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  • After the revelations, Dylan gets drunk and passes out in his car. Caleb denies being his father and returns the money Dylan gave him. Dylan again confronts Norma and she admits she never told anyone, least of all Caleb, who his father was. An outraged Norman, again goes into acting out as his mother and visits Caleb at his motel. It's the morning after the night before for Emma who wakes up in bed with the boy she met at the beach party. Sheriff Romero warns Zane to take it easy or that there will be repercussions. Soon after, Romero finds that his house has gone up in flames.


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  • "Bates Motel" - "Check-Out" - March 24, 2014

    Emma wakes up at the motel in the bed with the boy from the beach bonfire. She is aghast.

    Dylan is passed out in his truck in the parking lot. He drove home drunk and puked on the car door. Emma does not know what to do. She goes to get Norman. They drag him into an empty room and dump him on a bed. Emma asks if something happened. Norman snaps at her that he doesn't know. Norma shows up. She looks sad looking at him and tells Emma and Norman to go watch the office. She pulls the blankets over Dylan and tenderly rubs his head. Emma offers to stay with him. Norma wonders why she's there at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. Emma claims it's been busy and she came in early to help. Norma thanks her.

    Norma takes off to talk to Caleb who is staying in a different motel. She sits in her car in the parking lot crying and shivering and then leaves abruptly.

    Emma works in the office and sees the boy. He gets in his truck and drives up.

    Dylan sits up and drinks some water. Norman brings him food, juice, and a clean shirt. Dylan asks how long Noman has known about Caleb. Norman says he didn't know until last night. Dylan doesn't believe him. Norman swears he didn't know. Norman says it's just a piece of information and shouldn't change anything. Dylan calls bullshit on that and says it will totally change the way he perceives himself for the rest of his life. He insinuates that maybe Norma is also lying to Norman about an important event in his life that he has no conscious memory of. He tells Norman to leave.

    Emma asks what's going on. Norman says he can't tell her. Emma says she's been through so much stuff with them it's not like she's an outsider and he should tell her. He says it's a family matter and he can't tell her.

    Dylan goes and makes some deal on a boat. Caleb tracks him down and asks him to go fishing. Dylan says they can't talk anymore since Caleb raped Norma. Caleb says it "wasn't exactly like that." He's not saying Norma's a liar. Dylan wonders if he knew he was his son and that's why he worked him for money. Caleb says she got knocked up by some guy in high school and that is Dylan's dad. Dylan walks away. Caleb stops him and gives him his money back. He says he doesn't know what's going on but he never should have come here.

    Norma works in the kitchen and Norman enters. The phone rings and he answers. It's Christine. Norma takes it even though she doesn't want to. Christine says Norma was the hit of the party and her bother loved her. She asks to have her out to a very fancy dinner. Norma begs off and says she's not feeling well. Christine accepts his.

    Norma takes to her bed. Norman goes to her and says he knows why she didn't tell Dylan but she could've told him and he can always tell her anything. She doesn't respond. He lies down next to her and asks if there's anything else she hasn't told him. She says no, he knows everything now. She says she went to the motel to face him down and say she's not scared anymore, but she couldn't. Norman says she doesn't need to and she doesn't need to see him again. She says she's scared of running into him in town. Norman hugs her and tells her not to worry, that Caleb has no reason to stay and he'll leave. He kisses her and says he'll take good care of her.

    Norma is scouring the kitchen when there is a knock at the door. It's Christine. She says she knows Norma is afraid to put herself out there and she's not taking no for an answer and they need to find an outfit for her. Christine finds a dress and Norma tries to beg off. Christine tells her to stop resisting and that her son won't be around forever and she needs to get back out there. Norma says she doesn't know how and so many bad things have happened. Christine says one step at a time and that George will come get her and they'll meet at the restaurant.

    Zane asks Dylan to pick up a load of guns from some dude named Charlie.

    Norman works in the office at the motel and Emma looks over his shoulder. He's looking at motels online and claims he's checking out the competition. She knows he's lying. Emma's conquest shows up and she hides. He asks why she's hiding. She claims she isn't. He knows she's lying. A steaming mad Cody shows up angry Norman didn't show up at the theatre to work on the sets with her. She says next time he should call and writes her number on his arm. Emma informs him that Cody used to go to their school before he came to town and she dropped out.

    Norman comes in and zips up his mother's dress. Norma claims she doesn't want to go. Norman rubs her shoulders and says it will be good for her to get out and away from all of this family stuff. Dylan arrives home and they try to hash it out. Norma wants him to put it all behind him and be strong. Dylan says how can he put himself behind himself. Norma says it was a ploy to get money from him. Dylan shows her that Caleb gave her he money back. The doorbell rings, it's George. Norman asks what time she'll be home. George promises that he'll ensure she doesn't get into any trouble.

    Norman goes to work on sets with Cody taking out his aggression with a hammer. She wonders if he's still bummed about Bradley or because she thought he was gay. He says he's upset about his mom. Cody says all parents suck. Norman says not his mom, who would do anything for him, that she's special and he's worried about her. She wonders why. He says that her brother showed up and he's bad news. Cody says they can scare him and he won't bother Norma anymore.

    Emma goes to see the boy in his room at the motel, who calls her cupcake girl. She asks them if they had sex the night before. He says no. They just got wasted and didn't know where to take her. He says he wanted to but he prefers when the girl's are conscious. He also says if they did sleep together, he'd remember. She is relieved. He says he'll be around for a few weeks because he's selling pot for the summer. She wishes him luck and thanks him for looking after her.

    At dinner George is being charming. Talk of the bypass arises, Norma claims the bypass is going to ruin her business. Christine's husband does nothing to make her feel better. Norma is a good sport and then excuses herself for the rest room. She collects herself and is returning to the table and George intercepts and apologizes on his brother-in-law's behalf.

    Cody and Norman set out on their mission to scare Caleb. She wants to wave a tire iron at him. Norman seems unsure of this plan. They go to his motel. In the car, Norman flashes back to Norma telling him that Caleb used to rape her and he actually starts picturing it. Cody gets the room number. Norman says he doesn't think he can do this. He says he needs to leave and asks her to take him away from here, waving the tire iron. She tells him to calm down and they can go.

    Closing up for the night, Emma runs into her handsome young dealer again. She says she does want to have sex with him, but says she was relieved because it would've been her first time and she wanted it to be something she actually remembered. Although he had jokingly offered to have sex with her that night, he is clearly put off by her being a virgin, but not rudely, almost sweetly. He says he'll see her tomorrow.

    George drives Norma home who apologizes for not being really up for it tonight. He says his sister is a force of nature and it was something else growing up. Norma says Christine has been nothing but nice to her. George says Christine is "taken" with her. They arrive back at the motel and she thanks him for dinner. He asks her out again and says they can leave his brother-in-law at home. All she says is thank you.

    Sherriff Romero goes to chat with Zane. Romero says Zane's been away a long time and clearly he's forgotten how things work around here. Zane claims things have changed and they didn't work out so well for Gil. Romero says they haven't and that he can picture Zane making mistakes and taking things a little too personally and trying to prove himself by making the most noise and doing the most damage so people will take him seriously since nobody does. He says this is a warning and he can be a real nice guy until he's not. They stare each other down and Romero leaves.

    Norma drinks at the kitchen table, still in her dinner dress. Dylan arriveswith some boxes. He's moving out. She wonders why he has to leave. He says she made this mess and can live in it. She notes she was raped into this mess. Dylan tells him what Caleb said about another guy. He asks why she had him. She has no answer. He tearfully says he knows what she did: she got knocked up by her brother and used him to get her high school boyfriend to marry her in order to get out of her awful house, using him, knowing what he was and just caring about herself. She says she was so scared and he has no idea what it was like for her with her abusive dad and inattentive mother and no one protected her. She said she had to get away she had no power to stop him and she wanted to tell him to leave her alone but she had no voice. She says it's not his fault nor is it hers. He is unmoved and storms out. Norman overhears all of this from the door.

    Norman goes back to Caleb's motel alone and says they need to talk telling him who he is. He tells Norman to buzz off. Norman says he's been "silenced" long enough. Caleb pushes him into a chair. Norman starts to frizz out and starts thinking about what Caleb did to his mother as a young girl. He suddenly takes on Norma's voice saying he has to come here to repay him for all the things he did when they were young and he couldn't say anything. Caleb is understandably confused and says he never did anything to Norman. Norman pulls out a knife. They tussle. Caleb gets the knife away from him and calls him crazy. Norman looks into his face and says "you raped me over and over. I was your little sister and I loved you." Yup, he's crazy. Caleb throws him to the ground, grabs his luggage, gives Norman a kick in the ribs for good measure and leaves, turning out the light on Norman's body on the ground.

    A man goes to the sheriff and tells him to get over to his house right away. Romero returns home to see his house going up in flames, completely destroyed.

    Cody meets Norman at a coffee shop. The waitress says he's been staring out the window for an hour and that he had no phone or ID. They called her because her number was on his arm. She guides him out of the coffee shop to her car. He is catatonic. She tells him everything will be okay.

    Cody drops off a fidgety Norman who says he just changed his mind. Cody is unnerved.

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