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MPAA Rated PG-13 for terror/violence, disturbing images, thematic elements, language including racial epithets, and brief sexual references.

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl is seen in a bra
  • A man says "I haven't even had sex yet!" This is the only noticeable sexual reference in the film.
  • A teen boy own's a pen that has a woman in lingerie on it. He shows & tells his friends that she (the pen) loves him. His friend replies saying that she's only in love with his hand, referring to masturbation.
  • A boy looks in the window of his friends older sisters window, the brother calls him a pervert.
  • In a scene characters mistakenly open the door to the wrong restroom and there are 2 girls kissing
  • The movie lines go by so fast that even I didn't hear or see any of these things happen except for one of them, and they easily go over your head.

Violence & Gore

  • A teen is stabbed with a rake, and then begins to gag and vomit hay. This is shown up close, and onscreen. A man's neck is broken quickly onscreen. A dismembered body continuously crawls around forming a body. Intestines and organs are shown. A girl draws blood from her finger. A teen influenced on drugs punches his friend and girlfriend.
  • Spiders crawl out of a girl's exploding pimple. Very hard to watch
  • We hear a very disturbing audio tape of a brother torturing his sister. We hear her being electrocuted as well as screaming. It takes a very long time to kill her, and this is a creepy sequence.
  • Not violent or gory but we briefly see a kid fishing feces out of a toilet at the beginning of the film. We see the actual feces briefly from a rear angle shot and it is later set on fire and thrown at a bully.


  • One clear use of fuck (Fuck you, you little brat!) And another mouthed use of "Fuck" 31 uses of sh*t, 9 uses of h*ll, 2 uses of b*tch and other milder language.
  • Several uses of the racial slur "wetback" to describe a Hispanic character, including a scene where he discovers his car vandalized with the slur spray-painted on the hood and trunk.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A teen boy is drunk or on drugs almost every time he's on screen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Creepy, Unsettling feeling to the movie
  • The monsters in this movie are very frightening and can definitely shock and terrify young children.
  • There are many effective jump scares. A few of them tend to drag out over time, making it scarier.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A teen boy eats a bloody soup that has a big toe & lots of other body parts in it as well, very gross & hard to watch because he has no idea what he's actually eating until later. He then spits & throws it up on the floor & knocks the soup over, spilling lots of blood & small body parts all over the floor.
  • Chuck gets eaten alive. (No blood, you just see the monster grab him into a hug as he screams for help, then the screams stop as his head gets devoured. This scene is not gory, but very intense & hard to watch.
  • A man is killed by having his neck is broken by a monster. Very quick and not bloody.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Auggie eats a bloody soup that has body parts in it. The owner of the body parts (who is extremely scary) then comes after him, grabs him by the feet & drags him under the bed into darkness as he screams for help, but he's home alone. We don't see him for the rest of the movie, he is presumed dead.
  • Chuck is stuck in a hospital with many halls, a huge fat pale monster with long black hair, slit black eyes, & a huge thin plastered smile on her face stands at the end of each hallway, slowly walking towards him in every direction. He tries to run & find help, but the hospital is on lockdown. They all eventually close in on him & one of them stuffs him into her stomach, eating him whole as he screams for help. This is a hard scene to watch because we get to know & like the character. He is presumed dead & doesn't come back at the end of the movie. This was probably one of the scariest scenes in the movie.
  • The end can be depressing for some viewers
  • There is a creepy monster that is all in pieces that come together and fall apart at will. It will definately scare children.

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