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MPAA Rated R for intense sequences of disturbing violence and terror

Sex & Nudity

  • Some heavy smooching early on, and a couple more instances later.
  • Mild innuendo
  • The film starts with a pregnant woman and her husband as they talk about briefly about their baby and her birth. She says that last time he gave her a present she ended up with a baby.
  • A book shows a drawing of a naked man. It takes up a small part of the screen, shows little detail, and lasts a fraction of a second.

Violence & Gore

  • A pregnant woman is stabbed in the side of her belly by a cult leader. A little blood. Apparently it isn't very deep. She and her baby survive.
  • After a cult leader attacks a pregnant lady she sits on the floor in pain as her husband fights him off, he then fights off the cult leaders girlfriend and pushes her against a wall and starts beating her, she slits her throat open offscreen and we see it bleed into the doll, the cult leader gets shot by police.
  • A woman hears screaming in the neighbors house, we see in the neighbors window blood splatter across the wall and a woman chase after another and it goes away from the shot implying the women died, what happened is revealed in annebelle: creations
  • The film follows a worn looking, antique wooden bride doll with wide eyes, splotchy and cracked facial "skin" and red, cracked cheeks with what appears to be blood or splotched paint on one cheek; the grinning lips becomes larger and redder throughout the movie.
  • A woman finds a large doll in an armchair and screams, "What do you want from me?" then picks up the doll and smashes it several times on a metal crib, but the doll is undamaged; the woman sees her baby lying face-up and apparently dead in the doorway and grabs her, crying before the baby changes into a laughing doll and we hear loud prolonged laughing.
  • A woman takes a doll to a window ledge and leans backward; the camera cuts to an aerial view of her body lying face up and dead on the sidewalk in a huge pool of blood, holding the hand of the doll lying beside her.
  • A woman smells something and goes to the kitchen to find all electric stove burners on and the whole room in flames and she falls onto her pregnant belly; the camera cuts to her lying in a hospital bed and we hear that she is fine, but needs to have complete bed rest before she has the baby.
  • Some force blows a woman away from a window and we see the hem of a gown fly around a doorway and into a hallway and the woman follows it and sees a small child standing in a nursery before the child runs at her, changing into an adult woman who screams and forces the first woman into a corner, crying.
  • An antique doll stands up by itself in a shadow, grows to the size of a child, then grows into a woman and we see a black devil's face with red eyes behind her.
  • A priest takes a large doll away from a husband and his wife and takes them to his church in his car; we hear static and a growling voice coming from the radio the radio and it shouts, "May God have mercy on your soul!"; when the priest walks in the door of the church, an unseen power blows him and the doll back out, smashing them to the sidewalk, as a woman watches and picks up the doll and the priest lies face up in a large pool of blood and the camera cuts to a hospital corridor where two nuns talk outside a patient room and we hear that the priest is a patient; we see him in bed in a hospital with IVs of blood and a clear liquid and he opens his eyes to tell a doctor that the doll he took is evil (his eyes are bloodshot-red and his face is splotchy).
  • A woman takes her baby out of her pram outside her building, the baby buggy rolls into the street, and a huge green truck smashes it.
  • A demon impersonates a priest and goes to an apartment where he stands with his back turned to an apartment door; a woman opens the door after hearing very loud pounding and the priest shouts at the camera with red eyes, a splotchy red face and a deep roaring voice, "May God have mercy on your soul!"
  • A stereo switches itself on with very loud music.
  • A man puts a doll in a trashcan outside and when he and his wife move to a new city, they find the doll in a packing box; the woman decides to keep it and loud stomping sounds begin to occur in the apartment above them along with loud whispers in hallways when the woman is alone.
  • We see large police photos on a desk of a man and a woman killed at home and we see two walls of a bedroom splashed almost solidly in blood, with a woman on the bed and her clothing bloody while the man lies in a pool of blood with blood on his shirt; a mark on one wall matches a mark a woman later sees on her arm.
  • A pregnant woman sews at home and the machine needle hits her finger and we see blood as she grunts, "Ouch."
  • In several scenes, we see a teen girl as an adult after her death walking through a house in the background behind a woman and a baby who live there.


  • 7 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, God Knows What, Please God) and exclamations (Oh my gosh).
  • Name-calling (crazy and shrink).
  • Stereotypical references to men, women, pregnant women, Catholic priests, doctors, police detectives, the haunted, believers and skeptics.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Barely
  • A TV reporter mentions drug use by the Charles Manson Family in connection with murders.
  • A bottle of wine is shown on a dinner table.
  • A half-full wine is seen with an empty glass.
  • A woman drinks a little from the glass of wine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Annabelle itself is very scary-looking and frightening
  • Some jump moments.
  • Only a few dead bodies, but blood is shown.
  • Bloody crime scene photos.
  • A man is thrown across the pavement by a ghostly force.

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