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Family guy for wwe Fans
cjroberts-9111916 May 2016
Camp WWE, is welcome edition to the programming available on the wwe network, mainly aimed at the older fans of the company its a breath of fresh from the predominately PG company that it has turned into today,

Episode 1 is quite slow to begin with but for a first attempt at this style of TV Show its not bad, keep an eye on Ric Flair and Vince McMahon as they literally steal the show as you can imagine them like this in real life, personally i would skip this episode and watch the second episode but if you like to watch TV series in full then its not bad.

Episode 2:

Episode 2 is where this show really shines through. The plot Centers around the rocks eyebrow, the humor is fast and furious with allot of nods to the fans and in jokes are in a abundance, and it can be really appreciated by the hardcore fans, some of the more casual fans may not get some of the references though, overall this episode shows the true potential of the show.
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Its hit and miss but some Characters are hilarious.
johnsy8820 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
For a first season Camp WWE has been pretty hit and miss so far. I find that Vince McMahon, Ric Flair and Paige (maybe its because im British) are hilarious in it so far and their dialogue is very funny. Vince is incredibly eccentric to the point of absolute stupidity, Flair just wants to have sex with everything (including a Bear) and get drunk and Paige overly uses British profanity perfectly.

The other characters in the show so far have been really hit and miss. The rest of the superstars portrayed as children haven't really been that funny....Undertaker is basically an emo, Cena is a massive kiss ass (maybe quite accurate) and Stone Cold says f**k lots (which doesn't really make much sense and seems like a 'cheap pop' (see what i did there :D ).

Hopefully it gets better as it goes on and they use Vince far more as his character and megalomania is just brilliant.

To summarise its definitely not perfect but has its very funny points which have kept me coming back so far.
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jpzt-5240114 March 2019
For creating this piece fecal discharge Seth Green should be forced to wrestle an actual mexican death match. This is the kind of stuff the CIA could use to torture terrorists by making them watch it. Wish I could give it a -10 stars.
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I really, really wanna go home now!
kokkiekok754 May 2016
The first episode of this "cartoon for adults", masterminded by Robot Chicken's Seth Green, was a bit of a letdown for me. There's some good, but also some bad. Sadly, the bad is the part that should matter most.

The good: Having the real voices for characters like Rick Flair, Sgt.Slaughter, and especially Vince ("A Bra? I can't wear this, probably") is a big plus. The animation itself is also quite nice: For the most part it's pretty clear to see who's who, even with the juniors, and the style fits with what this cartoon is trying to be.

The Bad: The episode itself came off pretty lackluster, not that funny, and nonsensical to me! Sure, it had 4 or 5 moments that mildly amused me, but at least twice that had me thinking "this is just plain stupid", most of those involving HHH and Stephanie... I think they completely missed the mark with the HHH-character.

Hope it picks up, because seriously; with the entire WWE-Universe to draw from, Seth&Co should be able to come up with some better jokes and story lines than this!
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It's bad
saxaboogie1 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The problem with this show is that it tries to cram every second in with a joke and not a single one made me laugh. Camp WWE's shock humor seemed a bit tamer compared to other adult cartoons, and because the jokes aren't funny (at least to me), it was a very boring experience. Also seeing these characters as children and half the time the joke is that they cry like babies is very off-putting.

Most of the characters don't have much of a character at all, and the ones that do are very one dimensional. The first episode had a story to it that could barley be followed. I had no reason to care about the characters, and most of the time I was distracted by the non-stop jokes.

Those are the two main problems with this show. There are some minor things I have a gripe with like it's stiff animation and bestiality jokes.
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Hit and miss
mrmcguinnes24 May 2018
I can't say it's on par with most adult animated comedies but it's okay for wrestling fans. most of the stuff with the kids is mediocre, but the stuff with slaughter & flair is fun but Vince is by far the stand out of show. Again worth a watch if your a die hard wrestling fan but otherwise you can give it a miss.
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A Camp, No World, No Wrestling, No Entertainment!!!
PaulSenpai14 May 2016
First of all I don't like WWE, not a fan... But thanks to Camp WWE I started appreciating WWE more.

First of all the characters except Vince McMahon have nothing in common with their wrestler counterparts, not their personality or at least her character design.

Story, there's no story. The "adult jokes" are written for 5 year old kids with 0 sarcasm, 0 humor, 0 self awareness, 0 FUN! The animation is as cheap as you can get, I am talking about Adobe Flash mediocrity levels.

Overall this show is a waste of time. So if you like WWE go watch WWE, not this piece of s**t. Also if you want a wrestling cartoon with comedy go watch Celebrity Deathmatch or ¡Mucha Lucha! and if you want a cartoon with camps and all that I recommend you Camp Lazlo!

PS - Fore a show about WWE there is no wrestling...
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Camp WWE : Episode 1 Summary
mhfasylum18 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hi Guys ! I'm mhfasylum and I'd like to explain a summary of this episode of Camp WWE ( No Place Like Camp ) ... Well , this episode had an awful story ! there was nothing to say about it ! Everything was going by it's own and there was no special story ! We Just saw our favorite wwe character talking to each other !

1. We Saw Stephanie and Triple H speaking to McMahon but Vince does not care about them... *So What??*

2. We Saw Steve Austin Showing his middle finger... *We always see that! Very Offensive!*

3. We Saw John Cena crying, Triple H crying , the the Campers crying and finally Ric Flair crying... *Let's cry together!*

4. Vince farts for about 5 times in a row !!!! *That's NOT Funny!!!* That's all! I think the first episode of Camp WWE was terrible!!!

but the cast was OK and the scenes were fine...
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mosquitoboys201328 May 2016
When astronauts go into space, their waste is collected and returns with them for disposal.

Apparently the WWE obtained enough of this excrement to make a show and, well, here it is. I suppose if you watch the WWE network then you probably think, 'Hey, this s**t is out of this world!' and I won't argue - you're half right.

Most of what I feel is necessary to say about this show in order to properly warn potential viewers would be grounds for not publishing this review so I can only encapsulate in the most mundane of terms:

Just... Plain... Bad...

It is a sad commentary on the state of humanity that a show like this can exist. It is a sadder commentary that the people at WWE are allowed to vote on their own tripe, as obviously anyone who considers this as entertainment worthy of a rating greater than 1 (a minimum too high for this show) could not possibly have the ability to use a computer for anything but porn and YouTube.
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