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jagadish-nadanalli24 February 2014
From the time trailer of this movie came out, I was feeling edgy to watch this movie and what an experience it gave to me. This movie made me loose all the shame I had gone through by watching mediocre Kannada movies in recent times. You might ask what it offered in the name of cinematic excellence.

Well, for starters, the cinematography. It is on par with any movie making technique known to the world. Each and every shot looks like meticulously planned and executed. The hue and shades look so vibrant that you might pinch your arms to assure that you are watching a Kannada movie. Kudos to Ravi Varman for bringing different format of cinematography to Kannada.

The action is pulsating. We all know how talented our own stunt master Ravi Verma is, but he has taken action to another level in Ugramm. The final action sequence is breathtaking and you feel the blood boiling in your veins as you watch the sequence unfold on the screen.

The dialogues are swift and brusque. Even in hard core sentiment scenes of mother and son you won't hear long speeches and tear jerking lines. It's all about less is more in case of dialogues.

Though music is bit loud, it compliments the story line and has unforgettable background score in few places. Songs are hummable and shot beautifully. Ravi Basrur you have begun well.

The acting has power house performances. Leading the contingent is obviously Srimurali. He justifies every bit of the title and carries it through out the movie. Haripriya looks entirely different from movies she has done before and has given refreshing performance. Tilak grabs eyeballs for his gutsy portrayal. Atul Kulakarni, Avinash and Padmaja Rao have shown that they belong to elite class of artistes. Even the characters which occupy less than a second of screen time, performed like pros.

And whom do you give credit for all this hard work, yes, you guessed it right, the director, Prashant Neel. Where were you all these days man?! I will just say one thing about you; I will be the first person to line up for your next movie.
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Ugrammm Veeramm
kshivaraj8624 February 2014
Ugram movie which had created huge sensation after trailer release, lives up to the expectations. Movie is promising with rich production values.

Here are the highlights of the movie

>SriMurali undoubtedly steals the show with amazing performance and screen presence. Superb acting and expressions. He rocks in fights and dance too..

>Title song and BGM of the movie is top notch. One of the best of KFI.

>Movie's Cinematography by Ravi Varma is treat to watch.. His work made gangsters world look beautiful.

>Cute acting from Haripriya.

>Career best performance from Tilak

>Top notch Re- recording

>Rare, superior latter: a bleak beauty, a commendable debut from Prashanth Neel..

On the whole UGRAMM is masterpiece which is must watch for every Kannadiga..
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A well made kannada film after a long time
android-balraj28 February 2014
first of all this film is amazing.From the beginning to the end its super in camera work,direction,acting and dialogue delivery amazing movie for 2014..any kanndiga who has stopped watching kannada movie.Now its your chance to watch one and enjoy yourself. I really liked the movie.Will watch it once again.The film is like Hollywood storyline..Don't expect masala or item song.Its not a slum movie or a rowdy movie..Its a "pakka" GANGSTER MOVIE where kids grow up in a gangster world and how they life goes on in it Hate, Anger, Power, Love, Mother, Cheating, Ego and what not

Please watch it at least once if you are reading this review

thank you for reading
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One big movie trailer!
amritavir3 April 2014
Here's something I've never done before. I've never written a movie review. I didn't feel the need to do so, until now. My first reaction after watching Ugramm was an overwhelming desire to pick my pen up and scribble. The movie was up against a mighty torrent I'd created in my mind. Some strong elements threatened to erode it away: a language I can barely speak or understand (having seen only one other Kannada movie which severely failed to impress me), an arrogant bias towards Telugu and English cinema, a subject that doesn't necessarily catch my fancy and the strongest gust of it all in the form of humongous expectations set. And what do you know, Ugramm has not only survived the storm but stands tall and unhinged! This is my take on the movie:

If I were to comment on Ugramm in one sentence it would be this: "It felt like one big movie trailer!" It was so fast-paced it seemed as though an invisible man was lashing his whip to make the scenes bolt. But mind you, the integrity of the movie wasn't compromised for agility. The second half of it gripped me to such an extent that I uncreased my brows only when the end titles set in. Prime aspects like dialogues and portrayal of heroism were so exhaustive I was left wondering if the director had anything left in his bowl for his future movies. The movie is an amusement park for action-film lovers. The roller-coaster ride that this is, will leave anyone gasping for breath and with the thrill of an adventure.

The background score is one of the best I've witnessed in regional cinema. It's thunderous swing fits hand in glove with the gangster theme and gallantry of the hero. But the crown jewel is 'Ugramm Veeram'. It's powerful effect left it resonating in my head long after the movie. It takes all my will to resist humming it aloud lest I sound masculine.

The role of Agastya in itself deserves many laurels. Unsure if it was intended, this role seemed tailor-made for Srimurali. It's difficult to imagine another actor pull this challenging role off with the élan that he has. If I were a guy, I'd walk out of the theatre charged and with a resolve to carry myself with the same cool and suave demeanor that Agastya did. I'm unfamiliar with the Kannada cinema industry, but based on what I saw, I would say Srimurali ranks high amongst the lead actors and definitely one who is on top of his game.

Notwithstanding Srimurali's talent, the brownie points should go to the director. What Agastya is to Bala on screen, Prashanth is to Srimurali offscreen. His vision is what makes this robust character memorable. This is just one thread out of the spectacular tapestry he has woven. His creativity and technique are prodigious making it difficult to believe he's a debutant director with minimal experience in movie-making. His product could challenge even the best of this industry's veterans.

Let's talk negatives. I'm being really nit-picky here in the spirit that even the best of cinema is not perfect. Firstly, in my opinion the lead actress failed to bring the kind of quality to the table that is required of a mammoth that Ugramm is. However, in a world where only glamour sells, her bare look sans make-up is as refreshing as cold lemonade on a sweltering afternoon. The second point is what I would call a positive-negative in the form of overpowering and snappy action scenes in the second half of the movie. Don't mistake me, I'm a sucker for action flicks but I would've rather the scenes be interspersed with at least a few periods of lull. This would've made the movie much smoother and not as choppy. Thirdly, the comedy was a tad bit crass and didn't work too well for me. For an intense movie like Ugramm, provision of crafty comic relief is essential. Finally, watching the movie just once is insufficient to understand the intricacies of the plot. One has to give it two or three times before getting a complete understanding of the finer details. For a movie like this, not such a bad thing after all!

The negatives, if they are negatives at all, are trivial in comparison with the stupendous quality that Ugramm has showcased. This is the first Kannada movie that will find a place in my coveted movie collection. And it is going to be amongst the select few that will not gather dust!
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A unique movie
dirishm24 February 2014
I noticed a critic, who voiced his opinion after watching 50 minutes of the movie. I believe he does nt deserve to be one, when he hasn't showcased the patience to watch the movie in its entirety.

While the first half sets the pace, and has its own flaws, the movie entirely transforms in the second-half, to pleasantly surprise and stun the audience for the mesmerising quality, imagery, visuals and thought process of a fictitious place called Mughor, being conceptualized and delivered.

The acting is brilliant, the best performance by Srimurali till date. Haripriya and Thilak have done their bit well. Cinematography is par excellence. The revelation has been the director Prashanth Neel. His visualisation, pain, toil and magnanimous effort to create this piece of art is clearly visible.

While the movie does have it's set of flaws, like the Background noise being loud at certain places and actors like Atul Kulkarni being under-utilised, it does'nt take away the soul of this honest piece of film making. Best of luck to the Entire Team and God Bless.

My Rating-3.5 for the movie+0.5 for setting new standards in the kannada industry=4/5
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Excellent movie ever made in kannada
c-manju8826 February 2014
Technically you can compare it to the Hollywood or bollywood movies. performances of every artist is notable and they have a solid future. Screenplay is awesome which goes very fast and not one second you can take your eyes off the screen. Title song remains in your tip of the tongue which choreographed and shot excellently. Murali had potential its just coming out now from a talented young director who is making debut which is really hard to believe, he's so much talented than any experienced director in Indian film industry. Haripriya has made a very cute performance which could be very hard to pull it off from other kannada actresses. It was very long ago when i watched a movie with this kind of perfection which is hard to get in kannada film industry. Every bit is well planned and executed well.

Finally must watch movie for action movie lovers
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san-manu-727 February 2014
Kannada movie goers who were used to watching clichéd movies would watch this stupendous flick ample number of times. The movie flashes out with power packed sequences with dialogues which would leave you amazed each & every time. The screenplay is very strong & pacy which keeps the audience's mind racing all the time. Especially since the beginning of Agasthya's (Murali)past. The editing is just excellent and the dialogues fit the sequences like magic! The director, although is a debutant, must have had a real good understanding of what film direction is all about. Cinematographer Ravi Verman & co. have done an exemplary job.Background music has it's own blend to the movie (epecially the title track - Ugramm veeram). The song makes you wanna spur all the energy within you . Ugramm has it all. The Technical brilliance, sensationsal story & screenplay, BGM , most of all great performances by all actors especially Murali & Haripriya. No idea where the actress was all these days. KFI needs such an actress who's gorgeous,sexy,cute & at the same time talented!!! Cheers to the whole Ugramm team, mainly Prashanth Neel for giving us one of the most epic movies of KFI EVER...
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Ugramm a welcome change for the Kannada Film Industry
rahul_pk2724 February 2014
Team Ugramm...Take a bow...I am an aspiring film maker myself and I have to say you guys have inspired me... Brilliant treatment..The graphic novel idea in the beginning was killer. Loved the grading of the film ...very well justified for the kind of raw sheer power you are trying to portray. Brilliant performance from the man... Sri Murali...You were truly awwesssome...After a film like this you better watch out for what you are signing next. Excellent bg score..I love the way it builds up to the crescendo every time. Superbbb dialogues too. Prashant Neel you have inspired me....

I will be a true fan and give you a couple of criticizms too. The plot to me was weak. But nevertheless Prashant Neel you make up for it with your spectacular making abilities. At places i did find the bg score a little over the top. And melodrama too if that was a little less it would have been good. And the 'love story' too I felt was a little forced. But nevertheless a gem of a film.

Please don't think I am trying to be smart with my cirticizm... I am only respecting your hardwork by being honest...

Like I said in the beginning Team Ugramm take a bow!!!!!
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A Movie which relates emotions of Mathru Vaakya Paripalana !!
prathunayak-784-78586227 February 2014
Never expected such an action entertainer in Kannada, Ugramm deserves that, a clean presentation by Director Prashanth Neel and superb photography by DOP Ravi Verman. A Movie which relates emotions Mathru Vaakya Paripalana, correlates the value of sacrifice for friendship and explains the affection of love in a backdrop of rivalry to rule a dead zone area. The name for the movie 'Ugramm' is perfectly matched with the a sentence 'Momentous Anger Induced by a Great Period of Tolerance' with the characters like Atul Kulkarni, Avinash & Jaijagadish are lived in their act, but its all about the mannerism by Sri Murali a superb comeback after a long gap of 2 years and much awaiting movie for Haripriya. Some time we may feel the director is in competition with the director Ram Gopal Verma. Finally i felt it can be compared with the movies like 'Sarkar','Sarkar Raj'. Worth watching!!.
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ugramm movie must watch deserves 100 days at box office..)))
sumukha8824 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Ugramm kick ass movie..... ) do not miss it if your genre is that of action films...hat's off to Sri Murali , haripriya ,tilak acting and top notch support from other actors. also .songs could have been better..but they haven't hampered the flow of film anywhere, ,background score will be reverberating in your head even after you leave the theater..dialogues you would not have heard anywhere,superb cinematography,film is skosh high on violence....overall brilliant movie..i rate it a solid 7.5 (8) out of 10..))) best action film to come in kannada films ,in recent times..))) The director needs to be praised for his excellent naration skills,editing and getting the maximum out of the actors. This film is not the one to miss out on..)))
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Sri Murali is back and he is at his angriest best !!!
kescool23 February 2014
Ugramm (Review) - 'Ugramm' had garnered a lot of attention mainly by its trailer and stills. Finally it has hit the screens near you. Directed by debutant Prashanth Neel, 'Ugramm' stars Sri Murali and Haripriya. This movie is a comeback of sorts for both the lead actors.

'Ugramm' though is yet another movie with the underworld theme, has a classic touch to it when it comes to the making and it is a viewer's delight as such kind of visuals are new to the Kannada audience. Srimurali plays the role of a gangster Agasthya and also a man who makes a humble living as a mechanic in parts and plays both to perfection, especially that of a gangster. Haripriya plays the character Nithya, that of an NRI and looks good on screen. Tilak plays the role of Bala, yet another gangster in the movie and even though he is introduced only in the second half, he has good weightage to his character and has done justice to it as well. 'Ugramm' begins with Nithya coming to India from Australia to visit her mother's grave and due to an age old rivalry between Nithya's father and another politician Shivarudregowda played by Avinash, she is kidnapped by the latter's men. Enter Agasthya to rescue her and the protagonist has been introduced well into the scene. Agasthya has now left all his underworld activities and working as a mechanic saves Nithya from the clutches of the kidnappers and keeps her safe in his house and various sequences surrounding this forms the first half. The second half is when the story goes in to the flashback and Agasthya the gangster is introduced who works for Bala and conquers and has the whole town of Mugor under his control. How he leads his life as a gangster and how he gets back to his life as a mechanic forms the brilliantly made second half.

The sequences in the second half ie; the fights, the title song etc.. have been picturised so well and the cinematographer Ravi Varman needs a thumbs up for the pathbreaking cinematography and taking it to the next level. The work done behind the camera in 'Ugramm' is both admirable and commendable at the same time. The narration of the story is also done well. Performance of Haripriya is neat and Tilak does a good job in his role as Bala. However, the performance of Sri Murali as Agasthya deserves special mention as he is making a comeback after a long time and has done complete justice to his character in both the shades to an extent that no one else could have pulled it off so well. Ravi Basrur has done a good job on the musical front. Ugramm veeram manages to give you goosebumps when watched along with the picturisation. Chanana Chanana and Chithhara are hummable. The album also includes Rama Rama which is just a feel good song. Director Prashanth Neel even though a debutant, has done a brilliant job in making 'Ugramm' one of the best Kannada movies in recent times with regards to the look and the make of it. The story adds to the beautiful make thereby making 'Ugramm' a worthwhile watch.

Having said it all, 'Ugramm' is one of the best movies to be made with the underworld theme in recent times and it also deserves a watch or two for its classy outlook. Sri Murali in 'Ugramm' is certainly an epitome of how to make a comeback and do it in style.... My verdict 8/10 !!!!
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vasu87917 March 2014
For me the movie was certainly above average and pretty good when compared to all other movies which were being released in kannada industry for past couple of years,kudos to Ravi varman for doing such a Brilliant Job, There are 4 songs in the movie all are pretty decent accept for the one titled "Ruma Ruma" which i felt made no point in the whole movie as far as the story goes it is the same old Recipe of an Ex Bad ass gangster Trying to lead a normal life but as we all know this certainly cannot happen,things change Drastically for our Hero after he save's a girl from sydney & then story keeps unfolding at a very fast pace
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RIP logic and story.
krishnadaspnr14 May 2020
Villains gets a lot chances to shoot the hero, but not trying. The wait till the hero hit them and kill them. No story line in the film. Just power show. I dont think most of cinema lovers who believe in logic will like it. 5/10 for making.
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sowrabh-4553914 November 2018
This movie certainly gives me goosebumps. After om only kannada film to reach its level. Its worth watching. Thank you
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vjnambu8 March 2019
Story: Agasthya(Srimurali) joins as a henchman of Bala(Thilak) in a city mughor. With the help of Agasthya's muscle power, Bala becomes a dreaded don in mughor. When Bala and Agasthya have a fallout, Agasthya leaves violence and settle as a mechanic in a new place with his mother. But Agasthya returns to violence in order to save a girl Nitya(Haripriya) from her father's enemies.

Plus: 1. Srimurali's performance 2. Ugramm veeram song 3. Songs 4. Direction

Minus: 1. Routine story 2. Weak villains 3. Predictable climax

Verdict: Ugramm is an okay film for me which I didn't feel anything great. It has the same story which we have been watching since baasha.
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Something new, Something old
molvos11 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The movie has a decent storyline involving gangsters and their thirst for control and power in the fictional place of Mughor. The performance by Sri Murali as the strong-silent hero is commendable. The cinematography is something new in Kannada films.

The problem is with the unrealistic portrayal of the protagonist as the infallible hunk who can take down any number of gangsters with a punch. He does not seem to have any physical effects whatsoever from all the fights and punches. He doesn't have any blind spots and shows up exactly at the time of need. His strength is overly sensationalized.

The film is also riddled with other clichés found in a lot of Kannada films. They make the movie more dismal.

The first half drags on with little to offer. The second half, involving the back story of Agastya is the best part of the movie. The ending is predictable and gives us the overused happy ending.
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A movie worth watching!
girish_arnold21 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best modern era movies to be made in Kannada. There is not really much accolades to be offered to the story and the comedy part with the two funny guys is a flopping attempt but hold it right there, the cinematography is the best I have seen in a Kannada movie in the recent past. Murali has been portrayed like a god literally and they make you believe it. The title song is the most electric which was till now " long time no see!" in Kannada.Though a lot of things shown have been inspired by Hollywood and others, it does justice though, trust me, it really does. Well don't be cagey about watching this masterpiece, because you wont be disappointed one bit.
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Awesomness, Best Kannada Movie Alla Its The Best Indian Movie Guru !!.
jagas893 March 2014
Ugramm is Awesome movie, the way scripts goes and the picturisation will surely BLOW your mind, I never seen trailer or any promotional stuff for this movie because of broken TV, it happen just randomly we friends went for this movie this is really good, there is no time to blink the eye its fast you have to keep up with it. I loved this and many scenes are unique and very creative never seen before in bollywood or Hollywood movies, One thing for sure you will enjoy whole of movie when you are watching in theaters but after you come back to home you will miss something story is good but little common, you will have urge to watch one more time !. Planning to watch it for one more time. Hope Ugraamm team will come up with more and more movies like this in Kannada.

Ugramm a Great Kannada Movie !!
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Very loud and Poorly done
tlmahesh-135597 August 2015
Yes, cinematography is good, but the movie is horrible. Fights, supposed to be the highlight, are a let down. All characters just talk loud and senseless. Nothing new in the story. Fast moving scenes give you headache and dizziness. I want my 30 minutes back (that's all I could watch). Please Skip...

OK, this needs minimum of 10 lines of review. So here it goes. A revenge story with no newness in terms of execution or acting. Senior actors are fine, the main actors have a long way to go. Again other than the cinematography, nothing else stands out. But then again if I want cinematography, I will watch national geographic.

If this is to be considered as a high standard movie in sandalwood, then there is no hope...
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Best movie ever
amitsm31 August 2019
Movie was excellent. Direction, cinematography, screenplay,editing were well polished and professional. BGM by Ravi Basur just elevated the level of the scenes and added more power to the acting of Srimurali. Srimurali role in this movie will be remembered for decades. Heroine of the movie was good but did not got much screen time as movie was basically male oriented. This movie really needs to watched by everyone. Story becomes predictable in last 20 minutes but still maintains it's normal flow and you will get entertainment till the end of the movie. Ratings:9/10.
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Wow! Just wow
sneharaghavendra5 January 2019
Not an action movie lover, but this movie amazed me. Every aspect is so good! Kudos!
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Simply Awesome
akhilsteel22 August 2018
Justification to the title, Fantastic,Superb, Marvellous totally out of words just see & enjoy. Action packed saga with powerful bgm; Sri murali & Prasanth Neel all time high. Saw this movie more than 40 times still gives the powerful vibes over & over again.
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It's a treat for mass audiences
abhishekachar2 November 2019
One of the best movie of Kannada cinema industry, movie dialogues still having cult status
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Master piece of Indian Cinema
chandrashekharb2 January 2019
Awesome Movie.. Prashanth Neel take a bow...BGM ... Cinematography... Super
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Gives justice to the title!
SpikemeisterSandeep21 February 2014
Woah! Brilliant making! With such a pacy screenplay, I would say it was completely a thrill ride! And this ride begins from Sri Murali character name itself - Agasthya!!! 1st half was decent but 2nd half blew me away! Murali & Haripriya finally got a good opportunity to showcase their talents! Tilak had done similar roles like this before but this was perfection and I liked him a lot! Stunts were too good! Story & songs were decent but have no words to speak about BGM! Yappa! I literally got goosebumps and it is still playing in my head! Thanks to the brilliant cinematography which adds more stylishness to the movie! Dialogues were meaningful and brilliant! With all these plus points I think the minor flaws can be ignored! The direction was very matured n trust me I don't think many experienced directors can match the skill this guy has! (y) I don't know if I'm exaggerating or not but I totally loved it!! And you can easily watch it once!
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