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A couple good laughs but for the rest just bland.
deloudelouvain19 April 2019
Even though there are three or four passages that made me have a good laugh the rest of the movie is just too monotone, repetitive, and maybe a bit too long. The story itself is simple and easy to understand, with a couple good scenes (poo is always funny) but overal the majority of the movie you just wait for a laugh that you know at one point will come but in between it is kind of boring. Jenica Berger wasn't bad, Tawny Kitaen is painful to watch, and not only because of the botox injections. The soundtrack was also repetitive and not very well chosen for this movie. It all could have been much better.
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Ruined by sentimentality
cekadah29 November 2015
Simple story here. A very pregnant woman decides to take her seriously debilitated and Alzheimer stricken mother to visit the mothers sister. She needs help moving the wheelchair confined mother into and out of the automobile. So she starts asking for help from friends and family. 'No' is heard all around, as usual everyone is too busy. The only relief the pregnant woman gets is from here GPS system named 'GOPAL' in the auto. The GOPAL has all the best lines in the movie. Finally her sister reluctantly decides to help with their disabled mother. Even upon arriving at the aunts house (the mothers sister) the pregnant woman discovers she has been lied to by her aunt. The aunt claimed she was injured and could not come to visit her disabled sister.

This little indie movie is actually cute and funny to a point. The GOPAL voice is fun, her day is full of misdirection and tending to the stinky needs of the elderly mother. Then for some strange reason the director, Jenica Bergere, turns the story into sweet sentimental reunion between sisters, mother, and aunt. What started as a slightly off-color comedy ended with saccharine poured all over it.
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Worst film ever made
indiedavid15 November 2015
I foolishly fell for the high IMDb rating without looking to see that there were only 12 raters, all of whom are without a doubt, people related to making this amateur mess. It is completely unoriginal. I don't even want to do it justice by explaining all of the borrowed story lines but I do have to mention that the cinematography is the worst I have ever seen and I judge a lot of really bad student films.

I wish so much that I could get my $4.99 and 40 minutes back that I dedicated to this mess. It's like I paid $5 to watch an episode of an unscripted TV pilot written and directed by a third grade class.

Most of the film is B-roll footage of various neighborhoods in Los Angeles County that served as very bad transitions between the poorly written and directed dialogue.
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