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Unexpetcted Depth
Mttdolson-134-79172727 August 2014
At a glance, this show looks like your run of the mill wacky, raunchy adult cartoon comedy. And yes, it has plenty of that with the titular character's rude and obscene behavior, and a saturated slew of animal puns. There are wacky characters and absurd plots to be sure, but all of that eventually takes a backseat to the fact that Bojack Horseman is, at heart, a nuanced and overtly depressing show about pain and self-loathing.

This season really has more in common with Jody Hill's Eastbound and Down than it does any of the cartoons it's often being compared to, not just in the sense that it's a dark character study but also in the aspect that it's not episodic at all. Continuity plays a huge role in the show, and many of the episodes start exactly where the last one left off (evidence that the writers were catering to the "binging" crowd). A lot of the funniest jokes come from references to past episodes (such as the wonderful moment where Bojack assumes that on his last drinking binge he must have become obsessed with David Boreanaz for some reason.) As depressing and serious as the shows ultimate arc really is, the absurdist icing that comes from immersion in this world where anthropomorphic animals are taken for granted helps make this bitter pill an enjoyable meal. Great comedic performances from Amy Sedaris, Paul F. Tompkins, and Aaron Paul don't hurt either. But overall, Bojack Horseman is a thoughtful, witty feel-bad comedy in the best way.
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A Rare Experience
viperr10127 August 2014
I don't usually write reviews for shows, nor have I ever written about anything on IMDb before, but I felt as if I should after watching this show.

It's hard to put into words the way I felt about watching BoJack Horseman. Sure, it starts out as a comedy with seemingly no real plot. Sometimes it just seems stupid, yet still comes off as possibly a new, interesting yet also run-of-the-mill animated series, but it starts to develop into something more. Something that I think a lot of people may or may not fully see to the end of the first season because they decided the show wasn't for them. And that might still be true. But I can't help but feel some form of disappointment. Why? I don't really know. I guess I just foolishly want everyone to get something out of it.

I don't think anything, whether it's a book, a movie, a game, or even a show deserves a 10. But sometimes, for just a brief instant, you stop caring about how you want to quantify how much you like something and just want to express how much you enjoyed it. That to me is the only way I can really describe BoJack Horseman. I can't say it's good, or bad, or even average. It's just a show that wants to get its point across, whether it's original or not. And it does it in a way that's hard to look at critically.

And at the risk of sounding like I'm contradicting everything I've already tried to say, I almost don't want the show to have a new season. Not because I hate it or think it's "too good" to continue on, but because it already feels complete. I obviously don't feel bad that the series has already been renewed for a second season. And even if it happened to only be a two season series, I'd still be thrilled. It's just that in some way, I hope it doesn't change.

So even though most likely no one will be reading this review (which is actually more like a reflection of how I felt about the show rather than a genuine examination), I at least hope that more people will try watching it and get some enjoyment out of it. Even if it's only for one episode. Who knows? I might even look back at it and wonder what I was thinking, or why I wrote a frankly pointless review about it.

But that's alright. Because in the moment, it was something memorable.
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A Surprisingly Entertaining Series
Suicide_Saint23 August 2014
Like the incessant influx of superhero films currently pervading Hollywood, "adult" animation has become a genre that borders upon an overstayed welcome. As a result, my personal expectations for the Netflix original series "BoJack Horseman" were not particularly high, but I do like to keep an open mind. Much to my delight, the series provides humor, drama, well-written and connected story lines as well as solid character development. BoJack is simultaneously a disdainful but overall likable character performed wonderfully by Will Arnett. He is joined by a fabulous cast of characters / voice actors that instantly bring this show to the level of other modern animated successes such as Bob's Burgers. In fact, I could absolutely have pictured H. Jon Benjamin as BoJack, but he already seems to lend his voice talents to so many different areas. The series also provides a fairly original artistic presentation as the characters almost resemble a painted portrayal at times. The show is not only humorous, but also covers subjects such as unrequited love, self-loathing, substance abuse, betrayal, and other more serious concerns that really serve to draw the viewer into the series. Overall, "BoJack Horseman" is an incredibly impressive entry into the burgeoning repertoire of successful Netflix original programming and I hope to see this series continue for years to come.
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An animated show that feels more real than most live-action series.
english-bill-34-91003731 August 2014
Netflix, in their continuing mission to provide premium content to their subscribers, has another hit on their hands with BoJack Horseman. I had some reservations before watching the first episode, because there hasn't been a great new animated series in several years now. But with such a great cast on board, I figured it was worth a try. So glad I did, because it ended up being the best original comedy I have seen in a while, animated or otherwise.

It does not take long at all to get wrapped up in the story of BoJack, a has-been actor known for his role as a single dad in a popular early '90s sitcom. Having not acted in the 18 years since the show was canceled, he agrees to pen a memoir in an effort to relaunch his career. When confronted with the reality of how he is perceived by others, BoJack becomes desperate for acceptance and redemption from both the public and his inner circle.

For the most part, people from normal walks of life are portrayed as humans, while the elite class like actors and their agents are portrayed as animals. It's a surprisingly effective method to humanize these characters to whom the common person does not easily relate. Will Arnett, Kristen Schaaf, Aaron Paul, and Amy Sedaris all give their characters a 3-dimensional quality that is difficult to achieve in a 2D platform like animation. It helps that it is wonderfully drawn, with many subtleties that reinforce each character's persona.

Instead of a loosely assembled pile of anecdotal stories with characters that are just given a reason to exist, all the events during each episode contribute to the progress of the plot over the course of the first season. With episodes picking up exactly where the last one left off, the show feels more like a 3-act mini series than a TV show. That said, there are plenty of crass jokes and innuendo that will satisfy viewers who are not vested in the overall story.

I am delighted that the series has been picked up for a second season and to see in what direction the story of BoJack and his inner circle takes us.
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Weak Pilot, But Stick Around...
wsheit25 August 2014
I want more.

See, the pilot is incredibly mediocre and, as others have pointed out, leverages the joke format of other tried and true animated shows. But this is business as usual, really. Animated pilots are typically sub- par. I LOVE Bob's Burgers, but man, that show's pilot was a mess.

What's important is that Bojack does find itself as the season progresses, and there's something really new and interesting here. I think the writers started out thinking they were writing a comedy with dramatic elements. Somewhere along the way, they realized it was the reverse. The majority of the scripts are dedicated to pursuing the internal foibles of the characters, and if a joke wanders in at the edge of the screen, all the better for a bit of levity amidst the existential darkness.

And then there's the Netflix money. Now, sequestering a bunch of celebrities in one place does not guarantee success (something I wish Stallone would figure out). However, there's a pretty rich voice cast here, and once the show hits its stride, Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul, Paul F. Tompkins, Kristen Schaal, and others give the material it's due. Arnett, in particular, as Bojack manages to take on equine form and make me forget Arrested Development's Gob almost entirely; no mean feat.

By the end of season 1, the five principal characters are pretty well- drawn and acted- fully fleshed beings. What's more, the world finally lives up to the glorious surrealism of the opening sequence, throwing some very human failings in stark relief with a world bizarrely populated by anthropomorphic animals. Give Bojack some space, and you'll find one of the freshest shows of the year. Here's hoping for season 2, because I'm fairly certain the best of Bojack is yet to come.
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A really good show
rockykay26 August 2014
The thing with BoJack Horseman is that it takes a couple of episodes to find its stride and those first couple of episodes have caused many a person to stop watching. It's a shame, because it ends up being really great, with moments that are poignant and sad and really sort of grab you in a way you don't expect.

Every actor is terrific, the animation is good, it's just an all around great show. It's not quite quite Archer, but then what is, you know? I loved this and ended up watching the entire series in one sitting which is a shame because I have nothing to look forward to until / if they go for a second season.
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The Real Real
nagybalint-8398022 July 2017
Listen here, I am going to be the most straight up and ask myself these questions, and try to answer them: What is Bojack Horseman?

What does it mean?

What does it try to reflect?

Why does it feel so real?

I'll tell you in one word: because it is REAL. As real can get..

It's every miserable dark corner of everyone's life that all of us is just too upset or tiny to talk about. It is the real real, showing every ugly and every petty, showing that we are just a piece of dust in this universe which is billions of years older than us, that we are meaningless and mostly little nothings, but we all want to be worth something...

It is made as an animated 'cartoon' in which animals are like people, dumb jokes top even dumber jokes and it is goofy, but just to get the inner child out of you to keep you hooked, but if you are left believing that its just a goofy dumb show, then it is not for you and please leave it is life, human nature, a never ending art. And for you others, brothers, we are all Bojack Horseman's and you just need to let it go..try not to think about it. Live your life, be happy with stupid stuff, maybe find the love of your life.. just stay happy and loyal to the most importants. I love you:) And for the creators and masterminds behind the show, thank you so so much, you have my full attention, you answered a lot of questions that I could never find the answers for.. just thank you:)
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One of the best adult animated shows I've ever seen.
andyrew67014 October 2016
While the first season wasn't fully developed in it's characters and situations, I still enjoyed it very much, and had developed a bit of an emotional attachment during the last 3-4 episodes. But nothing could have ever prepared me for seasons 2 and 3, which offered some of the most poignant insights into celebrity culture and the nature of depression for a multitude of characters, which had by the time become grounded in their own right, I have EVER witnessed.

I can't even put my thoughts into words for this review because I love this show so much, which is very surprising, I try to stay as formal as possible. I won't spoil anything, but there was a few different episodes in the past 2 seasons that made me cry, scream, hate, love, everything. This is really one of the few animated shows I can think of that brings on pure, unaltered moments of absolute emotion from the deep dark places of my soul. I connected in ways I never would have thought possible to Bojack, as well as a few other characters in the show. This is a must watch for anybody and everybody, you just have to get past the first half of the first season to truly start to love it.

Oh, and the show is also outstandingly funny. Worthwhile as a comedy alone.
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BoJack Horseman: Fantastic
urgentneptune24 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Bojack Horseman

Lately, the streaming service Netflix has been putting out some popular original television shows. Netflix's latest original series is BoJack Horseman, a comedic adult cartoon chronicling the life of a horse-man of the same name. Unlike many other adult cartoons, BoJack Horseman has a very complex and clever plot that spans across an entire season.


The main character of the series is a horse-man named, well, Bojack Horseman. Obviously. Bojack is a washed up actor who starred in a popular 90's sitcom called "Horsin' Around." The show takes place in Hollywood twenty years after Horsin' Around's cancellation, when Bojack is both depressed and an alcoholic. The first season is about BoJack trying to publish a memoir.

Bojack is not the only animal-man in the show. In fact, the series contains a fair amount of bestiality. There are many human and animal couples in the show. However, Bojack Horseman uses the cross species relationships in interestingly funny ways. Actually, that's how I would describe the entire show: interestingly funny.

BoJack Horseman isn't a show for stupid people. That is to say, many of the best jokes are nonchalantly delivered and can be hard to pick up on. Don't get me wrong, there are a fair share of blatantly stupid "jokes" is the show, just like in any adult cartoon. Still, I found myself constantly rewinding to make sure I picked up on every joke.

There are a couple of plot devices that I think BoJack Horseman uses very well, such as:

The show makes references to real life actors, people, businesses, and cities. Everything that exists in our world exists in their world. Except for the movie Secretariat. All the directors from real life have been turned into animals. Ex: Quentin Tarantualtino. Instead of each episode being its own individual story, every event carries over into future episode, even some incredibly minor details are included in later episodes. Thus, the show is filled with many "running jokes." Sometimes items in the background will randomly change.

There are lots of other things that make BoJack Horseman's plot so great, but all you need to know is that the show's story has some of the most depth that I've ever seen in an adult cartoon.

Voice Acting

Although I am not a voice artist expert, I think that every actor connects well with their character. Most voices reflect on the animal's personality. Overall, the voices are good and each voice fits their respective character perfectly.

Art Style

The art style of this cartoon is very similar to Bob's Burgers. Most of the time it doesn't look very pretty, but I think the style is the most effective one for the show's tone and theme.

Award Time!

Best Overall Character: BoJack Horseman

Best Side Character: Tod


BoJack Horsman has something for everyone, whether you're looking for cheap laughs or a funny show that makes you think. Netflix has once again created an award winning series. I give BoJack Horseman a 9/10. I look forward to season two.
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Great Series
emilfake22 August 2014
I've been a little bored with Netflix recently as there were few shows left to watch. Yesterday i noticed this on the homepage of Netflix, i clicked on it and i was instantly hooked! This series is very well animated, the voice acting is fantastic even though they do use some of the same actors twice. It's got a lot of good plots and good jokes and it's very enjoyable. If you enjoy shows like Family guy, Rick and Morty or Regular show i guarantee you'll like this. This is as icing on the cake a Netflix exclusive, so for once an animated show will only be available at Netflix, IT WAS ABOUT TIME, i really hope Netflix will continue this series and everyone with the time on their hands should really watch the hole series in a mind-blowing hilarious marathon like i did.
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This show! Is! Too much! Man!
annabaloo14 April 2018
Seriously though. Best show currently on television. At first, I thought it was another cartoon for adults only with poor drawings. But it's not. It's different. For one, the jokes are funnier and the sads are sadder. The first season starts out more of a plain funny show, but beware this show will break your heart if you stick with it. It is also a really clever show - I'm sure that I'm not smart enough to catch all the references but sometimes I get the jokes and that feels good. Also, this show may be one of the depictions of depression on TV and movies ever.
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Excellent sadcom. Turned out better than i expected
pcgamer-5556220 August 2017
When i first saw this show in the recommended list i tough it was just gonna be a regular comedy, but oh boy i was wrong. This show perfectly combines comedy and drama each of both elements standing out in certain episodes. As the show went on, Bojack the protagonist of this show started to grow on me, i started understanding what was going on trough his head that made him do the things he did in life, i started understanding his struggles, he is not just a meaningless cartoon character, it almost feels like he has a soul just like any real person person. The voice acting is terrific, no complaints there.

This is the only review i ever made for any show/movie in my entire life, i'm not good at writing this kinda stuff but i did it just for the sake of this show. It's goddamn brilliant. I wonder how could someone leave this show a 1 star review, i mean you might not like it that much personally but 1 star? wow..
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When BoJack Horseman Does Its Own Thing, BoJack Horseman Does it Well.
aimee-owens-88-94673023 August 2014
The opening of the show is a succinct depiction of the general feeling expressed in every episode. I have frankly been tiring of the increasing" anti hero" complex penetrating the mainstream surface. I am sick of being tricked into feeling sorry for asshole characters who create their own problems, probably because I, too, am an asshole, but I enjoyed this show. The contrast of the anti-hero in the character of BoJack to the every-hero in the character of Mr. Peanutbutter was interesting enough to keep me watching, and didn't leave me irritated.

I had initial doubts, because in the first few episodes, the humor seemed a bit contrived and the jokes are presumably directed at the Family Guy demographic, in the form of long, awkward moments of characters holding a word for extended periods of time, outlandish cutscenes, exaggerated newscaster asides, and rips on Dane Cook. I should probably add that I am not particularly a fan of Family Guy. There were other jokes/story lines that seemed a bit borrowed from other comedy television hits(Louie, Arrested Development). However, when the show finds its stride, about halfway through the season, and emulates other popular TV shows less, is when I really enjoyed it -enough to binge watch it until its end, enough to recommend it to friends, and enough to leave it a good review and rating here.

The jokes become smarter as the season progresses. If you're looking for an uproarious and constant, laugh- out-loud comedy, this is not it. The humor can be subtle at times, chuckle and smirk worthy, with short bursts of humorous rants regarding real issues in the media, the entertainment business,and the human psyche. The Buzzfeed jokes were brilliant, there were great backdrop jokes that I had fun spotting (Mr. Penguin's mug reading, "World's Third Greatest Dad", for example), some unique and well-placed physical comedy courtesy of the animal characters, and a few decent puns.

The animation and voice acting are both excellent. The characters have depth and are likable, and they seem to grow as the season progresses. The only static character is Mr. Peanutbutter, which is intentional.

There's SOME confrontation between the characters, but in a humorous way, and there's not so much that it seems like the writers are intentionally pandering to a human sense of drama- voyeurism to get views without offering much else. (Girls, Orange is the New Black)

Overall, when the show concerns itself less with what people will like, and gets to the meat of all the unique intellect, comedy, and heart it as to offer, it's very special.

8 out of 10.

P.S. When the credits roll and the closing song is swapped out with another song, it really irritate me and I feel like it kind of takes away some of the feeling you're left with at the end of the episode, especially with the season finale closing with that irrelevant dance bullshit. It reminded of Girls, and God I hate Girls.

Sorry if this review seemed bitter, with too many references to the other series. The reviewer is on summer break, and has had ample time to waste. Did you know that how depressed you are is inversely proportional to how many cheese sticks you eat, and how many episodes of Golden Girls you watch? BoJack probably does. And this is why the reviewer loves BoJack.

Can't wait for the second season.
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Every episode is a truck load of emotions and you will require Therapy
paranoidprateek18 September 2016
Okay, I know there are not much Bojack fans around here. I even tried recommending this show to a lot of my close friends. But they couldn't make it past few episodes. Well the answer to that is, even the actors mentioned during various interviews, that you gotta binge watch this show. I binged it like crazy and I was left with nothing but emotional hollowness all around me. Every ending of an episode led me to contemplate about life. And then there were episodes which made me go all teary eyed. All the people who loved this show is because deep down all of us are Bojack Horseman.. Someone please give this show a Golden GLobe!!
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wonderful slapstick, grounded humor
kar-n26 August 2014
I started watching this show with very low expectations, about ten minutes in I was hooked. Will Arnett is hilarious as usual. It reminds me of "Daria" and "ugly Americans", it is grounded and dark but funny nonetheless, I found myself watching the whole season in one day. If you enjoy Seth MacFarlane or south park type shows and expect something similar then this show will completely disappoint you, think more of arrested development meets ugly Americans, it's a grown up show, the writing is smart and may be boring to the simple-minded. But at least in my opinion it is excellent and refreshing, and I hope to see it go on for years.
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An absolutely fantastic show about guilt, depression, fame, addiction and existentialism.
DankThomas22 September 2016
Where do I even begin with this show. Is it as good as everyone else is saying? Yes, yes, yes and yes. As a big fan of animation this show caught my eye my eye but I never got around to watching it because it looked like a generic animated sitcom. Since then I've loved many adult cartoons like Futurama, Rick and Morty, South Park, The Simpsons. But after I heard all the praise BoJack has been getting I decided to check y out. And I couldn't stop watching it. What begins a a typical satirical cartoon sitcom quickly becomes a dark, depressing and raw look at the celebrity business. But it's also a character study about a depressed washed up TV actor who hasn't regained his fame since the sitcom he starred in ended a long time ago. He is a complete asshole. He's the most unrelatable character you can imagine. At least, that's what you think at first. As the show progresses his character is given a lot of depth and relatability. And it hurts. You realize how broken every character is and how broken you might be as well. It's not a pleasant watch, but man is it excellently written. This is easily the best show on Netflix and if you haven't watched it yet do it as soon as possible. 10 /10 (if not a 9/10)
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Free Churro
Donatien317 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Five seasons in, "BoJack Horseman" continues to be one of the most complex, thought-provoking and funny animated shows.

Season five revolves around BoJack's (Will Arnett) new crime show "Philbert", and blossoming relationship with co-star Gina ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" Stephanie Beatriz). Meanwhile, Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) juggles a busy producing career and the prospect of becoming a new mother, there's the fallout from Diane (Alison Brie) and Mr. Peanutbutter's divorce, and Todd (the always amazing Aaron Paul) somehow becomes CEO of a big corporation - before being superseded by his home-made sex robot Henry Fondle (whose pre-programmed phrases providing the answers that his employees want). In an often heavy show, Todd's levity and crazy hijinks provide vital balance as well as the clever sight gags that's become a tradition.

The highlight of season five is 'Free Churro'; it's a 25-minute monologue by BoJack at his mother's funeral. In these 25 minutes, BoJack's complex relationship with his mother unravels, from her finals to words to him and the random act of kindness to BoJack from a fast food employee. Watching one person talk for 25 minutes flies against the short attention span of most viewers, but it works and Arnett should get some sort of award for it. While season five continues to expose BoJack's many flaws (and constant self-loathing), it ends on an optimistic note, thanks to some help from Diane.

A must-watch for BoJack fans.
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Netflix has made a cartoon for the ages!
BoJack Horseman is what modern Family Guy wishes it could be and then some; it's a black-comedy-drama show that looks into the life of a washed up television actor who's struggling to find happiness in his life and ultimately remains unsuccessful in achieving that. Who'd have thought a cartoon about an anthropomorphic horse would end up being one of the deepest things currently on television? I'm genuinely surprised by what this show had to offer for me the first time I watched it. The first season's initial half is a little slow, but from then on BoJack transcends into a wacky comedy-drama that is one of the bravest shows to confront the issues of depression, anxiety, loneliness and nostalgia.

I love this show. I can hardly fault it for anything besides the initially-slow premiere episodes, which I still reckon are great entertainment in and of themselves. This is a show that rewards your patience and loyalty to it ten-fold.

Netflix's animation achievement gets 5/5 stars.
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silly, funny, but profoundly deep
matt_obrien-122-7654532 October 2014
On the outside, this show appears to be your typical silly cartoon based on the satire of modern Hollywood, but as you dive deeper, this seemingly hollow show is filled with deep themes based on our basic needs and wants as humans. Through the quick one liners, puns, and thought out jokes, this is a show about the choices we make in life. Shorterm goals vs longterm goals? Is it better to live life dumb and ignorant or aware and sad? The endless themes including family, true love, the definition of real happiness, are all hidden behind what seems to be just an alcoholic washed up celebrity. The show itself is a metaphor that nothing, and nobody, is what they appear to be at first glance. And finally, it poses a question to the audience: is it ever too late to change the path u have chosen to live?
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#211 in Top Rated TV shows on this site but is much better than that.
fanofmoststuff4 April 2018
If you can get past the first three episodes will be witnessing a hell of a show. As they say with mental issues, "It gets better". And it sure does. This show is funny and emotional. They make you feel bad for characters out of your species, gender, and age range. Watching this made me relatable to characters I'd never expect to relate since they're so grounded. It's a bit over the top at times but it IS an animated show. Watch it and you'll get amazing fleshed out characters and stories that will make you think about life and your choices.
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The Most Realistic TV Show Around
frazzlegindahouse18 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It seems funny to be describing a cartoon show where the main character is a horse and in a world where humans and a variety of animals interact as a show that is the most representative of modern society. However, Bojack Horseman provides a glamour free realistic representation that you don't witness in most TV shows.

Whilst the show may get off to a shaky start, it really gets up and running halfway through the first season and by Season 2 and Season 3 the show is in its element. Perhaps it is the fact that nothing seems to go right for Bojack or how every relationship ends up in flames that makes the show seem so right.

For example most shows would provide consistently unrealistic 'happy endings' but contrasting and more depressing endings are consistently portrayed in the show. This is clearly highlighted in the episode Old Acquaintance where Princess Carolyn completely messes everything up whilst Gekko and Rabitowitz have all their dreams come true because "we're the good guys" or in the episode It's You where Bojack doesn't actually get an Oscar nomination. It seemed all too corny when Bojack received his nomination and most shows would have just left it there but I love the boldness of the creators to suddenly make Bojack's world come crashing down. The epic bender that results highlights Bojack's depressive state and his role in dragging down those around him e.g. Sarah Lynn.

Bojack's epiphany at the end of the final episode of Season 3 hints that perhaps he has finally realised that there is more to life than fame and awards - perhaps we will see him make a concerted effort to change.

We need more shows like Bojack Horseman that provide us with the comfort that we aren't the only ones who seem to screw up and struggle to keep the world around us from falling apart! Perhaps it is the fact that Bojack offers us this unique perspective that makes it one of the best shows around.
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Very underrated
tmfc-6513227 June 2017
Bojack Horseman is not another family guy or Simpsons because it actually tells a story that feels real. This is a funny and wacky cartoon but is actually has emotion unlike family guy. In family guy you get the same repetitive episodes pumped out with less emotion as the show goes on. Bojack Horseman manages to be really entertaining and funny but also makes you feel for the characters in the show. All the voice acting and animation is really well done and the writing is very clever at times. This is mostly because it finds a way to make fun of modern society and Bojack is the one who points it out to the audience most of the time.

This is one of the best cartoon comedies I've seen and I would highly recommend you watch it.
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Very entertaining and funny if you give it a chance.
joefrettsome28 August 2014
When I initially read the summary of what the series was I was excited because of my love for 90's style cartoons and I thought that it was a strange enough concept that might just work.

When I started watching it I thought it was a tad slow but I guess they have to establish which character is which and give a little personality of each character so I'll forgive it for that but when the series got going I couldn't stop laughing. It uses the typical comedy formula that is used in a lot of comedies now which is escalation. Things keep on escalating till they are ridiculous and that teamed with Bojack's ability to say the wrong thing is a winning combo in my book.

Although it does have many laughs through the series it still has serious moments and some sad moments too which I thought gave Bojack more depth as a character. The character manages to not be at all like the viewer but also very relatable to the same time in the observations he makes about life.

Overall I thought that the series is defiantly worth watching, especially for fans of comedies such as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Very good stuff and glad its been renewed for a second series.
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The Best Netflix has to offer
remyrc3 October 2016
I have never been rewarded more for sticking through the early episodes of a show than I have with BoJack.

Sometimes it seems premature to call something the best there is if it hasn't been around long enough but after 3 stellar seasons of the Netflix original BoJack Horseman, I can confidently say its not only the best show on Netflix, but arguably the best on TV right now.

There are a lot of great shows out there, and to each their own, but I find it hard to believe there is a show that blends humor, heavy topics, controversial topics, tragedy and depression as well as BoJack does.

If you are one of the many people that were put off by the first few episodes or your friends said they "couldn't get into it" after the first few episodes, I strongly encourage you to give it a second go.

Without going into too much detail or spoilers, the tone of the show changes drastically towards the later half of season one, and it is in season two and three that the show truly comes into its own.

I have never written a review on IMDb, but I could not resist doing so for this show. Despite how terrible a person BoJack is, I find myself empathizing and in a way rooting for him. From a first glance, you would laugh yourself silly if someone told you the most relatable character on TV was a talking horse played by Will Arnett, yet he is.

You will laugh from start to ending, you will cry and maybe even become a little depressed, question your own morals but throughout all this, you will fall in love with this show.
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Bojack Popularity Plummetting???
aliamichelle11 October 2016
Um, hello, people, this is the most brilliant show available right now in any medium. Are you that blind??? Do you seriously NOT get the JOKE????

OK. I'll calm down. I'm getting excited. Bojack is the next generation of storytellling. Its managed to expose every hypocrisy and deception practiced in the Fed up hollywoo industry world. And in the news media world. And in relationships. And keeps peeling down into that infinite onion, extracting tears as it peels and peels and peels away the layers of lies we live in.

I live for this show. Every season is better than the one before it. This show is art.
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