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Not impressed
MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
The best part of this movie is the action, the story was very lack luster. I think it had potential with a good cast including Anthony Hopkins, but the writting always falls short in these movies. You can watch it over and over for the action, you just might scratch your head at certain spots.
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Absolutely terrible but also fantastic.
sammas-nz30 October 2017
We've got to the point where no one expects anything good from any of these Transformer movies, and this one is no different. It has a confusing, pointless plot with heaps of holes, shocking acting, and unlikable characters.

However, I didn't watch this movie with the intention of being a critic; I watched this movie one afternoon when I felt like watching a crappy action movie with robots, explosions, and the occasional fart joke. And in that sense, the movie nails it. I had no idea what was going on the whole way through but I'd be damned if I didn't love every minute of it. Mark Wahlberg's acting is disappointingly terrible and that's awesome, and the editing is absolute chaos. It was perfect.
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"Transformers: The Last Knight" Is Worse Than "Age Of Extinction!"
TheJediWay922 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Transformers: The Last Knight," the dreaded fifth movie in the Transformers series is supposedly the last to be directed by Michael Bay and the last to star Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg plays his character Cade from the previous one. The "attempt" at a plot for this movie goes something like this: Cade comes into possession of an ancient Transformers artifact called the Talisman and he is the "chosen one" to carry out a "quest" for the transformers, while this chick named Vivian has to acquire Merlin's "staff" because for some reason she is the "only one who can wield it" and Optimus Prime heads to Cybertron to find out "where he and the transformers came from and what they're doing on earth." THAT'S this movie's plot. Lol this movie thinks it has a plot. This movie is completely incapable of telling a cohesive story. There is no beginning, middle, or end. It throws plot threads at you and expects you to roll with them. The most illogical plot devices occur in this movie. NOTHING makes any sense. It is so convoluted that the movie thinks the audience are idiots. How many times was I reminded of what the plot was throughout the entirety of this atrocity? I counted at least 32. Nothing of importance happens. Nothing is interesting, nothing is entertaining. The characters are so thinly written and poorly developed I didn't care who lived and who died. At this point in the series, I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE DAMN HUMANS! Just give us a movie about Transformers, not about humans. None of them are likable AT ALL. Everything involving the military, the government, Anthony Hopkins, it's all pointless! The movie spends so much time and energy on all the stuff everyone complains about with these movies that none of it comes across as not appealing, but rather annoying. It's an insult to our intelligence. The action scenes are the same lazy action scenes the other four Transformers movies feature. It's stuff that appeals only to teenagers who do not know how a movie is crafted. Teenagers like action and explosions and no talking, story, characters, or emotion. This movie appeals to those teenagers. There I said it again. Watching stuff just blow up and blow up and blow up and blow up and blow up and blow up continuously for two and half hours is extremely boring, especially since it's the only thing that has happened for five Transformers movies in a row. There is no entertainment value to be had just watching stuff blow up for a bloated and overlong runtime. And yes, the runtime is too long, YET AGAIN. Luckily, it is shorter than the fourth one which was a very drab and dreary two hours and forty-five minutes. This is about fifteen minutes shorter, but it easily could have been an hour shorter. Nothing content wise justifies the runtime of this monstrosity. It's still overstuffed, overlong, dreary, boring, and exhausting, just like the previous three. I'll give the first one a pass since I actually enjoy the first one. This has all the Bay-isms in it. The typical stereotypes, the typical humor, and the typical dialogue, all of which is stupid, offensive, and insulting. S many characters are made fun of in this movie for being different or having different accents you thoroughly understand why NOBDOY LIKES MICHAEL BAY. He is racist, sexist, and doesn't care about the audience. He cares only about himself and no one else. It shows. The two girls in this movie, in typical Michael Bay fashion, are all hotted out. The young girl is like 14. In what world is this right? Her tits just hang out the entire movie. The other chick just looks like a porn star. That's what this series has come down to folks, strippers and porn stars! Optimus Prime is literally in the movie for ten minutes to just say his name three times so that we don't forget about him and who he is and completely forget that this movie gives him the most sudden shift in character motivation I have ever seen, more sudden than Batman in Batman V Superman. If you came to see him wreck house, he is a total waste in this movie. Quite frankly, none of the Transformers really don anything in this movie. They all just kind of hang out and chill and insult each other with stereotypes. This is one of the worst of the year. I felt like I lost IQ points watching this movie. It is a loud, dumb, idiotic, incoherent, chaotic, soulless mess that appeals only to teenagers who like nothing but action and explosions and die hard fans of the series. It is worse than Age of Extinction. I'm just gonna give "Transformers: The Last Knight" an F-. Yes that is now officially a grade.
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The Worst Edited Film I've Ever Seen
maxglen21 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a failure in practically all aspects. Honestly, I have no idea how a film with this high of a budget can be as incompetent as it is. Editing. Editing is basically everything when shipping your film out to audiences, it can mean the difference between a good film and a great one. But this... I don't want to sound dramatic but The Last Knight has around 4 aspect ratios and I'm not exaggerating when I say it switches between them at least every other shot. It's headache inducing. This wouldn't be too unforgivable if they let a shot go on for longer than 3 seconds but I swear there are so many cuts, one movement or action has about 5 cuts each, it's ridiculous. When it comes to story this film is essentially the polar opposite to the previous four. Transformers is usually beaten on for having extremely surface level, unambitious stories whereas The Last Knight has FAR too much going on, I'm not even going to try and touch on all the things it tries and fails to do. The dialogue is the worst in the franchise (Yes... worse than RotF) with some truly cringe worthy humour and attempts at making characters likeable which in turn does the complete opposite. Every character in this film is abysmal. Also, they brought back a bunch of the original cast just to have them do either virtually nothing or something literally anyone else can do, really felt like they were just trying to pander to fans of the original. The film also manages to have a villain even more useless and boring than the Fallen which is bewildering and speaking of villains, Megatron basically isn't even Megatron, he's a complete lackey and a betrayal of the character they had built up over the franchise. The world building is pointless and ridiculous, literally none of it works which would be bad enough if they weren't shoving it in your face at every opportunity, which they do. The film also introduces the interesting concept of an Evil Optimus in the form of Nemesis Prime, but don't get too excited because he has one scene and then he's back to being Optimus again. And Unicron? Probably the coolest Transformer ever, originally voiced by freakin' Orson Welles?! This film manages to make him not cool. How do you mess up a giant Transformer that eats planets?! this is Galactus from Rise of the Silver Surfer all over again. Finally, the action which had been the saving grace in some of the weaker entries, is tosh. It's really boring. But even if it had the action of John Wick it wouldn't save it from being practically unbearable to sit through in one sitting, I actually had to take breaks. 3/10 Just... I got nothing.
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Absolute Mess!
philcorerules11 March 2018
The writing, editing and direction were amateurish at best. This movie is downright terrible. Period. DO NOT WASTE THE TWO AND A HALF HOURS!
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If only Age of Extinction ended with extinction so no one had to suffer this mess!
pixiekatten6 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, I do not rip on this movie because I dislike this franchise. I actually have a major soft spot for the Transformers movies. I love the cool visuals and the CGI. The first time I saw an autobot transform I was gobsmacked and in awe over how good the graphics were. These flicks are fast paced and action packed. And who does not fall head over heals for BumbleBee!? Transformers are good films for when you need to switch off from the outside world, and be seriously entertained for a couple of hours. Yes, even Age of Extinction has a few moments of goodness. The same unfortunately, cannot be said about this scrapheap of a film!

To start of with, the opening scenes featuring Merlin the drunk 'wizard' were just incredibly futile (and over acted). Don't get me started on the magic staff/Excalibur as well as the talisman as the foundations for the plot... say what!? Suddenly Mark Wahlberg is 'the chosen one' as the world is about to end! But his lady friend is also the chosen one as she is the only one who can wield the staff..! So I guess there are two chosen ones... because why not... that makes sense.

Yup, it is a Armageddon vs Matrix vs Terminator rip off - mixed with a big spoon of Arthurian Middle-Age spice. The unholy mixture leaves a bad taste in your mouth, as one is unable to grasp the incoherent and unconvincing storyline that does not make any sense at any point. Transformers 1-4 do not boast any amazing scripts, but this is beyond lazy and infantile.

The film is incredibly messy, and spirals from bad to worse to unwatchable. It goes from dumb, to dumber, to 'I can't believe I'm still watching this'! The Last Knight is overflowing with drab one liners and punchlines so feeble that they make you cringe in your seat. It is 2 hours of everyone going out of their ways to be rude and moronic. It is painful to watch adults constantly throw loud tantrums. I like many of the actors in other movie roles, but in this film not a single one of them bring a likable character to the round table. I actually quite hated them all...

How could Anthony Hopkins of all actors sink this low!? When he walks through the submarine museum, pushing people and abruptly shouting to them to 'move their fat arses and get out' he sadly reached a very undignified low. Hannibal seems eons away - Hopkins must be out of his mind to take a role like this one! It is not funny in anyway, just terribly annoying. Wahlberg's Cade needs a punch in the face. And the only female character (as always) happens to be a pouty Megan Fox lookalike. No surprise there. So old and boring.

Do not trust the 10 star ratings. The Last Knight really is a flop beyond flops. With 30minutes left of the film, my brain could not handle more torture. I walked out.
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Don't waste your time
alppein1 August 2017
The worst piece of dirt this year so far. No logic, no plot, no story, but with Anthony Hopkins. Why did Anthony participated in this dirt ball mind crap, I don't know but it is not enough. This movie is empty, it is a 2 hours long advertisement of various car manufacturers and American military. Worst Transformers ever, please let this garbage just die and don't bother us with actors who just can not save this movie. It was just awful to watch, I couldn't believe the low quality dialogues and just the waste of money for junk CGI no one really cares about. But why did Mr. Hopkins lower himself to participate in this charade of a movie is beyond me.

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A movie out of even common sense
omegafleons1229 September 2017
The movie is made by a teenage writer who cannot even write conversations natural, read part of DaVinci Code, part of Arthur, and watched a Star War movie. Putting everything together without logic, this is what the movie is. Oh, by the way, his knowledge about physics never go beyond what his parents told him in kindergarten.

There are more than enough critics on plot and poorly told stories; I'm not going to repeat. But I have to point one character: the Old Man. Who cares what his name is (I didn't get it AT ALL) I don't know what kind of personality Michael Bay want to create. What I saw was a rude, uneducated, changing man with a lot of money. It was so awkward while he dump the famous names into my ears and declared that all those people tried to keep that stupid secret. I don't know what he said "I can't go with you" because he eventually was there, and...just died there.

After 10 min, the only though I had was to see how bad the movie can be. YKW, it's just worse than I thought.
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daddyxj-112 August 2017
OK, that did it, I'm Done with watching Transformers movies at the theater. I will just wait until the next movies are on video or ready to stream. I am a huge Transformers fan and I know the mythology well but this movie takes the mythology and flips it upside down and backward. As a movie on its own, it is a hot mess of bad writing, editing, and pacing. BUT Michael does know how to shoot a "scene" but they are strung together incoherently.

So What I Liked were the music and the effects. That's pretty much it. Steve Jablonsky's score was over 100 times better than this movie deserves. I really like how he brought back some of the original themes but made them the sound of desperation. The confusing climax had this mellow desperate theme (you hear in the trailer) that in a better movie would have worked very well but it does nothing for you because whats on screen is in the way. The two tracks that are worth noting are "Sacrifice" and "We Have To Go". Just listen to those tracks and if you have a filmmaking state of mind you can imagine a better movie with those tones. Also, the special effects were well done compared to AGE OF EXTINCTION's hammy job. I know it's all CGI that we have seen before but the imagery that was composed is awesome to look at especially the climax with the parts of the planet hanging down and "scraping" earth.

Now What I Didn't Like (Got Time? then read on) #1 the editing. This is by far, to me, the worst edited movie in history. Like I said Michael Bay films the scenes very well (like the opening battle) but when they are put together you have no idea what the hell is going on. And then the noticeable aspect ratio. So nobody in the editing room noticed that different shots had black bars at the top and bottom disappearing then reappearing. This happens because some shots were shot in IMAX. I do defend Michael Bay because I do think he is a better director than this (The Rock, Bad Boys, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor) but he really dropped the ball on this film. He knows how to shoot a sequence but that's all it has going for it. If you watch a couple of shots on YouTube before seeing the movie you would be like "wow that looks like a good movie" NO it's just a good shot and sequence. And supposedly they had a writers room come up with a plot by using Transformers mythos, HUH? Well, a lot of things irked me. Without giving away any spoilers I'm gonna name the mythos they got wrong (if you are a Transformers fan then you'll know what Im talking about)...Nemesis Prime, Bumblebee's Abilities, Hot Rod, Megatron/Galvatron, The Quintassons, Cybertron, Barricade???,The Ark, and a very important evil transformer that I will not give away the name because it is a spoiler but once you find out what his alternate mode is your gonna flip and wanna walk out of the theater.

I am so glad that Michael Bay is going to step down as director of this series because obviously, he does not care about the problems these films have. I say hire an up a coming director who gives a damn about making a good movie and not in it for the cash grab. But as for now, I am done spending my money in hopes of a great movie experience. Want to see a good Transformers movie, then go see the animated "The Transformers- The Movie"
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A steaming pile of disgustingly potent f*cking garbage.
kerwickjosh11 August 2017
Transformers: The Last Knight may just be the worst movie I've seen in the last few years. While it may not objectively be a 1/10, my utter lack of enjoyment and the pain endured during the movie warrants the lowest of the low.

It's been a month or so since I've seen it, and while I don't remember everything from it, there is one thing that I cannot ever forget that highlights its incompetence. Most movies have a particular aspect ratio, and if it changes, it is usually gradual, scene to scene. The Last Knight, however, cannot even keep its aspect ratio same in the same scene. Did they use different cameras for the same scene? Clearly, no even gave enough of a sh*t to fix it in post. It's disorientating, a lot like the movie's plot, dialogue and general terribleness. Maybe the different ratios are a metaphor.
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I cant even
alecvv4 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sad to say I was dragged into this flaming shitpile of a movie by a few of my friends.

Needless to say i would've preferred to have me eyes gouged out with a soldering iron than watch this movie again. Micheal bay couldn't resist to steal a perfectly good story (King Arthur) and put it into this film to make a few more billions.

This 'movie' felt more like an ADVERT than an actual MOVIE. There was absolutely no character development and i hated every single second of this film..and Anthony Hopkins? What the hell, such a brilliant actor, such a star on the film reel decided to act in this piece of faecal dog matter for what exactly? This movie was so bad i swear i could see him giving up on acting in a couple of scenes. Anyone who says this was a good movie is either: A) A child or B) A child

The main filming focus around Transformers The last Knight has to be the CGI and slow-motion. Its impressive yes but in no way rescues the sinking story line and plot of this crappy film.

Rather cut off your toes than watch this film
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One of the Worst Films of all Time
ThomasDrufke25 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
With as many talented people involved in this project as there are, you would think that at some point they realized what they were making wasn't so good? That doesn't seem to be the case with Transformers: The Last Knight. However bad you thought the last few Transformers films have been, nothing can prepare you for the abomination of this film.

Hearing about all of the silly subplots this film had beforehand had me very skeptical about Michael Bay's ability to cohesively tell a story amidst all of the CGI-heavy action. Not that any of the last 3 Transformers movies boasted an Oscar winning story, but they at least had some sort of focus. Plus, Bay proved once again with 13 Hours that he can make a real film with real characters. But all of that gets thrown out the window with The Last Knight. Not only is it extremely difficult to get behind any of the character's convoluted motives, most of them don't even deserve to be in the film.

It's one thing to have a few humans ground this bigger than life story, it's another thing entirely to put the focus on the humans and have the Transformers be ancillary characters. This isn't about Transformers at all, it's about Mark Wahlberg's 'Cade Yeager' character being the chosen "Last Knight" and Laura Haddock's 'Viven Wembley' being the last surviving member of the Witwicky family. Because, you know, every important person in the history of humankind has been a secret member of the Witwicky's, protecting the Autobots from the world. Makes sense. In fact, the most popular Transformer, Optimus Prime, is in the film for maybe 15 minutes. Not that these films ever appealed to me, but I didn't go to see a Transformers movie for the humans, I went for the robots.

On that note, Bay duplicates what he's always done with these movies is make some impressive action sequences. It's the one thing I can't really pick apart. Even with that said, the action sequences don't add anything new to the series. Without any emotional connection to the bots or any detailed differences between them, it's all a bunch of nonsensical slow-motion CGI. Speaking of which, the constant slow motion certainly doesn't help with the excessive runtime. Even with Michael Bay coming out and saying it's "significantly" shorter than the last 3 films doesn't change how unnecessary a 2 and a half hour Transformers film is. Cut out the supporting characters who add nothing (Izabella, Jimmy, that physicist guy), remove the Arthurian scenes (because that was a missed opportunity, and god help us please take out all of the misplaced unfunny humor. When the film pauses for the audience to laugh and nobody even dares to chuckle, there's something seriously wrong with the script.

What's the solution here? We know Paramount will continue to make more Transformers films, and rightfully so (they make over a billion), and we know Paramount will inexplicably hire Michael Bay again (BC he's not going to retire). How can they continue to hire a guy who dismisses any nuances in the script with his own racist, sexist, and dated direction? Did they not gather a writer's room with like 10 renowned writers for this film? Well, I think the solution is to just stop going. I should have stopped going after the last film, but I held out hope one last time. As long as Bay is behind these films and directs without any care in the world, then I won't be considered part of the audience. Enough is enough. I'm done.

-Horrible script

-Same old lazy direction

-Unnecessary characters and subplots that make the film feel like 5 hours

-Even the action feels recycled

-Still takes itself way too seriously

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Incoherent mess
gb9012 August 2017
This film is all over the place - whoever concocted the alleged story must have been as the magician merlin was portrayed in this mess - permanently sozzled! It made absolutely no sense whatsoever! I can only assume everyone involved was paid barrow fulls of money - because surely thats the only justification any of them had for associating themselves with such rubbish? poor old Sir Ant Hopkins: has he really fallen on such hard times?
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So Much Fun
bertkyle30 June 2017
This movie is outstanding. You know how when you are a kid you and your brother throw over the toy bin and pull out dinosaurs, knights, tanks, submarines, Lamborghinis, Transformers, GI Joe, Voltron, some LEGO vehicles that can be disassembled and reassembled and a few Star Wars space ships? Maybe your sister wants to play so somehow a Barbie ends up in the mix. Then you have an absolutely epic battle with Knights fighting space ships and LEGOs transforming on the spot to whatever you want. Toys switch back and forth and fight for whoever is holding them. Complete insanity ensues. The story makes no sense because it can't but the battle is truly epic. Your brother grabs a chair and declares its his planet and throws it at your toys so you throw the couch at his. Finally your mom comes in and sends everyone outside, so you leave every toy out and all the furniture turned over to clean up later. Maybe your sister declares that Barbie just did something. That is this movie! It has absolutely everything and makes about as much sense as it can considering. This movie truly channeled second grade for me. I had so much fun and I cannot wait to go back! Definitely watch in 3D and try to watch in IMAX if it is available. Do not wait for it to come out on DVD.
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fancy visual effet as usual, horrible ridiculous pilot, fragment shot
toddcha20 February 2018
Like all the other sequence, the visual effect is good, which is of course expected. However, the splendid visual effect cannot save an unreasonable screenplay with particularly fragmental shots and scenes.

There are countless flaws in the plots and poorly actings: 1. the self-righteous scientists, their smug parts have 0 contributions to the movie. 2. Cade, what's wrong with Mark Wahlberg? First time acting? Especially his tone is NOT convincing at all. He really needs to work on his facial expressions and tones. (or perhaps his shots are so fragmental? ) 3. the car chasing part in London city is to make audience excited or dizzy/faint? ...

After 30 minutes, all i want is to skip to the end.

The last straw that makes the whole movie doomed is Optimus' line: earth is my home. There is no need spending 150 mins on this movie.
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I enjoyed it!
OptimusPrime2222 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As many reviews stated, people did not like this movie for several reasons. Michael Bay's directing, the plot holes, the story moving too fast, etc. but as an avid Transformers lover, I was thoroughly pleased. Growing up with Transformers, I am always open minded about each new movie, but usually leave feeling a sense of joy and excitement.

The one part I did question was how to Galvatron go back to being Megatron... There was no backstory or showing what happened after he left in Age of Extinction, but that was the only thing I couldn't wrap my head around. I did enjoy the added humour to the movie, as well as the lead up to the, yes, sixth movie.

As fast as the rest of the story went, I was able to keep up and take in, but I will need to see it a second time to fully understand everything. Optimus Prime was bad-ass, which is why he's my favourite. Overall, I enjoyed the movie, I will be seeing it again, and if you're skeptical about this movie, go in with an open mind and I'm sure you'll enjoy everything it has to offer!
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A CinemaSins Gold Mine
slicedbread11716 August 2017
To be clear right out of the gate, I decided to see this movie with my brother solely because of how bad and laughable we both knew it would be. Boy was I ever right. Not only does this film plummet the Transformers franchise even lower than Age of Extinction, (which I truly never thought was possible), but Transformers: The Last Knight (TLK) showcases an absolute abomination of film making in general, creating what essentially is a $200 million pile of steaming hot trash, a horrible disgrace to the Transformers name and the film industry as a whole.

It's a tad bit difficult to explain what the TLK is really about, because, well, I don't really know. I know that the Decepticons are looking for another ancient relic on Earth to somehow bring Cybertron back to life, but that's about it. The overall narrative is so clustered with noise (metaphorical and literal), random occurrences, numerous undeveloped sub plots, gaping plot holes, relentlessly forced humor, and atrocious pacing that for most of the film, I was literally laughing out loud in the theater and once shouted, "what the Hell is going on!?".

TLK has the writing depth of an illiterate monkey, and the narrative focus of a child. Trying to understand TLK's story is like trying to listen to a baby complete their first sentence; it's confusing as can be, incoherent and probably pretty comical. I can't even speak positively about the Transformers themselves being cool because the Transformers are BARELY IN THE MOVIE. There is so little Transformer-on-Transformer action, I thought I had just watched a 2.5 hour trailer teasing the big action scenes to come, but all I got was more pointless, unexplained human-lead garbage who run the show in a Transformers movie. The script is a complete mess to put it kindly, a blubbering, babbling heap of uncoordinated crap, and I can't believe it's actually more disjointed than Age of Extinction. TLK goes below the bottom of the barrel, and it's script should be put on trial.

At this point in the dumpster fire that is the Transformers franchise, I feel bad for any poor actor that gets sucked into these films. Mark Wahlberg, a fan favorite of mine, has sunk to an all- time low with his performance as Cade Yeager. Sure the writing of the character, and every character mind you, was sincerely abysmal, but even still, there's no heart, no motive, no passion whatsoever to deliver even an OK performance. Wahlberg was unbearable. Even worse was Anthony Hopkins, whose character was written so poorly I thought it was actually a cruel joke on Hopkins. To see a legendary actor fall to the abyss is terrible, and TLK as brought him, along with any other victims of this plague of a film, to the lowest of the low. Stanley Tucci literally plays a different character than in the previous film and it's just oh so bad, not to mention Josh Duhamel got dragged back into this awfulness again, with his character being just completely and utterly useless. The performance, writing and development of every character was horrendously awful, period.

As Transformers films have gotten worse over the years, the only piece of the movies I have been able to write positively about are the big-budget action scenes, which at the least, provided some entertainment outside of the unintentional entertainment delivered by the terribleness of the films. However, I can't even write home about the action in The Last Knight. Sure the CGI still looks great, but good grief, the action is limited (when it comes to Transformers actually fighting), graceless and down right bizarre. I have to write about one moment in particular, however. Anthony Hopkins' character suddenly reveals at one point that his cane is actually a machine gun, and his cane-gun prevents Megatron from accomplishing his mission. I laughed out loud and choked on my drink, it was the selling point for me as one of the worst movies I've EVER seen.

I could rant about how bad this movie is for a long time, but at this point, I just don't care anymore. I spent more time thinking about how CinemaSins will lay into the film than paying attention the main story. My hope is that I can prevent any soul from watching this deplorable display of film. Even if you want to watch for how bad it is like me, save yourself and don't. Transformers: The Last Knight is one of the worst films I've seen in my life, it's unfathomably shameful.

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lost hope after reading reviews, Michael Bay did not let me down
makoii30 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"I am Bumblebee, your oldest friend. Optimus, I would lay down my life for you"

the movie to some might not be perfect, but for those who can relate to the feeling i felt inside after hearing those words ... man...

it might sound a little rusty, and old school but i guess this is what it feels like to hear a "true" friend

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A bit of the same but pure summer escapism of big loud action fun.
cruise0121 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Transformers: The Last Knight is yet again topped with loud big action and visual effects with little less on the plot. Nonetheless, it was awesome for what it is. Most of the Transformers movies by now have a recycled plot. Michael Bay is aiming to make a big summer blockbuster with lots of explosions between the autobots and decepticons. Even Paramount wants to open up this universe further with having a variety of writers tackle on for more movies. For now, this may be Michael Bays last outing with the franchise and he does go big.

The plot may seem familiar with one of the Transformers movies were decepticons plan on reviving their home world of Cybertron by consuming and destroying Earth. Not sure, if they can do any different story than that. Since its nothing but setting up an excuse for Autobots to fight with the decepticons. The movie was exciting and never slowed down. It may have some sub plots about King Arthurs and the knights of the roundtable and Merlin staff that was given to him by an autobot. That staff plays an important factor to reviving cybertron which is going to collide with Earth if Cade (Mark Wahlberg) and Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and the autobots try to stop them from taking over.

These movies are just pure escapism blockbuster fun movies. Michael Bay never disappoints the lack of action, which he seems to go over board with explosions. Car chases, military jets battling through cybertron. For a long running time movie, I feel like its fast paced. Also, different screenwriters this time around, they have a few sub plots that merge in the climax. Cade is wanted by the TRF led by Lennox who are determined to destroy all transformers even the good guys. Then, there is Izabella (Isabela Moner) a teenage girl with no home or family but is willing to fight for the autobots and sticks to Cade's shadows. Next, there is Viviane (Laura Haddock) an English professor, who has a historical connection that can help save our planet. At last, there is Sir Edmund (Anthony Hopkins) a historian who knows about the historical encounters with the Transformers and may know the key to saving mankind. Sure, a lot goes on with the plot. And it never slows down. It entertains and is exciting to see these big action sequences.

The climax was also an epic long battle with cybertron crashing down onto Earth with visual effects being quite spectacular. With fast cinematography work in capturing the action and the settings. Isabela Moner's character was better than expected, from the looks on the trailers made her out to be annoying. She is a character that is easily grown on and works well with Cade in trying to give him hope.

The film does end in a bit of a cliffhanger with the mid credit scene which opens for a sequel. If that happens, it would be interesting to see the direction the movie takes if this is Michael Bays last Transformers movie. He tends to turn these movies into mindless, loud, action packed movies.

Overall, Transformers: The Last Knight is an awesome film that is everything I expected it to be. Its not meant to have a big depth story. Just a reason to set these big robots to cause mass destruction with car chases, explosions and much more. I recommend if you enjoyed the others or looking for a big action movie.
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Great Summer Flick
SciFighter25 June 2017
I love the series and this was a great one to finish it with.

I think Michael Bay gets way too much flack from people who have lost the ability to just go in and enjoy a movie for what it is made to do entertain. In this day and age people go in looking for plot holes or mistakes or this and that. I have one thing in mind when I see a movie by the end did it entertain me or not. I mean movies like this are fiction films, plot holes, things that cannot happen in reality is what is going to happen it is a fictional movie. So many people think they are the gods of film making and know everything and tell you how every film should be made, when they have not done a thing in regards to making a movie in their lives but think they know it all.

For me I wish the Bad Prime had lasted a bit longer as I am a huge Optimus fan, I wanted to see how that might go. At the same time though he is a hero from my childhood so of course I want him to be the hero. The movie itself was great though full of action and sci-fi as it should be and we left thinking man we could go back in and see this again.

If you're looking for a fun summer movie that you can sit back and enjoy, and your a fan of action and sci-fi then this is what you want to see.

Great film I enjoyed it.
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It's the fifth film, you know what you're getting by now.
briangcb25 June 2017
I rarely write reviews, but I'm actually surprised about how harshly this is getting bashed. Well, I'm not *that* surprised. All the Transformer films get eviscerated by critics. So I don't put much stock in reviews. All I'll say is; it's more of the same. If you like the previous 4 films, you'll like this one. I enjoy them all for what they are; cheesy popcorn movies. I personally think this film improves on Age of Extinction. Both Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock's characters had equally important roles. Unlike the first three films where Sam was always "The Chosen One" and his girlfriend's job was to just run in slow motion yelling "SAAAAAM!". The main group of Decepticons were actually given personalities and unique identities. Though completely under- utilized. They make a big deal of giving them Suicide Squad-like introductions and their screen time amounts to maybe 45 seconds each. I was actually surprised how much screen time Anthony Hopkins had. I figured he'd slum it for two or three scenes, of exposition, grab his paycheck then disappear. But he's actually a prominent character and he seemed to have a lot of fun in the role.

I really don't have much else to say. As stated above, it's the fifth film, you've already made up your mind whether you want to see it or not. If the negative reviews have put you on the fence or dissuaded you, think about whether or not you enjoyed the last four films. If yes, then ignore the critics and enjoy yourself.
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Ignore the Critics.
scott-7608524 June 2017
*****No Spoilers***** I read most of these comments earlier tonight and told myself ignore it for now and see it for yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and so did my wife. I found this story to be at one of the better of the 5 stories. I'd honestly say second best. I also strongly felt the rest of the theater seemed to have really have enjoyed it too. I did not see anyone leave, or storm out like some of comments here seem to be doing.

I really think some of these comments and critics are like a poison to the internet. I almost canceled watching the show tonight thinking this was a waste of money but once again the ratings for another Michael Bay movie are flooding with hate and bad reviews.

I just don't understand these comments and the really low rating. If the Transformers movies have such low expectations why are these people hitting up the movie on opening week and tossing out 1/10. I just don't get it, 4 previous movies have been release all about the same quality. You know what you're paying for.

I really suggest anyone who hasn't seen the movie to get it in AVX, the 3D was well worth it and it was probably one of the best experiences in AVX I have ever seen.

I'm going to give it a 10/10 since I was really thrown back from the poor ratings this movie is receiving.
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I loved this movie
nuxwilliams3 July 2017
Me and my son love Transformers. We loved this movie. So many people were disappointed and are complaining about the story line but we loved the Transformers. Actually we would prefer movies with just Transformers in them like the cartoons. Please don't take it so seriously and turn it into something it is not and just enjoy the scenery and of course the Transformers.
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Epic - series just keeps getting better and better
edisikic23 June 2017
As a big fan of Transformer series and M. Bay I had really big standards for this movie, and it went far beyond. Perfect follow up to the last one. Visuals are great, soundtrack also , maybe one thing that could be better are actors. Overall it was great experience, especially in 4D.
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a excellent story and real robots not ksi drones if you've seen transformers 4
kieron_wood10123 June 2017
a proper summer blockbuster explains how brilliant this movie is it's the best one out of the previous ones because ehren Kruger ruined them ones so I think is the best by far I like the evil Optimus prime and bumblebee fight and the medieval part and everything about it is fantastic
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