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MPAA Rated R for horror violence, disturbing images, and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Nothing severe. Only a couple wakes up and that implied that they had sex. No nudity shown.
  • Laura has a boyfriend, Tyler, with whom she often spends the night.
  • She also takes a shower (we see her from the shoulders up) and walks around her apartment in a towel.
  • Olivia briefly mentions a recent physical encounter.
  • "You monogamous or what?" Olivia, one of Laura's friends, chides. "It's not a dirty word," Laura tells her.
  • We see them cuddle and snuggle and smooch, but that's about it.
  • In one flashback, we see the boys drag Marina into a bathroom and pull her to the ground before the camera leaves-a scene that may suggest the abuse included a sexual component (though all parties appear to be preadolescent).
  • Gustovo (one of Laura's friends) asks Isabelle (another friend) to pick him up some chocolate because he's on his "period" and chocolate comforts him, he says.
  • As a child, Marina was physically bullied by a pair of boys.
  • No nudity, no obvious sex scenes

Violence & Gore

  • During a fight, a girl accidently rips the hood of a sweatshirt off another girls head to reveal bloody bald spots caused by the girl ripping out her own hair
  • We see her body dangle as a fire lights beneath her, the flames crawling up her dress.
  • Still another victim sees a vision of herself in a blood-filled tub, apparently after killing herself.
  • Marina kills herself on camera
  • Tyler, who's apparently training to be a doctor, examines a corpse with other students.
  • She later cuts her own throat-an image we see repeated in various contexts.
  • We learn that they died in a fire-one somehow caused by Marina, the film suggests.
  • Later, people discover her charred corpse.
  • Indeed, several death scenes are posted online-posthumously by Marina on Laura's Facebook page-much to the shock, anger and disgust of Laura's dwindling number of online friends.
  • Other mottled corpses show up on occasion.
  • One person is attacked by the devilish insects in an elevator, and someone finds him still alive-thwacking his bloodied face and head into the elevator wall.
  • Several of Marina's victims are swarmed by Marina's pet wasps
  • Another victim covered in the wasps and seems to succumb (screaming, naturally) to the stings themselves.
  • And someone else, under the influence of Marina, shoots herself in the head, blood spattering a window behind her.
  • Laura and others see apparitions of the two boys, their faces burned beyond recognition, loiter in various locales.
  • Someone is stabbed gruesomely in the neck.
  • Marina's beaten up by a couple of bullies in flashback, and at least one attack is accompanied by a splash of blood.
  • Blood stains the wall and floor elsewhere.
  • A woman is hit by a car but survives.
  • Someone gets stabbed.
  • A hospitalized woman tears tubes out of her arms, leaving blood in their wake.
  • The portrayal of infliction of pain and injuries are featured in the movie with some details of blood and gore but are not prolonged or frequent.
  • The film contains scenes of violence that are shown with some details of blood and injury.
  • These include a scene where a girl is seen slitting her own throat; a scene where a girl shoots at her own head, and a scene where a man gets stabbed from the back of his neck, leaving a gaping wound with blood gushing out.


  • A dozen f-words, four s-words and a few other sporadic profanities, including one use each of "b--ch" and "h---."
  • Jesus' name is abused 10 times, and God's name is misused twice.
  • 11 F-words, 6 uses of shit, 2 uses of bitch, 4 uses of hell

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • We see loads of pictures of this presumably underage girl and her presumably underage friends getting drunk-swilling drinks at bars and quaffing beverages in the backs of limos.
  • At Laura's birthday party, everyone drinks wine.
  • Laura's a college sophomore, and thus presumably 19 or 20 if she jumped into college right after high school.
  • When someone dies tragically and mysteriously, Tyler asks Laura if the young man was "on something."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Marina's hood falls away and reveals that the crown of her head has been plucked free of hair, indicating a serious psychological condition.
  • A Barbie-themed birthday cake topper shows a woman apparently retching into a candy-filled toilet.
  • 'Friend Request' is a horror film revolving around the dismal fate that befalls popular college student Laura after she accepts a Facebook friend request from Marina, a social outcast.
  • Frightening scenes which are more prolonged are featured in the movie.
  • The horror in the film revolves mainly around the haunting by Marina's ghost.
  • Some of the stronger scenes include one where Marina's distorted face appears suddenly next to the characters; one where two spectres with rotten faces appearing at the corner of screen; a video of Marina hanging herself and setting herself on fire; a scene depicting a man trapped in a dark lift before being ambushed by a spectre; etc.
  • In these scenes, there is a steady build-up of suspense leading to the final scare.

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