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Spoilers follow ...
parry_na20 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
One of the things I like about the found footage genre is evidenced at the beginning of 'The Devil Within', when the camera remains locked onto a character as he conveys all kinds of emotion to the viewer without the help of moody lightning, artistic cutting or indeed anything to enhance the performance. The actor therefore has no choice but to play everything completely naturally because the unforgiving nature of an unedited shot would betray any lapse.

That's the first impression I got from the opening moments as Professor Popescu (Adrian Carlugeo) warns us how terrible are the events we are about to see. He is wrong, unfortunately, for what follows is three actors with very little chemistry traipsing around the tremendous snowy Hoia Bacui Forest in a shockingly dull, blatant recreation of events in 'The Blair Witch Project (1999)' – inferior in every way, sadly. They get lost, argue and nothing happens. The discovery of the dead body of their erstwhile companion, the ferociously bearded Mr Dogaru (Bill Hutchins) fails to invest any scares into these uneventful wanderings: 'What happened to him?' 'He's f****** dead, that's what happened to him,' – all lines delivered with all the conviction of characters not remotely bothered.

Rumour has it that for 'Blair Witch', the director left his cast alone for most of the time in the unforgiving location, only to creep up on them at night and scare them – this produced a very real, wearied, raw set of performances. Here, the terrain is even less hospitable, but there are no scares, no tension whatsoever – any energy is drained from the young cast producing beleaguered dramatics in a disappointingly uneventful picture.
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Seriously! Give This One A Miss
michaelant55514 April 2017
This has to be one of the worst films that I have ever seen.

If you like watching a few, very uninteresting, people walk through snow-covered woodlands for most of the movie, then you're in for a real treat. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen a film with such a weak cast and such a weak plot. It's like a really bad Blair Witch in that it's set in a haunted forest, but it has no believable scares or any interesting characters. The characters and plot are so lame, it's like a few people, without an ounce of imagination between them (and I'm not exaggerating here), got together and shot an extremely low budget amateur home movie.

I'm the first person to rant about people giving films bad reviews that really don't deserve them, especially when they give half decent films only 1 star. You know the type of trolls I'm referring to, but in this case I genuinely believe that the 4.2 rating is far too generous.
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The Devil Complex: Found footage with even less footage than usual
Platypuschow14 November 2017
The Blair Witch Project (1999) has a lot to answer for. Ever since its release we've been bombarded with found footage movies because of the seeming popularity and because they're insanely cheap to produce.

This British made one is set in Romania and revolves around a documentary film crew investigating the infamous Hoia-Baciu Forest. For those unfamiliar this is a forest within Transylvania that is well known for it's stories of ghosts, demons and ufos.

The first 3/4 of the movie is character establishment, when something finally happens it still doesn't. Truth be told this is less actual content or activity than Blair Witch, than Pararnomal Activity. By that I mean literally nothing happens.

It claims this is based on true events, yet again a lie. The forest is well known for stories, but no basis or evidence to support any of them.

One thing I found baffling is that the forest is well known for its central circle and distinct tree growth in some areas. They don't show any of this, why go all the way there and not film the two most impressive things within the forest? Forest, snow and some very unlikable characters. That's your lot.

The Good:

Fantastic setting

Based on something real and fairly interesting

The Bad:

Weird writing decisions

Nothing happens
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Bleak and uneventful but with great snowy woods scenery
EddieRade15 May 2016
An amazing setting only can't do much for a found footage horror movie with low budget, uncharismatic actors with foreign accents and an overdone storyline. That being said, the movie misses the point of being scary and it looks like it doesn't even try. The scenes happen as they come, without momentum or a real terror content and it comes close to being just necessary chapters to respect the genre it is supposed to be, all in all weakly acted and directed. The actors are the main issue here. They just don't go together and that's obvious from the beginning. It's like none of them want to be there. I wasn't expecting much from it, but can't say I'm not somewhat disappointed about the lack of one or two well-crafted scares which would've saved something out of this lame duck movie. A missed shot.
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The Blair Witch Project..... On Ice.....
FlashCallahan29 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In November 2012 Rachel Kusza and her team of film makers travelled to Transylvania to document the Baciu forest.

The film crew were never heard from again. After searching for the film crew for two years, Rachels teacher finds the crews camera buried in the snow.

Before taking own life, Redman uploads the footage to the internet.

It shows the crews journey into the woods, but it also shows why locals refuse to enter the supposedly haunted forest.......

Some found footage movies can be original, if they have writers and film makers who can be bothered with their 'project'.

But then you get lazy film makers whom like to retread successful ground and put their own spin on that success. Here the magical spin is literally snow and a man with a beard.

Other than that, it's just The Blair Witch Project, right down to the white text on black stating that the crew were never seen again.

And it's a right chore to get through, even though it's just shy of ninety minutes.

So we get the predictable meet up, the warnings from the locals, the vox pop interviews with the locals, and the meet up with the weird person who knows a little too much about the legend.

And then the obligatory rest of the film walking through the forest, finding strange things, and the crew slowly coming apart and arguing before they go off into the dark and scream in the distance.

You've seen this film a thousand times before, and much better.

Thhis is the epitome of lazy film making, and like the makers, you just cannot be bothered with the finished 'project'.

I'd rather watch the best of Lionel Blair on loop for two weeks, rather than sit through this again.
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Hard pass
akd-974-77408111 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of found footage but if you are looking for something with any sort of thrill or excitement or even plot line, this isn't it. I am very forgiving cause I love horror and watch almost everything there is, however I was more invested in a Huffington Post article then I was with this movie.

SPOILERS: If you get lost in the forest you might want it to be any season but actual winter cause then being lost would make actual sense. I'm not even sure what one of the characters was there for or the point of him being there was. So if you are looking at more exciting ways to watch paint dry, you've just found it!
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Correct title: Blair Witch Goes To Europe!
mariusar9 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Wow...just wow. Every so often I come across a film that actually screams out for me to give it my lowest imdb rating of "3" {which is as low as I go while still trying to give a bit of respect for the work people undertook}.

Yep...this one gets a "3"! And boy do I wish I could go lower than that. But no, I will stick by my own guidelines.

Let's get right to the bottom line: this "film" is, no joke, nearly a shot by shot, sccene by scene ripoff of the modern classic Blair Witch Project. Honestly.

They changed the location {Europe! Just like Chevy Chase did}. They added snow to a forest! They changed the gender of the creepy local to a guy and made him a total ditcher guide!

Pretty much everything else is directly ripped off from BWP, including a tent confessional from a guy this time when things start going sideways.

The only thing missing was a ripoff of Heather's fear snot...

One could not possibly find a more effective way to waste one's time while watching this god-awful piece of garbage.

Team Devil Complex: seriously...polish up those CVs...don't ever foist such crap on the world ever again, at least not until you go to night film school.

There. I said it. Thus far as of May 2018, The Devil Complex is the absolute worst movie I have had the displeasure to watch this year. And there have been a few stinkers but none so far that has prompted me to write a warning review.

Don't. Please...for the love of god...DON'T WATCH THIS DRECK...You're welcome...
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Dude, This is evil
nogodnomasters23 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a found footage film from the Hoia Baciu forest, Romania dating to November 2012. Three students enter the forest and never leave as we are informed by the professor who found the film. The forest we are told judges people and decides if they can leave or not. It seems littering is on the top of the list of sins. The film is interview filler for about the first 30 minutes. They walk through SNOW into the forest and get lost because they don't have a map. Seriously? Someone smarter than a fifth grader (or not) could have stepped up and said, "Hey! We made those tracks. Let's follow them back." Nope. The film offers no closure, or much of anything.

PLOT SPOILER? There are some trees at the end almost shaped in a V (except for that one tree off to the side) and supposedly it concerns something that we don't see inside the V either. Keep alert for clues, because I expected aliens or a meth lab with cannibals.

"The Devil's Forest", "The Devil Complex" and "The Devil Within" are the same film, I would hate to see anyone watch it twice.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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lumgs4 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Two huge holes in the story (apart from all the other small holes):

1 - Why didn't they just follow their own footprints back instead of going deeper into the forest?

2 - What was so horrible that the professor had to kill himself in the beginning? No explanation whatsoever.

Very bad film, very bad attempt of a Blair Witch Project in the snow, no scares, no suspense, nothing.

Positive: beautiful scenery
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Promised so much yet gave so little !
aspirezelor20 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As a first review on this site, i am finding it a little sad it had to be this one. But this was the film i just finished watching ... hm. "The Devil Complex" what to is quite simple 1) It lacked any sort of realistic storyline 2) The film did not do justice to the cast whatsoever 3) We never actually got to know anything about the characters,,,, 4) when we did get to scratch the surface of two of the three characters, i never did get to the bottom of why or how. 5) I never judge a film by its budget nor cast, as some of the best films i have seen have been of a low budget or funded by charity or organizations.

Im not going to give anything away about this movie because there is nothing to give away. Its a walk through a snow fill forest ,, as beautiful as it is . After being told people go missing there , die there, or come out with illnesses (skin rashes). They go in with a camera (rip off blair witch maybe ?) and film what they might see with the help of a "guide". who is a strange man which i never understood a word of. He doesnt stay in the film for more than 15 mins,,, (like i say there is nothing to spoil and you have prob guessed why anyway). ok i will spoil it THEY ALL DIE,,, the end...

Not more i can really say on this so i better list it as a spoiler review, just in case i upset anyone lol Thankyou for reading and i hope that in time my reviewing will get better,
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eacunha-622-52093411 February 2019
I love found footage movies, I've watched hundreds of them, but this was the only one to date that got me angry. It's terrible, bad script, bad acting, it's hard to watch until the end. It is a project that tried to imitate the blair witch but ended up getting bizarre.
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Uneventful and typical
adeleysim7 January 2019
Follows the typical format of a found footage film, and spends too much time not doing anything that adds to the plot. The very few events that do happen strike me as random and unexplained. I felt like I was walking in circles in a forest myself.
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Many will overlook, no doubt.
RatedVforVinny4 November 2018
I thought it did not really deliver but for some reason it sticks in the mind; whilst other so called lost and found movies, are instanly forgettable. I say give it a chance.
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Doesn't even stick to the legends!
acheron-2397927 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert! I've read a lot of stories about the Hoia Baciu Forest and was excited to see this movie... The beginning gets you pumped up, thinking you will see some awesome footage about ghosts or UFOs but it's all a lie! There are a total of 4 deaths that happen inside the forest, you don't see what kills them, as a matter of fact you don't see any phenomena at all. No ghosts, no strange lights, not even the crooked trees. The only thing they did keep in the movie that is the same as the real life legends is one of the characters gets a rash on his leg and the girl gets anxiety but you find out early in the movie she's had it all along and takes medication for it... Don't waste your time watching this.. specially if you have read stories and legends having to do with the Hoia Baciu Forest, I only watched it till the end to see if maybe some sort of lights or at least a ghost would pop out but nope, didn't happen.
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Zach McGowan
wolfspiritjohnson24 March 2018
Last night's show was incredible with the return of Zach McGowan as The Superior Anton Ivanov! Love seeing him with this great marvel team especially Agent Coulson!! Hope to see more of Zach in future episodes!
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