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Exemplary fights in this Chilean martial arts thriller
Leofwine_draca4 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Chilean martial arts film REDEEMER is a real treat for fans of the genre. I was expecting nearly nothing from this film given my previous experience with Chilean films and star Marko Zaror in the form of the horrible KILTRO, a story I thought was quite terrible. The good news is that REDEEMER is nothing like that film; instead it's a gritty thriller laced with endless fight scenes which are brutal and wince-inducing.

The template here is obviously the likes of THE RAID and WARRIOR KING and the film is all the better for it. The fights are brutal and bloody and inevitably feature gruesome special effects. Zaror is a fine screen fighter and he really looks the part here, hulking and yet fluid with some incredible kicking action. The CGI blood is pretty realistic looking and my only problem was with the random slow motion moves which don't look good, but these aren't enough to detract from the excellent fights.

The story is routine and involves the usual quest for redemption, with a lot of religious undertones as you'd expect from a Catholic country. The narrative basically sees Zaror going from one fight to the next although the action is never repetitive, instead feeling fresh each time, and the violence is incredible. Low budget films like this one are the type that restore my faith in action cinema.
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Spanish Saint
kosmasp5 May 2016
Since Boondock Saints this isn't the first attempt to capture that formula. But this Spanish effort does have something in or rather up its sleeves that other knockoffs probably didn't have: decent stunts and action sequences to support the rather predictable story. Though it does surprise in the end I reckon.

Whatever you think about redemption or if you're religious or not, the movie tries to cover a lot of bases. But never loses focus of what makes it great or at least good. The main actor may not have so say much with words, which may play in his favor, letting his actions speak louder than words. Whether you see him as anti-hero or something of a saint is up to you as the viewer. It's not the only challenge the movie gives you ... the humor is questionable for some I guess, but I did like it
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A Robust Chilean Martial Arts Melodrama!!!
zardoz-133 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Chilean director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza, best known for his 2012 film "Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman," has helmed an exciting but complicated martial arts melodrama, "Redeemer," with actor and fight choreographer Marko Zaror, who earlier collaborated with Espinoza on both "Mandrill" (2009) and "Mirageman" (2007). Mind you, "Redeemer" is not your ordinary martial arts epic, and Zaror's acrobatic martial arts choreography elevates it above the formulaic standards. For example, the hero is a tortured individual. Pardo (Marko Zaror of "Mandrill") plays one-shot Russian roulette with himself on a daily basis. He loads a solitary bullet with a scorpion embossed on the cartridge casing into a revolver with a cross carved into the grips. Pardo's archenemy, Scorpion (José Luís Mósca of "Solteiros"), who stalks him, lives to undermine Pardo's search for redemption. You see, Pardo shot and killed Scorpion's young adolescent son with a bullet through his head. Written by Espinoza and producer Guillermo Prieto, this dubbed thriller develops an interesting storyline, features an entertaining variety of characters, but clocks in at a nimble 90-minutes. Initially, the protagonist Pardo has stopped killing for the cartel and turned himself into a vigilante. Like "The Equalizer," Pardo helps others who cannot possibly fend for themselves. He dresses himself inconspicuously and conservatively in a tattered jacket with a large hood that shadows his face. Typically, he approaches his adversaries and instruct them to bow and pray for forgiveness. Afterward, he knocks them down as if they were tenpins in a bowling alley. While "Redeemer" surpasses most hackneyed martial arts epics, Zaror distinguishes it with his looming, taciturn presence. The way that he stages close quarters combat sequences is often hypnotic and occasionally stunning. For example, an assailant attacks our hero from behind, and Redeemer slam-dunks the villain's head into a boat propeller blade! Espinoza often dilutes these skillful exercises in violence with slow-motion cinematography that aestheticizes their savagery. Pardo is the kind of guy who isn't afraid of contending with more than one opponent. Although his opponents arm themselves with a variety of weapons, they don't stand a chance against him. When Pardo isn't making life miserable for a happy-go-luck American who has come to Chile to become the equivalent of Scarface, he tangles with a worthy adversary, the Scorpion who has a long-standing complaint with him. Predictably, Scorpion and Redeemer resolve their mutual problem, but the resolution is surprisingly exhilarating!
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Lean, mean, stripped down and amped up tale of brutality and morality
lemon_magic10 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes I like to take a chance with a movie I never heard of when I shop the discounted DVD racks at my local Walmart or Target, especially if the cover reviews are good and the premise sounds interesting. In this case, my gamble on "Redeemer" paid off handsomely with a sort of Chilean Western-cum-old-school-Kung-Fu tale of vengeance and redemption.

Of course, the violence is in the new vein of Krav-Maga with broken rhythms, joint attacks, grappling and gun-play that have come into vogue since "The Raid". It's well staged, high-energy and invigoratingly brutal. And we all know that's what you came here for (don't be ashamed, it's what *I* came for too), so that's good.

But the director and screen-writer managed to work in a stark, elemental feel of Good vs Evil that works splendidly in the stripped down environment of an isolated town jammed up against mountains and sea coast. That allows for some wildly beautiful photography that allows the viewer to catch his breath (I say "his" because I can't imagine a typical female viewer wanting to watch this.) But it also throws the human actions and emotions we see into sharp relief. That's some careful and inspired film design right there.

This is a "B" picture all the way, about as subtle as a shot of "Red- eye" whiskey. But even so, the actors here get the job done, in spite of an indifferent job of dubbing into English (I wish I could have watched this in Spanish with just English subtitles). Marko Zaror may not have a lot of dramatic range, but the movie showcases all his acting strengths and none of his (undoubted) weaknesses, so the end result is both enigmatic and instantly identifiable - he's the Hero on a Quest, and you know what drives him (because the movie shows you in flashback what happened), but at the same time you don't know him at all. Put the character in a tuxedo at a party, the actor might stumble badly - but here, in this, he's perfect.

So, if you are looking for a fresh take on martial arts action, this is worth your time. If you are a fan of this kind of movie, you should seek it out and take the time to watch.
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7/10 can said so
phanthinga9 May 2017
First of i want to make it clear that i only watch this movie because the main character Marko Zaror will face off with Scott Adkins one of my favorite martial artist/actor in the upcoming Savage Dog and you guys know what this movie indeed a little surprise.I may not familiar with some of Marko older stuff but with this movie i finally know what this guy capable of and it bloody awesome.With the title like Redeemer you may think it had a heavily religious aspect but in the other hand it quite a violent action movie with a very depressing theme.The action scene is very well choreographed with some of the best hitting sound i see in this kind of movie,every time Marko show up on screen his charm and badassness always caught me off guard when he slay enemies room to room leaving a bloody mess behind.The negative for this movie is although he really good at fighting but he terribly at cover up the trace lead up to the death of many people he saved which i find very dumb and stupid.The bad guys is also very annoying when the movie always cut back to a American drug dealer that keep making unfunny joke and a guy that support to be the big thread to the main character but he barely show up until the final fight and in some flashback scene to remind the viewer how bad he is
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Watch This Movie and You Shall Be Redeemed!
Dark_Lord_Mark29 August 2015
Redeemer (2014) is fantastic.

It is missing the Hollywood bells and whistles, and has a low production cost, but that does not make a movie watchable.

This movie is watchable and has a somewhat mysterious hero. We see glimpses of his past as the movie unfolds, to see what made him the Redeemer.

This is a solid action movie, which I always search for. I want those awesome 80's action flicks back. Small budget gems like Perfect Weapon and No Retreat, No Surrender 1-3 and so on.

This movie while not in the same vain, as it is somewhat serious throughout, makes me happy that Chile, can produce movies, that Hollywood forgot how to make. The acting is okay, but we are here for the really nice fight scenes. Very well done!

I gave it a 8.5 out of 10! Very surprised and happy I gave it a shot, and you should too.
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Redeeming Features
YohjiArmstrong19 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
REDEEMER is a Chilean action film, which isn't something you see often. The story is a classic Western: a hero with a dark past (and an impressive amount of Catholic accessories) comes to a small town being oppressed by drug lords and naturally decides to clean house one drop- kick to the face at a time. The locations are lovely - with plenty of Instagram style colour tints - and the narrative commendably brisk. The only problem is that the hero remains too much of an enigma and as a result there's a lack of emotional connection; it's cool to watch but you don't feel anything except during the most gruesome kills (thankfully these are largely set up and then happen off screen). It doesn't help that the guns are all CGI enhanced, meaning they lack any physicality. Still, the martial arts action is fantastic, with really well though out back-and-forth combat and stuntmen (including the hero) skilled enough that the scenes can play out in single steady shots which let you appreciate the skill on display. It's a small film but a good one and if Hollywood has any sense they'll be hiring the people who made this for a big budget remake.
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Someone forgets that Christianity is supposed to be about love
GwydionMW6 July 2017
I got nauseated early on by the use of religious imagery The use of it to sell violence.

To present it as the proper answer To overlook that mostly it just breeds more violence.

And I found the visual style suitable for junkies only.

Trash, really.
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A few good fight scenes but otherwise not worthy
safsurfer23 July 2019
How does one rate this movie...based on choreography and the fight scemes 8.....based on acting 3, script 5, production and cinematography 6, and add that up, it gets a solid 5.....still barely watchable. Oh well
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Welcome A New Action Star To The Club - Marko Zaror !
ActionFan-Reviews12 August 2015
Action fans may remember Marko Zaror from "Undisputed III" . If you loved that movie and other great martial arts action films of the recent past like "The Raid" or "Ninja II", you will definitely enjoy "Redeemer". Marko Zaror further proves how underrated of an action star he really is in this solid B-movie which features wall-to-wall action packed, violent fights from start to finish that will have you saying holy sh*t at least once. The action and fights are inventive and feel fresh, gritty and realistic compared to most PG-13, shaky cam and CGI bloated action films that come out of Hollywood. Fans know that in these types of low budget B movies, story/character typically come secondary. surprisingly enough, the story is engaging and plays out like a classic western. The character is also given a little more depth and back story than you'd typically expect. This is one of the best and at the same time least known action movies you will see all year. Fans of such modern action stars like Scott Adkins, Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa. Welcome Marko Zaror to the club as he proves he can kick some serious ass. Overall, for the real action fans out there, your faith in modern action movies just may be redeemed after watching this !

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Action film.
vismay23526 May 2019
Actions performed are good while acting is not good.
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Time for review
flowbaur6 March 2019
Ok, first of all: this is big nonsense(!) movie made just for entertaining and I spent 4Eur on prime to see people get beaten and killed by other :)

3 * for that! -1 for cutting best scenes Review: Marko Zaror looks great, he's not Scott Adkins and there is no reach for undisputed series. 2 * for him.

Plot: There is no plot.

Film: Film is quite straight and nothing really happens. Unfortunately Zaror wasn't allowed to say more than like 3 words for 90 min.

Next time: more Zaror, less nothing. +1 * to save this chance
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Good action flick, heavy on the religious iconography
magores1 October 2017
It is what it is.

An action flick, with some backstory.

If you enjoy martial arts, kick some ass, don't worry about the names, style of movies, you'll enjoy this.

The religious element is heavy-handed at times, but, no problem, that's the conflict element of the plot.

Worth the 99 minutes, which is more than I can say for many movies in this vein, or other, more self-righteous, holier-than-thou releases. (See what I did there?)
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Don't listen to 99.99% of these reviews
amogg-393534 August 2020
People can't just sit back and enjoy a damn movie anymore... its sad. If your looking for some good action, then for sure watch this one! If your a scott adkins fan or a martial arts fan at all, then I'm sure your gonna enjoy this one!
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A well all-arround martial art action movie.
jorge-amaya-s2 May 2016
Not going to extend myself throwing flowers to this movie because probably, many of those words have already filled your mind after watching it. But lets just stick to a well made Martial Arts B-Movie with nice shootings scenes and combat, fast paced action that, as said before, will definitely leave you with at least one of those "damn! that hurt!" moments. not going to throw some spoilers but for those martial arts fans out there, you will find a very memorable fight/combate scene with some of the "minions" in which both displayed an amazing mixed martial art choreography, going from some MMA , BJJ, JKD-ish style with a great finale. Very recommended. Let's start supporting this rising honest talent to the place he belongs. Support the film. enjoy the fun.
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