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Josh Brolin: Matt Graver



  • Matt : Medellin refers to a time when one group controlled every aspect of the drug trade, providing a measure of order that we could control. And until somebody finds a way to convince 20% of the population to stop snorting and smoking that shit, order's the best we can hope for. And what you saw up there, was Alejandro working toward returning that order.

    Kate Macer : Alejandro works for the fucking Colombian Cartel.

    Matt : He works for the competition. Alejandro works for anyone who will point him toward the people who made him. Us. Them. Anyone who will turn him loose. So, he can get the person that cut off his wife's head, and threw his daughter into a vat of acid. Yeah. That's what we're dealing with.

  • Kate Macer : [after an illegal gun battle]  What am I doing here?

    Matt : What you're doing here is you're giving us the opportunity to shake the tree and create chaos. That's what this is! In the meantime, just sponge everything up you see. Learn! That's why you're here.

  • Kate Macer : You used me as bait.

    Matt : Nah, you used yourself as bait.

  • Kate Macer : Are we going to Tucson?

    Matt : Yeah, you gotta learn how to sleep on a plane. They let me on the base when you need a ride, don't they?

    Reggie Wayne : [to Kate as they approach]  You okay?

    Matt : She's fine.

    Reggie Wayne : I didn't ask you.

    Matt : And yet I answered...

  • Matt : [after interrogating Ted]  You know what the beauty is of you being so beat to a pulp? 'Cause no one's gonna notice a few more scratches.

  • Kate Macer : What's our objective?

    Matt : [smiles]  To dramatically overreact.

  • Matt : You saw things you shouldn't have seen.

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