it a wasted opportunity, but if you keep your anticipation low knowing unfamiliar cast and crew, then it might satisfy you a little. Totally an Australian cast, but in the American accent. Decent performances, and technically it looked okay, since it did not require heavy graphics. It's not for everyone, I would have liked it if the narration was neat regarding its production value.

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