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Sex & Nudity

  • Matt mentions to Foggy about hearing a little girl crying one night because she was being sexually abused by her father. This is only mentioned
  • Not very much sexual content whatsoever. Some references and mild love scenes is about as explicit as it gets.
  • Episode 2: It is mentioned that a young boy is kidnapped with the intention of being sold into human trafficking.
  • Episode 3: It is mentioned that a woman is being blackmailed.
  • Episode 7: Some sexual references such as "looking up girlies' skirts" and "burying stress between a model's thighs".
  • Episode 8: A man and woman are seen in a bed under covers.
  • Episode 11: It is implied that a character has a one night stand with his ex.
  • Episode 12: A woman is shown in the shower. You can see the side of her body from her calf to her head. We then see her bare shoulders from a view in the shower.
  • Season 2
  • Episode 1: Foggy mentions having a one night stand.
  • Episode 2: A man is seen in only his boxers for a scene.
  • Episode 4: Sensual scene where Karen and Matt kiss, he rubs her arms and she begins breathing heavily.
  • Episode 5:Matt and Karen kiss passionately for about a minute.
  • Sex Scene showing a woman taking a man's shirt off then her own and is seen topless from the back, the side of her breast can be fully seen from a side shot, heavy breathing and moaning, close ups of their upper bodies and faces in ecstasy. No Boobs are shown..
  • Matt is shown kissing two different women throughout the episode.
  • Episode 6: Matt undresses in the car.
  • Episode 7: Two prostitutes walk out of a man's bedroom in scantily clad outfits.
  • Episode 8: Matt is shown in just his boxers.

Violence & Gore

  • A prisoner stabbed a guard a few times on the neck in an intense prison scene, blood can be seen.
  • Everything with the punisher is extremely violent and brutal.
  • In episode 4 season 1, a man is brutally beaten by another man who is more physically dominating. He is then brutally killed by having his head smashed repeatedly by a car door until he is beheaded.
  • This show is incredibly violent, containing very brutal fighting, beatings, stabbing, torture and death. Violent scenes often contain blood trickling, flowing, or flying, with some scenes containing gore. Fight scenes are incredibly realistic.
  • Season 1
  • Episode 4: Two bloodied men are seen, obviously having already been tortured, in a Russian prison. Later in the episode two men inject a comatose patient with Epinephrine, while doing so handle him roughly. A young man is seen scared and bloodied, having previously been beaten for information. A woman is kidnapped by two men while being interrogated. A man's head is smashed with a car door. While the actual act is not seen, a lot of blood is spilled and you can see parts of brain matter falling out of the head and being washed off.
  • Episode 7: A man has his hand and head chopped off. Only the hand is seen being chopped off. You see the stump for about 5 seconds. When the head is chopped off, you only see a lot of blood splattering on a wall. Outside of that, the episode was very tame overall, just a lot of kung-fu fisticuffs throughout.
  • Episode 10: Matt Murdock has a bloodied, lacerated, swollen face as well as stitches and bruises on his body throughout the episode. It is mentioned that a man raped his daughter and got away with it so Daredevil hunts him down and defeats him.
  • Episode 12: Some hand-to-hand combat scenes. The body of a man who has been shot several times is seen, the front of his shirt bloodied. A man punches another man in the face until he is unconscious. A man is strangled by another man.
  • Season 2 contains a character who murders people without remorse or hesitation but he is clearly a bad guy (more details in Frightening/Intense Scenes section).
  • Episode 6: Lots of hand to hand combat. A man has a box full of severed fingers. Overall the violence in this episode isn't that bad.
  • Episode 9: A man's throat once gets slit with a knive and once with a shard of glass (both shown in the most graphic detail possible). Men get brutally stabbed multiple times. A man's eyes are gouged (This is only shown out of focus with a lot of blood). A man is impaled by a thin wood plock. A couple of fights, one is a fist fight and the other uses martial arts. Matt spits out blood. There is a scene where people are being drained of their blood by some type of IV's that connect to a large vat of bubbling blood. The people look very sickly and it can be disturbing to see them.


  • Only one episode contains R rated language and even then it is mild. The rest of the show is PG to PG-13 language
  • Some casual profanity such as "ass", but also some stronger language is used such as "shit", one "fuck" in S2 E3 (easy to miss, especially without subtitles), "bitch", "piss", "asshole", "dick", "nuts", and "pussy".
  • The middle finger is shot twice.
  • "Suck my dick", "Whore", and "Jerk-off" are all once used as insults.
  • Strong russian profanities also used by some characters.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Main characters often hang out at a local bar often shown drink and some times implied drunk but nothing bad
  • Season 1
  • Episode 1: Briefly heroin is seen being packaged for shipping.
  • Episode 9: A junkie is seen shooting up.
  • Episode 12: Heroin is shown being packaged for shipment.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Every type of content is more mature and more serious than in other superhero shows.
  • One of the most mature Marvel tv shows.
  • Season 3 is darker and more emotionally upsetting than seasons 1 and 2, but it is less graphically violent.
  • Human trafficking, including kidnapping of children, is a prominent subject matter. Innocents can be hurt and/or killed in these scenes.
  • A main characters family was gunned down while they had a picnic (sad and disturbing)
  • It contains mature themes such as human trafficking and drug trade.
  • One character kills people without remorse. He doesn't regret his actions and says, he would do it again.
  • The violence in this show is extremely bloody and gross compared to other superhero shows.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Episode 1 :Three women are seen being kidnapped with the explicit intention of being sold for human trafficking. Later in the episode a woman removes her shirt and the side of her breast is very briefly seen with her back to the camera. Her chest is also briefly shown from the front as she is changing shirts.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 3 features a mentally deranged assassin named Benjamin Poindexter who has trained himself to kill people with literally any type of object. He has several violent and disturbing outbursts when he's confused and lonely. We see a flashback of him killing his foster father when he was a kid. He is shown brutally killing a lot of people. In many ways this character is a psychopath who has no morals.
  • In the final episode (S3 E13), there is a brutal fight scene between Daredevil, Fisk, and Poindexter in a penthouse. Fisk smashes Poindexter against a brick wall, breaking his spine with a graphic sound effect. Fisk is then beaten to the point of near-death, blood is shown flying out on punches and on Fisk's face, as well as Daredevil's fists, which are covered with rope. He does not kill Fisk, however, as he had intended, and as Fisk had wanted him to. Vanessa was on the sidelines of the battle, and was given Fisk's jacket, now splashed with blood. At the very end, Poindexter is shown having a spinal operation, blood as spine shown. The surgeons talk about what happens if they fail, and the camera goes to his face. His eyes look like Bullseye's, pointing to the fact the fact that Poindexter was Bullseye after the operation succeeded (or not). The whole episode is brutal fighting, and is likely to disturb many people.
  • Episode 1: Several fight scenes of heavy hand-to-hand combat. A woman wakes up next to a bloody dead man with a bloody knife in her hands. Later she is attacked by a man who attempts to strangle her, but she survives. Even later, the same woman is attacked in her apartment by a man with a knife, who throws her around the room, but doesn't attack her with the knife. Daredevil saves her. Some blood is visible.
  • Episode 2: Several fight scenes involving hand-to-hand combat, complete with injuries. Several shots of injury detail in the episode, although the most violent scene involves Daredevil torturing a man with a knife tip being shoved into a nerve above his eye. This is shown in moderately graphic detail. The man is then thrown off a building but lives. There is a flashback where a young boy stitches up his father's injured face, and you see the needle going in and the man flinch. Daredevil's lung begins collapsing, and a nurse stabs him in the chest with a needle to relieve the pressure.
  • Episode 3: Several fight scenes involving heavy hand-to-hand combat, although the opening scene is the most violent in which a mans skull is crushed (only blood is shown and some pretty gross sound effects are heard). Daredevil tortures a man. The end of the episode features a man impaling his own head on a spike.
  • Episode 5: An intense alleyway brawl happens, in which a man is shot. Daredevil breaks a man's wrist during an interrogation of a crooked cop. Several explosions occur caused by a suicide bomber triggering them, leaving some people bloodied. Daredevil beats a man up.
  • Episode 6: An unarmed man is shot pointblank in the head. A man impaled in rubble after an explosion is seen bloodied and also coughing up blood. An injured bloodied man is seen bleeding out and is stabilized, although stabilizing him involved cauterizing his wound (with injury detail). Several people are seen in a hospital with bloody injuries due to the aforementioned explosions. In order to frame Daredevil, Fisk has a sniper shoot several innocent people from a rooftop. A cop stabs another cop in order to frame Daredevil.
  • Episode 8: A man looks at himself in the mirror and literally sees himself as a boy, covered in blood. A man scuffles with and then instructs his son to beat up another boy who was mouthing off. Later this same man strikes and then beats his wife with a belt with his son in the room (although the actual violence is off screen, the focus of the scene is on the boy's face, yet the woman screaming/crying and the sounds of the belt smacking can be heard). While the man is beating his wife, the boy brutally kills his father with a sledgehammer. We later hear he was dismembered and then disposed of in a river.
  • Episode 9: Daredevil is seen fighting several guys in an alleyway. He breaks one man's arm and twists it for information. Later in the episode, Daredevil interrogates a junkie and throws him into a stack of bottles, injury detail on his hands and arms from the broken glass are shown. Daredevil is seen fighting a Nobu, whom is wielding a kusarigama. The blades slash Daredevil several times and one eventually hooks him in his side and Daredevil is dragged. Nobu is defeated by being fully immolated (no injury detail). Wilson Fisk beats Daredevil near death, leaving him severely wounded a bloodied.
  • Episode 11: Daredevil has a brief fight with a man, although the fight is a draw and neither is actually badly injured. Later in the episode, a man is shot in the chest several times and killed (bloody gunshot wounds are shown).
  • Episode 13: A man throws another man down an elevator shaft. There are two shootouts in which several men die. The season ends with a fight between Daredevil and Kingpin.
  • Episode 1: A violent shootout shows many people getting shot and killed; later we see the aftermath as the police look at a man who is wounded. Daredevil interrogates a man by twisting the man's hand (he screams) until he talks. Daredevil goes into a room that has various meat hung up on hooks. Daredevil and the Punisher have a fistfight which ends in the Punisher pulling out a gun and shooting Daredevil. He falls off the building but survives due to his armour.
  • Episode 2: A man gets bashed in the head with a baseball bat (off screen). A man is shot and falls towards a truck before he dies(more people are shot off screen). A dead body is taped to a truck. Daredevil and the Punisher fight, the Punisher gets shot in the arm, and they both fall through a skylight (blood is visible)..
  • Episode 3: A bloody towel is seen being washed (blood runs down a table). A man is seen stitching up his wound. There are many people with bloody wounds. A man is shot in the chest He dies. Pictures of crime scenes are shown (very bloody). There is a lot of fighting. One character's x-ray shows he has a bullet in his skull.
  • Episode 4: A man stabs another man with an ice pick. A man stitches up his wounds. A man is stabbed with a syringe. Many people are shot. the Punisher is shot by multiple tasers. A man is seen bloody and trying to escape (Daredevil twists his arm for information). the Punisher is seen being beaten. A man says he will torture a dog (he doesn't). An explosion kills two people.the Punisher stabs a man with a razor and then shoots him. The punisher shootsca man in the face with a shotgun. A lot of blood and chunks of flesh are shown. more people are shot. One man is about to bash another mans head in with a hammer when he is stopped by Daredevil.
  • Episode 5: A man is punched repeatedly in the face(he is bruised and bloody). Elektra tells Matt to kill Roscoe Sweeney, he doesn't.
  • Episode 7: Daredevil almost pushes a man through a window at Elektra's command. lots of hand to hand combat, one character is stabbed.
  • Episode 8: Lots of fighting. Elektra gets sliced by a poisoned sword. A man stabs some ninjas. Matt gets shot by an arrow (it is seen sticking out of him for most of the fight. Elektra slices a ninjas neck.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Main character's depression is addressed throughout the series; world-weariness and suicidal intentions in season 3.

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