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MPAA Rated PG-13 for terror/violence, disturbing images, thematic elements, language including racial epithets, and brief sexual references.

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl is seen in a bra
  • A man says "I haven't even had sex yet!" This is the only noticeable sexual reference in the film.
  • A teen boy own's a pen that has a woman in lingerie on it. He shows & tells his friends that she (the pen) loves him. His friend replies saying that she's only in love with his hand, referring to masturbation.
  • A boy looks in the window of his friend's older sister's window. The brother calls him a pervert.
  • In a scene characters mistakenly open the door to the wrong restroom and there are 2 girls kissing

Violence & Gore

  • A teen is stabbed with a rake, and then begins to gag and vomit hay. This is shown up close, and onscreen. A man's neck is broken quickly onscreen. A dismembered body continuously crawls around forming a body. Intestines and organs are shown. A girl draws blood from her finger. A teen influenced on drugs punches his friend and girlfriend.
  • Spiders crawl out of a girl's exploding pimple. Very hard to watch
  • We hear a very disturbing audio tape of a brother torturing his sister. We hear her being electrocuted as well as screaming. It takes a very long time to kill her, and this is a creepy sequence.
  • The group of main characters throw a bag of flaming feces into the car of a bully who then crashes.
  • A girl is dragged by her hair as she screams in pain
  • A monster combines itself from body parts, the head opening its jaw and squirming to its body may be unintentionally funny to an adult (along with some other scenes with said character), but it's broken and twisted walk and contortions would be nothing but extremely disturbing to a child.
  • This feature is not very gory, more just the atmosphere and body horror.


  • One clearly mouthed use of "Fuck", 31 uses of sh*t, 9 uses of h*ll, 2 uses of b*tch and other milder language.
  • Several uses of the racial slur "wetback" to describe a Hispanic character, including a scene where he discovers his car vandalized with the slur spray-painted on the hood and trunk.
  • 1 maybe Godd**n it sounds like it but the door is shut on the person and you can hear him from the door

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A teen boy is drunk or on drugs almost every time he's on screen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Creepy, Unsettling feeling to the movie
  • The monsters in this movie are very frightening and can definitely shock and terrify young children.
  • There are many effective jump scares. A few of them tend to drag out over time, making it scarier.
  • This movie will disturb almost any adult who views it, so if you are not aware of your child they will be traumatized. 12 is an okay age if they have been exposed to some thrillers/horror.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A teen boy eats a bloody soup that has a big toe & lots of other body parts in it as well, very gross & hard to watch because he has no idea what he's actually eating until later. He then spits & throws it up on the floor & knocks the soup over, spilling lots of blood & small body parts all over the floor.
  • Chuck gets eaten alive. (No blood, you just see the monster grab him into a hug as he screams for help, then the screams stop as his head gets devoured. This scene is not gory, but very intense.
  • A man is killed by having his neck is broken by a monster. Very quick and not bloody.
  • Tommy gets stabbed with a rake by Harold and he starts throwing up hay and he turn into a scarecrow very disturbing

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Auggie eats a bloody soup that has body parts in it. The owner of the body parts (who is extremely scary) then comes after him, grabs him by the feet & drags him under the bed into darkness as he screams for help, but he's home alone. We don't see him for the rest of the movie, he is presumed dead.
  • Chuck is stuck in a hospital with many halls, a huge fat pale monster with long black hair, slit black eyes, & a huge thin plastered smile on her face stands at the end of each hallway, slowly walking towards him in every direction. He tries to run & find help, but the hospital is on lockdown. They all eventually close in on him & one of them stuffs him into her stomach, eating him whole as he screams for help. This is a hard scene to watch because we get to know & like the character. He is presumed dead & doesn't come back at the end of the movie. This was probably one of the scariest scenes in the movie.
  • The end can be depressing for some viewers
  • There is a creepy monster that is all in pieces that come together and fall apart at will. It will definately scare children.
  • A teen is chased (Very suspenseful) through a cornfield until being stabbed by a scarecrow, some veiwers may notice that instead of blood hay is sticking out of the wounds. This leads to an intense sequence were he is screaming and gagging as hay grows from his mouth and orifices, as he attempts to stumble home, possibly the most unsettling sequence do to its violating nature.

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