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Sex & Nudity

  • TV version and Hulu version are censored very differently. Hulu version contains much more intense sexual lingo, sex scenes, and nudity that they could not get away with showing on regular TV.
  • A older woman is involved with a sexual relationship with a much younger man. This is handled tastefully, minor sex scenes and often couples shown in bed together implying sex. There are frequent references to sex, oral sex and sex lives of older woman.
  • One female character is very secure about her body and appears topless in public (all is censored) and appears completely naked in a woman apartment who she appears to have a relationship with. She is known to 'Sleep with anything that moves, male, female, trans, e.c.t'. She is a explicit character.
  • One of the main characters is a lesbian and you occasionally here about her sexual relations with other women.
  • Two characters have a affair and you can see the male finger the woman in her office (no nudity is shown) she climaxes.

Violence & Gore

  • Very little violence. There is a game of dodgeball and a woman is shown bruised and with a black eye after being hit with a ball. A woman walks in a glass wall. No blood is shown.


  • All swearing is beeped out.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character has a marijuana lollipop, you see the result of character after being on drugs by them acting high especially josh
  • Characters consume alcohol in almost every episode and some characters are shown drunk. One character mentions he likes to smoke pot often (though it is never shown). At a party 6 main characters take shots containing pure ecstasy, we later see the effects of the drug.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • No frightening scenes. The main characters life is very involved and may appear intense to some viewers.
  • OVERALL... I believe anyone over the age of 14 can watch this.

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