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It Follows breathes new life into a dying genre
lnvicta2 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably the best horror movie I've seen in the past decade. It Follows is a throwback to classic late '70s - '80s horror films and draws many comparisons to John Carpenter's style, from the music to the cinematography, and rather than appearing like a carbon copy or rehash of Halloween, director David Robert Mitchell executes this odd premise with such flair and finesse that you can't help but be refreshed by its cleverness. Everything about it works, from the brooding pace to the relatable characters, effortlessly sucking you into this gloomy world where STDs can pass on entities that follow you around no matter where you are. This is where most of the suspense comes from, because instead of relying on blood and shock value, It Follows is subtle and thought provoking - you never know where this thing is and it moves so slowly that you don't know when it will appear, and this uncertainty in waiting is what real suspense is all about.

One aspect that stands out, apart from the brilliant writing and directing, is the musical score by Disasterpeace. It's absolutely gorgeous in the most ominous, haunting way you can imagine. It's retro but not dated - heavy on synths and low on bombast, it sets the eerie tone of the movie right from the get-go and elevates the film's effectiveness into the stratosphere. Even as a standalone listen the music is brilliant, but when juxtaposed with the bleak imagery and unnerving atmosphere, it's downright masterful.

It Follows is not an overtly scary movie. It's a slowburner, and the emphasis on mood over jump scares makes it all the more terrifying. The acting is spot-on, the cinematography is glorious, the pacing is perfect - it's a breath of fresh air into the horror genre that has been on life-support for a while now. I can go on and on, but the thing to remember is that It Follows is not for everyone. If you're expecting this to be a paranormal slasher or something of the sort then you probably won't enjoy it. It's purely psychological, and these days, psychological horror is making a huge comeback. Last year we had The Babadook and this year the movie to beat is It Follows. Both movies are by new directors - Jennifer Kent and David Robert Mitchell respectively - which means they have their entire career ahead of them to rejuvenate the genre to the heights it used to reach. It Follows is a masterpiece in every respect and an absolute must-watch for horror fans that thought the genre was completely drained of originality. I can only imagine where horror will progress from here.
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return of the real horror
lukamaras28 May 2015
Finally a real horror in a long time! No more bloody, slasher crap. This is how the really scary movies were made. Suspense and fear are created by great cinematography and music.

The pace of the movie is slow and almost no to few special effects are present. I surely hope that this movie hails the return of the great horror genre: we are scared of the unknown and not violence for the sake of it.

All the young actors are promising, they really pulled it off. Kudos to the director who also wrote the script, I am looking forward to his next movie.

Go see it, you won't regret it!
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A Modern Horror Classic
SushiStoner10319 April 2015
Inspired by 70's and 80's horror, it follows is a refreshing psychological horror film with a simple premise and a chilling concept. The cinematography is electrifying, every shot is beautiful and the score holds brilliance, it carries a very obvious John Carpenter vibe to it. The tension is raw, avoiding cheap jump scares and relies on music. Its eerie atmosphere is extremely effective keeping you inches above your seat for the majority of the runtime. The characters are interesting, providing depth and emotional attachment, most modern horror films seem to forget the importance of character development, its nice to see the genre hasn't completely lost it yet. There are several jumps scares, but they work, as they are not carried with unnecessary piecing music jolts but with the use of disturbing and sudden imagery.

The only errors I could detect were the unconventional editing style, the transitions were a little dodgy lacking fluency, this left the film to appear choppy at times but this flaw can be easily forgiven. Its outstanding cinematography and soundtrack make up for this. The film leaves a daunting stain of disturbing after effects that follow you for a long while, with a constant reminder to always check behind your back. An exceptional low budget indie horror film, strongly recommend.
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It Follows (2014)
groomeschase1223 April 2015
It Follows is a horror film made for horror fans, and it's about time one of those came around again.

This is a movie that was light on the jump scares, which is a delightful change of pace. In the past few years more and more horrors have relied on jump scares to make up for the true scariest part of any horror film, the sense of dread. Dread is felt in this movie almost immediately because it combines so well with the tone, another forgotten about ingredient in horrors.

There is no real way to explain the plot of this film without it coming across like a more twisted game of "tag," which played a part in exactly how many people I could talk into seeing it after the mixed feelings from the trailer. That being said, the film breaks a lot of the norms set by today's "scary" films. This is a movie that knows what it's doing, and its main concern is to make the audience feel as if they are a part of the experience with the sense of realism. With the enemy being as far-fetched as it may come across in conversation, it's easy to get caught up in the surroundings of the characters looking for "it." Having to watch over the characters' shoulders throughout the movie makes it all the more frightening when something IS seen, and there's never a sense of safety.

It Follows takes a good deal from the greats in the horror genre, namely Halloween. I recall a great deal of times thinking "wait, that was in Halloween," where the background is scarier than what could pop up out of the shadows with some loud sound surrounding it. The score in this movie is simply unnerving and remarkable. It adds to the tone and creates an even more frightening and uncomfortable feeling when "it" has appeared. It was as if I were watching a great Carpenter movie in the theater, and it's been a great while since such a possessing and haunting score has come along. It truly is like another character in the movie, but used so well it adds to already-present uneasy feeling that one has while watching.

It Follows delivers where other recent horrors have failed, it creates memorable moments and characters which the audience feels for. Also unlike recent films, there is no way to predict what direction the movie will take, and there is finally not a completely predictable ending. Horror movies have taken easy ways out and desensitized the audience throughout by having things jump on screen which make the "big moments" feel insignificant and forgettable because audiences have been jumped at so much they just don't care anymore and they're ready to see "the monster die" (I'm oversimplifying of course, but the intent is clear). Meanwhile, this film has (quietly) some of the most memorable terrifying sequences of the decade thus far.

Of course, I'd have a useless review if I didn't address the performances of It Follows. All of the other elements I've brought up in the review were almost created by, and greatly assisted by, the acting. If the acting is bad (which is a common thing in horrors), then it's hard to make anything else believable, which distances the audiences and takes away a lot of the sense of terror. The acting is so real by the cast that they make this plot seem genuine. They're not the usual teens that the audience can scream "why did they not think of.." or "I would've.." at. They address the horrifying situations as real people would, they're not magically filled with some convenient insight and they're not face-palmingly idiotic, either.

In a year filled with soon-to-be many blockbusters and money makers, It Follows will be remembered by many as one of the best of the year. It is a film that embodies all things horror, and pays great homage to what made people adore the genre. Like a good brand of medication, without the side-effects, It Follows is what the genre needed and is, to me, one of the best horror films of the decade to this point. With all of the key ingredients in place, we've got a great film here. 9/10.
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What the hell is wrong with people.
AriaofAngst15 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand these raving reviews for this movie, this movie literally is a more graphic abstinence propaganda film. If you have sex before marriage with multiple partners you will die... maybe... If you walk really slow.

These kids clearly have parents, who seem to be okay with their kids running all over the country side with no accountability.

They didn't even follow their own established rules for this poorly established creature; At one point it is mentioned that if this thing touches you, you will die, So when chilling on the beach it grabs her hair she manages to get away, however a little later down the line it instantly kills her neighbor with sex... Uh alright I guess...

They never explain, or even bother trying to find out where it came from or why it just wants to sex people to death. Also they mention that "IT" will take the form of anything to get close to you, including people you love, however twice I think it was do we see it take on a form of anybody they know, once at the beach, and once as the neighbors mom. Would have made more sense to have "IT" just take the form of somebody you love so it could get you...

This was over-hyped trash and if I could get my money back, that would be great. Wish I could rate this 0/10. Weak Plot, Weak Acting, honestly where can I get some of that crack everybody who reviewed this positively is smoking?
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It Follows... but I didn't
convicted-ghost27 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I can't believe people are giving this 10/10.. this proves some people do not know what a good movies is. COME ON! Plot, I will summarize the damn movie, a creature is following a girl who had sex with a guy. Girl tries to get rid of it, she fails. THE END There is no explanation to what "It" is. Why would she break a girl's leg and kills her, while killing another guy through humping his soul out. What is It after. Why would the victim team up to watch their own backs, since the death of one would mean the hunt for the other begin. So many question marks everywhere, so many illogical things happening. If I were followed by It i would at least look around or choose to travel in an airplane every few weeks. There is no Coherence in this movie. The ending was just horrible.

to top all of that, some reviews say its the horror movie of the decade. Really?? Does that mean you didn't watch any other horror movie in this decade?
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True horror fans will love it
MoviesAreLife9328 March 2015
It Follows is the most refreshingly terrifying horror movie I've seen in the last year.

The movie begins on an exceptionally terrifying note, opening with a teenage girl fleeing from her house. She's running from someone - or something - but what? We have no earthly idea, but her fear infects us with an overwhelming and inexplicable terror. This opening scene sets the bar high for the rest of the movie, and we know that we will receive no mercy.

Director David Robert Mitchell knows what he's doing here. He knows what scares you, and executes it perfectly. With camera-work that can only be described as "surreal", we feel as if we are in a 100 minute long nightmare. The worst nightmares are the ones you know you can't escape from - you can't move fast enough, no matter how hard you try. At the heart of the horror film lies this simple, terrible truth: You cannot escape death.

In this nightmare, an inexplicable terror is following the protagonist. It's not a matter of WHAT is following her - per se - but rather WHEN it arrives. The inevitability of its coming is by far the most terrifying aspect of this movie.

These are actors you've never seen before, yet characters you know personally. The music score is one you've never heard before, but one you will never forget. This movie is a nightmare that you can't wake up from, and it is scary as Hell. You might as well be tied to your seat, forced to watch as an unstoppable, grotesque, demon-like entity walks slowly toward you...closer...closer...and closer.

This is how horror movies should be made. Fear should "follow" you, not "surprise" you. It Follows is easily one of the most terrifying horror movies of the decade. I recommend it 100%.
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Completely original. Certain to become a classic. Wonderful addition to the best of horror lists.
markgorman6 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER: It Follows begins how it ends.


A young woman runs from her suburban home half dressed, terrified, confused.

She crosses the road haphazardly, then runs back to her house picks up her bag and escapes in her car, with her father shouting after her trying to work out what the hell is going on.

It is not explained.

The movie then unfolds. No captions. No narrative. It just unwraps itself in a way I have never seen in horror.

Whilst it nods at convention (the music is unquestionably influenced by early John Carpenter and the cast is a bunch of Sorority kids) it is completely original in every other way.

It's beautifully shot, carefully scripted without a single ham line and has a plot that is entirely unpredictable.

The basic premise is this. A "thing" (monster, demon, zombie, entity: call it what you like) is passed between couples having sex. And then it follows the 'host' until it is passed on to the next host, again following sex.

It manifests itself as a sort of walking zombie that follows the host. Should it catch them it will not only kill them but possibly all those in the chain behind.

That's easy to understand. What isn't is how our heroine Jay, played beautifully by Maika Monroe, attempts to resolve her plight. Really, this is a rare horror performance, understated and properly acted. Her fear is palpable. And she doesn't go wandering into unlit basements every five minutes. It's up there with Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween.

However, the plot becomes pretty confusing, but it kind of doesn't matter because throughout this great movie you're just taken in by its vitality, outstanding cinematography, freshness and the endless MacGuffins.

Seriously there must be 20 times you're expecting to be scared to death (Hitchcock style musical and SFX builds) only for nothing to happen.

Anyone walking slowly in this movie could be the 'entity' and that's repeatedly used as a trick.

Another great thing about it is the setting in Detroit. It's never overplayed but it adds a decaying creepiness that is entirely appropriate.

It's a great addition to the world of horror. Not as terrifying as some say, but absorbing and pure quality from start to startling finish.
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It Follows... is just horrible.
c-craazy3 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so f. boring from the start until the very end.. I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep. I mean, a sexual transmitted curse in which a ghost that can look like anyone follows you... walks after you everywhere you go.. Walks.. really slow.. and if it catches you it kills you. "Oooo".

How is that scary? Haha. Other than this you get no backstory and I felt they only ran around in circles trying to defeat this thing, by that I mean trying the same things over and over even though it did not work the first time... hilarious in a way. Such a stupid story, with bad acting. Not once was I scared and I watched it alone. It was not at all worth my time. Don't watch it.

To be honest I don't get how anyone can think this is anything other than trash. If you want to get scared for real I'd recommend Dead Silence (2007) or Grave Encounters (2011) some of my favorites in the horror genre.
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Don't know what to say.
bcjester19 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Over all I left disappointed and more confused than anything by the movie. Not by it's plot or by much of anything actually involving it but why I allowed myself to sit through most of it. Let me preface this review by stating this first: The movie itself is not horrible for the sake of standards, it's just not my type of movie and I will explain why.

When presented through trailers this seemed right up my alley. I enjoy horror films that can scare me silly and I have a massive(medicated) anxiety disorder so a creep following me everywhere. Easy I'm scared. Sadly that's not what happened. The movie started off strong with mystery and ambiguity towards the creature, but as it progressed it lost a great deal of that artistic vague nuance towards the being. What's worse is it did this without even fully explaining it. So it went from this mysterious demon/ghost/creature that has an unknown set of powers to something that will throw a rock through someone's window to kill them. Not exactly terrifying. The soundtrack did not sit right with me as artistic and retro as it was, which I can appreciate. It did not fit with a lot of the scenes. Some yes, but important ones no.

While trying to learn more about characters, and seeing their relationships develop I'd rather not listen to something that sounds like someone fell asleep on a synthesizer. It just pulled the mood right out.

For what it's worth the movie did in truth come across as a very well funded public service announcement.

All of that aside one of my main issues was the delivery. The scene at the pool she states she did not want to say what it looked like. I am not alone in thinking that it was going to show it's true nature and it was going to be glorious. We are however treated to a man in some shorts with a very well maintained hair style. Now watching this I'm wondering why on earth she didn't want to say what it looked like. It wasn't until after it was shot, bleed out in the pool and everything calmed down we see a photo of her and her father which the thing mimicked in appearance.

I was slightly baffled by the inconsistencies throughout the movie, and some scenes that did not need to be in it at all. (the kid looking through the window)I just couldn't find the chill factor after the first death on the beach where her leg was snapped. Which brought about another question. After seeing the young male dry-humped and what I believe to be literally drained of life. I was very curious as to why it broke a girl's leg who was sitting down on the beach waiting for death. Just did not make much sense.

Now it did do a great job capturing the fear of the main character early on when she began to scream after seeing her friend's water logged corpse walking towards her. Very good scene, very great camera play, amazing atmosphere. I just wish the rest of the movie followed through with that.
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A Movie for Teens by Teens
pirateincognito19 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Do yourself a favor and watch another movie. I was deceived by IMDb's high rating. I'm giving this movie a 1-star to even out the high ratings. It should really be about a 4 or 5.

This is a scary movie about teens written by teens. The main character gets cursed by a walking ghost when she has sex with her high school date. The ghost begins following her no matter where she goes. If it gets close enough to touch her, she will die, and the curse will pass back to the previous person, her high school date. So she must have sex to pass on the curse and save herself! Except she'll never really be free because the curse will reverse when a victim is killed and move back to the previous person. The curse can kill all the victims up to and including the original person whom we know nothing about (this is actually explained in the film but it's never explained why or how they know this). Logically the only solution is to have lots of sex and there's no real danger of anyone dying.

What you end up with is 100minutes of fake scares with several PG13 sex scenes and a dead mom ghost mom humping her dead son (spoiler alert: the high school date dies)

The last person passes on the curse to a hooker, whom you assume dies because in the final scene you see the main character walking casually down the sidewalk care free because she passed on the curse, but behind her you can see the ghost walking.
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brad-7730910 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing scary about it. You never find out what exactly "It" is or what it wants or how it originated. Pretty pointless movie. It's basically a movie about passing a STD around, which apparently passing it on to someone else didn't help the problem since the original guy still saw "It". Filming was horrible too, most of the movie looked like someone was walking around with a video camera. I gave it 1 star because 0 wasn't an option. I'm flabbergasted at the people who gave this a good review. How anyone thought this movie even deserved 2 stars is beyond me. The only things I could come up with was either they had a part in the movie or they were on some hard drugs. An hour and 40 minutes I'll never get back.
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Innovative horror that gets deep under the skin
RomanJamesHoffman13 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Jay (Maika Monroe) is a young, attractive girl coming-of-age who lives in the suburbs and, like pretty much every other young person, is finding out who she is through trial, through error, and with her friends for company. She is seeing a guy, Hugh, who acts a little odd sometimes but otherwise seems nice and trustworthy so one night she consents to his advances and they share an awkward but intimate moment in the back of his car. However, her post-coital bliss is cut short when Hugh inexplicably chloroforms her. She wakes up tied to a wheelchair in a derelict building where Hugh is rambling an apology about how he is doing this to her to show her that it's real, that it sometimes takes the form of someone you love to mess with you, and that she has to sleep with someone to pass on the curse. She is convinced he is mad…until she sees "it".

The rest of the film sees "it" stalking Jay. Fortunately, she is able to demonstrate the reality of "it" to her friends who band together around her, without the help from any adult authority, as they try to understand the nature of this thing and how they can help her friend given her reluctance to merely pass it along by sleeping with another poor unsuspecting horny teen.

Honestly, the culmination of the first act of the film, in the derelict building, came as a complete surprise: the scene showed me a fresh vision of horror which was genuinely scary and discomforting despite my jaded tastes. The slowness of the preceding scenes matured into a crushing, intense uncertainty when I realised that it wasn't what I expected from a horror and felt, for the first time in a long while, a sense of not knowing what I was watching.

The rest of the movie doesn't quite live up to this chilling reveal. To be frank, I can't think of how it could. Rather, the themes and references that led to the reveal are unpacked to flesh out the film's universe. We see multiple scenes of urban decay and adult authority figures are conspicuous by their absence. In addition, the refreshingly natural colour palette (not that grungy green which seems to characterise most horror movies these days) and a creepy score create a palpable sense of alienation and loneliness which mirrors the characters' confusion as they attempt to battle this malevolent force in the middle of the standard sexual and identity confusions of youth.

What's more, as the film progresses we realise that despite being set in the present the cars, TVs, and clothes seem to be imported in from the 80s. At first incongruous, as the film progresses I saw that these choices could be seen as an homage to the slasher movies of the late 70s/early 80s, especially John Carpenter's 'Halloween', with their subtexts of the dangers of unsupervised teenagers having sex which is clearly much of what 'It Follows' is concerned with. The result is a film which appears bold and fresh, but under closer examination reveals a fertile heritage of horror which it gains much from drawing upon and referring to throughout the runtime. However, all this is so artfully executed and to such a great effect that a familiarity with this lineage is not required and, moreover, the film still has much to offer those that are.

As it seems to be the case these days, horror movies without the tiresome jump-scares or which don't regurgitate haunted houses, creepy kids, or possessed girls get a lot of abuse from certain sections of the horror audience. If you like those tropes, avoid 'It Follows'. If you like fresh, daring, and thoughtful horror which lingers long after the film ends, watch it. Now!
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Waste of time
ethan-6613911 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this on telly and rang a mate. He put it on his list. It came and we sat down to eagerly watch. First thing to happen, girl dies. We don't known why. Then we are bored to tears for 30 minutes,so time for a little nap. Finally some action but even the clues we are given are soon not followed. It only walks in a straight line, bull. It crawled, climbed,turned and otherwise did not listen to the "plot", if there even is one. We don't know where it comes from, how it works, who it is or anything. This movie was a great waste of time and space. Anyone suckered into paying to see it should demand payment back and time spent.
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A solid film
geddyneilalex282 April 2015
While I am not sure this film is as advertised, "the best horror film in a decade," or how one would measure such a thing, my wife and I both enjoyed (I am not sure that is the right word) this film very much.

I think too often people confuse horror with slasher. Now, I am all about a nice Friday the 13th marathon, or the original Texas Chainsaw massacre, or even Halloween (1978 version), but these are not so much horror as slasher films. I think the distinction is important before one even begins to determine how they feel about a movie. Same thing with people who conflate a thriller like say, North By Northwest (a little old school, but hopefully you take my point) with a horror film. As my wife and I sat in the car trying to find the right adjective to describe this film, we landed on disturbing. The music was freaky, the concept of being pursed endlessly, any statement of sexual promiscuity the filmmaker might be trying to make, was all disturbing in our minds.

I would place this film with movies like Sinister, which my wife and I also "enjoyed;" best seen on a big screen with a massive tub of popcorn, holding the wife close.

I get that some people hate it; somebody always hates a film, song, TV show, play, book etc, while others think it is a perfect 10. For us, it was disturbing, and great way to spend about 90 minutes.
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If you are looking for a horror movie DON't WATCH!
lucyvillaz31 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is about kids just going around having sex to pass on a ghost that no one knows where it comes from or how to get it of. There's no real story to this. Also these kids are teenagers and there's no parents around, ever! The movie never takes off, it's slow and boring, There's no scary parts, unless you are 10 and get scared with a ghost that takes weeks to get to you. The plot is poor, there's no real dialogue I could've been watching a good movie with a good ending that didn't leave you hanging the way this one did. Worst two hours of my life. I can't even laugh at this movie because there's not enough interaction or dialogue between the actors. It was a bad movie, although the acting was somewhat OK, but since I didn't like the whole dialogue of the movie and their interactions I can't really say much about their acting. I'm trying to be nice here. But seriously. WATCH SOMETHING ELSE!
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The Abstinental Bore-ist
parrishcub22 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It is ironic how a film regarding abstinence could leave me feeling so violated.

I was so excited to see this film. With an excellent trailer & critical praise, I had a feeling this feature could truly add another rare horror classic to the arsenal of independent film. "It" might even usher in a new era of non-remakes/torture porn with a retro score I latched onto from the 1st decibels. I've always been a fan of John Carpenter and acknowledged the obvious influence for composer Rich Vreeland aka "Disasterpeace". & the concept was enough to pique my interests.

Sadly, as much leeway as I gave this movie, the aspects that attracted me from the trailer were, after viewing the entire run time, wasted on a moral statement dressed competently in horror: my genre of choice. The characters were annoying, stupid, incompetent, and they mumbled every word of dialogue at such a low volume that subtitles were required to not blow the speakers out from the booming score in comparison. I understand aside from the cinematography & editing that Vreeland's music was all "It" had going for it, but the same care crammed down the viewer's throats for a self-righteous declaration was not given for a standard audio mix. I felt judged, disgusted, and downright infuriated. If I wanted a sermon, I would have gone to church. Yes, this was a horror film, but after dedicating the 90+ minutes hoping my sneaking suspicions of the message were wrong, I wanted to hurt someone (namely the writer/director). My initial review was so scathing, profane, and was quoted as being "pithy". After spending sometime online, I came across a wealth of reviews on this stinker. They were predominantly-positive and gave an inaccurate view of what this offensive, flushable HD could have been. Avoid at all costs.
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Just no.
tl_edu13 August 2015
I wish I could have found just one thing positive to say about this film, but there's nothing. Not a thing.

The beginning made it look so promising, what an absolute let down.

The score was as annoying as a mosquito buzzing in your ear, only much, much louder.

Now if someone can please tell me where all these high ratings and reviews came from, that would be great. I was fooled into watching this, purely on that, and I feel cheated. I will never take IMDb ratings seriously again, because it is obviously rigged.

I also voted for all the one star reviews (there are so many!) in hopes they are bumped up to warn the unsuspecting potential viewer.
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Weird and intense
vistheindian19 April 2015
Quickie Review:

Jay (Maika Monroe) is a high school girl who goes on a date that ends with a seemingly innocent sexual encounter. Soon after she finds herself being followed by a supernatural entity. She must find a way to escape this curse before it leads to her death. It Follows, is not the typical horror movie that depends on jump scares. Instead it uses a combination of atmosphere and soundtrack to deliver some really intense and chilling visuals. This is not a movie for everyone, with a fair share of weirdness that might put off certain viewers. On the other hand, the unique tone, sound design and visuals, caters to people who are aching for an original film in the horror genre.

Full Review:

One of my favorite genres of film is horror, but I'm not blind to the fact that this genre is filled with movies of poor quality. Just look at last year with horrible releases such as Annabelle and Ouija. Then again when there is a good horror movie like Babadook, it can induce a roller-coaster of emotional reactions. I had high expectations for It Follows and personally it surpassed it.

When it comes to these films I prefer to be frightened by the things I can't see, playing off of the psychological terror of the characters. That was very well done by Maika Monroe as the lead. Quite frequently horrors have the dumb blonde who sleeps around, a cheap cliché that easily fits this premise. However, Monroe's character was more than this typical cliché. She's just an average teenage girl who happens to be a victim of unfortunate circumstances. You see how conflicted she is on how to handle this curse, whether to pass it on, involve her friends, or simply give up. Another horror cliché that is turned on its head is the topic of sex. Most of the time sex scenes are just added in scary films to attract a certain type of audience, but in It Follows sex is an integral part of the story. There is something deeply terrifying about being haunted for a very personal act. A supernatural entity infringing upon your most private moments is disturbing to say the least. Suffice to say It Follows is a horrible date movie.

Jump scares in scary movies are like shaky cams in action films, I absolutely hate them. The reason why I hate jump scares so much is because it diffuses all the built up tension in a scene, forcing that build up to start all over again. Thankfully I can only remember one time when It Follows used that trick. Rest of the time it was the atmosphere and the soundtrack that sent chills down my spine. Even when there was nothing happening the 80's synth music kept up that level of intensity. I also really liked the cinematography of the movie. From the very first scene with a fixed rotating camera, you know you are in for a very distinctive cinematic look. That distinct look is also there with the setting of the movie. You don't really know in which era this movie takes place. The characters will be watching black and white cheap sci- fi's on a bulky CRT TV while at the same time using an e-book to read off poetry. It's these little things that bring almost a fantastical element to the story, making the supernatural aspect fit perfectly into this world.

With all that said the big question is, was it scary? I'd say yes, because I was noticing every person that passed by me on the street while I biked back home in the night at almost 1:30am. I'd only caution that you be aware of the different tone of the movie, because if you are not expecting that (like my friend didn't) it can be jarring at first. In the end even if you happen to not like the movie it'd be hard to deny the originality of the movie. I loved It Follows for being totally weird while still being interesting and intense.

Check out more on my movie review blog The Stub Collector:
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This has to be the greatest collective prank ever
cleberpassanante1 September 2015
The concept of this film can be somewhat innovative considering it doesn't take the "regular" things to become "possessed" - such as playing board games, running spirit sessions, harvesting corpses or collecting ancient objects from tombs.

That being said, the film is a straight down hill after the first scene. The way it started, it got me thinking "wow, this is interesting.. Let's see what happens". Oh boy, why? There is half a scene that can be considered scary and it's due to a freaking cat that jumps out on the screen (how original). The movie goes by slowly, most scenes are during the day, which has a significant impact on how scared you feel, plus the "demon" or whatever that is, isn't really scary. Also, if you're one of those people such as myself, who like some sort of explanation about things - even if vague ones - forget about it. It doesn't tell you what this is, how it has been generated nor how to get away from it. In addition, the characters are boring and they all pass the idea of being depressed. That doesn't make anything more scary, just weird and boring.

BUT, the worst is yet to come!!! The ending. Oh my God. This has to be the worst ending ever! Seriously. My girlfriend is addicted to terror movies and she has a very high tolerance towards terror movies. For some that I consider pure crap, she always finds something positive about, but for this one she looked at me after the last scene and said "this movie is stupid. What a piece of crap".

When I watched this movie, it was rated 7.2 here. Now it's rated 6.9 but I still think this is one of the biggest pranks ever, where everyone is rating high to make other idiots watch this movie and suffer. I give it a big 1 star because I can't rate 0. If you ask for an advice: don't wast your time on this. Go watch something else!
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Lets talk impact-to-budget (I/B) ratio
A_Different_Drummer12 May 2015
That is the only way to review this film.

The goal of every journeyman film-maker from the beginning of the medium to the present, is to produce something that has the most impact per dollar spent.

Think of the first Night of the Living Dead. Shot on location with unknowns and local residents as extras. And the local butcher donated the entrails.

Think Ginger Snaps, which started as an obscure Canadian horror flick but found an audience because of the great writing and the charisma of its stars.

What we have here is another attempt to strike film gold by going for a high I/B ratio.

A small cast. Minimal special effects. No special sets or backgrounds.

A really clever idea, sort of a take off on the Ring which itself was a riff off a Japanese horror classic.

So what's the bottom line? Well done for what you get. Writer/Director Mitchell has a heck of a career ahead of him. Several "jump out of your seat" moments. And also a plot riff which you just know was contributed by some of the frat boys who crowd-sourced the film -- "you can get rid of the curse if you just sleep with someone, fast!"

The bad news? It is not in the same class as Living Dead or Ginger. There are lulls. There are gaps. There are times you start to wish you have purchased the extra large popcorn and coke.

Great career launch.
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Not sure if it qualifies as horror...
wwwashish15 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Watched this movie as am a big fan of the horror genre...but not sure if it fits that classification, not something I'd recommend.

The story is weak to say the least...if that at best. Started off so great...the first scene really set us you up...the music is great...The concept is strange, you pass on a curse by having 'sex' with some one...really!!!...also the so called demons that can manifest themselves as someone you know or do not know can't be killed by bullets and they kill you by having sex with you...although in the first scene you see a dead girl with her leg twisted and broken...but, they can for some reason be dealt with by electrocution...that too an unsuccessful one...!!!

I generally follow IMDb blindly and believe it's ratings to be a credible gauge, but after seeing the rating this movie had...I signed up and wrote my 1st review to say or rather vent what I felt.

Watch this movie only if you have absolutely nothing to do and have to whittle away time...absolutely being the imperative word here...
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Ol' style scary movie delivers the goods, and then some
paul-allaer29 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"It Follows" (2014 release; 100 min.) brings the story of Jay and her friends as Jay is battling "it". As the movie opens, in the pre-opening credits scene we see a teenage girl running out of a house, in obvious terror of something that seems to be following her. She drives off in a panic and later we see her mutilated body. After the opening credits, we get to know Jay, another teenage girl, and her group of friends. Eventually Jay and her boyfriend have sex in his car, and that is when stranger things start to happen. To tell you more would spoil your viewing experience , you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out. Couple of comments: this is the second full-length feature from writer-director David Robert Mitchell, and this time he gives us a scary movie worthy of that name. This is MILES away from so-called scary (but in reality violence-porn) movies like the Saw franchise. Instead this movie is reminiscent of the ol' style John Carpenter movies. In fact, it is no accident that "It Follows" has a strong 1970s-1980s vibe (lots of old cars from that era, no cell phone, no internet, no cable TV, etc.). The movie is set in and around Detroit, and the city feels like it is playing a character itself in the movie. Check out the scene where the group of 5 kids is driving through one of the more harrowing parts of Detroit, seemingly a post-apocalyptic area, and later the Detroit Swimming building. Kudos to Maika Monroe in the leading role of Jay. I saw her most recently in "Labor Day" but here she brings an outstanding starring performance as vulnerable Jay. I couldn't help but be reminded of a young Cloe Sevigny. Last but certainly not least, there is an outstanding electronic soundtrack, composed by Disasterpeace (the stage moniker of Rich Vreeland), which is equally worth seeking out. After months of internet buzz and other hype, the movie finally opened nationwide this weekend, and I couldn't wait to see it, even though as such I am not a big fan of 'scary' movies. The early evening screening where I saw this at was attended okay but not great, which surprised me (I had expected a lot more people in the theater). It doesn't matter. "It Follows" lives up to the hype, and then some. One of the better scary movies I have seen in a long, long time. If you have a chance to see "It Follows", be it in the theater, or eventually on Amazon Instant Video or DVD/Blu-ray, do not miss it. "It Follows" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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What a great idea!
pedroluq26 June 2015
Over 300 reviews, high score and meta-score in a 2 million budget film, that alone should make you watch it. This movie shows a great idea, very simple and elegant, for a horror movie, of course. And it's all around good, well played, good sound effects, more suspense, less gore, it has all the elements you expect in a horror movie, and at the same time it is not cliché. The real highlight here is the director, this movie is exceptionally well directed, I mean frames and shot composition makes the movie jump from the screen. If you like horror and not gore movies, watch it. Yes, the movie is a bit slow at first, but it didn't bored me at all.
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Even through shortcomings and mixed ideas, the film's heart is always evident
StevePulaski30 March 2015
Right before I saw David Robert Mitchell's "It Follows" at my local theater, I was greeted with previews for forthcoming supernatural horror films like "Before I Wake," "Insidious: Chapter 3," and the remake of "Poltergeist," all of which could've probably taken clips from one another and I wouldn't have even noticed. This is how basic and thoroughly unimpressive horror has gotten over the last few years and why we need to support films like this one. Is "It Follows" worthy of such praise along the lines of "the best horror film of the decade," "one of the scariest films ever made," and so forth? Sadly, no. I sometimes think critics either speak too soon or simply want to see their name stamped before advertisements, claiming such outlandish assertions that could not only be disingenuous to their actual viewpoints but, in turn, set unrealistic expectations up for films that leave the audiences disappointed.

Make no mistake however, for "It Follows" is definitely worth seeing and is bound to be one of the strongest horror films of the year. Even if we consider its few shortcomings and some instances of serious monotony, I'm more than happy to support this little festival darling and commend it for what it does well. As I stated, just before you settle into watch the film, you'll more than likely see previews for horror films made by people and studios who have simply stopped trying to make good, memorable films and copped out at settling for mediocrity. Here's to a film that went left when most of the pack went right.

After an opening sequence that hooks you from how absurd it is, we focus on Jay and Hugh (Maika Monroe and Jake Weary), a couple of twentysomethings out on a movie date. In the theater, Hugh notices a woman in a yellow dress, who apparently cannot be seen by Jay or anyone else, and orders her out of the theater. When the two are alone in their car, following sex, Hugh takes a chloroform rag to Jay, knocking her unconscious and ties her to a wheelchair. It's here when Hugh informs Jay that something has been following him for a long time but only he can see it. It often appears to be a naked woman, but can take the form of anyone, even the people you know and love, and passing it on occurs by having sex with another person. The soul will follow whomever is affected by its curse at walking pace, and if it catches up to Jay, it will kill her, and proceed to go after Hugh.

"It Follows" is an early candidate for one of the most beautifully shot films of the year, and more than likely to be the most beautiful looking horror film of 2015. It has a delightful moodiness to its cinematography, captured crisply by Mike Gioulakis, as it uses a dark purple, gray, and teal color palette to look simultaneously uninviting and immersing. Colors like blood red boom with the feel and visual power that echoes Dario Argento, almost like an homage to "Suspiria" in look and feel. The story moves with the kind of slowburn intensity we've seen from horror directors John Carpenter and Wes Craven, or even Ti West, if we're talking more contemporary.

The real aesthetic treat here is how Disasterpeace's music combines with the film's cinematography. The use of heavy, bass-rattling synthesizers makes the film look and operate like a horror film of the 1980's to the point where looming tension becomes almost overcompensating in the way it appears to be taking over the entire film. The synths are loud and unsettling, and at times, can really propel the film to a suspenseful climax. Other times, however, they are obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious and slightly disrupt the tonality Mitchell sets by making the film operate on a low-key playing field.

While the plot appears confusing, "It Follows" is surprising in how little there really is to it. Teenagers walk around, run from ostensibly nothing, comfort one another through sex and aimless conversations, and assure one another that it will all be okay amongst discussing different ways to combat this force. It's almost like Larry Clark made another horror film, as the tonal shifts feel like they're almost part of a coming of age film in addition to a horror film. These shifts aren't bad, however, as they function nicely to the film's more suspenseful elements by slowing the action down but never coming to a grinding halt. There's an unevenness, but it's not made as apparent as one would presume.

I find this is largely because of how well everyone works together here. With Gioulakis evoking consuming cinematography, Disasterpeace emphasizing a score that's alive and intense, Mitchell taking screen writing and directorial risks for his genre (employing long, clean shots that provide for a beautiful sense of location), "It Follows" is sound on almost all fronts. The only negatives that arise from the film are occasional structural burdens, or the fact that, towards the end of the film, its idea seems to change to fit the situation and create something unexpected.

Nonetheless, "It Follows" is a film to see and support, for it's one of those many opportunities we have as consumers that we keep blowing to see quality entertainment. It's almost like voting in elections; vote now and hopefully experience something that will satisfy you in the future. Even if "It Follows" isn't the perfect gem some have claimed, I'd rather see a pretty good independent horror film than a mediocre or downright abysmal carbon-copy that's spit into 3,000+ theaters with nothing but money in mind. There's heart in "It Follows" and that, at all times, is evident.
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