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  • Desperate to help Kieran, Camille insists on an unconventional treatment, but her good intentions lead Kieran to a violent episode. After Klaus and Elijah disagree over the best way to handle the Crescent Wolves, Elijah makes a trip to the bayou, where he is witness to a horrific explosion that only adds to the hatred and mistrust among the communities. While Jackson and Elijah work to save the wounded, Hayley learns a surprising piece of her family history from Marcel.


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  • begins with Father Keiran at the communion rail saying a prayer as another priest blesses him and prepares to give him communion. Then the hallucinations start. Hes really in the attic with Cami and Josh. The witch hallucination tries to get him to drink the wine, but he shoves her away. But he really shoved Cami as she tries to give him some water. Cami and Josh try to talk him down, but he grabs Josh, thinking hes Sean, and tells him there are monsters in the city. Trust me, I know, says Josh. Cami thinks she might have a way to save Uncle Kieran.

     looks for the grimoire, but Elijah hid it from naughty little fingers! Klaus tells him he thought he would be happy that hes trying to help the wolves, since helping them also helps Hayley and the baby, but it doesnt move him to give him the grimoire. At least not yet!

    Cami talks to Marcel, who offers his help, but she turns him down. Josh arrives with a doctor, who doesnt look too happy when he sees the condition Father Kieran is in. Marcel call Klaus and asks him to help Cami. Meanwhile, Josh is compelling the doctor to help Father Kieran and forget all the talk about vampires and stuff. Cami tells the doctor she wants to use shock treatment to help reboot her Uncles brain.

    Eve is helping Hayley with her breathing exercises in the bayou house. Hayley is more concerned about being a mom rather than the pain of labor. Elijah comes to talk to her and she finds out that Jackson is making a deal with Klaus about the moonlight rings. Oliver tells her and Elijah things are under control. Then they hear a motorcycle roaring up.

    The guy wants to talk to the leader. Elijah senses the explosive on the bike and grabs the guy right as it explodes. Everybody is knocked to the ground from the explosion. A child stands over her father, writhing in pain. Hayley hands her to Jackson and she kneels down with Elijah to examine the mans wound. Turns out the explosives had wolfsbane. Hayley goes to another downed member and puts a tourniquet on her leg to stop the bleeding until she can heal herself.

    Hayley, thinking the attack was from Marcel, grabs a stake and goes off to find him.

    Back in the church attic, Cami is getting ready to put the electrodes to Father Kierans temples when Klaus arrives. Cami isnt exactly sure whether to be happy or mad. She tells him shes going to do it whether Klaus thinks she should or not.

    Hayleys Mustang hurtles to find Marcel. She calls Elijah and tells him that shell be back. Elijah sees the other bombs around the camp and tells everything to take cover, but the warning is too late and bodies fly everywhere.

    In the attic, the shock seems to have helped Father Kieran for a few seconds. Klaus asks to have a word with Cami. In the church he tells her things arent going to end well, but she doesnt want to give up on her Uncle. Hes all she has.

    Back out in the bayou, bodies are hurt, dying, or dead, everywhere. Eve is trapped under a camper and Elijah lifts it so she can get out. She never triggered the werewolf gene, so she doesnt turn and she also cant heal herself.

    Hayley storms into the bar brandishing her stake and confronts Diego, demanding to know where Marcel is hiding. Diego gives the address.

    In the attic, Father Kieran has an outburst and tries to attack the doctor, but hes shackled to the chair. He gets his left arm free and bites off his thumb. Yuck!

    Hayley phones Klaus to tell him whats been going on. Klaus is upset and tells her she needs to keep out of trouble. She lies and tells him that shes with Elijah.

    Jackson, Elijah, and Oliver are with Eve. Elijah wants to give her some of his blood to try and heal her.

    Hayley gets to Marcels, and he denies any involvement in the bombing. He says the guy on the motorcycle had gambling debts at the human casino, so the humans may be behind the attack. She asks him if he killer her parents. He offers her money to leave and tells her that her parents died from in-fighting among the wolves. He rescued her as a baby from her crib and took her to Father Kieran. Marcel tells her she can leave New Orleans and start over somewhere else, but she tells him that this is her home. She leaves and doesnt take the money.

    Father Kieran lies in bed near death. Klaus plunges his hand into his check to stimulate his heart, but he tells Cami her Uncle doesnt have long to live. She asks him to turn her Uncle. Reluctantly, Klaus gives him some of his blood. Father Kierans heart stops and he dies. Now the transition will begin.

    In the church, Cami tells Klaus shes worried how Father Kieran will react when he realizes hes a vampire. Klaus tells her he has to leave, but she asks him if he will stay awhile longer and he agrees.

    Out in the bayou, Jackson helps the others take care of the wounded. He tells Elijah he just wants to help keep Hayley and her baby safe.

    Klaus and Cami watch as Father Kieran wakes up. The hex seems to be gone. Then Klaus tells him what happened. Cami apologizes. She wasnt ready to let him go. He says hed rather die than be a vampire. He asks to speak to Cami in private. Cami thanks Klaus for his kindness as he leaves them alone.

    Eve wakes up and Oliver tells her she should complete the curse so shell heal. Then he confesses to what he did. He was the one responsible for the explosion. She tells him theyll kill him if they find out what he did. Oliver picks up a pillow and smothers Eve. Now nobody will find out.

    Father Kieran is giving Cami some of his books and tells her she has to leave. He cant find the key that he kept around his neck, so he tells her she has to find it. They hug and he kisses her, and he says not to look back as she leaves him. Tears stream down her face as she leaves.

    Hayley, Jackson, and Elijah are with Eves dead body as they hear Oliver riling up the werewolves outside, making a play to dethrone Jackason as Alpha so he can take his place and also to get rid of Hayley. Elijah tells her trouble is coming.

    Father Kieran, in his priestly robes, prays. Klaus goes to Genevieve and asks if she and the witches were responsible for the attack on the wolves. She asks if he thinks shes really that kind of a monster. Then she realizes that he does. She says it wasnt her, and the hex will return even if Father Kieran finishes his transition into a vampire.

    True to her word, the hex returns to Father Kierans hand as his hallucinations begin again. The witch that hexed him tells him he has to complete the curse. He grabs a knife and puts it to his throat to slit his throat, but she tells him he has to complete it by making a sacrifice. He has to kill Cami. Father Kieran, no longer locked in the attic by a boundary spell, steps over the threshhold of the room, a crazy glint in his eyes as he heads for Cami.

    Cami lights a candle and cries as Father Kieran comes up behind her to kill her. She jumps off the balcony, the same place where Klaus threw Tim from, as Father Kieran comes after her. He comes down to the church as Cami tries to get away, but he flings her into a pew, then grabs her by the hair and raises the knife. Klaus grabs him and snaps his neck, then cradles him in his arms. You deserve better than this, he says as he stakes Father Kieran. Now he is finally at peace. Klaus tells Cami it was never about keeping Father Kieran alive. It was always about giving Cami time to say goodbye.

    Klaus calls Marcel and pardons him long enough to come and help bury Father Kieran. He also wants him to come back and comfort Cami, telling him that when she woke up she called his name. If only she had called Klaus name. Anyway, Marcel comes and embraces Cami as she cries for her now dead Uncle.

    In the bayou, Hayley watches Oliver creating a frenzy among the wolves.

    In the bar, Marcel asks if Josh was able to get the key from around Father Kierans neck. Josh hands him the key. He wanted it to help keep Cami safe. Shes not ready for what will come next.

    Back at the compound, Elijah gives Klaus the grimoire. He tells Klaus mayhem is upon them and if hes going to choose a side, hes going to choose his. They clink glasses and drink to their success.

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