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Sex & Nudity

  • FYI: Episode 1, there is a room full of naked women. No sensitive parts are shown, but there's not much left to the imagination.
  • Throughout the show, women's breast in zero gravity slightly bounce. It isn't much notice unless it's a slightly sensual scene.

Violence & Gore

  • The main character vomits on another character. The other character pours vomit out of her shoes. Not hard to watch but since the characters are talking it's pretty easy to miss.
  • Some characters commit suicide during fights in order to save other pilots.
  • Episode 1: A man gets injured many times, at one point it shows two of his fingers bent completely backwards.
  • During their first fight with an alien, one of the poles gets thrown against a wall of ice, we see he is injured with bloody cuts.
  • Episode 2: Near the beginning we see the same clip of the man thrown and his bloody cuts. We see the blood on his helmet throughout the episode.
  • A woman is eaten entirely by the alien. We see her in terror.
  • There is a long battle between the machines and the alien; including knives, rockets, and gunfire.
  • A man is punched by a woman, his body flies to the ground as blood splatters along the wall. We see him hung upside down by his belt as blood flows down from his nose along his face.
  • During a dream sequence shot in black & white, we see the woman who was eaten by the alien who appears like a combination of how she looked like before and how the alien appeared. Pools of liquid surrounds the body, which can be assumed to be blood. A giant foot squashes her body as the liquid splatters. A man appears as she is squished while the liquid splatters all over his body.
  • Episode 3: As part of a tournament, multiple people fight in machines.
  • A woman falls on a stick, we see the stick sticking out of the skin of her upper leg, some blood drizzle down. When we see from a distance a small pool of blood has formed around her.
  • Two men fist fight.
  • Four pilots go out in their machines to fight an alien, their is a lot of gunfighting. As one pilot gets captured in the alien's tentacles, another pilot saves the distressed pilot by cutting the testicles but in return gets hit with another set of tentacles and is assumed dead. As another pilot is about to be hit by tentacles, another pilot saves the pilot but gets hit with the tentacles. He spits up blood on the glass of his helmet before his machine explodes.
  • Episode 4: We see one of the injured pilots from the battle at the end of the last episode. The pilot is critically injured and has blood on the glass of the helmet. We then learn that all pilots are dead.
  • The main ship fires cannons at the alien.
  • During an attempt to avoid the alien, the ship tries to thrust the main ship diagonally which affects the gravity for the citizens inside the ship. Many of the crew are seen hurtled out of windows of high buildings and smash like bugs against the ground and other buildings, fairly bloody. We only see one section of the ship, we can assume hundreds of people died throughout the ship.
  • After the ship stops thrusting, we see the aftermath. Many people are covered in blood and appear injured. The insides of the building are also soaked with bloody handprints and blood splatter.
  • The alien and a pilot fight, the alien explodes.
  • Episode 7: The beginning deals with a fight with multiple alien's that were joined into one. The alien swings it's tail which explodes several people. The alien's tentacles kills several people. We see blood under one character's nose inside the cockpit. One character gets forced outside her ship, tentacles approach her until the screen goes black and we hear her blood gush.
  • Two men throw rocks at a character's head, we see blood on the side of his face.
  • Episode 8: Multiple alien's mimics dead people in a ship. Many people die, mostly off-screen. One of the alien's completely punches through one ship's cockpit in slow motion, killing the person inside.
  • A man fights multiple men with a sword. Many are knocked down but don't appear dead. The man is shot multiple times with arrows, blood is seen on impact. A character is thrown near another character as blood sprays on her face.
  • Episode 9: Near the beginning, we see a man in torture.
  • We see a montages of fight scenes with aliens, nothing extreme.
  • Episode 10: A quick fight with an alien, involving one pilot.
  • Episode 11: Most of the episode deals with an alien that attaches to an enormous meteor that chases after the main ship. Many pilots attack it and most are killed during the fight by explosion. Also from the alien that attached to a known dead pilot.
  • Episode 12: The fight continues where the previous episode left off.
  • The alien attached to a known dead pilot returns and fights a pilot. There is a lot of slow motion fighting and gunfire.
  • A character is seen with blood covering the glass of the helmet.


  • A few uses of damn and one use of son of a b*tch in the entire series.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Note: This series is not like others in the genre. This series all around is very disturbing and creepy. Certain parts are what you would see in a horror movie. 14-17+
  • When the main character finds out that one of his friends died he becomes very distraught by this. His horrified expression is shown for an extended period of time which adds to the eerie music playing in the background. This scene is very creepy.
  • At one point, an alien takes a form of a well known pilot that is known to be dead. She laughs whenever she takes someone. This is very creepy and disturbing.

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