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It’s extremely moving in the gentlest, most linear way, and the other performances are sterling, too.
Ms. Moore shares her journey with boundless generosity. She makes you feel what it’s like to lose the wind beneath your wings.
The rare film possessed with the courage required to shine a light into that abyss knowing full well that down is the only way out.
The film lives and dies on Moore’s portrayal. She succeeds smashingly.
The toll the disease takes on the life of a brilliant linguistics professor is superbly detailed by Julianne Moore in a career-high performance, driving straight to the terror of the disease and its power to wipe out personal certainties and identity.
Julianne Moore guides us through the tragic arc of how it must feel to disappear before one’s own eyes, accomplishing one of her most powerful performances by underplaying the scenario.
The Guardian
This is an effortlessly excellent film, about a horribly hard subject.
There's an extraordinarily tough and smart delicacy to Still Alice, and it stretches far beyond the writing or Moore's performance or even the sympathy of the circumstance.
It’s undeniably moving, but straightforward to a fault.
The Playlist
Competently directed, and delivered with the expected emotional beats, Still Alice achieves its modest goals, but one wishes it had a grander vision.

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