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Don't swim in the pool
gardiner-6699017 April 2019
This is a noir style film about a former detective who searches his dreams for clues to unravelling the mystery of his wife's murder. The movie is filtered through an inferno of hallucinogenic vignettes and set against a distinctively West Aussie backdrop - babes, bitumen, great whites, backyard pools and long hot nights. I loved the way flames and scorching heat are used throughout the film - they're the detective's over-heated insomniac visions, but they're also the lust that brings Max (main suspect for the murder) and Charlotte (detective's daughter) together. But flames and smoke are also used to suggest destruction - of love, memory, lucidity and closure.
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A cage is also a home.
nogodnomasters10 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Edward Bloom (Richard Mellick) is a detective. He is in a wheelchair following the accident that killed his wife. He is looking for the person that caused the accident for six years...and then Max Woods (Liam Graham) shows up at his door and says, "I did it." Being a detective, Edward is dismayed that he didn't solve the case and attempts to use Max for clues that will eventually lead to him, so he can claim he solved the case...or something like that. Edward states that his dead wife is helping him in his dreams as he leaks clues in "The Miracle Case." Edward has a daughter Charlotte whom he blames for the accident, even though she was at home. We find out more about that late in the film.

The film is done in noir style. It is a mystery where we know who is dead and who is the killer, but we need the backstory. Charlotte (Alyson Walker) and Edmond each have monologues during the film in metaphoric and poetic prose. It is a film that is not for everyone, but those like quirky films built on highly flawed characters.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Alyson Walker, Sarah Fillipi, Christine Snell)
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No idea what was going on here
biglogmollydog6 April 2019
This was pretty bad. The storyline says it is "A hallucinogenic summer noir cocktail spiked with suspense", whatever that is supposed to mean. It seems like a collection of unrelated words, in the same way it seemed this film had a collection of unrelated scenes. Some of the scenes were separated by random images, I guess for impact. One of the images looked like it was stolen from Lost Highway. I'm probably wrong.

Anyway, this was horrible. As I write, it scores 3.2 on IMDB. I have no idea how it scores that high.
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Low budget does not equal low production value here
filmmker8 April 2019
A low budget film that transcends it's origins with a visually arresting style of its very own, great performances and a narrative that keeps the audience engaged.

If you're not looking to watch another $200m by the numbers, committee driven blockbuster, this is a unique voice delivering something very much worth your time.

Without spoiling anything, it's worth your time of youre
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taste of a kiss?
ops-525355 April 2019
Well the feeling i had when gaining my first and most important burning kiss, did not taste or create imagination like they present in this movie.

its a film for the aesthetic feinsmacker film critic, with a secret agenda so well hidden that i fell of this horse pretty quick, and ended up chasing lovely women and boobs, that occurs here and there. the filmmusic has a hint of arabian night, or open sesame in the fairytail of ali baba and the 40...... also it has the narrative monolouge and dialouges of a woody allen drama, as well as the slowness of a detective morse episode on detektimen on the norwegian broadcaster. its also related to events of happenings in a bone collectorish novel, where a handicaped person have gained more than a hunch or more specificly psychic abilities to solve and direct his pawns in the right direction, in this case the murderer of a dear female friend.

its a film with fast shifting audiovisual character, shifting music, and themes, spiced up with some special effects, and images of the sun filmed from the nasa helios observatory.

as an art stub, it has really some good technical qualities, espescially on the visual composition, and may therefore be quite a task for the sofa-stretching layman that hungers for comedy and action, love and murder. so with that said , the grumpy old man finds this austalian neo noir something, hard to believe, and at times like glaring at the sun with an unfiltered pair of binoculars. i give 2 stars instead of the whole solarsystem for this dyslectic peace of the earth.
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