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from drug dealing to a brutal revenge survival flick
trashgang28 November 2016
I came across this one because I liked Don't Breathe (2016) people said well there's another one in that style to watch but hasn't got the publicity the other one had. So i picked it up.

It starts rather as a flick about dealing in drugs and living underground to earn money so John (Josh Stewart) and his girlfriend Rosie (Alex Essoe) can leave it all behind and go to start a new life. Until that point this flick is not delivering but of course on day they got a visit from their neighbor.

From there on this flick suddenly turns into a brutal flick were it doesn't matter who's face is smashed to bits, girl or boy. I can't go too deep into the story or I would spoil it all but you just doesn't see it coming how this flick turns into a horror suspense flick.

Excellent flick, don't bother about the characters not being evolved, this is all about surviving.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
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Just how well do you know your neighbors?...
paul_haakonsen29 September 2016
The 2016 movie titled "The Neighbor" starts out fairly slow and doesn't really progress much at any kind of speed, right up until Rosie sees something through the binocular. But then the movie does kick up into an impressive gear, and leaves behind its former semi-boring pace.

Without going too much into detail about the actual storyline, I will just briefly summarize the movie. John and Rosie are planning to leave town in order to start a new and better life, when Rosie makes a gruesome discovery through a looking glass directed towards their neighbor. And when John comes home, Rosie is nowhere to be found...

What works out in "The Neighbor" is the way that director Marcus Dunstan constructed the movie and managed to build up a good atmosphere and a sense of dread throughout the course of the movie. There is a good flow to the storyline, once it kicks into gear.

And the acting in the movie was quite good, although you shouldn't expect any dramatic Shakespearian thespian performances though. But people did good with their roles and character, taking the genre and fairly simplistic storyline into consideration.

I will say that Josh Stewart (playing John) actually stood out among the acting talents in "The Neighbor", because he really carried the movie quite well.

However, the movie did suffer from an overshadowing predictability. You knew what would happen throughout the course of the movie, and you knew how it would end. To that point, it was somewhat of a disappointment, because "The Neighbor" didn't really bring anything new to the crime / thriller genre which hadn't already been seen countless times before.

"The Neighbor" is a good movie for an evening's worth of entertainment. However, I doubt that you will be putting the movie on a second time around, because once you have seen the movie, there just isn't enough meat on the bone to support more than a single viewing.
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Well-done thriller!
jdk-0462830 August 2017
This is a very well-done thriller, that got a lower rating than I think it deserves. Fine plot, good acting and great cinematography (minus the strange intro), all contribute to a great film. Just ignore the mediocre ratings, and rent this one. I was surprised at how fine a film this was. You'll be surprised too!
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Gets better every passing minute...
meghana-meggy20 September 2016
I finished watching The neighbor a few minutes ago and as of now(September 2016) I am not able to find a Wikipedia page dedicated to this movie, while even worse movies have their own Wikipedia page. Anyway, I decided to watch this movie solely based on its IMDb rating. Ans was I pleasantly surprised! I felt this movie needs to be watched by more people which is why I decided to write a review.

The first few minutes made me think it was going to be one of those movies with disappointing endings. But at half hour past the beginning, things began to turn and the ride got more and more exciting.

Positives: - Does not have too much gore like many other thrillers have. But still keeps u at edge of seat.

  • Strong female characters who are not just there for skin show and they are the kind who don't need a male knight in shining armor to save them as in many other thriller movies.

  • Does not have moments where people torture each other or give a long speech before killing them(no wiggle room for someone who's at gunpoint)

  • All the characters are grey characters. Not completely good or bad. Gives us chance to think who we are rooting for.

Negatives: - Lacks character development which helps keep the movie shorter

  • Had a weak start which can seem boring to some people.

Overall, it's an enjoyable movie.
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Don't Breathe light
Seth_Rogue_One24 November 2016
Won't win any awards for most original screenplay but it was still pretty well-made and for the more part fast-paced thriller (at least the second half).

'Don't Breathe' is one of my favorites so far of 2016 and this is a bit similar to that (a criminal couple vs a old guy) although not as great of course but still good enough. Imagine if Rob Zombie directed that movie then you kinda get the idea of what this is like.

To be fair though the director Marcus Duncstan is in no way copying that movie or anything and has made similar movies before with 'The Collector' and 'The Collection' on his resume.

Not without it's flaws but overall a gritty and cool flick that's well worth spending 80 minutes to watch.
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A solid thriller minus the cliches. Marcus Dunstan n Josh Stewart does it again.
Fella_shibby14 October 2016
Saw the trailer on YouTube while going thru horror movie trailers. I added it to my watchlist after knowing that Mark Dunstan (The Collector 1 n 2) is the director n Josh Stewart is the lead actor.

I am a big fan of these two.

The movie is a lil slow in the beginning but the end result is very satisfying. One may say it's predictable but it is a straightforward basic thriller without the clichés found in most horror movies.

The females in this film are not shown as weak n stupid.

Majority of the horror/thriller films got this stupid scene where after bashing the bad guy with jus one hit, the person starts fleeing without making sure that the bad guy is dead or not. At least they shud keep on bashing the bad guy while he is down.

Another stupid cliche is that whenever the bad guy is tied up, our survivors r busy chatting.

Glad that this movie doesn't hav these sorta stupid things.

The movie does hav lots of tension, suspense n brutal killings but no torture.

Another good aspect is the background music.

One may find this movie a lil similar to The Collector for its cat n mouse game, minus the traps. This movie has good shot gun scenes.

I hope they show more about the dirty job of the lead characters in the sequel.
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Just don't be stupid.
benreeper-061632 September 2018
It takes story-telling talent to keep a viewer entertained and in suspense when the viewer knows what the ending will be. The journey is what was important in this movie. There were no stupid twists. I'm a stickler for hating when characters do stupid things to move the plot along. This did not happen here. Even situations that you felt would lead to that did not happen. This movie was so satisfying, and his girlfriend was bad-ass.
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Not perfect, but still very good
jtindahouse8 October 2016
I'm a big fan of Marcus Dunstan. I'll never forget being in a hotel room late one night when a movie I'd never heard of called 'The Collector' came on, and I thought I'd give it a look. What followed were 90 of the most intense minutes I can remember seeing on film. While I still enjoyed 'The Neighbor', I can admit it didn't quite live up to those high standards. It's a fun premise, but instead of being tense from whoa to go, it has long sequences that are actually rather dull and hard to focus during. Those are really the only parts that let it down though, because the rest is excellent.

Josh Stewart fills the lead role again. I think he's an under-appreciated actor. He brings a tremendous intensity to a movie and manages to be likable, even when playing a crook (although often a crook who is the lesser of two evils). The main villain isn't quite as memorable as 'The Collector', hence the more toned down film title of 'The Neighbor'. I suspect that is what Dunstan was going for though. A more grounded and realistic story, while still keeping all the suspense of his previous films. He almost pulls it off to perfection and with some simple editing tweaks this could have been something very special. Alas it will have to settle for being an above average thriller.
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Possible slasher turned action/thriller
cjs654731 December 2016
There were many opportunities throughout the movie to make the 'neighbor' more mysterious, more freaky, and more cunning, but these were quickly abandoned in favor of a more clichéd criminal. That is my largest disappointment with this film. Otherwise, it worked well as an action/thriller.

The protagonists are caught up in a mob's smuggling operation, and they use a telescope to spy at people through the window. One day, the girlfriend (Who, I assume by the hero's subsequent panic is never supposed to leave the house) spots something incriminating and is nabbed by the neighbor. (Yes, this is the actual premise of the film, not the more innocent summaries I have read elsewhere. I don't know why they bother hiding the fact that their protagonists are criminals too).

So everybody, who is incidentally criminal, is trying to get one up on each other by sleuthing, tackling, slashing, shooting and your usual hijinks. The movie has good photography, good soundtrack, and is a bit gritty - kind of like the only quality everybody seems to need to survive.
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For fans of the genre
allpavel27 July 2020
The acting is at a good level, as is the camera work. The plot is quite standard. You will not be able to meet any unexpected plot twists. The film was created within the framework of the genre and performs in it at a quite good and solid level. Does not cause any negative emotions, but also joy. It is worth watching, but only for fans of the genre, while others do not need to.
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Not really impressed
Stevieboy6662 April 2020
Released in Britain as "The Neighbour" - slightly different spelling. This was screened on the Horror Channel but I would be hard pressed to call it a horror movie, more of a dark/action thriller with a few nods to the horror genre. Personally I found it slow and it just didn't do much for me. Instantly forgettable.
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Refreshingly misleading amazement
DominaTroy7 September 2016
This film is one of the most refreshing thrillers I have seen in a while. I am going to be vague in my review as I don't want to spoil anything, and on that note, I watched this movie after watching 4 seconds of the trailer. Anchor Bay, small town, weird neighbor and thriller was enough to get me on the viewing wagon. The Neighbor takes you on a series of twists and turns, mostly being character developments and plot lines. The film I started watching was not the same as the film I ended watching, which I must say I have not seen done by a director or film writer in a while. I recommend this film HIGHLY for anyone who likes mysteries, thrillers, horror movies, and action. The cinematography was also impeccable as well as the soundtrack and film score. Everything came together perfectly in this puzzle.
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Very decent, sadly too short
immaeatya3 November 2016
First off, this movie definitely has some similarities to the Collector and the Collection in terms of plot and style, so if those weren't for you then chances are you won't enjoy this. I enjoyed all three.

That said, the Neighbor does go down its own path as the movie progresses and offers something a little different. The movie took its time getting started, but did a good job introducing us to the characters and their situation (even got a little bit of background on Troy and his sons, which was neat) so it's not really a complaint. The actors did a good job, Josh Stewart and director Marcus Dunstan make a great pair.

My biggest and frankly only gripe about the Neighbor is that once the action took off it got really fast-paced, which wouldn't have been a bad thing if not for the fact that the movie itself is so short. The ending felt sudden and a little too easy, would've loved to have had another 10-15 minutes of intense cat-and-mouse to even out the experience.
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Nailbiting Roller-coaster Ride Horror -Thriller!!!
dixit-2228 August 2016
Am so privileged to see this movie at UK fright festival..I was really looking forward and very much interested to see this movie from the day the trailer got released because of the director which he directed great out of the box horror movies the collector and the collection..Coming to the movie The neighbor, It will keep us engaged from the Opening credits till the end with super strong performances from Josh Stewart, Luke Edwards,Alex Essoe and background score has taken the movie to other level..Marcus Dunstan again proved why he is the best director when it comes to horror/thriller genre..A wonderful horror-thriller movie that should not be missed at any cost!!!
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Massively underrated..less dialogue is more! Refreshing to see a Southern villain without the Confederate flag...
midocm-154-9209776 January 2017
More of a quick thought summary after just watching it a few minutes ago than a professional astro turf review (apologise for bad English as it is not my 1st language):

This movie proves why IMDb ratings are a joke for any genre outside of Drama and non-slapstick Comedy movies. Amazed the budget was so low for this project.

My expectations were lowered thinking it to be an average gore flick. The movie draws you in and you care for the characters.. hardly any overacting, females are shown to be neither completely weak damsels nor Mary Sue Goddesses .. they got the balance right and reactions were very realistic. Pretty cool concept well executed and not butchered by the ending as happens so often. Although very subtle we find out towards the end that there are more layers to what meets the eye. Hope they make a sequel as they left room for it.

My only complain is that they could've upped the violence a BIT (not too much like Eli Roth) as it is more of a thriller. The duration is perfect - no point watching a 100-120 minute movie, too much downside with that route.

Finally - even though I am not a Yank or even political - thank you for not taking any ethnic swipes towards Southerners in general as happens so often in Hollywood.

Big Thank you to Director, actors and everyone who was involved with the project. Perfect Friday night movie given the budget :)
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Omg stop feeding us this lame tripe
jeanpirise12 October 2016
This film is about nothing, it's slow, it's atmospheric but it takes forever to film a wall....there's no story, the dialogue is abysmal, the acting laughable...the machismo is both abysmal and laughable. Please stop giving us just terrible quality....movies these days have gone down the toilet...they're worthless. I spent like an hour on this snoozefest for children...l mean it's not for children but the maturity level is such....just saddening. What is wrong with Hollywood these days? Is it piracy? Do they only get a million instead of many millions? Is there not enough millions? Can they only buy like one yacht? Is that it? Is it not enough? Seriously...
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A part of my soul died for wasting time.
sentinelswarm20 September 2016
This movie is beyond GARBAGE! I cannot even fathom how someone gets financial backing to make a film like this. The plot is completely laughable and unlike some other reviewers I never saw a moment that was "suspenseful". Whenever they tried to set up a scene that was supposed to make the viewer tense, nervous (whatever they were trying for)it was completely predictable. One could simply get up take a phone call, grab something to eat and come back and still be able to know what is going on.I gave this a score of 1 star for the mere fact you cannot rate lower

Don't waste your time with this drivel.
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guy from "the collector" plays basically the same guy in basically the same movie
schumacher-m39 January 2019
The neighbor is also directed by marcus dunstan, so it comes as no surprise that it is eerily similar to the collector. they say everything moves slower in the south and this movie certainly does a good job proving that point, however once you get to the main plot it doesn't disappoint. it does a relatively good job at keeping the viewers attention, and moving quickly unlike the first half of the film which was slighty more of a crime-drama than a horror film. which let's face it like many others i came into this film prepared to watch blood splat and wasn't truly satisfied till about the half way point.

overall, not a bad film at all definitely worth a watch. basically can be summed up as "the collector; but in the south"
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Not a horror movie
scottandmelindaever19 August 2018
Pretty good movie a thriller not a horror, kept me entertained however I'll never look at Bill Engvall the same. Not a role I expected from a comedian but he played it pretty well.
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Excellent indie thriller with surprising performance from Bill Engvall of all people
bhester080621 July 2021
This is a true blue edge of your seat thriller. It picks up about mid way and doesn't slow down until the final credits roll.

I was hesitant when I saw Engvall's name on the cast. I mean he's an okay comedian but as a drama/series actor ? Turns out he does an excellent job and pairs great opposite of the stoic Josh Stewart.

Really a well shot thrilling gem of a movie. Check it out.
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I thought it was well done
ryanlion-3851413 July 2021
It was nice to see the main actor in a different role beside like The Perfect Storm and others of that time. He reminds me of Clint Eastwood alot. Also, his walk especially towards the end is exactly like Boo Radley (Dustin Hoffman hard to believe) in To Kill A Mockingbird. It could also pass as Michael Meyers walk, hell should of casted him. I thought everything about this was pretty well done. A couple of things bothered me like I thought he could of conveyed a little more emotion, instead he was always calm. I mean when his wife was kinda being a you know what, even when he was trying to make things right was a little off putting. I would have at least got mad or said I am trying here. Also, how he just enters the house after being separated. I mean shoot this guy was captain of breaking and entering. It was pretty slow, but didn't make you feel let down. Same goes for the end at least for me. I most of the time hate endings, because rarely they're good. For this one I think I was just happy it was still halfway believable. A few loose ends. Definitely some clichés, but like some have said what horror or thrillers don't have them. Some viewers were probably let down that it was more of a suspense thriller than a horror flick. Now for the more of the good things. I just liked how it was simple. I liked how it was credible, at least to certain point. I thought the sublot if you wanna call it that, with the son, was a great idea. It gave you cringy feeling. It was predicable there and in other parts, but again as is most in the genre. I thought all the actors nailed their roles. It will keep your attention and liked that the lighting and camera angles were good. Not these fancy cuts or shaky cam we are getting often now. I think they did great, especially when I looked at the half mill budget. A little more pace is all, or maybe it was because it took a while to get there. Either way I still recommend this film.
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Remnicient of several different films, but it works for me!
dainamariebradley15 May 2021
Suspense! Not an Oscar contender but I don't often enjoy those anyway. Actors are amazing, along with the director. The surreal atmosphere and music score lend this some wow factor. Way above average thriller experience if you're into this type of movie. I certainly am! I found it to be very satisfactory. Popcorn time!
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tnshocksmile14 February 2021
It's good, it's bad, it's all of the below. Trash slash smart thriller. I kept me enthralled and I liked it.
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Charlie Clouser's brooding score is a sinisterly sinuous electronic delight!
Weirdling_Wolf7 January 2021
After a delightfully aesthetic Super-8 shot intro we descend with alacritous dispatch into writer/director Marcus Dunstan's the increasingly murky, expressly voyeuristic travails of married couple Rosie (Alex 'Starry Eyes' Esso) & John (Josh 'The Punisher' Stewart) as our prettified protagonists learn somewhat sanguineously that an ill-judged curiosity into a naughty neighbour's private shizz-nez can most certainly waylay more than a domestic cat! John, stoic ex-army type, currently a reluctant dope runner for his hilariously archetypal B-Movie uncle Neil (Skipp Sudduth) has his long-cherished plans of their secretly absconding to a Mexican sea-fronted idyll royally snafued by his wife's errant interest in the palpably nefarious activities of furtive neighbour Troy (Bill Engvall). With all the character's so lightly sketched, 'The Neighbour' plays more like an lightning-paced, coal-black, hardboiled Graphic novel, with each rapid altercation dazedly begetting a no less breakneck chase through the labyrinthine, criminal underworld Rose & Tom become so violently and inexorably engulfed by! This garrotte-tight, steel-thewed thriller plays like an off-center, amphetamine-dosed 'Blood Simple' with myriad, morally dubious characters suddenly going at one another's swarthy throat's like frothing, blood-maddened pit bulls, while I wasn't especially drawn to any of them, the frequently muscular, dark-hearted film's savage, hate-fuelled impetus forcefully maintained my sprightly interest throughout and rude mood maker Charlie Clouser's brooding score is a sinisterly sinuous electronic delight!
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Not a bad Thriller
misanthr0pist18 October 2020
The neighbour is a slow burn, but well-paced thriller that takes place in rural America, where a couple finds their Neighbor commuting kidnap-for-ransom. Think of something like 'The Collector' which Josh Stewart is also cast in.

The first intro to the neighbour is near perfect, creates a tense atmosphere, and leaves you guessing what he's up to

The score sets the tone of the movie incredibly; and is probably my favourite aspect of this film.

The setting of this movie makes a lot more sense than something like "The Collector" as The Neighbor is set in a rural town. Less Pele means those people can get away with more. While an underground lair full of women-for-ransom doesn't make much sense; it's more believable than it occuring in a suburban street.

Josh Stewart does a great job with the lead as usual; though I think the show is stolen by the antagonist, played by Bill Engvall. An extremely convincing performance.

Only draw backs are the choppy editing, and even choppier slow-mo scenes, and the awful comic-book-esque punch sound effects.

Overall an entertaining thriller, with solid acting and an semi-interesting story.
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