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  • Damon and Caroline suspect Stefan and Elena of keeping a secret while they hide from the travelers, unaware of the dead man out for revenge. Meanwhile Matt, Jeremy and Bonnie help Tyler get rid of Julian.

  • Stefano convinces Elena not to tell Damon that he had to kill Enzo. As the other dimension is breaking down due to Marcos' Travellers' spell reversal efforts, Bonnie's grandma warns her and indeed, Enzo's invisible ghost is able to physically seek revenge. After disabling witch Luke, who worked on a spell to stop Marcos, Enzo lures the brothers and Elena into a wood cabin which he sets fire to, but is persuaded by Damon to switch side and hope to get his life back. Tyler bravely chains himself up for painful transformation to weaken his possessed body enough for Jeremy and Matt to drive Traveller Julian's spirit from it, but the spells battle complicates that too. Damon confesses to Elena he can't stop thinking of her, whether thy're together or not. The Salvatore party is joined by Bonnie and shocked to find a whole cave full of Mystic Falls inhabitants bodies, proving is largely taken over Traveller taking possession of them and the town.


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  • In the Travelers warehouse camp, Tyler wakes up to a strange woman straddling him and kissing his chest. She thinks he's Julian, who passengered into Tyler. He plays along. He's chained to the wall, Maria explains it's for protection so Tyler doesn't break loose. She tells him they're moving to the next camp because Markos is ready to do the spell.

    Tyler tries the chains and when he can't break them, he starts to turn into a werewolf. Maria runs for help, but there's no stopping the hybrid.

    At the Salvatore's Luke tries a locator spell on Enzo but gets nothing. Damon thinks a vampire with his humanity switch flipped who wants him dead is worth finding, but Stefan (who killed Enzo) suggests Enzo has a witch performing a cloaking spell on him and doesn't want to be found.

    Tyler comes in to announce the problem of the week. After some conferring, they expect the Travelers will be coming for Stefan and Elena today to break the witches' curse so they can settle in Mystic Falls. Damon orders Tyler to commune with the Traveler inside him to find Markos, he tells Luke to perform an anti-locator spell to hide dopplegangers Stefan and Elena from the Travelers and he tells Stefan that they're going to take their ex-girlfriend on a secret trip to keep her safe.

    At Caroline's dad's cabin, Elena worries to Stefan about keeping the secret of dead Enzo. He tells her Damon's the one who brought her home last night.

    Caroline, who is along for the trip, sees them joking later. "For a couple of doppletargets, you two seem to be taking this all in stride," she says. "Yea, well, a tribe of ancient wannabe witches wants to drain us of our blood and eliminate supernatural beings -- I've had worse," Stefan says.

    Standing on the cabin porch, Caroline seems to get a creepy feeling. She looks around and walks right through ghost Enzo.

    Later, Damon fails at avoiding Elena. He apologizes to her for Enzo coming after her and says he's going to find him and make him apologize. Elena gets weird and makes up an excuse to leave.

    Alone in the dorm, Jeremy worries about what the end of the Other Side means for Bonnie. She assures him Liv is working on a spell to keep her safe. He gets a message that Tyler is back.

    When he leaves, Bonnie's Gram shows up and chastises her for lying to Jeremy -- there is no spell. When the Other Side goes, Bonnie goes with it. Gram accidentally knocks over a lamp -- which, as a ghost, she shouldn't be able to do. She says it's a symptom of the Other Side falling apart.

    In the barn, ghost Enzo lurks as Elena continues to angst about keeping his death from Damon. Enzo discovers he can move things.

    Later, Damon preps cocktails while Caroline makes clues for charades. The theme is "secrets people think they're getting away with," and she thinks "Team Stelena" will do fine. He picks up on her "judgy little hinty voice."

    She thinks they're being secretive. Damon thinks she got cagey when he brought up Enzo, but Caroline thinks it's more about the two of them.

    At Tyler's, Jeremy prepares a cocktail of wolf's bane and vervane, for Tyler, at Tyler's request. Matt chains Tyler to pipes and summons the passenger, then they start asking questions.

    The Travelers relocate, Markos chews out Maria for not knowing her husband Julian wasn't in control of Tyler. He barks at the other Travelers to find the dopplegangers.

    At the cabin, Luke continues his spell while Elena and Stefan mind meld inside to win charades. Damon suggests "Never have I ever." It goes around until Caroline says "Never have I ever kissed a Salvatore brother -- today." Then Damo says "lied about Enzo." The evening comes to a screeching halt.

    Elena goes upstairs to take a bath. Ghost Enzo follows. When she's in the tub, he grabs her head and pushes her under.

    Wheen she's able to come up for air, she screams for Damon. He comes to rescue her. He wonders why a ghost would be targeting her.

    Down in the basement, Julian refuses to talk so Matt stabs him. Finally, Julian says he doesn't know where Markos is, but he does know where his own body is and he's guessing that's where Markos is heading.

    Stefan calls Bonnie for a rundown on the Other Side to learn if a ghost could move things. Stefan gets off the phone, saying "Enzo." Caroline hears and Stefan admits he's dead.

    Damon joins them, Elena told him.

    Enzo sits nearby as they try to figure out what he's up to. Drowning Elena was a distraction, Enzo figured out a way to kill them all. Damon runs out to check on Luke -- and finds their spell protector gone.

    Leading the Travelers in chanting, Markos announces he found them.

    Out in the woods looking for Luke, Caroline asks Elena why she didn't tell her about Enzo. Elena asks where Caroline accusing her of being with Stefan came from. Caroline says she's over it.

    Bonnie and Jeremy search through caves for Julian's body. Jeremy reminds her to think of it as romantic since they're on their date weekend. They find dozens of Travlers.

    Damon asks Stefan what he thought he'd do when he found out Enzo was dead. "Hate me," Stefan says.

    In the woods, they come upon another cabin and find Luke barely alive inside. Damon spells the gas just before Enzo yanks down a light to ignite it. The cabin is quickly engulfed in flames. Then Enzo slams the door shut and stakes Stefan from behind with a pole. He pins Damon to the wall with a log as Damon makes an appeal to Enzo to stop, promising he'll help him come back if he does.

    Damon urges Stefan to get Luke out of the burning building. Enzo relents and unpins Damon, who escapes the flames.

    In the cave, Bonnie and Jeremy check the bodies for Julian's tattoo. Suddenly, Maria and some Travlers show up. They deflect Jeremy's arrow and constrict his airway with a spell as they take a man with a dove tattoo.

    Back at the Forbes cabin, Stefan starts to apologize to Damon, but Damon decks him. "I had to do that, for Enzo. But it's the last time you'll hear about it from me," Damon says.

    Back with Tyler, he starts having flashbacks of when he was Julian, including when he burned the Travler knife.

    Meanwhile, the Travelers recite a spell as Julian's body burns.

    They're trying to make him permanent in Tyler. Tyler's eyes black over, then he's Julian again.

    At the cabin, Caroline feels left out that Stefan didn't tell her about Enzo. He admits he didn't want her to think any less of him.

    Stefan is walking to the car when something unnerves him.

    As Damon packs up the car, Elena apologizes for keeping Enzo's death a secret. He understands that she kept it from him so he wouldn't spiral out of control, but he points out that he didn't lose it because he doesn't want to prove that they shouldn't be together.

    He kisses her, "because I've had a really crappy day, and I needed it."

    He goes in the cabin. Elena has a brief moment to enjoy the glow, and then she gets a paralyzing pain as the Travelers come out of the woods chanting.

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