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WHAT Happened here? AWFUL
jctreasurer-684-8817084 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers

This movie is bad. There's no other way to say it. The acting is terrible, the direction is terrible, the script is terrible, the pacing is terrible and the "twist" and traps are all...you guessed it...terrible.

The original 7 SAW movies built a rich story of a man seeking a higher purpose for the relatively short time he had left on the planet. This story was woven with layer after layer of twists and turns that actually piggy-backed off of each other to leave the viewer with really good WOW moments...for instance:

When we find out that the victim with the key under his eye in SAW 2 was operated on by Dr Gordon, THAT MAKES SENSE...because Gordon WAS a surgeon. When we learn that Hoffman is also an apprentice, THAT MAKES SENSE because there is manpower required to move and hang victims that a bed ridden Jigsaw and 80 pound Amanda couldn't have.

This movie, introducing ANOTHER apprentice and giving ZERO reason why he's never mentioned in the SEVEN other movies is absolutely insane. I'm sure someone will point out "But, he was the guy who mixed up the X-rays!"...uh...OK...except, mixed up X-rays are never talked about in any of the SEVEN other movies...even in the later movies where we get the bulk of Kramer's story, we are told that he knew he had cancer and the reason he wasn't operated on is because his insurance denied him for "pre-existing conditions".

Another thing that drove me NUTS about this movie is this: when the people make it past the part where the chains are initially released from around their necks, they go right for the LOCKED DOOR...when the barn they're in is rickety as HECK and you can clearly see that the boards holding it together are quite far apart, old and could, most likely, be broken through with ANY of the farm tools that are just lying around. I mean, COME ON. They try and show, later, that old PigFace is stalking them, making sure that they finish the game but, at this point, there are THREE players still left, in relatively good shape and, if all of them grabbed an axe, Pick, shovel and broke through the side of the dang barn, they could take on whoever came at them together.

Also, the "new Jigsaw"...Jesus Christ. Please, PLEASE don't let this guy come back to the series...he's an awful actor, has a crap backstory and absolutely ZERO charisma. If he's supposed to be the guy to lead the series forward...wow. Just...wow.

Lastly...the traps are the reason that people watch these movies and the "traps" in this movie are utter trash. No originality. Not "cool". Not twisted. Just lame and more lame.

Please don't let these brothers anywhere near this franchise again. For the love of god.
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Slick and stylish, but ultimately disappointing
ABCloverLane26 October 2017
Since the Saw franchise is one of my biggest guilty pleasures when it comes to horror, I've been hoping for a new installment ever since The Final Chapter was supposed to end the franchise back in 2010. Even though the movies got progressively worse, there is something about this franchise that always draws me back and makes me want to re-watch it.

I had high expectations for Jigsaw because of two reasons: one, the producers stated in an interview that they were offered more than a hundred scripts for a new movie from different writers, but had never been pleased with any of them until they discovered a script so good, which ultimately got picked to be adapted; second, the Spierig brothers, Jigsaw's directors, had previously directed Predestination, such a smart and enticing sci-fi time- travel movie that I liked quite a lot.

After seeing Jigsaw, I left the theater disappointed. I'll start with what I enjoyed:

The score by Charlie Clouser is just as fabulous as it has always been and manages to go in line perfectly with each scene.

The performances didn't bother me at all, although none of the actors really gets to shine. Laura Vandervoort and Paul Braunstein stood out here, with the latter generating some funny moments worthy of admiration.

The direction was very polished and the movie was competently filmed, but the Spierig brothers weren't given much to show their creativity on. This leads me to the negatives.

The CGI is very good. There is, however, one scene in which I was feeling as if I was watching one of the most recent Resident Evil movies and that didn't really work for me.

What I didn't like:

The ideas in this movie and its overall plot are somewhat underdeveloped. I know that this is supposed to be a new "beginning" for these movies, but as a franchise starter, I wanted more to be explored. The plot falls flat because the movie cuts from scene to scene so swiftly and tries to cram multiple narratives into 85 minutes, that ultimately none of them makes an impact.

Saw is known for its visceral traps and torture devices, so I was looking forward to seeing more of that. However, the game presented in this movie has next to no memorable traps. That is because they are a lot tamer than what we've seen before and they simply can't hold a candle to all the ingenious traps from the past movies.

The character development is another issue in this movie. The characters are so uni-dimensional, with some of them being there only to fill the screen. And I'm referring to some of the main casting here. Also, character arcs are left unfinished and the movie felt like it ended when the most important part of the story was about to happen.

The editing undermines what could've been some very suspenseful scenes because of its sloppiness, by cutting from one narrative (the game) to the other (the investigation) at random moments.

Now, it all comes down to the twist. Was it good and unexpected? Well, no, not really. It's not necessarily because you can predict it from miles away (for which the movie offers hints throughout the run-time) due to its small set of characters, but because it had no resonance for me. It didn't blow me away and you could've predicted it from the marketing of the movie alone. Just like with the traps, it just doesn't have the same visceral feel as the past movies and it doesn't really make you crave for the release of the next chapter.

Overall, Jigsaw sets itself apart from the previous movies in the series with the help of the two directors who manage to make the movie look stylish and slick, but ultimately, it doesn't succeed in creating the sense of urgency that some of the old movies had and, sadly, disappoints on almost every other level. And yes, there are fan-service moments, but as a fan of this franchise, I felt very little excitement when they happened.

Hopefully, if the movie does well in terms of box office, the sequel will improve upon this franchise "reinvention".
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Not worth watching
petragreen31 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood's cash cow advantage for Halloween. The traps were meh. Too tamed compared to other saw movies. The twist at the end was awful nearly the whole movie turns out to be one big flashback. Flashbacks are starting to become an annoying cliché both in movies and TV series. It's a sequel that didn't need to be made. I recommend not bothering with this one.
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saw this, saw that, saw everything
neobateman17 November 2017
I was never a huge fan of the Saw series. I enjoyed the first one which I thought personally was a pretty excellent horror movie. However after the first film, which did have a nice theme about life, the Saw films became more and more gore over substance. In the sequels the only major factor for these films to exist were the violent traps. We had the alleged Final Chapter in 2010, but when there is a chance for the franchise to make money again, I guess it wasn't. This installment I will say is the best Saw sequel we have had up to this point (which really doesn't say much). Years after the events of the previous chapter, the Jigsaw killer has returned. However is it John Kramer or not? This is the question that the main characters of the film try to answer. However the plot is so uninteresting but also confusing, especially when keeping in mind the other chapters. I will say though continuity has never been a strength of the Saw films. The characterizations were also unimaginative, and had nothing to say. They weren't even interesting. So we have a murder mystery without a compelling story, uninteresting characters and no interesting ideas. The film doesn't even have the luxury of offering any scares. Yea sure there were the easy jump scares, but I was never shivering when seeing this. The traps are also not that gruesome, so even in that category it fails. The only thing I will say about this film is that everyone is trying. The direction is somewhat competent, all the actors are trying (some work, some don't) and they try to take Saw back to the roots of the original.
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Major spoilers, but necessary for my review
hr-3139026 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As a saw geek, i thought the film was a good film for an average movie goer, but for a fan of the franchise i found it underwhelming. the "he had another apprentice all along" was lazy in my opinion. The idea Elanor was really Cortbett from saw 3 carrying on jigsaws work (she was around 11 yrs old in saw 3, so the age ties in 7 years on) - this would have been a far more inventive and plausible option than some random character that we are told was on the scene long before Hoffman and Amanda is too weak in my opinion. I also think, making you believe Jigsaw is alive again, only to find out it is scenes from 10 years ago is like giving a kid a Christmas present and taking it away again. However clever, leaves you disappointed. Frustrating. I understand the series needed re-inventing for the new audience, but to forget its old fan base and not have any mention at all of Hoffman, Amanda or Dr Gordon is like ordering Chocolate cake and getting trifle. whilst trifle is nice, its not what you wanted. There are certain rules in a saw film that jigsaw sticks too, well so should the producers.. even if those characters aren't appearing, they should have included someone, even if in name only, especially Dr Gordon as he was alive and well only 7yrs ago and would have known about Logan surely. All in all, a decent film. For a saw fan though its a little disappointing
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"Let's Play A Game" Again! Jigsaw Pieces Story Instead Of Gore
rgkarim26 October 2017
"Let's Play A Game", those simple words haunted the theaters for years, signaling the start of yet another slasher movie in the Saw series. What started out as a unique twist to the serial killer saga was only the start to a face cringing, spine tingling, sometimes nauseating saga that hooked people in until around the sixth-seventh iteration when it finally ended. That was until this year, where the saga was to be reanimated in hopes of bringing more bucks to the theaters. Will this eighth installment have the ability to defy death like it's protagonist antihero, or is it dead like the poor victims of his games. Only one way to find out and that is read my friends, so let's get started!


Fast-Pace: With all the slow movies I have been seeing, I give props to the Saw series maintaining their consistent pace. From start to finish, the tale keeps moving, sparing no second for unnecessary details or attempts at prolonged character development. The mystery of figuring out the identity of the game master, mixed with the spread-out trials that promise a messy end are well-balanced to keep things going.

Decent Characters: A horror movie often has many brain-dead characters begging to be chainsaw fodder. Fortunately, Saw movies continue to choose players who have a little more complexity and skills than many of the Spring Break teens favored. The tradition lives on, as each player has a little more buried within, still having a few obviously destined corpses, but others who have a shot at making it out. And for those not in the game, but trying to solve the mystery, they too have some layers to them that may or may not be pertinent to the story. It's those engaging elements that are crafted in the story, making them more engaging to follow.

The Presentation: Another component I still like is the presentation of the movie. Many go for the kills, but the better component for me is how they separate the story into two settings. One is still the players trying to escape the closes thing to hell's torture chamber, while the other are the outside characters hunting down the "maniac" that continues to weave his traps. The ability to entangle these two components, balancing their timing to provide clues and hints to the story all while keeping you invested in the game. Such a dynamic presentation provides those checks and balances necessary for a slasher movie, and keeping things as fresh as possible.

Twist: As many of you know, Saw movies are all about the ability to throw that last wrench into the gears to blow your mind. Despite my experience with predicting endings, this one got me. The questions I asked were on the right path, but they were able to drop enough interfering factors to throw me off the trail. Jigsaw once again impresses me with their storytelling, and their mastery of presentation. I can't say much more, but ask the right questions and you might get the answers.


Lazy Deaths: Those first few movies were convoluted in their traps. They had designed devices that were an impressive display of imagination, horror, and engineering that gave everyone a kick in terms of design. While Jigsaw still has the impressive connections and storytelling, it unfortunately fails in the terms of the traps themselves. They are surprisingly simple for the most part, and a little more reserved than I expected in this modern era. Yes, there is still plenty of blood in this battle for moral consequences, but they didn't involve quite as much skin crawling madness.

Acting a little cheesy: Despite the engaging characters, there are times when there are a few inconsistencies in the character's intelligence, or often the case their acting. While decent for the most part, the writers hit some blocks in terms of dialogue or direction they wanted the characters to go. There are those moments the "tension" overwhelms them into hysterical messes that are cheesy rather than believable. In addition, the dialogue sometimes gets lazy, just going into expletives than conducive dialog. A weak dislike yes, but I'm drawing on straws.

The potential for a series: Like the original series, I had hoped for an ending, but then this movie showed up. While I did enjoy it, I am worried that the way this movie ends sets up the potential for a new series to start. Sure, this means more Saw goodness, but it also means the potential to dilute this movie into another run of the mill series that will become a product of lazy producing. Hopefully that won't happen, but these days series are the prize most companies seek.


Jigsaw is the piece of the puzzle that brings quality back to the lovely massacre series. Going back to the roots, the writers were able to bring back a brilliant presentation and characters you can follow. All the nostalgic qualities rush in with the deadly traps, bringing that fast-pace, twisting tale that captivated us all those years ago. While still not the first movie, especially in terms of death design and potential to revive the series, it was a welcome addition to the series. So, if you are looking for the horror movie of the month, Jigsaw is your answer for the theater my friends.

My scores:

Crime/Horror/Mystery: 8.5 Movie Overall: 7.0
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Saw It All Before
thesar-227 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Wait. Was this PG-13? It sure felt like it was and Expendable.

The most positive thing I could say about Part Eight of the Saw franchise is that the crew knew what made the latter part of the series' memorable: flashbacks, twists, bad acting and terrible dialogue.

Maybe it was a hindrance that I decided to spend the entire 7 days prior to Jigsaw's release watching one Saw movie a day. Maybe I was sawed out.

In a series that I originally thought got progressively worse, I found a little comfort in how closely tied the first seven were. It did feel like one long (approx.) 11-hour miniseries and, yeah, that did make the series feel complete. And when it was over, it needed to be over. I was glad it was over.

Speaking of over, this is absolute overkill, only less on the killing. It was so mild, so held-back, my original positive turns into a negative whereas the creators forgot how much blood there should be.

Basically, it's 10 years later and immediately as the movie opens, the game begins again. As in Saw-lore, the movie shifts from the cop side to a Jigsaw game.

Will there be twists? Sure, but you predict them from the start. Will there be red herrings? Of course, but like the twists, you'll know who's behind this. Will there be redemption? Well, not for the series.

The games played were enormously lame, the tired setups seem ancient and the gore factor was so dialed back, I thought I was watching the most gruesome scenes from the "vampire" movie, Twilight. Extremely minor things were updated (new technology – sort of – from the last outings,) but barely anything was new or brought in to refresh the series. Well, except laughs.

Some of the traps were so hilariously bad, I seriously couldn't figure out if that was intentional or not. Perhaps they were meant as jokes to poke fun at their own series as the characters did constantly mock the designs as well. (If this was the case, then I will give them credit for that.)

This movie did have potential, but it felt like it was written as quickly as the previously 1-per-year scripts. Only, this time they had 7 years to come up with something! They just blew it with a rehash of one of the worst in the original seven.

I wouldn't recommend seeing Saw: Legacy, er, I mean, Saw VIII, um, Jigsaw!


Final thoughts: After my Sawathon, here's how they rank:

1. Saw (★★★★/5 Stars.)

2. Saw II (★★★★/5 Stars.)

3. Saw III (★★★½/5 Stars.)

4. Saw VI (★★★/5 Stars.)

5. Saw IV (★★★/5 Stars.)

6. Saw V (★★½/5 Stars.)

7. Saw 3D (★★/5 Stars.)

8. Jigsaw (★½/5 Stars.)
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Feels more like a reboot to me, a terrible one.
mrsmiley-0359029 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I should mention that my review doesn't really have any spoilers, but when I go into the logic of the situation where people are at the barn might be considered as such, so I put spoiler tag just in case.

OK, I went to the theaters and saw Jigsaw. It was a pre-screening, so I thought it might be useful to write a review about this movie since it will be about a month before Jigsaw will be officially released in my area (Finland). A huge thanks to my friend who suggested this pre-screening (despite my dislike for the movie after seeing it).

I have seen the first two Saw movies and watched reviews of rest of them, so I do have a general idea what Saw franchise is about. I might not remember important details, but bare with me. I really liked the first movie, because it was intense without blood spilling every time. It was more like a crime-thriller than "horror" splatter/gore that rest of the Saw movies were. Some say they are torture porn, since Jigsaw and traps are the main reason why people watch it. I'll admit, most of the traps are pretty creative, but also really stupid. If not taken seriously, you might enjoy Saw movies more.

So, 8th Saw movie is now a thing, so how does it compare to previous movies? Not that much. We now have a competent directors, editor, cinematography and decent acting. These don't sound bad, but I just have a huge problem that probably is isn't a problem for you, but let me explain what I mean. Jigsaw lacks it's own identity in some ways. There is no quick editing or camera work that made you feel like you were inside the building with the characters. As much as I think that Saw's style isn't that great, but at least it feel like it had it's own thing for the most part. Too many movies feel like they are made by same people, despite having different people. Maybe it's studios fault? Best words I can use to describe all of this are: standardized and tamed.

In my country, Saw movies were rated 18, but Jigsaw is rated 16, so this is already a warning sign. While Jigsaw had some gore, it was more tame compared to rest of the Saw movies. Maybe I'm just desensitized, but if you seriously are going to make a Saw sequel, don't you think that you should go all in with the gore, since Saw movies usually have poor writing anyway (except for the first Saw). Jigsaw seem to be more focused on CGI than before. Say what ever you about the Saw films, but you have to admit that it had very good practical effects. CGI that it had were alright, but one of the shots were really bad in my opinion. Too many movies nowadays relies on computer effects, which can look so noticeable even if it's not bad.

Speaking of the writing, plot was just as convoluted and silly as the previous movies, but unfortunately not in a good (funny) way. Usually you would laugh at ridiculousness of Saw's plots, but since Jigsaw is more standardized than any other Saw movie, it doesn't create the same effect. This is disappointing, because I honestly wanted to have a laugh. This movie is much more Hollywood than Saw.

I think I shouldn't waste my time with the plot, since this is a spoiler-free review and I'm reviewing a Saw movie, but I should mention a few things. I'm not going to spoil anything, just talking about the idea and you know Jigsaw takes place in a barn. If you are trapped in a barn and you are not running out of time at all, don't you think that trying the break the wall (that is made of planks, WOOD!) could be a smart idea? I mean, it's a big building, so the odds of traps are small (not to mention, that on the outside, there simply couldn't be any complex traps), since Jigsaw simply cannot predict where the victims can escape. The movie shows that there are many tools around the barn. No timer = no hurry. So, why not spend some time trying break the wall? Saw movies usually have situations where victims should explore the area, but previous movies at least had strong walls and blocked doors. Also, if the building is full of traps, it's a stupid idea to check the places with someone, since both of them can be trapped if they trigger something. Scout the place before everyone else goes or use any tools you could have.

OK, I might unfair to this movie, but I honestly didn't enjoy it. I was most of the time bored. Sure, acting was decent, but the characters didn't have anything special or unique about them. Maybe the one character (not Jigsaw) was sort of interesting, but was still a lackluster character. Direction wasn't bad, but again it was too Hollywood like. Plot points were predictable and gore aspects were disappointing.

Bad movies can be enjoyable, but Jigsaw was just "bad" and boring. Competent movie makers can either make a really good movie or just boring ones (yes, there are exceptions too). Incompetent movie makers can make the movie hilarious in unintentional ways.

There simply isn't much to say about Jigsaw other than what I already said. The movie is forgettable. Enjoyment level were 2/10 but giving a 3/10 rating is more fitting, since the movie was "competent" but really boring. I don't recommend Jigsaw. Go watch something else. Anything else that is released in theaters is probably at least slightly better than Jigsaw.
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True SAW fans beware!
maccers-0125626 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As a massive and avid SAW fan since its inception in 2004, I thought the film overall was pretty poor, which seriously pains me to say in a review. The film is lifeless and had no SAW-like qualities from the previous seven films in it.

I totally understand Lionsgate reasoning rebooting the franchise and bringing SAW to the modern world with new characters, new colour palette, direction etc; however as an avid fan I felt robbed of all the hype I had in my own mind and expectation since the film was announced last year.

Take nothing away from Charlie Clouser and his soundtrack, once again it is spot on! A very unusual take of the film to begin with, unlike previous instalments, it felt like a TV crime drama was just copied and pasted from a CBS show onto the editing software Kevin Greutert uses; at the time i'm there thinking what the hell is this i'm watching here!

100% not scary, jump scares weak. Hardly any gore or that SAW-style visceral piece of storytelling that made the franchise what it is.

I understand the reasoning and story behind the traps they produced, but it felt like the writers made them all up in the space of 2 minutes without actually thinking about how to add that violent tension which makes the trap scenes unsettling to watch.

To be fair, for me it does have one of the best twists in the franchise... but the ending was very cheap and stingy from a fans point of view. You come to expect that decent climax and the "wtf" moment like the previous seven films, but all I saw was nothing but garbage which was truly unsatisfying. The film clearly does not push itself further.

I even shook my head slightly when it ended.

I dunno, maybe i'm too hung up on the previous story/characters, and maybe I'm gonna have to watch it again to try and reap some benefits. But for me it is one, maybe the worse film in the franchise. Even after the film I kept thinking that I could have done a better job. The Spierig Brothers did an okay job with a very tacky script with only scene that stands out the most.
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Witness the Producers Revive History's Greatest Horror Franchise...and then Take a Giant Dookie on It
acebraxton28 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A more appropriate title for this film would be Sorry, We Haven't Saw the First Seven Movies So We Kinda Had No Idea What the F**k We Were Doing, because clearly, the directors had clue why people like the Saw movies so much. Either that, or they didn't care. This movie lacks all the elements that define a Saw film (i.e. grotesque violence, gritty and tense atmosphere, character development, cool editing, etc). It felt like I was watching a watered down PG-13 reboot, or rather a torture porn version of the Expendables 3, minus the torture {and the porn :(}. The previous 7 films had huge cojones. The deaths were both complex and brutal, and they lingered upon every grotesque detail.

Jigsaw, on the other hand, must have went from Bruce to Caitlin because this this installment lacks the balls of all its predecessors. (Films gorier and more disturbing than Jigsaw: Bambi, Howard the Duck, the Emoji Movie). Instead of giving us the brutal gory deaths that we've all come to love and expect, we just get a couple brief kills that are as bloodless as the CGI that created them. And not only were they lacking in inspiration and brutality, but so were the traps that caused the deaths. The syringe needles were a yawn, so was the grain silo. Even the bucket head trap which seemed to hold a lot of promise was over as quickly as it began (AND NOBODY DIES IN THAT PART). Overall, the game itself sucked. By the time the movie reaches it's midpoint, it's practically over. And the guy who had his leg amputated (which BTW looked pretty cartoonish) just sits on a piece of hay for half the game and one can only wonder how the f**k he didn't bleed to death by the end.

Speaking of characters, they were severely underdeveloped compared to the ones of the first seven Saws. They felt more like stale pieces of meat waiting to be slaughtered. And their backstories were lame. One of the victims is abducted because she stole a woman's purse that contained her medication or something. And another victim sold a bike with crappy brakes to some guy who turns out to be...wait for it...Jigsaw's nephew (OMG so inspired and original!). On the other hand, the cops themselves weren't any better. The whole police investigation plot line seemed more like a mediocre cop drama than a Saw movie. The dialogue between the police characters only demonstrates the sloppy screen writing job this time around.

And last but not least...the story itself. The whole story is painfully weak and full of everything but wit and cleverness (Although the part where John Kramer held up the bullet and said it was the key to freedom and then it turns out that the key to the victims' chains was literally inside the bullet was plausible and reminiscent of the past seven films's glory).

They practically gave away the twist in the middle of the movie. Logan finds out that Eleanor is a part of some underground online Jigsaw fan base and then she takes him to her secret workshop where she's built replicas of all Jigsaw's previous traps. And then we see a replica of the spiral trap (the giant spinny thing from the trailer where the black guy is upside down and slowly being fed into it, which we see later on in the movie) and shes says that John built it ten years ago for one of his first games. That right there makes it obvious that the game we're watching actually happened ten years before the whole police investigation (Which not surprisingly, turns out to be the twist revealed towards the end). And then Logan turns out to be the new Jigsaw copycat...which would've actually been effective had there been more character development. The reason why this twist fails is because we go into the movie, already knowing that one of the characters we see is going to be the copycat. So when all the characters start pointing fingers at Halloran, we all know that it's not going to turn out to be Halloran. Another major flaw with the twist is that the game in this movie is supposedly John Kramer's first, which contradicts what was in Saw IV because in that, Cecil was established as Jigsaw's original victim...and it made sense why. By claiming that the game in Jigsaw was actually the first, it kind of tarnishes what was shown in Saw IV and makes it seem like it doesn't matter.

All in all, if you're a dearly devoted fan of the Saw series like me, then prepare to have your afternoon ruined. This movie is so disappointingly underwhelming that by the time the credits roll, you'll just sit there in utter shock...at how bad it was. At best, you should stay at home and re-watch the first seven Saw films; ignoring this "installment of the franchise". And as for the screenwriters, if they want salvation for ruining a beloved horror franchise, then they should be subjected to a Jigsaw game and taught the error of their ways.
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Awful, just awful...
rostas-balazs1 November 2017
Saw is the manifestation of a movie that was written just to milk some money off the brand. The acting is bad, the story is full of wholes. Nothing makes sense in this movie and not in a smart - you have to think about it - way. Save yourself some money and go watch something else.
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Stupid Sequel
mellortt10 January 2018
This was an unnecessary movie. as a fan of the saw franchise minus the 7th one. i thought they might of tried harder after a long gap but they honestly went backwards. the movie tries going back to how the 1st and 2nd one was, with it been more of a detective movie. however it just repeats everything we have seen before but without the violence. they reduced the gore a lot compared to all the other ones apart from the final scene. i would honestly just stick with the first 5 for a good saw movie
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laurenlante14 November 2017
Tbh just a massive let down. I am a massive fan of all the saws to date except this one...even took a hot girl to it for a date so I could hold her hand when she was scared, but the movie wasn't scary at all, if anything it was funny OK. If anyone has the same intentions of taking a hot date to a scary movie so they can hold their hand when they're scared, pick another movie. But yeah, horrible film.
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Back to their old roots!!
tk-to-dj26 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Jigsaw doesn't have over the top traps, where you chop off your arm (Saw VI). OR impossible traps where you put your hand in a jar of acid to retrieve a key just to get your chest ripped open (Saw III). History repeats itself and Jigsaw goes back to their old roots being simple, with basic traps and a mind blowing ending. Unfortunately there's one trap I disliked, it involves lasers. It relies on CGI too much, the stakes are high but the practical traps are way more fun and creative. With wires, tricks, chains, a puppet and the classic pig head, this film will leave you a with a smile on your face.
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They've still got it!
jtindahouse4 November 2017
Even though people rarely admit it, the 'Saw' series has been one of the highest quality horror series ever made. 'Jigsaw' is the eighth entry in the series and there is still yet to be a bad film made amongst them. Some are undoubtedly better than others, but I defy you to point me out one that is inherently bad. I also defy you to show me another horror series (even any type of series at all is rare) that has maintained quality across that many films. That's why I was so happy that 'Jigsaw' was a brilliant movie, because if they had come back seven years later only to put forward a bad film for the sake of making money it would have ruined everything. Luckily that was not the case though.

While this one does follow the formula used in all the past films, it also feels quite unique in a number of ways. The original seven films were all set within a very tight time-frame. This one of course is pushing ten years into the future. This adds layers of intrigue to the proceedings, because how could 'Jigsaw' be committing these crimes when he died all those years back? And you just know they're going to have a brilliant answer to that question.

As far as the traps go in this one, I'm not too sure how I feel. None of them were bad, however none of them really blew me away either. My favourite one (without giving away any spoilers) was actually the most simple one in the film involving a gun. The psychology behind that one is what I loved. I love when these films aren't afraid to be intelligent.

The twist in this one also caught me completely off-guard. I've heard people say they weren't entirely convinced by it and felt that the film cheated, however I disagree. Nothing is off limits coming in a 'Saw' movie. You have to know that going in. Altogether I absolutely loved this film and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is in anyway interested in the genre.
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"extremely disappointing" is not saying enough
aldendsouza30 November 2017
How can you guarantee that your movie will leave as many people disappointed as possible? You create a sequel to what was an amazing franchise and then create something so kitch, so tasteless, a movie that leaves the audience struggling to relate because you put no effort into making anything of the movie even a little bit believable. I strongly believe these kinds of lazy productions should be discouraged. The bar for what gets screened is already way too low as it is.
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Jigsaw is Back....!!!!!?
SameirAli25 October 2017
October 26, 2017 Middle East Premiere Dubai

It's been 10 years since the death of John Kramer known as the Jigsaw. But, some bodies are discovered, the investigation leads to the conclusion that Kramer is back...!! Now, the Officials are chasing the dead.

Saw released in 2004 was one of the best Gore, Slasher Suspense Horror Thrillers. After the completion of film school, Director James Wan with his friend Leigh Whannell wanted to make a short film, but limitations hold their hands. Hence, they decided to make something that has limited location, actors etc. This short film of 9 minutes gave green signal to the Saw movie. But, the franchise was rated straight down from Part 1 to 7.

This movie is from the Directors of Predestination (2014), Spierig Brothers... hold on, don't expect much. But, if you are a fan of Saw film, you can take a breath. Definitely this is not as bad as the previous installments.

Mostly, a cocktail of the previous films. The beginning was really good, it had hope and expectations about the movie. This dropped soon. But, managed to pick up towards the end.
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mikesnppr9 January 2018
Very disappointing. Not only they rehashed many ideas from the previous movies, but the final reveal was also done SEVERAL times in the previous saws.

I won't go into details because of spoilers, but every time some plot twist happened in the movie I was like "Wait, they already did that in Saw X". In fact, I since I saw all the Saws (pun intended) I was able to correctly guess what the final reveal will be because like I said, they already done it before.

And most of the traps were just plain dumb, some of them giving a lot of room for cheating, which broke the immersion for me, because the "gamers" were acting like idiots who for some reason switched their brains off and walked into them like sheep. Other traps required pretty much clairvoyance from the Jigsaw, because to set up them the way they went, he would have to see the fricking future.

Early Saws used to be great, but this movie, and several previous ones, are just plain bad and the franchise needs to be put to rest at this point. And if the decide to make another one, just don't rehash the same stuff over and over and over again.
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Where the hell is Hoffman and dr gordon ?
theromanempire-122 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Saw the previous films always explained what happened and the reasons.

this is the first in theory sequel and prequel movie which ignores the fans by not explain them three important things.

(few spoilers ahead)

1) what happened to Hoffman. did he died or he escaped ?

2) what happened to dr Gordon and the two guys who helped him to capture Hoffman.

3) how is possible for jigsaw's grave to NOT have jigsaw in it ?

we saw clearly jigsaw dead in part 3 and part 4. they even opened his head in part 4 and now we see in present day his grave empty ?

I was really furious as they did not really connected this film with saw 7 but it was more of a reboot than a real sequel.

it had gore the saw formula but by now it gets repetitive.

so what's next ?

so jigsaw would have another pupil before logan ?

they need to make a lst movie which will have Gordon and Hoffman in it and wrap up the jigsaw stories once and for all.

grade // C
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Better be the last one !!!
KrazyJoke6 November 2017
So Jigsaw the new gory horror movie is out and I said hey let's give it a try it had a great trailer with a great soundtrack and some ugly traps!!

But don't get convicted by the great trailer the movie doesn't have much too offer , it was a mess from start to the end and mostly at the end.... So yeah I won't spoil anything ill just say that the end was just pure garbage! The final sequence was one of the worst worst ending ever !!! I just don't get how dumb the last sequence was and how could a director not had a minute to make it better .... the plot twist at the end was fine but still it was ruined by that awful last sequence. The deaths weren't really good expect maybe one or two. It wasn't scary at all.... but it still had some really awesome traps! The acting was just fine for some .... so overall it pretty bad ...... just like the whole series.(expect for the first one and maybe the second one) so yeah don't watch it don't waste some money on it like I did. Watch a scary movie at home with your family you will have a better time and you'll save money !!
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Jigsaw copy or not?
MWStallard3 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Right I am a big fan of this franchise... A real big fan so that when I was at the school I even made a film that is inspired by the franchise... Even though I am not proud of the film considering it was tight on budget and time Eventually it was shown at numerous film festivals around the world because it was catchy, commercial and current..

So last week after seeing Jigsaw I was shocked to see my plot being turned into feature length script,shot and presented to me in the cinema...

Some might call this as plot similarity which I doubt... As even the writers made the same mistakes as I did... ( Those flat characters in Jigsaw... In a short film I had limited time to establish a character anyway )

Secondly Both mine and Jigsaw twists the time... Which is the main similarity... Which means the bodywork of the films are literally the SAME...

Second thing to note is at first those bucket heads did not mean a lot to me... Why they were there to begin with... Until I spot the first similarity about the plot...

Literally my work is inspired from ice bucket challenge... So you now know where those bucket heads are coming from...

Interesting coincidence one might even doubt if it is a coincidence or an indirect COPY & PASTE product...

you can check my short on youtube under Game Of Death Terms & Conditions short film if you are a writer it would be easy for you to understand the similarities...

let me know what you think...
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furlough11 November 2017
Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for ten years. as have the people in the game.. but the bodies they keep finding are fresh kills.. a major plot hole... Really really really major let down.. it thought it was pg13 with the lack of gore.. that's right saw without gore.. lame in the end and over all..
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brings nothing new to the table purely made for money
kaefab1 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am giving it a 3 and it does not deserve more.

The movie brings absolutely nothing new to the table, and is made like a huge flashback.

Its story driven but its largely forgettable in the end and very boring in some parts.

The Saw series should have ended with the last SAW 3d movie.

This pushes the envelop to far, like the red head pathologist who re created all of the gadget and has a special lounge with them. Its all geared toward 2 suspect but you know its not them.

The death scene are nothing original, if you seen saw movies you seen them too.

It does not feel like a Saw movie at all, the ambiance and everything.

This movie could have gone directly to video not sure why it got a theatrical release.

All in all i really hope this was the last SAW movie, everything as been done with this franchise.
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As a die hard Saw fan I enjoyed :D
kokosnootfilms30 October 2017
As a die-hard Saw fan I was really hyped for the eighth installment. I had high expectations. Once I watched the movie, I realized: Do I like it? When the movie was half way through I did not understand most parts, but later I found out how the plot worked and stuff. The plot twist at the end is cool (not the best) and I did not see it coming. I was kind of disappointed though when I went home. Once in bed I started puzzling all pieces together end I found out the plot was actually pretty good! I liked the movie and it was fun to watch. It is not the best Saw movie, but A lot better than Saw 7 (Saw the final chapter). If you are a big Saw fan just like me, go watch it! You will probably like it :D
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big disappointment
getit_right1 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
i was really hyped for a new saw film. and it disappointed me in every possible way

-no gore, -no reference to previous characters, when we learn that amanda or Hoffman are the new disciples of kramer, we kinda have a meaningful introduction that comes from a previous movie. here the twist is obvious 10 mins into the movie -even jigsaw sounds weird, he speaks too freaking much, it looked like every time he spoke it was a dialogue made by an amateur, not in the nice mysterious creepy way as in the previous films. the robotic dialogue through the whole movie is almost cringe worthy -awful, obvious traps
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