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jahaugh12 January 2014
I am a huge fan of The Good Wife. The strengths of this show are its acting, style, character development, and ability to juggle many plot lines at once. Through the years, I have never grown tired of the show, and haven't missed an episode.

That said, I think this episode lacked imagination. Rowby Canton depicted as a ditzy musician was probably intended as comic relief, but it was a rather hackneyed and tiresome characterization. Musicians the world over were probably cringing through this episode, since professional musicians are well acquainted with the ins and outs of copyright infringement.

I agree with another reviewer's comments about the unbelievability of Marilyn's naïveté as well, as well as Kalinda's tryst with someone so obviously deceptive. It is undoubtedly difficult to come up with ways to make use of an intriguing character like Kalinda, who was, for many viewers, a huge reason to continue watching. But it's necessary to maintain her credibility, something that got damaged during the ongoing saga of her ex-husband. It would make sense, for instance, to call into question what she ever did to be rid of him forever.

Please stay strong and smart in your character development, Good Wife show runners. You've done better.
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Good as an idea but not so well executed
ciffou6 January 2014
This was a well done episode, but it just doesn't match the others we have seen so far during the course of this season. To return with it seems like an odd choice. They went to hiatus with a party and as a "Good Wife" fan, I'm used to watching it unfold in several, unexpected ways. I guess it was too expensive to have all the guest stars reunited yet again.

It was good to see the "Glee" scandal but it alone couldn't sustain the whole episode. It eventually got boring. But all and all, I have to applaud the guy playing Ryan Murphy. He was dead on.

I have to agree with some of the comments I have found on the threads before: the whole Marilyn thing doesn't make much sense, especially because the way she was introduced - she would right away understand the seriousness of the whole thing. She was not supposed to be this dumb.

Not a fan of Damian, but I guess that's good since he's helping Will to become the obnoxious guy he's turning into (I'm glad though that someone reminded Diane about her decision to leave). But Jenna is supposed to seem like a riddle - she's not. She's not likable at all and I don't get how Kalinda would invest so much time on someone like her in the first place.
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