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Just the Facts!
crocelover10 June 2015
I recently completed my Masters thesis on the topic of Kurt Cobain's death. I was simply prepared to write mostly about how Cobain's death impacted the musical landscape. That was until I visited the website of Tom Grant cobaincase dot com. It had confirmed the lingering doubts I had for many years regarding the cause of Kurt's death.

Grant who was hired by Cobain's wife, Courtney Love days before Kurt died, had a front row perspective as to the happenings surrounding the time and cause of Kurt's passing. He has generously shared decades of his tireless work here in this film in order to dispel all the rumors, gossip and statements made by people with something to gain, or protect.

Grant (and film director, Benjamin Statler) are only interested in bringing to light the facts of this case. Anyone who takes the time to watch Soaked in Bleach will not be able to ignore the obvious conclusion that Kurt Cobain was murdered and now deserves justice.
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caroline_rohling1 June 2015
Look at the stats and you'll see that people are giving bad reviews (1 stars) on this film 100 at a time. Sounds like an automated campaign to me. This started before the film was even released on 6/11. Courtney Love is also trying to intimidate cinemas from showing this film by having her attorneys send threatening letters. Most are ignoring her threats. There is so much information in this documentary you'll need to watch it more than once to catch it all. I've watched this film several times and I constantly pick up new info. Based on Tom Grant's actual recordings, case files, and observations during the days leading up to Cobain's death, this film takes painstaking steps to ensure accuracy. Thorough the use of actual recordings, you will hear Courtney Love explain how she easily lies to manipulate the press. Although she hires Tom on April 3rd (Easter Sunday) to try to find her missing husband, she conveniently leaves out critical information (he was seen by their nanny at his own house on April 2nd). She has Grant search everywhere except their house until April 6th. Love is clearly obstructing the investigation, keeping Grant away from the house until she is ready for him to look there. Why? Includes police reports and interviews with expert forensic scientists and medical examiners across the country. The physical evidence suggests another person in the room as Cobain could not have pulled the trigger with the level of heroin in his system. The shotgun shell isn't where it should be. And, Love and Cobain were in the midst of a divorce. The film also includes comments from the former Seattle Chief of Police, Norm Stamper, who says, "If I were the Chief today, I would reopen this investigation." Watch this film and make your own decision. What really happened to Kurt Cobain in April, 1994?
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Factual, Backed Up By SPD Reports, Taped Calls & Expert Testimony. This Is Not Fluff!
mandimahdavi-111 June 2015
Soaked In Bleach is a solid 10. Please ignore the very many 1* reviews from blatant supporters aka minions of Courtney Love, this is now their desperate and pathetic attempt to sabotage this release. The expert testimony was AWESOME, lead by Dr Cyril Wecht (world leading forensic pathologist) who proved that it was scientifically IMPOSSIBLE for Cobain to have shot himself. Furthermore, the explanation of the grip on the shotgun was new to me, and proved impossible for Kurt to have shot himself. These two facts are strong enough alone to convince the most uninformed. Anyone attempting to outwit these individuals are frankly morons. To top it off, Norm Stamper cemented it all. Soaked In Bleach covered all the bases, and i am confident people will be encouraged to read The Cobain Case manual and/or Love & Death for further details. Credit must be given to Statler and team for the great cinematography, and cleverly weaving the taped calls in to the dialogue. I look forward to seeing how this case unravels; here is hoping someone with the right conscience and power to step forward and set the ball rolling for an independent reinvestigation. It's the very small justice Kurt Cobain deserves.
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Based on the evidence
Judging from the work Tom Grant has done, which will be showcased in this film, it deserves much acclaim. Courtney Love can buy as many 1 star reviews for this film as she wants ( there's companies that specialize is altering online "reputations"), just look at all the bogus hacking on YouTube, giving people tons of views their content never actually received. You can even pay for followers on Instagram. We live in a very fake time, so either way, this will bring hordes of movie goers and all people around the world to watch it. This is where Tom Grant and Kurt Cobain , wins, in my view. Nice try Courtney, the world is on Kurt's side this time.
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A well made film
mdoraninaz11 June 2015
I just watched this film late last night and was impressed with the quality. The facts compared to the things the public was told back in 1994 are quite different. My wife and I learned what we thought was the truth from MTV back then.

The film makers did a very nice job of presenting many facts that were hidden from the public. It is unfortunate that the Seattle police never did their job properly by investigating his death before declaring it a suicide.

I would recommend watching this to anyone that is even remotely interested.
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Based on FACTS
mimr-0749510 June 2015
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Someone has people deliberately sabotaging the rating of this film. If you take a look at the ratings scale, you will notice people voted primarily 1 or 10, not much in between, which indicates "tampering." Courtney Love has her attorneys sending "Cease & Desist" letters to theaters showing this film, which is based on FACTS. Tom Grant's audio recordings of his phone conversations with her, in addition to forensic science prove that Kurt Cobain could not have shot himself, which means he was murdered. Courtney had a motive for wanting Kurt dead. The #1 reason being that Kurt wanted a divorce & asked to have Courtney's name removed from his will. Four days after Kurt's body was found, Hole's ironically entitled album "Live Through This" was released (April 12,1994).

NOTE TO THEATERS: If Courtney Love hasn't sued Tom Grant in 21 years, what makes you think that she can sue you?? SHE CAN'T. It is a scare tactic! SHOW THE FILM, and let the public decide!!!

Here are some quotes from Courtney. She practically shoves it in our faces that she got away with murder. How's that for a spin?

"In rock stardom there's an absolute economic upside to self-destruction. What makes the most money for this business? Dead rock stars." Courtney Love (SPIN magazine, Oct. 2005)

"I married a guy, he killed himself, I inherited everything. That's the way it goes." Courtney Love (SPIN magazine. Feb. 2010)

I find it pathetic that people are down-rating this film before it's been released. I wonder who could possibly be behind this? Forensic science doesn't lie. If people would take the time to examine the evidence that is publicly available, such as the Seattle Police Department's reports on Kurt's death, they would see that it was not investigated at all. The first responding officers arrive at 8:56am on April 8, 1994. By 9:50am, less than an hour later, Kurt's death is officially ruled a suicide. How is this even possible? How could they determine the manner of death PRIOR to an autopsy and a toxicology report? Which leads to another problem. Courtney Love was personal friends with the medical examiner who performed Kurt's autopsy. This is a complete conflict of interest. Given the massive amount of heroin that Kurt Cobain was injected with, a triple lethal dose for the most severe addict, a 75X lethal dose for a non-addict, medical experts say that it would have been impossible for Kurt to shoot himself. He would've either been immediately incapacitated or dead. Yet, his shirt sleeves were rolled down & the caps had been placed back on the syringes. The shotgun had been loaded with 3 shells. Why? In case he missed? The expended shell casing was found on the opposite side of the ejection port, to Kurt's left. It should have landed to his right. No legible fingerprints were found on any of the items from the scene including the shotgun, expended shotgun shell casing, nor the two shotgun shells (live). I look forward to the world finally knowing the truth behind Kurt Cobain's death.

Review of "Soaked In Bleach" after viewing:

I've been waiting for over a year to see "Soaked In Bleach," and I can tell you right now, it was worth the torturous wait. It was way better than I actually expected. In fact, it was phenomenal. It was primarily documentary assisted by reenactments with actors, but even those were fantastic. The actual audio recordings that Tom Grant made were used in these scenes and were either dubbed over or blended with the actors' voices. Sarah Scott nailed Courtney Love. She was totally spot on. August Emerson, who played Dylan Carlson, Kurt Cobain's best friend was so good that I could not tell the difference between his voice & Dylan Carlson's. These reenactments were impeccable! But my biggest surprise was seeing certain experts that I had no idea would be in the film. I don't want to give anything away, but I have never been so impressed with a documentary / film in my life. It was absolutely spectacular, & Benjamin Statler obviously made sure that every detail, down to the lighting & the music went with the mood of what actually occurred to make this film as accurate and authentic as possible. I give it 20 stars out of 10!!

The investigation (since there was never one to begin with) into Kurt Cobain's death needs to be reopened immediately by an authority other than the Seattle Police Department. With Det. Mike Ciesynski still on their force, they are incapable of being unbiased & all remaining evidence should be immediately handed over to the FBI. PERIOD.
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Finally! I have been waiting for a documentary like this for a long time.
shazzadee889 June 2015
From what I have seen so far, this documentary was made with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I think that Benjamin Statler has done a wonderful job and should be commended for taking significant risk in investing his own time and money into something this controversial, and I hope that his work gets the recognition that it deserves come June 11th. I also hope that it will become to Australia very soon, but if not, I will find a way to give you my money. I recommend that people do not give this movie a one star because they don't want other people to see it; that is the most childish form of censorship. I think it is ridiculous that IMDb allows you to rate something that isn't released yet. Please give this movie a chance. Unlike Montage of Heck, Soaked In Bleach intends to present an accurate picture of Kurt's last months. Watch it, ask questions and verify the facts in this documentary. No one expects you to take this documentary at face value.
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Ambitious docudrama about the death of Kurt Cobain
neussischroedersssi10 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Obviously there are some trolls here, giving this movie the worst rating without even seeing it yet. The movie Soaked in Bleach was released in Germany yesterday on BluRay and DVD. Therefore i had the opportunity to watch it and here is my review: Kurt Cobain - Tod einer Ikone (Original title: Soaked in Bleach) is the movie Courtney doesn't want you to see. Therefore Courtney and consorts created the propaganda movie Montage of Heck to distract the attention from Soaked in Bleach. If there is a conspiracy movie, it's definitely the fantasy saga Montage of Heck, filled with lies and stuff completely taken out of context just to present Courney's „official" story once again and to misrepresent Kurt Cobain in the worst way.

The only context between these two movies is that Soaked in Bleach starts at the point, that was left out completely in Montage of Heck. The death of Kurt Cobain.

Soaked in Bleach details the events leading up to the death of Kurt Cobain, as seen through the perspective of Tom Grant, the private detective who was hired by Courtney Love to find Cobain, her husband, shortly before his death in 1994.

Benjamin Statler's movie is directed like a crime thriller and combines official case files, tape recordings with current interviews and reenactments. The thrilling movie is focused on Tom Grant's investigation from the days between April 1 and April 8. All the inconsistencies about the official suicide theory are analyzed in the minutest details.

Interviews with Tom Grant, Norm Stamper (ex-chief of the Seattle Police Department), Cyril Wecht (president of the American Academy of Forensic Science) and others like friends of Kurt and many experts involved in the investigation are giving the audience an entire picture about the impossibility, that Kurt could have killed himself.

All important arguments and reports taken by the Seattle Police Department and the medical examiner, who declared Kurt's death as a suicide, are analyzed and disproved in this master piece.

This movie will open your eyes and you will realize that you were fooled by Courtney and the media since 21 years. It is not for „conspiracy theorists", it's for people who have a sense of justice and was made also to clarify all the details in an understandable way for the mainstream audience.
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Justice for Kurt
peterrice-8607811 June 2015
Sadly the IMDb rating system for this film was completely sabotaged before the documentary even came out.Ignore the reviews and make up your own mind. The re enactment portions of the documentary are very well made with a great portrayal of Courtney Love by actress Sarah Scott.The set design is terrific too,when I first saw the trailer I had initially presumed they had gotten access to film on the original Cobain property. All of that is beside the point of course, the real purpose of this film is that it will serve as an informative and accurate reference point in the "popular culture" and general discourse surrounding Kurt's death, and hopefully eclipse the frustratingly shoddy conclusions reached in the Nick Broomfield documentary that have since passed into "fact" and would have thrown many of the curious off the truth back in the 90's.
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Great Documentary - Good Argument
spygirlkd11 June 2015
As someone who has been following this case for only about a year, I've obviously had my doubts, but not after watching this movie. What you'll be presented with are actual audio recordings, re-enactments of some events (as those were not video-recorded), interviews with forensic professionals (pathologists, the former chief of the Seattle Police Department), etc. I learned things I didn't know that only further prove, to me, the truth, that Kurt did not choose (nor want) to end his life.

The information was presented in both an easy to understand, as well as an interesting to watch, way. I would recommend this to ANYONE, no matter how you believe he died. You might be surprised with what you learned.

I am very satisfied with this movie, I think it was excellent, well worth the wait, and the money I paid for it. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.
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Well done
karenzbox11 June 2015
I strongly think that everyone is giving this movie a bad rating because they're on Courtney's side and had already watched Montage of Heck. I didn't watch Montage of Heck because Courtney invaded Kurt's privacy and if he were alive to this day he would have NEVER agreed to be exposed like that. And all for? For money. I want to tell everyone to watch this movie because you have to hear the story from both sides. I think they did an excellent job! The ending was so touching and I am currently recommending it to my family and friends and they are all going to watch it. Yes it is that great! I am a Nirvana die hard fan and I honestly can believe that Dave and Krist where in this movie... I am honestly disappointed in them, I thought that Kurt meant something to them than "my friend who killed himself"..but anyways, the filming is stunning! Very clear and straight to the point.
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Worth Watching
LivingDeadGirl198112 June 2015
I went into this movie with an open mind as someone who was a teenager when Kurt Cobain died. I wasn't a fan back then but I've come to enjoy Nirvana's music now.

"Soaked In Bleach" interjects actual audio recordings collected by private investigator Tom Grant during his investigation when he was hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt Cobain when she claimed he was missing. There's also forensic and criminal experts in various fields to give their opinion based on the evidence available.

The movie discusses not only Kurt's final days but the days after his death when evidence was coming to light that would cast doubt that he'd committed suicide. Not only were there inconsistencies in some of Courtney Love's stories, but there was also a botched investigation by the Seattle PD.

Even if you're not a fan, this movie is worth watching for the forensic and criminal pathology information. It's not about the death of a famous person, it's about demanding justice for a human being.
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How can anyone dispute the real facts of the murder of Kurt Cobain?
pschraff-1937211 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've been waiting for this movie for a long time, as have many others who are NOT conspiracy theorists, but average everyday people who can tell fact from fiction.

Perhaps we will never know who killed Cobain, but he at least deserves his death to be investigated properly by the Seattle Police Department.

Soaked in Bleach brilliantly delivers the pure facts of the investigation. Mr. Grant has VOLUNTEERED his time for the last 20+ years in bringing the truth to everyone who enjoyed Cobain's music. He should be applauded long and loud for his dedication and hard work, as should Benjamin Statler for creating this film. I hope, as they do, that these truths will prevent other kids from copycat suicides. I know that has been one of the most important goals of Mr. Grant's investigation all these years.

I rated this a 10 because I thought it was well-made and comprehensive of the investigation.

However, in the interest of time, many other details of the investigation were left out. Please visit for all the details and a free download of the Cobain Case File that Mr. Grant has made available to anyone who wishes to have a copy.

And please share that free download with your family and friends. More people who know the facts may convince the SPD to re-open Cobain's death and investigate it as it should have been investigated on April 8, 1994.
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Kurt Cobain was murdered - A must watch
donovan196912 June 2015
This is for sure a must watch and highly recommended for real Kurt Cobain fans.

90 minutes of damning, highly compelling evidence is presented that Courtney Love set up and paid to have Kurt Cobain murdered. Interviews, forensic evidence, and much, much more is all laid out seamlessly in this visually beautiful but ultimately tragic film that will certainly force the Seattle Police Department to reopen the investigation into his death and make Courtney and her conspirators accountable for the crimes they have committed. More than anything the film details how there is no possible way the cause of death could be suicide, brought to light by some of the most credible and experienced forensics experts alive today.
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This should be amazing
alihansendesign10 June 2015
This documentary should blow the lid off the previous consensus that Kurt Cobain committed suicide. The trailer looks incredible, well done, and a must see for any Cobain or Nirvana fan. This looks a truly haunting documentary.

Detective Tom Grant has worked tirelessly for the last 20 years to give Kurt back his dignity and to show to the world that he did not take his own life. This documentary is the fruit of his labors.

Increasingly, the evidence does not seem to stack up, and the case needs to be re-opened. Please watch this stunning documentary and make up your own made, you will be shocked at the overwhelming evidence it brings to light. It would be an absolute miracle if this documentary contributed to the re-opening of the Cobain case..... Justice for Kurt has never been closer.....
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Extremely Well Made. Easily 8/10.
mattframe12 June 2015
Given the controversial nature of the subject I think the most important message I can convey about this film is that it is extremely well made.

No matter what side of the fence one may find themselves on (re: the 'conspiracy' theory) I believe strongly that people will find this film to be compelling and very, very entertaining.

It is absolutely worth watching and I recommend it highly.

It's a real shame that the IMDb rating system seems to be very susceptible to vote rigging as this film deserves a much higher rating than what it is (currently) trending at: 3.7/10.

It only takes a moment to recognize the intention of the over 2,000 'people' who have voted the film a 1 or 2 out of 10. It's intended to falsely degrade the film's worth in the hopes that people will not wish to watch it.

Clearly these votes have be bought by one of the several IMDb 'vote buying' services online.

This is a childish and unfair tactic that, frankly, makes me uncomfortable about the intent of the purchaser.

However, it did compel me to write this review (my first ever) so perhaps the tactic might need a rethink?

I voted 'Soaked in Bleach' a 8 out of 10 and I believe it is worth that, perhaps even more.

I highly recommend that everybody (even those with a passing interest in the subject matter) should watch the film and decide for themselves what the film is worth.

Personally, I think it easily qualifies as one of the 10 best documentaries I have ever seen.
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Great documentary. The truth will prevail!
jaskalel11 June 2015
I really enjoyed this documentary. It is about time that someone comes out with the truth. For the past 20+ years, many have believed the possibility that Kurt Cobain did NOT commit suicide, that he was actually murdered.This documentary does a great job providing much-needed proof to back up any such claims. This documentary will erase any question about the fact that Kurt Cobain was murdered! This movie was well worth the wait and cost! A must see for music lovers as well as any true Nirvana/Kurt Cobain fans. Watch it no matter which death theory you believe and see if the evidence will change your mind! Justice for Kurt Cobain!!!
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Catharsis for those who cared about Kurt
eyeheartgiraffe11 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I don't give movies ten stars. It's never happened before, honestly. And while this movie (technically a documentary) could have been organized slightly better, or included a few more facts about the case, it was perfect, and here's why:

Tom Grant is an honest and ethical man who cares about getting the truth out about the circumstances surrounding Cobain's death. He has doggedly pursued this case for years with a tenacity rarely matched in our blurb and instant gratification culture. But Cobain deserves better than that, and Grant gives it to him. And so does director Benjamin Statler, and all the other people who have given their time to this film and to the investigation over the years. The film is made and presented with the utmost respect to the person who matters the most: Kurt Cobain.

What you will find in this film are the unadulterated facts of the case, interviews with respected individuals such as former Chief of Police, Norm Stamper (who was Seattle's police chief at the time of Kurt's death), renowned forensic experts, the paramedic who was first at the scene, and more, presented in an interesting and highly revelatory context. But what takes the movie over the edge--in terms of believability, is it's strict adherence to the truth. There is no hyperbole, no name-calling, just a quiet and persistent pursuit of the truth. As viewers, we are presented with facts and the systematic disapproval of myths within a relevant and non-cheesy reenactment. And while Courtney's character is difficult to watch--due to the surrounding drug culture as well as her stunning coldness in regards to Kurt's genuine well being, it doesn't feel contrived at all. Coupled, with actual recordings of Courtney, as well as public knowledge of Courtney's truly erratic behavior over the years, the reenactments are lend a pertinent narrative.

Many people have written off this movie (without even seeing it) for illogical reasons. They believe:

-The media reports which are filled with misinformation, some intentionally planted. These include: Cobain was barricaded in the room, Cobain left his driver's license out so that he could be identified, Cobain was locked in the greenhouse in such a way that only he could have done, Cobain left a suicide note, Cobain was suicidal at the time, Cobain had tried to commit suicide in Rome, Cobain could have lifted the shotgun on that amount of heroin because he was a hardcore junkie, Cobain loved Courtney and would never leave her, Cobain was helpless.

-They have bought into Courtney's shtick and believe she is cool because she breaks the rules. These people argue that accusing Courtney is anti-feminist and that she is unfairly persecuted in the media. ( In fact (as we hear in taped conversation), Courtney admits to planting stories, a missing persons report, and manipulating the media on several occasions. Most importantly however, she had motive. It's hard for deluded people to get their heads around this. I dare these people to view this film.)

-It's old news, just another attempt to make money off of Kurt's death. (The ethics for reopening the case should be abundantly clear as any person deserves this, but a person with Kurt's sway even more so--there are 68 copycat type suicides on record linked to Cobain.)

-Tom Grant is a blow hard and just can't let it go. It's his one claim to fame. He's a sucky PI. (Actually, Tom Grant has conducted the investigation with persistence, decency, and a relentless pursuit of the truth, over any of his own opinions. It's all there.)

I would encourage any person who claims to care about Kurt to see this film for the most important reason of all: he deserves it. As of the time of this writing, Courtney has made every effort to stop this film from being shown, even going so far as to send "Cease and Desist" orders to theaters showing it. No joke.

It's a hard watch and so sad, but cathartic too. RIP Kurt. And may the truth finally be known.
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Facts That have been Dismissed
tornadoriderok11 June 2015
Great film and finally seeing the facts out there was a good feeling. Certainly showed the botched investigation by the Seattle Police department and showed Cobain was murdered. No suicide. It's worth the watch. Dr. Cyril Wecht has alarming insights and facts. I also felt it was presented in a way that is very easy to understand. It was clear, and easy to follow. This s a drama doc I will watch several times. Several things you pick up each time and new things you pick up each time. I gave it a good review for all of the above mentioned. As of late many people have tried to discredit this evidence and because they didn't have a good understanding of everything. This film clears it up.
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The truth shall set you free
garciaerika-7851611 June 2015
I first came across Tom Grant's irrefutable murder theory when I was about 13 or 14 years old and even then I believed the evidence was too strong to ignore. I am now 27 and just watched this documentary. Tom Grant is sincere and gives a bit of his background to begin. I can't say much that hasn't been said before but as a Kurt Cobain fan, growing up reading his biographies, engulfing myself in his works I almost felt as if I knew Kurt, I'm aware that's a strange thing to say. He deserves justice. This films delves deeper into the previous evidence Grant has offered and new information I didn't know about (the massive amount if recorded conversations, Rosemary Carroll's leaning towards and evening suggesting Courtney, and I didn't know Kurt and Courtney had a prenuptial agreement). Spread the word and hopefully his case can be PROPERLY investigated. Thank you Tom and everyone involved.
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If this doesn't enlighten people on the weird circumstances surrounding Cobain's death, I don't know what will !
mildredratched11 June 2015
Forget about the people who were already down rating this movie before it even got released. This movie is GREAT. I don't want to spoil so I won't go into details but it is very well put together, clear, understandable and it truly brings light to the strange circumstances surrounding Kurt Cobain's death. No to mention the fact that the audience is now able to clearly see how cunning and manipulative Courtney Love can be, based on her own words this time. What I found the most interesting is that Soaked In Bleach treats this case as a serious investigation and doesn't acknowledge all of those weird and far-fetched conspiracy theories around Kurt's death. Finally, The ambiance, the casting - all so very neat. A true must-see. I highly recommend it.
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Courtney Love doesn't want YOU to see this! That's why you SHOULD!
saulgoode-1632814 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This film is everything that Montage of Brett's vision of Kurt wishes it could be. Benjamin Statler and Tom Grant get nothing but my utmost respect for the quality of and information presented in Soaked in Bleach.

Hear Courtney Love in her own words, undeniably admitting to lies she planted in the media to "selfishly boost album sales" since her album was about to be released when her husband was missing. Courtney hired Tom Grant because Kurt went missing. This film leads me to believe that Tom isn't the only one she had hired to help find Kurt. Unfortunately, her goons got to Kurt first.

But watch and listen to the facts. Listen to Kurt himself talk about how his stomach pains went away and how he was happier than he had ever been. Hear Courtney talk about how Kurt didn't want to be in Nirvana, how he had just turned down 9 or 10 million dollars and was "fucking that up too" - listen to how, while her husband is missing, she is concerned with album sales...

This is the movie Courtney Love doesn't want you to see because it unravels her 21 years worth of lies. I hope Frances and all of Kurt's family watch this and petition the courts to reopen the case based on the evidence presented in this film. This film serves more as an opening argument for a trial case rather than a source of entertainment. Be prepared to be horrified at the things this woman says and did during the time in her husbands death. Sick. What a sick sick woman she is. This is a film you NEED to see.

You don't even have to be a Nirvana/Kurt fan to appreciate this film for the criminal injustice that this story truly is.
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The Myth Is Broken
frankrred13 June 2015
Wonderful film/documentary. Incredibly well thought out & fact driven. I always thought Tom Grant had this case spot on, & now with the help of medical experts & the Former Seattle Chief of Police himself, he has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Kurt Cobain was murdered. Sad to see the puppets down voting it before the film had even seen a release, just goes to show you how desperate they all truly are. Also worth noting that Courtney Love attempted to bully & intimidate several Cinemas into dropping their plans to Screen Soaked In Bleach, but alas, only one Cinema withered on their plans to show it. The rest showed it & it was a resounding success for them & hopefully will lead to more Cinemas showing it. I think that's fantastic, the truth really does shine through in the end. The Kurt Cobain myth is finally broken. Courtney Love is exposed. Watch Soaked in Bleach, you won't regret it.
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A Great Film
friendofkurt13 June 2015
I have waited a long time for this movie and it does not disappoint! Beautiful production value, startling evidence of murder and the obvious sincerity of all involved (friends of Kurt, experts etc) are convincing, but what struck me most was the tone of genuine respect and even love for Kurt Cobain in this film (seriously lacking in so many other films and shows about him). I attended the premier in Los Angeles and it was an experience i will always remember. By the way, it is even funny in some parts (the scenes with Courtney sashaying around in a see-through nightie contrasted with Tom and his associate who are diligent and no- nonsense). Reopen the investigation!
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Kurt Cobain Was Murdered-Not A Doubt In My Mind & There Won't Be In Yours!
JohnHoving14 June 2015
I will not write s long review here as I think it has been done many times over at this point. I did want to register my vote as the trolls of Courtney Love are out there following their orders and using every opportunity they can to downgrade this movie by giving it low ratings.

I hate to spoil it for them but their ploy will ultimately fail because the grass roots movement through simple word of mouth will triumph in the end. Courtney Love tried to get Nick Broomfield's Kurt & Courtney stopped at every opportunity and failed. She managed to have it taken out of consideration at the Sundance Film Festival, it failed it was shown down the street.

She just recently sicked her attorney's on the makers of this film and the brave and courageous theaters that were going to show it! All but one went against Love's cease and desist order. Again she failed!

Why? Because hundreds of thousands of people firmly believe after 21 years there are many unanswered questions surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain. These questions persist, because they have not been answered. They could have been dealt with honestly many years ago, they were not. Ms. Love despite promising to release the autopsy report to independent investigators has not done so. Nor has she come forward and addressed any of the questions regarding the conflicting statements she made and her suspicious behavior in April 1994.

Why? Well, I am not entirely sure. But it seems to me an honest person, a guiltless person would not want people walking around thinking they were responsible for the demise of their husband. I would have done everything in my power to answer all the questions and allow whoever wanted to examine the documents to do so. Why? Because I am innocent and have nothing to hide. Knowing this I would go as far as taking a polygraph test, just like the man she allegedly offered $50,000 to "whack" Kurt Cobain did and passed without a doubt. But none of that has happened so the questions remain unanswered.

Tom Grant has pursued these answers for 21 long years. He has been labeled so many negative things, from being an outright liar to making millions during the decades he has worked to find the truth. His character has been denigrated, and maligned on countless occasions but he is neither a liar nor a wealthy man. He lives a very simple life on a small pension and has held his head up high every day since that unfortunate day he answered the phone in his Los Angeles office on Easter Sunday in 1994. This is a man I believe in. I believe he is telling the truth as he experienced it and has asked for the questions to be answered. He has persevered these indignities to find the truth. I respect and support that.

This movie, while not entirely his movie, as some critical reviewers would state, does tell story of what he experienced and the questions and inconsistencies he discovered in April 1994. These questions are all discussed and explained succinctly and backed up by expert testimony. Every expert calls for one simple thing, to reopen the Kurt Cobain case.

Find the answers to the unanswered questions and the reasons for the rush to judgment, i.e. the closing the case and labeling it a suicide the very same day Kurt Cobain's body was discovered in the green house. This was a mistake made by the Seattle Police Department and today the former chief of police at the time has said publicly that if he were in charge today the case would be reopened. What more do people want? Labeling this case so quickly a suicide was not what should have happened and that is very clear movie or not.

Kurt Cobain deserves better than that. He deserves another hearing. He deserves an independent investigation conducted by an agency other than the police force in Seattle. If this is done and it turns out Cobain actually did commit suicide, so be it, but for god's sake reopen the case and let's put an end to this decades long controversy.

What the hell is wrong with giving it another look, what are people scared of? We need to find this out!
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