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David S does it again
El_Ingeniero18 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Obra 67 is a small gem. The trio of actors who carries the film does a great job in my opinion, and for me the only weak part is where *SPOILER* is when the crazy guy's secret is discovered; it's too cliché and I think it does not suit the realistic and almost melancholic tone of the rest of the film *END OF SPOILER*. Until this part, the film deserves a solid 7. The end raises the level of the story back up again. Of course, Dechent shows again what an amazing actor is, and David S tells another story with traces of Tarantino and reminds me of the main plot of ​​Tough Guys (1986); it definitely remains in the memory of the viewer. Favourite scenes? Dechent in the nightclub and Pandy and Cerdy!
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