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Apocalyptically bad
realmuthaf20 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I personally thought Days of the Future Past to be the best of the series. And as it turns out, Apocalypse is the worst one to date.

The only bright spot in all the awfulness is Quicksilver, whose slo-mo scene is at least as good as in the previous movie, if not better. Other than that, everything else goes from mediocre to outright terrible.

The main villain's motivation is bland and stupid. (Yeah, he just wants to kill everyone and rule the world.) The way he "persuades" other mutants to join him is absolutely unbelievable - he basically just offers to increase a mutant's power and in return demands help to kill billions of people. Sounds like a fair deal. What's offputting is that the extent to which he augments his followers' powers is not constant. Like, Magneto gains the power to control pretty much all the metal on the planet at once, while Psylocke gains another special effect on her CGI laser beams or whatever it is that she emits. Apocalypse's abilities in general are largely undefined - at times he is shown pulling matter from objects around him to construct something, and then in the next shot he just makes solid objects like armor out of thin air. Another ridiculous thing was that they tried to make Isaac more intimidating by giving him thick soles so that he'd look taller, which is noticeable. What is more, his lines are cringe-worthy, but the problem is, so are everyone else's. Same boring cliché dialogues like "It's your home. We will help. Join us, Eric. I see good in you."

Yeah, forgiving Magneto like it's nothing after he helps to kill millions of people and destroy entire cities is included in the package. Also, he changes his mind about the whole "destroy the world" thing after Mystique tells him for the 100th time that he is her family and she still sees good in him.

Some of the characters' looks are still beyond ugly. I can actually see why they chose to try to keep the Beast and Mystique in their human forms more, except for saving the actors from the extensive make-up procedures. The thing is, these characters look absolutely god-damn atrocious and are painful to watch. I mean, Lawrence is annoying and redundant when she is on screen anyway, but when she is also blue, it just becomes vomit-inducing.

Recent 2016 comic-book blockbusters also did not enjoy good scripts, but at least they had high-quality gripping action scenes. This is not the case here, as fighting is mostly goofy and bland, and at times it is clearly visible by the actors' motions that they are being pulled by the strings. Or being drawn in cheap CGI.

This is actually sad. Singer's previous movie, DotFP, was outstanding. The recent Deadpool, who ostensibly shares the universe with the X-men, was awesome. And now we get a horrible, outrageously stupid and pretentious CG-overdosed mess. Let's hope the next one will be better.
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A Gripping but Flawed X-Men Movie
ssangams6 June 2016
X-Men: Apocalypse is the sequel to Days of Future Past and takes place about a decade later in the '80s. This movie entertained me from start to finish and I can't say I was ever bored. But there are a lot of things I was not satisfied with while watching. Starting off with the good, Magneto and Professor X continue to be the best parts of these movies. Michael Fassbender as Magneto is amazing and he has a really emotional scene towards the beginning which got me locked into the film. James McAvoy is also great as Xavier. The internal battles inside Xavier's head were riveting. I really liked the new cast of the younger X-Men, like Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops. Quicksilver has another awesome scene just like the previous movie. The action is handled very well for the most part. The first half of the movie is terrific, but the second half brings it down. Apocalypse as the villain was OK for me. Some scenes worked well and others didn't. I was always skeptical of Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse and I still don't think he was the best choice. He is just like Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor for me. Apocalypse is also a small mutant compared to the others for some reason and he's just another villain who is obsessed with destroying the world, and his motivations are thin. Jennifer Lawrence was a boring Mystique. She just seems uninspired throughout the run-time and becomes tedious since she uses the personality over and over again to play the character. Some mutants were completely wasted here with Psylocke and Angel. There's an entire sequence in a secret lab and it seemed there for only one reason: the cameo of a specific person. While it was fun to watch, it didn't do much of anything for the story in the long run. The entire thing could have been removed and the movie would have been the same. The final battle felt underwhelming with the whole global extinction. The problem is they don't show any civilians dying; it's just buildings coming apart, making it hard to care about the situation. Overall, X-Men: Apocalypse is a disappointing sequel to First Class and Days of Future Past. But it is not at all a bad movie. Magneto and Professor X are once again great, Apocalypse is a mixed bag, the pacing for the movie is all over the place, and the dull second half just brings the film down from the really good first half. X-Men: Apocalypse gets a B-.
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moral turpitude
realintheory11 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Wait a minute.. just wait a minute...

A bloke with superpowers does a lot of damage.. sees the light.. tries to be a good bloke in Poland.. tries to help someone.. gets found out.. wife and kid are efficiently skewered by a single arrow.. he gets all moody and turns into a bad bloke...

Then.. this bad bloke with boiling blood.. murders millions of people .. MILLIONS .. as he redesigns planet Earth by uprooting thousand of buildings and crushing MILLIONS of poor saps stuck between the basement and the penthouse.

Then he has a change of heart and becomes a good bloke again.. and the other good bloke says... 'See.. I knew you had a nice side'

Then he walks away with a fetching Irish grin.

The wailing of the MILLIONS of bereaved seem to go unheard.

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Screw Rotten Tomatoes this movie is as fantastic as it could get
livethefloyd10 May 2016
Okay, this is already the fourth superhero film we have gotten so far this year. The fact that it's this good blows my mind, it's the sixth entry in the main X-Men series, and it might be the third best after X2 and Days of Future Past. Oscar Isaac gives an outstanding performance as the mutant menace: Apocalypse, he was the highlight of the film right next to Fassbender's Magneto (who never fails to deliver). In a year with pathetic and disappointing superhero film villains so far, Apocalypse gives us the layered and threatening performance we want from our villains. Evan Peters returns as Quicksilver once more to give us an amazing scene that tops the one from Days of Future Past. The newcomers are fantastic and exciting and we will certainly see them again in the future. They also finally got Cyclops right! Forget about Rotten Tomatoes and go see this film opening weekend, you won't regret!
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I think the critics have been way too harsh in this case - It's actually rather good.
trevorwomble18 May 2016
As you can probably gather I thought this was another very good addition to the X-Men franchise. Whilst it doesn't hit the heady heights of Days of Future Past it still is a really good watch and I fail to see why it has had a mixed press.

Firstly I found it to have a perfectly serviceable story, with Apocalypse and his followers recruiting the very vulnerable and angry Magneto as part of his plan to destroy civilisation and rebuild it in his image. Fassbender turns in another solid performance and you really feel his pain and confusion for the Erik/Magneto character. I also thought all the supporting cast were absolutely fine in their roles, and to me Evan Peters as Quicksilver really stole the scenes he was in and makes a fine addition to the cast. The same also goes to Tye Sheridan as Scott/Cyclops, whose back story is filled in better and with more depth than it was in the Wolverine origins film.

I see the critics have been moaning about having too many characters in the film, yet I actually think it was handled better than it was in the Captain America: Civil War film. In Apocalypse the large cast do actually have something to do and contribute to the story, whereas the Captain America film felt like some were shoe horned in, which I felt made that film feel bloated and repetitive whereas this one at least get the storyline moving. I felt that Civil War felt way too long because of all the story padding yet Apocalypse, whilst also a long film, kept my interest to the end (and yes there is a post credits scene that I suspect is setting up Wolverine 3). I should also add that Apocalypse, despite it's bleak story, does have some moments of humour and wit that went down well with the audience.

I also felt the surprise appearance of Wolverine fitted in nicely with the back story that we already know, particularly the one told in X Men 2 and the Origins film, nicely closing that particular characters story arc and fitting in perfectly with the circumstances surrounding his appearance in the very first X-Men film of 16 years ago. If this is to be Wolverines final appearance with the X-men then they have given him a lovely send off.

I did find some minor flaws with the film though, particularly with the visual appearance of some of the characters and how their ages don't compute when the first X-men film of 2000 is taken into account. However, asides from that I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men Apocalypse and thought it was a solid & worthy addition to the other X-Men films. The films had spectacle, action, laughs and carried on with the journeys of the characters we have got to know and love over the past sixteen years.
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X-Men Apocalypse may not be the best X-Men movie made but it is still enjoyable if you're an X-Men fan!
daviddevilliers5410 June 2016
I loved all the X-Men movies, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I was so hyped when I heard they were creating an X-Men movie with Apocalypse in it. I have always loved superhero movies about the end of days. I will say specific parts that I loved and thought about this film and how I would recommend it.

How good is this movie? It may not top the previous X-Men movies but that doesn't mean the movie is terrible. It is all based on opinion. Don't be scared to see the movie all because critics are making this movie look bad, go see it for yourself for your own opinion. You decide whether the movie is good or not. In my opinion, it is actually good. Not great, but good.

Are the younger versions of the X-Men in this film? Yes. We have a younger version of Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler and Storm. We also have many amazing recurring members from the previous movies such as the young Professor X who was amazing, a slight older Magneto, Mystique who is also a little older and Beast who is still young as ever. And yes, Quicksilver returns and tops his amazing scene from X-Men: Days of Future's Past.

How is Apocalypse the character? Honestly, I feel that Apocalypse was a little weaker than his comic version. If he was CGI like Thanos from Guardians of the Galaxy, he would've looked more threatening and tyrannical. I could basically compare this Apocalypse to a wimp who cosplays as Apocalypse with really good make up. His role is almost similar to Ultron.

Is Wolverine in this? Yes! He may have a small cameo but it is a damn excellent cameo! When Wolverine enters the screen, the film basically transforms into an R-Rated action scene. Now that is who Wolverine is. It is also based on the real weapon x origin of Wolverine. He acts like a wild animal and slashes anyone who gets in his way and even this guy who begged Wolverine for mercy got his face ripped off!

How dark is this film? It is actually pretty dark. There is a lot of death and depressing moments you will feel. We also get more connected with Magneto and why he hates humanity so much. It almost felt as he was the main antagonist in this film. We see his past and his present and why he turned into a dark and yet powerful supervillain. Also, the way Apocalypse murders people is pretty brutal and frightening.

Would you recommend it? Of course! Like I said, it may not top the previous X-Men films but that doesn't mean it is terrible. If you love X-Men, as well as apocalyptic superhero movies, then this is the film for you. Go see it!
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This year's FANT4STIC
GomezAddams66622 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is astoundingly terrible. The first 45 minutes of the film feel like bad long exposition and yet nothing really happens, a mutant appears in some random scene and they are recruited by either Apocalypse or the X-Men. The writing is all over the place and we don't get to know the characters, they're simply put there.

Because Bryan Singer is in love wit Stryker of course we get to see the Weapon X program (again!) and of course, Wolverine because why not.

As for the characters: Magneto barely does anything in the whole movie, Apocalypse is a one note villain, Xavier phoned it in and Jennifer Lawrence was NOT Mystique at all, as expected she played Raven Everdeen.

Finally, the big battle comes and nothing really happened, the world is being destroyed and the governments sit quiet.


And the way they defeat Apocalypse is by combining all their powers, just like in FANTASTIC FOUR (2005) or even FANT4STIC (2015).

This movie has NO SOUL whatsoever, boring, badly acted, awful written, the worst movie of the year so far.
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X:Men Apocalypse---THE MADE FOR TV MOVIE
baqken27 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the Apocalypse storyline of the 90s animated series so I was pretty stoked about the idea of a movie centering around the Apocalypse character, it's a shame I have to live with it now.

The new cast can't seem to hold up a movie on their own, McAvoy is a huge miscast 3 movies later, Fassbender struggles to hold up the movie. It seems like their veteran counterparts did most of the work these past couple of films.

Apocalypse is terrible, I had reservations about him before, but you can tell they didn't know where to go with him or how to handle him so they kinda just piggybacked off of stargate. There's this strange pedo-like relationship he has with his younger horsemen.

The wolverine cameo was so forced and out of place you'd think this were a superhero spoof movie.

There's a random scene where the new gang of mutants goes to the movies and jean literally says "At least we can agree on one thing: the third movie is always the worst" and it cuts back to the movie. The scene literally has nothing to do with the rest of the story its just spliced in there for some reason.

Which begs me to question whether the cast knew how terrible it was and just did not care.
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Another "nothing" movie
daisukereds21 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Another X-Men movie.. and again, not much of anything happens. There is a plot, yes, but it is poorly written and lacks substance/soul/meaning. The attitude of "I don't care" is what I came out with after seeing this movie. Instead of having a soul, it feels like a bunch of things put together in order to make money. You see characters, but aside from Quicksilver, which felt shoved in, no one really has an attempt at an arc.


An hour into the movie, it SEEMS like something will happen. Two hours into the movie, they end the threat of Apocalypse. The end. Apocalypse wasted.

I have several other issues with this movie, 1) Nightcrawler's teleportation is stopped by electricity? 2) Apocalypse access the internet by touching a TV. Yes yes, it is not the internet, but it is such a concept. Anyway, Apocalypse learns all the languages this way and sees the atrocities of humanity. What kind of powers did he have? He came from the beginning of mankind, and then jumps to the "present" where he magically has a mutant power that lets him access "technology". Anyway, awful! Reading minds would have been better. 3) The Angel transformation scene is simply stupid.. rock music, alcohol, a cool pose.. Apocalypse's way of "convincing" others into joining him is as bad. He says "come with me" and that's it. What does he want? To kill all! Sure, I'll join. 4) Apocalypsis takes Magneto to his conncentration camp (which is intact after who knows how many years) and somehow knows about Magneto's past for some reason. Knows his name, knows how he feels. 5) X-Men insults the Star Wars trilogy, calling the third (Return of the Jedi) as the worst one. Why? 6) Oh yes, Magneto lost everything, again. For some reason, he hasn't learned his lesson, and continues to hang out with women and have children. Then they get killed and he blames everyone! 7) Stan Lee's cameo is.. nothing. Him looking at the sky as a civilian. 8) Somehow, aside from being somewhat telepathic, or so I understood, Apocalypsis can also teleport for some reason. But then he states he needs Xavier's powers! So, which is it? Do you have all powers or don't? If you can do most of what it is shown you can do, why do you need 4 horsemen, or other mutants? 9) Quicksilver's scene, while awesome, is super coincidental. No reason why he should have saved everyone from an exploding mansion. He isn't in super speed 100% of the time! Nor he knows the place is exploding! Yet he walks right to the center of the mansion and sees and rescues everyone. Ugh. 10) So, a "psychic event" destroyed all the world's nukes, and Colonel Stryker tracked the source to Xavier's mansion.... suuuuure. 11) Wolverine shows up and kills people, retconing his origin. He then runs in the snow. Fine. There is no real "Berserker Rage". Anyway, sucks and unnecessary. 12) Psylocke uses a whip to fight, instead of her psyonich blades. 13) Magneto goes all-out-destructive with little reason.. but wait, he becomes good with even less. 14) Mystique turns into Psylocke and for some reason she has a blade. It was a "twist", if you can call it that. This scene, where she attempted to kill Apocalypse is the closes the writer could come close to a surprise situation. 15) Apocalypse turns big, yes, in a mind sequence. Looks bad by the way. Apocalypse does little to no shifting actions. He remains as seen in the pictures. 16) Quicksilver DOESN'T tell Magneto he is his father. The reason? There isn't one.

They said Lawrence didn't do much in the movie, that it was the kids that did.. but ultimately, nobody really does anything. The fights are not even 2% of the movie, it's mostly talk (some bad lines, nothing mind bending). Mutants underused, which is the biggest let down. The movie is a lot of nothing! Oh, and the X-men have Sentinels now, for some reason.. Lots of stuff, lots of nothing. Not even a good waste of time.
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good with a couple of problems
SnoopyStyle5 June 2016
En Sabah Nur is Apocalypse, the first mutant who ruled ancient Egypt until he was entombed. It's the 80's. CIA agent Moira MacTaggert goes to Egypt and witnesses his emergence. He recruits his four horsemen Magneto, Storm, Psylocke, and Angel giving them greater power. Meanwhile, Raven recruits Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler from an East Berlin fight club. Alex Summers brings his younger brother Scott to Professor Charles Xavier's school. Quicksilver arrives at the school just in time to rescue almost everybody from an explosion but Professor X is kidnapped by Apocalypse.

I really like the first half. There are some good introduction of the new characters. It's working fine for the most part. It hits the pinnacle with Quicksilver's rescue which is funny and exciting. It is visually dynamic and a joy to behold. The rest of the movie feels like a long slow slide into mediocrity.

The most troubling problem for the continuing franchise is the use of Mystique as the leading X-Men. That character has never been in that role. JLaw is struggling to put out the intensity to match the central part. She and her character is not up to the task so far. It's also funny that her powers is to not be JLaw. The other problem is Apocalypse. I hoped for better but his mega-destruction is underwhelming. It's a lot of bland and his powers are nebulous. I actually think it would have been better to allow Apocalypse to be a two-parter. As an one-and-done villain, he isn't allowed to be anything more than a monster of the moment. With a lower level of power from him, it could be more compelling to struggle for the soul of each horseman. As it stands, the character Apocalypse is nothing special.
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After 16 years, Bryan Singer delivers the X Men movie we've all been waiting for!
me_theuninvited12 May 2016
I am horrified by the people on the message boards here on this movie's threads. They're fighting each other like a bunch of hungry animals. Since when does everyone started listening to the critics? I mean, yes, to have an idea before watching a movie is good, but that's not the case these days. Critics are taking movies way too seriously these days. It's just a source of entertainment. Your life does not depend on it. Stop bad mouthing this movie for others. Okay, sorry for my rant but this has gotten out of control. Now getting back to the movie, let's just say it delivered what it promised. This movie was amazing. It really felt like you were watching something Apocalyptic. Although I don't have had a problem with Bryan Singer's X Men movies, unlike a bunch of whiny babies, this one actually felt like it was an X Men movie. A sheer resemblance of what we saw in X Men cartoons, both evolution and the 1990 ones. We actually saw the main characters of this movie in their mutant form. I have loved how Bryan always preferred acting over action in his other movies, but this one, it consists of both. I have also seen critics saying that this movie is complete CGI. Well it's not like you can do actual Apocalyptic level scenes without having any CGI effects. That's just crazy. And the CGI in this movie is beyond awesome. I already smell an Oscar for CGI for this movie. Oscar Isaac was so impressive in this movie. Even though he was buried under make up and what not, you could actually feel his performance. Michael and James once again give awesome performances. Expected nothing less from Jennifer Lawrence. At least these movies actually give spotlight to the female actresses *cough* *Marvel* *cough*. The new actors were great. So talented. Tye, Sophie, Alexandra, Kodi and of course Evan Peters were all good in their respective roles. This movie might feel a different because of it's whole world at stake thing. This is the first time X Men has done this, and they succeed really good at it. It had a perfect balance of action, humor, emotion and mutants. It was like watching a live action version of those X Men cartoons we grew up watching. Once again, please dear my friends, who would love to see these guys in MCU, it's not happening anytime soon. Let's just get over it, okay? The producer of these movies has already announced a bunch of new movies under Fox. There are X Men TV shows coming out soon, so let us enjoy these while you guys enjoy yours okay?
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Entertaining, but inconsistent sequel in the X-Men series...
maksim_nikiforovski8 June 2016
The first X-Men trilogy was weirdly obsessed with Wolverine, and by extension Rouge. I never understood why... This new trilogy is obsessed with Mystique just because America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence is portraying her. I don't mind it, but Mystique is no hero, she is a devious villain! And Beast should be well a Beast, but a handsome Nicholas Hoult is better to look at I presume. Storm is not a villain, she is a beloved X-Men character that has never been done justice. These are things that enrage fans over and over again.

It is not about being a purist, but about honoring the original. In an age where superheros are invading our cinemas, one could do worse if one watches a film about hope and freedom, about homophobia, racism, bigotry, immigration and all sort of other social issues. And somehow none of the X-men films so far have successfully brought these themes to the screen.

This film suffers from having to focus on thousands of characters and locations. Some characters like Mystique and Magneto are given substantial screen time, while others such as Psylocke are given only a few scenes. The film also tries to fit into the overall X-Men continuity, while trying to stand up on its own.

A great film for a pop-corn viewing with your friends, but a sub-par X-Men film in general... It is sad that the most substantial superheroes of our age, that really have something to say about the world we live in, are treated as badly as this...

Mutant and proud? Unfortunately there is nothing to be proud of except the money the film is about to make.
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X-Men: Apocalypse is great if X-Men: Days of Future Past was awesome
hjrock-0300110 May 2016
Overall movie was great Although movie starts a bit slow and i was a little confused and bored but after that the movie finally starts catching up to the expectation.

For me this was the best x-men movie because this movie has the best action sequences as compared to any other x-men movie with a great story and emotion(not as good as days of future past but who cares its a superhero movie) .



I can literally watch the movie again just because of quicksilver.I never thought they could top the X-Men: Days of Future Past action(or comedy) scene but they did.

Acting of all the cast members were awesome and James McAvoy,Michael Fassbender & Jennifer Lawrence knocked it out the park.

I don't understand the critics , I never did.(sound's similar to superman's mom in BvS that was in the trailer :P)

Movie the great and I can't wait to watch it again.
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Not as good as First Class and Days of Future Past but still worth your time. Don't listen to the critical reviews!!
gabeelideb3 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I've got to be honest. This was the comic book movie I was least looking forward to this year but I went to see it anyway because the trailers made it look decent. I didn't go in expecting much but I was surprised when I really enjoyed this movie. It is no where near as good as First Class and Days of Future Past but it is still worth your time. Apocalypse was a great villain and Oscar Isaacs played him brilliantly. I also didn't mind the costume that much (It could have been better though). Most of the cast was really good in the film (My favourite being Evan Peters as Quicksilver). However unfortunately Jennifer Lawrence was not at her best in this film. She just didn't have the enthusiasm and looked bored for most of the film. I also didn't really like the actress that played Jean Grey. I'm not sure what her name is but to me she was just kind of wooden and boring to watch. I do wish that they could have developed the horseman though (Not counting Magneto) because it seemed like they didn't have much reason to suddenly be bad (Especially Psylocke). The things this film sets up also gets you quite exited for future instalments. I definitely think it is a good thing that they seem to be re-doing The Dark Phoenix Saga and possibly introducing one of my favourite X-Men villains: Mr Sinister. Overall this film is enjoyable and any comic book fan will most likely enjoy it because it is still better than Batman Vs Superman.
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This is Power Rangers movie, not an X-Men
sosojana-487-178721 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
They ruined all x-men movies you ever seen I saw all X-Men movies, i am fan of X-men, BUT this one was really awful. I can't even know how to describe this crap. Can't believe this movie was 2.5 hours film that was actually got into production. Its an insult of xmen movies. Its a Power Rangers movie not X-Men.

First of all, Script is just awful. "Oh good to see you" - "long time, where you'v been" - and lets hug for 15 minutes and say how good to see each and one of them, like you are watching some kind of TV series like Friends or somethin'.

Second: If you want to go and watch x-men crazy fight scene movie, you will end up with super power guys use there super power to mimic the fight at the end of the movie. All fights are 20 minutes + - of almost 3 hour film. Magneto do nothing in this movie, even in final fight scene, he is up in the Air and thats really it. Everything looks cheap plastic, there is a moment that they are on hill and guess what, its like someone make a polish on this hill, its looks so cheap you can't believe it. You fill the Studio...

Third: all this movie was like made up for a sake of movie. You wont see a Mystique for a long in this movie, She decide tolook a like a girl (Jennifer Lawrence)... Or The budget for CGI was not enough.

Fourth: Logan / Wolverine - Hey ))) he is there for 1 minute. yep that what you will got. 1 awful minute that he is running. He is in this film just for saying that he was there. Nothing added to the film from his appearance.

Fifth: i can understand that they want a new crew and remake all this thing, but guys, from good x-men movie, it becomes some superhero mess.

It was just unnecessary movie. They ruined all x-men movies you ever seen Storyline is just for kids Channel.

Anyway, i just felt so disappointed they just ruined it. thats it.
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a very disappointing movie..over rated!
esrahatemi23 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What the hell is going on..! Let's just be honest..

First we were so excited to see the movie then we realized that we just waste our money and time!

The Plot is just not well written!

The first 20 mints of the movie were good and would raise your hope.. But then you will lose you internist and attention as the events pass by separably and boringly.. Sophie Turner just screw it up with her unauthentic act..

Conclusion: Over dramatic,cheesy,very over rated and the plot is very disappointing!
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Worst movie out of the trilogy!!!!!!BORING!!!!
sterlingfu27 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Movie was so boring I wanted to walk out of the movie cinema. Usual lets bring bad guy back, find some other bad guys, destroy the world with mind numbing blah. No twists. No nothing. Predictable trash. The first hour was the concept of "Hi" "Hello" and we are bringing the band back together.

Jean Grey(Stark) was miscast. Why was she in this movie? The acting was poor. And of course Ms. Jennifer Lawrence giving me a Hunger games weak speech at the end. Jennifer Lawrence is not even that talented of an actress but Hollywood is trying so hard with her. She hardly does anything in this movie and just says, "fight" over and over. Raven didn't even do anything.

"Magneto, you're not bad, you're good" from Prof. X. I'm thinking, "Yes, I have the point". I wish Magneto woulda zapped a coin threw my head at this point. The final scene had him floating for a half hour wondering if he should fight. WTF He did nothing. Or and the fantastic four combine their powers to defeat this stargate joke.

I do not recommend. Anyone that said they liked it doesn't know anything about quality. I did like the other two xmen before this. Mostly, "Days of future Past". This is as disappointing as "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull". If you do decide to see this movie, I already feel sorry for you. Just give me your 10$ and I just saved almost 3 hours of your life. It was bad...
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Pretty good
jmhowerton-443735 June 2016
X-Men: Apocalypse was very fun, but got quite messy at parts. X-Men fans will like this just like I did. it is a huge step down from Days of Future Past and has a pretty clichéd villain. I forgave the clichéd villain because of how cool and how frightening he was. Oscar Isaac did so good as Apocalypse. The characters are well developed, but some of them do not get enough screen time and some get to much. Angel, Psyloche and Storm have no motivation, there is no reason why they agreed to help Apocalypse destroy the world. What would they gain? Overall I thought the movie was good, I had a blast watching it and will be watching it again.
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Apocalypse: Only a Supervillain, not an Event
FallenEye4 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is by no means, bad... In fact, it is a very enjoyable watch. Bryan Singer paid attention to story, however, 2 big problems arise from the ashes Apocalypse wanted to build upon.

Firstly; Apocalypse wasn't supposed to just be the main villain, he was also supposed to be THE event, an apocalyptic event - I'm sorry, but after 16 years, the wait doesn't quite feel over just yet... Sadly, he was incredibly underplayed. The dude is immortal, period! He can alter his molecular form to suit any situation... He can possess any being of his choosing, at will... Transform different parts of his body into weapons simultaneously, and absorb energy... So, Cyclops is probably the WORST person to fight him! Also, as far as I know, Apocalypse already had telepathic abilities...

The man is damn near impossible to defeat, but I understand that it has to be done, however, the way in which it was done, though very enjoyable to watch, wasn't good enough. Phoenix had to do it, but, was Jean ready to transform? And also, were the humans, the human race aware, that uuhhm, the world might end? I mean... the apocalypse was, so contained that, I could've been in Egypt watching Survivor, while completely unaware that I may not.

However though, a lot about him, was done right... Was done very well. His ability to enhance powers, his demagogue ability... His apparent bond with celestial technology... His presence as a whole, was arrogant and powerful (nicely done Oscar), and I liked that.

Second problem; You spend the whole movie trying to figure out if, the time line makes sense... I mean, Apocalypse is the 8th installment of this universe, and they've been going so back and forth in time that, I may just get a second shot at that other love of my life that got away back in 2007, in 2007. But whats awesomely annoying is, Bryan Singer may be linking the times like a pro.

From there, Quicksilver - the only thing Fox did far better than Marvel - was amazing. Xavier, Magneto, Beast and Nightcrawler delivered. Mystique... I don't know, Jennifer didn't feel like she wanted to be there. Jean, Cyclops and Havok, the relations were relayed well, Psylocke (who's so very hot) and Angel were, meh... And Storm... (Alexandra also, so very hot), OK.

Disappointed, no. Apocalypse could've blown me away, but, I'm happy to stay. 7/10.
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One of the best superhero films ever made leaves early reviewers clueless
jamesberbert17 May 2016
X-Men: Apocalypse is absolutely amazing! The early reviewers don't seem to understand these characters and they don't understand this film. It sets a new precedent for comic book films in a world over-saturated with adaptations.

The film hits every nostalgic and aesthetic beat it's supposed to without devolving into pure fan service. The writing is great. The allegory the mutant plight is for civil rights is given its due screen time. The characterization of the superheroes goes beyond their powers and outfits and at least touches the heart of who they are as people. Its main fault is juggling so many characters and so some of the acting comes off as stilted at times. In a way this is also its strength, because it manages to tell a coherent and compelling narrative with a large ensemble cast of characters, emulating the source material faithfully. It is a comic book fan's film.

The action scenes are epic in scope, with stakes so high you'll be on the edge of your seat with you eyes transfixed on the action, yet never does the pacing sacrifice plot or character development for obligatory spectacle. Everything is purposefully sensational.

As someone who was born in the 80s and experienced these characters' evolution through popular culture onto the big screen, I can say that X-Men: Apocalypse brings the flavor of the comics and the 90s TV show to the big screen in a way that children of the 80s and 90s love.
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Perfectly done
yahavbr17 May 2016
The movie gave everything I expected from it, and more.

Action? Check.

Drama? Check.

Funny moments and scenes? HUGE check. (still laughing when replying in my mind! :))

Unlike many who watched the pre-premiere, I'm not a groupie of the X-men series, but still enjoyed each and every minute.

Reading other reviews, looks like it's a good thing I'm not a groupie, because that means I don't have to stop and think about every action in the movie. I could just sit back, watch with clear mind, and enjoy.

All in all, just fun to watch. 140 minutes that end with a desire for 140 more.
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Has some issues, but still worth seeing.
CinematicInceptions30 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There was very little that surprised me about the quality of this movie. I knew that it would be a step down from DOFP, but would likely still have a good story with a few problems. Some of the problems were not of the sort I expected. The heightened stakes proved to be less of an issue than I expected. It held back some of the emotional appeal, but not that much. The characters ended up being more of a problem than I had hoped, which was too bad because the other two requels did a really good job with character development.

In this case, there were a few too many characters too give them proper depth, I suppose. The returning characters were good. Charles and Erik were very engaging, and you knew where their philosophies were at. Charles got to be kind of cool this time around rather than just wise. Erik's feeling of entitlement to his rage is brought to a new level. The other returning characters of Moira, Hank, Raven, and Peter were pretty good. It was great to see a little more Quicksilver action. I thought Hank felt more natural this time around. Raven was a little forced, but not as much as I'd feared from her prominence in the trailer. However, the new characters were a big problem. They weren't very well introduced, and didn't really make you want to root for them. The three lesser Horsemen were hardly given any attention, and even the new protagonists were very poorly developed. I suppose some of this can be accounted for by their being in the original three, but it still didn't turn out good. Of course, we can't forget our villain, Apocalypse, who is interesting in more ways than might be expected. I was afraid we might get a flat villain, but his motive is actually pretty good. I really liked how he abhorred tools, especially when he got rid of all the Cold War nukes. Robbing his enemy of weapons rather than using those weapons himself revealed so much about his value on natural power and ego.

The story as a whole was decent, but some of the scenes were excellent. I loved the opening with the transference of Apocalypse. Magneto losing his family was also done really well, along with his subsequent recruitment by Apocalypse. The climax was also pretty good, and the fashion in which Apocalypse was defeated, while it felt a little clichéd, still felt plausible and thematic. However, the entire sequence in Col. Stryker's base with Wolverine and everything was totally unnecessary. It made sense that he would capture the mutants at that point, but that space could have been filled much better.

The visuals were top-notch, which is to be expected. The Quicksilver scene was probably the best spfx scene overall. The script did a decent job with dialogue, but it didn't do very well with shifting focus between the different groups of characters at the right pace. The acting from the returning roles was good, but the new faces gave some flat performances. I was particularly unimpressed with Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.

The theme of mutants fitting in with the rest of society was not touched upon very much here. It comes up a bit in Hank and Raven's conversation and the stage fight between Angel and Nightcrawler. There is more of a focus on controlling and unleashing abilities, mostly with Jean and Scott, but It's rarely addressed. However, the way Apocalypse amplifies his followers' powers is rather interesting. With the exception of Angel, he really just tells them "You have so much undiscovered potential, let me show you how to tap into it."

So, as you've probably already heard, it's not the best of the X-Men movies, but that doesn't make it bad. If you think you'll want to see it at some point, go catch it now while it's still in theaters rather than waiting and watching it on your computer for free. It's definitely a movie you want to see on a big screen. You should see at least First Class and DOFP first because the events of both are referenced and there are a couple of flashbacks to them as well. There are only a couple of references to the original movies, pretty much just in the Wolverine cameo, so if allusions like "would you prefer yellow spandex?" annoy you, don't worry too much. If you hate save-the-world plots, this is better than most, but it still has most of the prototypical elements. Overall Rating: 8.4/10.
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Huge disappointment
carigga25 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
couple tiny spoilers*****

Apocalypse....I give it a C and I'm being nice, what a disappointment but it was expected, can't believe what singer has delivered, I would rather see Justin Lin make an xmen movie! Singer needs to go! I could not let go my disgust with apocalypse costume design. I just couldn't. I see why they went with the look they have, because to singer he wanted to show Oscar Isaac face, to show the man behind the make up sort to speak. But it's terrible! He's apocalypse I don't need to see the damn actor playing him!! First whole hour is terrible, only thing I enjoyed watching was magneto's story line, quick silver steals the show once again and wolverine does as well. Disgusting what singer has done!
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What a bloody joke!!
mrsvampireiam23 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
when I heard Bryan Singer was going to direct this movie I was hoping an praying he was gonna do good job, after making a pigs ear of the first two x-men movies. Clearly he still hasn't learnt his lesson, This movie was crap, I JUST SPENT £25 at the cinema and it was a waste man!! We have now had six x-men movies out and still no bloody good story line, still no full x-men team, (which should be, Professor x, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Rouge, Gambit, Beast, and sweet little Jubilee) there's not enough action through out the movie, and this one really gets on my tits, NO DAM COSTUMES! I don't get it, all the other characters in the marvel movies has there original costumes! but in x-men there are dressed in black and look like bikers.

If someone is going to make a good x-men movie they should start by watching the 1990s x-men cartoons and use that as a base to build on. I'm sorry to say but I will NOT going back to the cinema to watch another x-men movie again an till someone can prove to me they know what they are doing because at the moment this is a disgrace.
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Grounded in its storytelling while gorgeous in its pandemonium, Apocalypse is yet another winner from Bryan Singer.
lnvicta11 June 2016
While I prefer First Class and Days of Future Past, Apocalypse truly surprised me. It has the grandest scale of any X-Men movie, and possibly of any superhero movie period. It revolves around the first mutant born tens of thousands of years ago, En Sabah Nur, hailed as an all-powerful god in Egypt before a mutiny in the ranks caused his pyramid to collapse, burying him in the process. Fast forward to the '80s and we see Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) investigating a cult following of this mysterious mutant. Unbeknownst to her, only the smallest amount of sunlight was needed to awaken En Sabah Nur who subsequently causes an earthquake that is felt across the globe. The beginning of this movie is slow, and rightfully so. It shows the origin of Apocalypse, at least how he came to be trapped for all these millennia, and proceeds to show the individual X-Men characters in their respective settings. Magneto has a wife and child, Mystique is rescuing captured mutants like Nightcrawler and Angel, and Professor Xavier is teaching classes in his school. Soon enough, Scott Summers enrolls in the academy and meets Jean Grey. This sounds like a lot to cram into a movie, and it is, but this background was necessary as a foundation for the story to build upon, and boy does it ever.

Apocalypse is one of those villains that has only one goal: world domination. Has it been done a thousand times before? Absolutely. Has it been executed as well as this? Probably not. If there was ever a practical motive for a villain to want to push the reset button on Earth, this is it. The guy's name is freaking Apocalypse and was hailed as a god in his time, and having seen how corrupt the world has become, he believes it's time for some new leadership. He has a huge ego and even huger powers to boot. He recruits some mutants, including Storm, Angel, Psylocke, and eventually Magneto, to help fulfill his global extinction plan, and it's exactly as destructive as it sounds. This might be the most catastrophic and destruction-filled action I've ever seen in a superhero movie. Cities crumble into dust, the Earth itself collapses from the inside, every nuclear warhead launches simultaneously across the world. It's pure pandemonium.

The acting is superb across the board. There's no need praising McAvoy or Fassbender as they've proved themselves many times over. The newcomers are the real shockers here, especially Scott Summers played by Tye Sheridan and Jean Grey played by Sophie Turner. Both are brilliant in their roles and have great chemistry in the scenes they share. Oscar Isaac is excellent as Apocalypse. The material he's given is fairly vanilla but he pulls it off with both charisma and restraint, acting exactly how you'd expect a ten thousand year old god to act in the modern age. And the guy is just menacing to look at. He has a magnetic, commanding presence, and suitably so, being the most powerful villain ever put to screen. Evan Peters kills it as Quicksilver yet again and is given more screen time, plus another show-stealing scene for the fans of his DoFP debut. It's a large cast but it never feels unbalanced. The characters that need to shine do indeed shine, and even the background characters have their rightful place in the movie. It wasn't cluttered like it could have been. Rather, some of the best scenes in the movie are quiet character building moments.

This was officially the last straw for me in regards to the credibility of critic scores. Just because it's not as good as Civil War doesn't make it a bad movie, and their criticisms of "a cliché villain" and "underwritten characters" are asinine and nitpicky. We needed a villain like this. Galactus was the closest we got to an apocalyptic villain but he was raped, mutilated, and morphed into a fart cloud in The Silver Surfer. It's about damn time we get a guy literally called Apocalypse to bring the world down to its knees. The characters are "underwritten" only in the sense that they don't spend twenty minutes going through each of their backstories and that's because they didn't have to. The movie captures their unique personalities and quirks within five minutes of them being on screen.

X-Men: Apocalypse isn't a perfect movie but it's the epitome of a great summer blockbuster. The visuals are stunning, the chaos is immense, the humor is well placed, the pacing is spot on, the music is great (Metallica and Beethoven anyone?), and the entire film builds up to an explosive climax that delivers everything you'd want in an X-Men movie of this magnitude. If you're a fan of superhero movies, do yourself a favor and take the critic scores with a grain of sand. This is a must-watch.
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