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MPAA Rated R for strong brutal violence and language throughout, and for brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a very brief glimpse of female upper-body frontal nudity when a woman pulls down her gown partially to flash her breasts at a male character. It's done for laughs, isn't meant to be explicit, and is easy to miss if you're not looking for it.

Violence & Gore

  • Every time Wolverine retracts his claws, his knuckles are covered in pus and blood.
  • The acts of violence and gore are relatively constant in this movie.
  • During the opening scene of the film, a gang member shoots Wolverine in the chest with a shotgun, we see him on the ground with fresh and bloody wounds in his chest. As he tries to protect his car, he's shot in the shoulder with a small amount of blood. The gang members then beat him with wrenches and kick him. Wolverine kills them in a very graphic and brutal succession, slicing a man's arm off. We then see their dead bodies on the ground covered in blood and wounds.
  • Wolverine tries pulling out one of his claws, we hear him groan in pain and his hand is dripping blood.
  • A woman's right arm is covered in blood from a gunshot wound, she stitches it up.
  • A dead woman is shown in a motel with a bullet in her chest, her blouse bloodstained.
  • In a video an empty hospital bed is covered in blood. A man watches a video of scientists performing surgery on a little kid, bloody detail is shown. A girl with metal claws cuts herself repeatedly, blood spills out of her wrists, a kid commits suicide by jumping off a building, we don't see him fall to the ground but still disturbing. A mutant uses his powers to light a man on fire, pretty disturbing, (not graphic or shown in detail).
  • A man is hit in the back of the head with a metal pipe, he then falls to the ground unconscious, later on he wakes up with his face being covered in blood after being kicked in the face.
  • Three men attempt to capture a girl inside a warehouse, we hear gunshots and screams in pain, implying they are killed.
  • A little girl is carrying a decapitated head, she rolls it on the ground creating a trail of blood.
  • A little girl using her metal claws to kill armed soldiers in a bloody fashion. A man shoots the girl with a harpoon and we see it go right through her, blood stains her sweatshirt, she then pulls it out of her, not graphic but very bloody. Wolverine kills several soldiers by slashing them across the face, with some blood. Laura stabs a soldier in the eyes behind a car window and we see his blood on the window. A heavily armored truck with people in it is crushed by a freight train, not shown but very intense.
  • A mutant's skin burns up and starts swelling from being in the sunlight, we hear sizzling and see his burned face, he is clearly being tortured.
  • Wolverine stabs three men frozen in time in the face and abdomen. Laura stabs a wounded soldier in the chest, a small amount of blood is thrown from his chest.
  • Wolverine lies in a hospital bed with several wounds in his chest and abdomen.
  • A graphic and bloody action sequence where Wolverine and Laura kill several armed soldiers by stabbing and slashing them across the face, neck and chest takes place in a forest, some blood is shown. Wolverine is shot twice, large amounts of blood spray, Wolverine grabs a man from behind and uses his gun to shoot a soldier in the head, graphic and bloody. Wolverine is left standing with several bullet holes, he's still alive but covered in blood.
  • Several kids use their powers to torture and kill a mercenary, we hear his neck snap and we then see a puddle of blood coming from his head.
  • In the black-and-white version (called Logan Noir), due to the movie being in black-and-white, the violence doesn't look nearly as graphic as it does in the regular movie.
  • A kid uses her powers to make a man explode, lots of gore is shown.
  • Overall, it's one of the most violent movies to release in the 2010s.
  • In one scene a girl gets a harpoon through the the heart and survives.
  • The film is filed with realistic, and brutal depictions of graphic violence.
  • On-screen body count: 76 but in the movie, the violence is extreme and very intense.
  • There are several prolonged fighting sequences throughout. Violent scenes often contain blood trickling, flowing, or flying. Gory impalements are depicted in these scenes.
  • Logan and Laura's retractable metal claws are used to slash and kill their enemies.
  • While most of the action is fast and some of it is implied, there are some details of bloody injury, including showing bodies being slashed, as well as depictions of claws piercing through heads and other body parts.
  • A kid uses her powers to freeze a man's arm, she breaks it off and it's shattered into pieces, both gory and graphic. a kid uses her powers to make a man explode, lots of gore is shown.


  • The profanity in the film isn't too frequent and is mostly said by Wolverine, but it can still be rather shocking.
  • Logan says the f word numerous times as he smacks his car.
  • 54 uses of "fuck" and its variations, several uses of "shit" and "asshole", 1 use each of "dick" and "damn", and a few uses of the Spanish insults "pendejo", "cabron" and "puta", which non-Spanish speakers won't understand.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Logan is seen drinking alcohol throughout the film. He is also seen injecting himself with a medical drug towards the end of the movie. Logan give medication to Professor X, as well as inject medicine into him, to end his seizures.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The beginning of the film pretty much gives you a good idea of how violent the film is going to be, but as it goes on the violence escalates to a higher level.
  • The whole film is depressing, and has the tone and look of a dystopian movie.
  • Logan is very violent for a superhero film. There are incredibly gory scenes such as the warehouse fight.
  • Wolverine is covered in blood in a lot of scenes.
  • The forest battle is pretty brutal, with Wolverine running and clawing through various mercenaries as he yells in anger.
  • The character that Boyd Holbrook plays is a mercenary who enjoys inflicting harm upon mutant children.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Logan gets impaled into a tree branch. Blood is seen quickly flowing out of his stomach and staining his shirt. He's then stabbed with claws and blood spurts out. Logan then dies from his wounds while Laura cries while Logan dies. This scene is very emotional and upsetting, especially for fans of the character Logan/Wolverine.
  • A man shoots a wolverine clone in the shoulder, large amount of blood spurts from his shoulder. The clone then slices the mans head off, we then see it fall on the ground, both graphic and bloody. A group of men start to shoot him, the clone then kills them all by slashing them across the face and abdomen, we hear some of them scream in pain.
  • A mutant kills himself along with two other mercenaries using two hand grenades, we see him and the two mercenaries die in the explosion. The mutants burned corpse is seen later on.
  • Both wolverine and the clone start to fight, they both stab and slash each other repeatedly, very graphic, brutal and bloody. A man runs the clone into the claw of a bulldozer, two blades of the claw pierce him, both graphic and bloody, the driver then shoots him in the face with a shot three times, the third time we see half of his face explode, leaving a gaping hole in his face. This is all very graphic, gory and bloody.
  • Professor X's dead body is shown in the back of a truck.
  • A wounded clone is removed from the bulldozer claw that pierced him, the front of the car that ran him into the claw is covered in blood, we then see a giant gaping hole in his face, he's missing one eye and he has several shotgun wounds in his cheek, the eye and bullet holes heal after he is injected with a healing serum, graphic gore is shown.
  • A man is shot in the neck, pretty bloody. A bloody and brutal fight breaks out between wolverine and the clone of him, this is somewhat hard to watch, Laura then stabs the clone repeatedly, this is both bloody and brutal. A man shoots wolverine in the leg with a harpoon, both brutal and bloody.
  • During the ending. The clone is then left standing with multiple stab wounds. A kid uses his powers to lift a heavily armored truck on top of a mutant, we see it fall on him, it looks like he's dead but then he gets back up covered in blood and unhealed wounds.
  • A genetic clone of wolverine stabs Charles in the chest with his metal claws, as he removes his claws we then see Charles's shirt soaked in blood along with his mouth, Laura then stabs the clone repeatedly, he then throws her off his back against the wall and she is knocked out. A boy swings his metal bat at the clones face, he then has a bloody black eye and then it quickly heals, he then stabs the boy in the stomach with his claws, (this is seen from a surveillance camera) and we hear the claws go into his stomach, his body is seen on the floor covered in blood. A woman fires a shotgun, (heard off screen), her body is on the floor and her neck is soaked in blood implying that her throat was sliced open. A man is stabbed in the chest with metal claws, he then falls down the stairs. We see his body on the floor and his chest is soaked in blood and we see the graphic wound.
  • A mutant clone is shot in the head with an adomantium bullet, we see half of his face explode, leaving a gaping hole in his face, gore and meat is all visible. this is without a doubt the most violent scene in the whole movie.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Wolverine does die at the end, even though it's Jackman's last X-Men film, him and Professor X dying can still be very brutal and emotional, especially to fans who have enjoyed these characters for 20 years.
  • The action scene on the farm is like something out of a horror movie, the scene involves a whole family and dozens of men being brutally murdered by a genetic clone of wolverine, this scene can be hard to watch for some viewers.
  • The ending is extremely emotional and very depressing.

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