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Season 2

3 Jan. 2016
A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear
Galavant and the crew are shipwrecked thanks to bad advice, and their overland trek back to Richard's kingdom leads to a bar in West Hollow-wood then to a fortune teller.
3 Jan. 2016
World's Best Kiss
Isabella plots her escape from Hortensia when she receives a call from Galavant via crystal ball. King Richard discovers his castle has disappeared.
10 Jan. 2016
Aw, Hell, the King
Desperate to raise an army and storm Hortensia, Galavant and King Richard return to his former castle to find the village thriving, now that they've found democracy. The discovery causes Richard to have an identity crisis now that his people don't need him. Galavant uses a town hall meeting to recruit fighters from the village, but volunteers are in short supply. In Hortensia, an evil wedding planner named Wormwood poisons Isabella's mind with an enchanted tiara, intent on making her help him take over the kingdom.
10 Jan. 2016
Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled
While continuing their quest to gather an army, King Richard discovers that he has a connection to Roberta, the beautiful warrior who volunteered to help. Galavant plays matchmaker. Madalena is invited to the Basikobitcz party - the popular girls of the kingdom - and can't wait to be accepted into their group. The party is not what she expected, and, when she returns home, Madalena discovers that she has feelings and does not like her new emotion.
17 Jan. 2016
Giants vs. Dwarves
Galavant is fed up with Richard after he trades the Jewel of Valencia for a "dragon" and travels to find the giants on his own. They are not at all what he expected but are willing to help under one condition - he must help them defeat the dwarves. Gareth tells Sid about his feelings for Madalena. Sid warns Gareth against confessing his feelings, but he is determined, which ultimately leads to a dangerous situation for one of the men. Woodworm sends Isabella to Princess Jubilee's palace to hand deliver her invitation to her wedding.
17 Jan. 2016
About Last Knight
Galavant, along with Richard and Roberta, stumbles upon his father, Sir Arnold Galavant. While Richard prepares for battle by training at Arnold's knight school, Galavant learns a few things about the man who abandoned him as a child. Madalena tries to make Gareth's birthday the best day ever, but his idea of a fun time is getting into a bar fight. Isabella returns to Hortensia and banishes Woodworm. Sid, now a wanted man in Valencia, flees to the Forest of Coincidence.
24 Jan. 2016
Love and Death
Richard, Roberta and Sid rush fatally wounded Galavant to a healer who has a magic potion that could save Galavant's life. While waiting for Galavant to recover, Roberta and Richard almost share a tender moment. Meanwhile, Madalena shares her true feelings with Gareth.
24 Jan. 2016
Do the D'DEW
As the battle between Hortensia and Valencia begins, Isabella and the Jester are ready to surrender, but when Isabella hears Madalena's demands, she returns to the Hortensia camp and rallies the troops to fight. Against Gareth's wishes, a frightened Madalena turns to Wormwood to teach her the evil magic of the "Dark Dark Evil Way," or D'DEW.
31 Jan. 2016
Battle of the Three Armies
Richard, Bobby and Sid try to save Galavant's life while Valencia and Hortencia prepare for battle.
31 Jan. 2016
The One True King (To Unite Them All)
Under Madalena and Wormwood's spell, the zombie army revolts against Galavant. Meanwhile, Richard goes after Wormwood. Elsewhere, Gareth tries to reason with Madalena, but she is driven to learn how to use her newly acquired dark magic.

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