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  • Hoping to help everyone move past recent traumatic events, Caroline convinces Elena and Bonnie to attend Whitmore College's "Bitter Ball" for broken-hearted students. Bonnie is intrigued with a fellow student named Liv, who appears to be dabbling in witchcraft. Tyler starts to worry about Matt's relationship with Nadia. After making a disturbing discovery, Stefan has a frustrating conversation with Damon and Enzo. Dr. Wes struggles to continue his research project with help from a new benefactor named Sloan. Still bent on revenge, Damon and Enzo resort to violence to convince Bonnie and Jeremy to help them, but their plan takes an unexpected and horrifying turn.

  • Stefano is horrified to find that Damon, dumped by 'Elena', has reverted to his bloodthirsty monster modus with Enzo, slaughtering Aaron. Undaunted, Wes has turned student Joey into a vampire test subject to resume his experiment to make vampires feed on each-other, and sets a devilish trap. Jeremy is kidnapped to force Elena's gang to deliver a witch, only Bonnie lost her powers. Katerine still impersonates Elena, helped by Nadia and her Hunters pack, and compels Matt to coach her on the details, but Tyler suspects foul play while getting over his breakup with Caroline, who spots an untrained local witch and recruits her.


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  • Katherine journals as Elena, loving her life. She particularly loves that she's a vampire again. She goes through Elena's phone and deletes all the photos of her with Damon and makes one of her with Stefan her wallpaper.

    Caroline, Bonnie and Katherine settle into their seats in class, with Caroline vowing they're going to have fresh starts. She wants them to go to the "Bitter Ball," for singles. Bonnie notices her surly punked out seat neighbor twirling her pen, then continuing doing so without touching it, even changing direction. The girl stops when she sees Bonnie watching.

    Stefan comes home to see a BMW with blood leaking out of the truck crashed into the front of his house. He's not happy to see Aaron Whitmore's dead body instead.

    Inside, Damon is falling down hungover and the house is destroyed. "So Elena breaks up with you, and your first instinct is to go on a killing spree? Could you be any more predictable?" Stefan asks.

    Enzo introduces himself and Stefan wonders if he's Damon's "murder buddy."

    Dr. Wes Maxfield is next on their list.

    Damon kicks himself for being dumb enough to try to change for a girl. He tells Stefan to get a new hobby, because he doesn't want to be saved. "Damon, you're better than this," Stefan says. "On the contrary, I'm better like this," Damon says.

    Katherine calls Matt to try out her invitation to Stefan. Nadia is there to compel Matt to forget Katherine's queries -- she's using him like her "Elena Gilbert cheat sheet." Nadia cautions her mother that he's not a puppet and Katherine taunts her for liking him.

    In an abandoned building, Wes Maxfield has his next subject -- Joey, a hospital janitor. Maxfield has already turned him into a vampire, now he's turning him into an Augustine vampire, even though he has no funding.

    A hot woman wanders into his lab and introduces herself as Sloan. She offers to fund his research if he'll analyze some blood. She has Aaron's book bag and tells Wes that Aaron's car was found abandoned. She tells him he's next.

    Damon and Enzo go down to the basement where they have Diane, the head of Whitmore security, in the cellar. She pleads, saying she has two children. Once they determine the vervane is out of her system, they compel her to confess to helping cover up the vampire murders on campus as suicides. But she has no idea where Maxfield is. Enzo snaps her neck, Damon is unbothered.

    Later, Stefan finds Enzo out in the woods burying the body. Stefan suggests Enzo move on and find another buddy to blow off steam. When Enzo dismisses him flippantly, Stefan knocks him off his feet with the shovel and holds the handle over his chest.

    Enzo doesn't blink, and grabs the handle and pulls it into his chest, noting there's nothing Stefan can do to him that hasn't already been done to him 100 times.

    Stefan puts the shovel blade across Enzo's throat. "What I do to you, Enzo will be final, you got it? Make sure I never see you again," Stefan says, and leaves him there.

    When Caroline comes back to her dorm room, she finds it odd that Elena (Katherine) is focusing on accessories. She tells her she doesn't have to pretend she's OK about breaking up with Damon.

    Stefan calls, saying he needs to talk to Elena about Enzo. Katherine has no idea who he's talking about, but takes the opportunity to invite him to the dance. Caroline finds it a bit odd.

    Tyler strolls into the Grille and notices Nadia. Matt cautions him she's Katherine's daughter and the crazy doesn't fall far from the tree, but Tyler still suggests shots.

    Over drinks, they compare bad mothers. Tyler's once wrote an English paper for him, Nadia's compelled an entire town to be her friend, and Matt's hooked up with Tyler.

    When Tyler goes to the bathroom, Nadia compels Matt for information on Enzo. Tyler hears her.

    Damon shows up at Whitmore looking for Bonnie to do a locator spell on Maxfield, even though she doesn't have her powers anymore. He gets aggressive with Jeremy and points out the threat of Elena breaking up with him is moot. Enzo joins them and starts crushing Jeremy's skull until Bonnie agrees.

    At the dance, Katherine gets the Enzo 411 text from Nadia. Stefan finds her. She assures him she's doing great.

    He warns her he needs to talk to her about Damon and she talks about how he lashes out when he's hurt instead of trying to change. She tells Stefan she tried to change Damon but she thinks he ended up changing her. She asks Stefan if he likes who she is now, but then quickly changes the subject when it gets awkward.

    Caroline sees them on the dance floor and drags Katherine away.

    Back at the bar, Tyler tells Matt that Nadia is compelling him and points out his vervane watch is gone. As Nadia texts on the other side of the room, Matt goes to drink vervane-laced coffee.

    At the shredding station, Caroline shreds photos of Tyler and the drawing Klaus drew for her, saying she's done with both relationships. She starts to caution Elena not to rush into anything but backs off. Katherine immediately moves on.

    Bonnie brings Damon to the party to find the witch from her class since she can't do the locator spell.

    Stefan tells Caroline that Damon is off the deep end. He doesn't want to tell Elena what Damon did because he thinks she'll never forgive him and Damon couldn't rebound from that. Stefan thinks Damon acting badly is him trying to confirm everyone's lowest expectations of him.

    Damon interrupts with Bonnie and they explain that Enzo has Jeremy and if Bonnie doesn't find a witch to do the spell by midnight, Enzo will kill Jeremy, which Damon seems to be fine with.

    Katherine hears what's going on and looks panicked for Jeremy, but she's really just annoyed by the drama.

    Katherine goes outside to call Nadia, wondering if she could credibly let Jeremy die. Nadia chews her out, telling her Elena would do everything in her power to save him. Katherine recognized the Whitmore house in the photo of Jeremy -- she's the only one who's been there. Nadia tells her to go save Jeremy now, but also to find out from Matt if Caroline has feelings for Stefan.

    Matt comes outside and asks Nadia who she keeps talking to. She compels him for info on Caroline and Stefan and he goes along with it. When she leaves, Tyler comes out. He gets as far as "you're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you," before Nadia takes out Tyler.

    Stefan comes out to check on Katherine. She works up tears and begs Stefan to help her save him.

    Bonnie approaches Liz the witch. She insists she doesn't know what she's doing, but Caroline scares her into helping.

    Liz tries to get past the fact vampires are real as Bonnie walks her through the spell. Liz concentrates but only succeeds in bringing down the chandelier. She tells Bonnie she's brought down buildings and hurt people because she can't control her powers.

    Enzo calls, impatient. Damon suggests they need incentive, so Enzo promises to kill Jeremy soon. Caroline can't believe Damon is going along with it, but he just smirks.

    At the Whitmore house, Enzo picks up a fire poker and menaces Jeremy, who is tied to a chair. Finally, Enzo puts a plastic bag over Jeremy head until he stops breathing.

    Bonnie frantically tries to convince Liz to give it another shot.

    At the Whitmore house, Stefan and Katherine bust in. Katherine reluctantly starts CPR on Jeremy while Stefan takes on Enzo. Katherine starts pounding on Jeremy's chest, mostly out of frustration, until he finally starts breathing again.

    Katherine takes a piece of wood in the shoulder from Enzo right as Damon walks in. He announces the spell worked and Wes is in Richmond.

    Stefan looks at Damon in disgust and tells him not to bother coming back. "I wasn't planning on it," Damon says as he walks out.

    Katherine revels in the turn of events.

    Back outside the Grille, Tyler comes back from his broken neck. Matt explains that Nadia was compelling him because she wanted to talk about Katherine and knew he was mad at her. Tyler warns him to stay away from Nadia, and Matt agrees.

    Then when Tyler leaves, Matt gets in Nadia's car. He tells her he handled it but demands to know what's going on. He remembers his own experience hosting her boyfriend Gregor and guesses that Katherine didn't die and is inside Elena. Nadia threatens to kill him but says she hasn't decided what to do with him yet. First, she has to wait until the vervane is out of his system.

    Damon and Enzo arrive at Wes's makeshift lab. Damon says he was in Mystic Falls for Elena and now that that's over, he doesn't need to go back. He thinks Stefan is done with him, too.

    When they reach Wes's lab, they're greeted by half a dozen chanting Travelers, including Sloane. Wes introduces them as his back-up. Damon and Enzo are incapacitated with pain in their heads and Wes injects Damon with something.

    Back in her room, Katherine feigns pain and asks Stefan to get the splinter out of her back. She bares a sexy shoulder. Then she guesses that Damon killed Aaron -- because Damon was able to walk right past the threshold of the Whitmore house and Aaron was the owner.

    Katherine asks him why he wasn't honest with her.

    Stefan tells her that from the first moment she started falling for Damon he waited for Damon to screw up so badly she couldn't forgive him, but along the way he saw Damon be there for her in ways he never was and he started to like the person Damon was becoming.

    Katherine tells him she can't go back after Damon threatened Jeremy, but she'll help him save Damon -- for Stefan. She steps in close and hugs him. She's enjoying the moment when Caroline walks in.

    Damon wakes up in Wes's lab, worried that Wes injected him with something to make him an Augustine vampire. They hear medical noises and Damon finds Joey chained up. He lets Joey go but starts to vamp out when he sees Joey's blood. Joey asks what's happening. Damon realizes vampire blood is affecting him. "Karma. I'm gonna go ahead and say karma is happening to me," Damon says.

    Damon attacks Joey and kills him. Enzo calls him off, but doesn't like what he sees. "OK, I can see how this might be a problem," Enzo says.

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