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‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Producer Animal Kingdom Launches Rep Business, Taps Vimeo Exec To Run It

  • Deadline
‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Producer Animal Kingdom Launches Rep Business, Taps Vimeo Exec To Run It
Exclusive: Animal Kingdom, the production company behind Short Term 12 and Paterson and which teamed with Focus Features this year on Jim Jarmusch’s Cannes Film Festival opener The Dead Don’t Die, has launched a representation business. Sam Morrill, the former director of curation at Vimeo, has been hired to run it.

In addition, the Brooklyn-based company said Thursday it has hired Gabby Green as a manager in the department, reporting to Morrill.

“Over the past seven years, Animal Kingdom has prided itself on the work of identifying, supporting and collaborating with emerging talent,” company partners Joshua Astrachan and David Kaplan said. “This expansion into representation is, effectively, Animal Kingdom doubling down on our commitment to that work, and to the elusive idea of attempting to tell

stories that matter.”

A 10-year veteran at Vimeo, Morrill was one of the principal curators of the Staff Picks channel over the past decade,
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‘The Black String’ Review: Dir. Brian Hanson (2019) [Frightfest]

The Black String review: Frankie Muniz returns to the trade that made him famous for this darkly comic tale of a one night stand gone very, very wrong.

Image Courtesy of Clout Communications

He’s been Malcolm in the Middle. He’s been Agent Cody Banks. He’s even been a professional race car driver for Toyota. But now, Frankie Muniz returns to the screen to delve into some witchcraft and body horror with The Black String. How does the former child-star fare in his new genre outing? Pretty good actually!

Muniz plays Johnathan, a guy who’s a bit of a loner with little direction in his life, living by himself and working shifts in a 24-hour convenience store. When Johnathan reaches out to a hotline to meet a girl, he soon gets more than he bargained for. Awakening with a weird rash and intense visions, Johnathan begins to
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The Writers of The Haunting Of Hill House are Developing a New Horror Series For BBC

If you are a fan of the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, you’ll be interested in learning about another horror project being developed by the writers of that series for the BBC.

Michael and Paul Clarkson are writing an eight-part series called Red Rose for Sex Education andThe Enfield Haunting producer Eleven Film and eOne.

Red Rose follows “a disparate group of teenagers, adrift in the long hot summer following GCSEs, hanging out on the Bolton moors with little sense of direction or purpose now that school is over. Rumours circulate of the Red Rose app, an urban legend that blooms on the smartphones of teenagers, encouraging them to undertake a series of challenges increasingly dangerous in its demands. On the fringes of her group of friends, Rochelle Jackson downloads the mysterious app, naively inviting darkness into her life. What she sets in motion is a series
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‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ Writers Michael & Paul Clarkson Set Horror Drama ‘Red Rose’ At BBC Three – Edinburgh

  • Deadline
Wheel of Time and The Haunting of Hill House writers Michael and Paul Clarkson are writing an eight-part horror series for the BBC.

The British broadcaster’s youth-skewing network BBC Three has commissioned Red Rose from Sex Education and The Enfield Haunting producer Eleven Film and eOne. The Clarkson twins have also recently written on Apple drama See.

The series follows a disparate group of teenagers, adrift in the long hot summer following GCSEs, hanging out on the Bolton moors with little sense of direction or purpose now that school is over. Rumours circulate of the Red Rose app, an urban legend that blooms on the smartphones of teenagers, encouraging them to undertake a series of challenges increasingly dangerous in its demands. On the fringes of her group of friends, Rochelle Jackson downloads the mysterious app, naively inviting darkness into her life. What she sets in motion is a series
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Villains Gets Fall Release Date: Maika Monroe & Bill Skarsgard Are Lovers on the Run

  • MovieWeb
Villains Gets Fall Release Date: Maika Monroe & Bill Skarsgard Are Lovers on the Run
What do you get when you take stars from two of the biggest horror movies from the past decade and put them in the same movie as star-crossed lovers? You get Villains from directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. Today, we have a first look at the two main leads along with the just announced release date for what is sure to be a modern day genre classic.

The big release date announcement for Villains has arrived. Starring Bill Skarsg&#229rd and Maika Monroe, the thriller will hit theaters nationwide starting September 20th. The movie is coming from Gunpowder & Sky's horror brand Alter. The film is written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, and also features Jeffrey Donovan and Kyra Sedgwick.&#160&#160

Villains made its World Premiere to rave reviews earlier this year at SXSW.&#160 A new still of the film is also included below. Here is the official
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Slasher: 10 Things Only True Horror Fans Would Have Noticed

The 2010s have been a great decade for horror; films like Midsommer, It Follows, and The Babadook will be remembered for decades to come. Canada's contribution to the 2010's horror boon has been Slasher, a great mystery series that is highly indebted to the horror movies of the past.

Related: 10 Best Slashers To Watch Before American Horror Story: 1984

With Netflix picking up the rights after the first season, this creepy anthology series has been making its way onto the screens of more and more viewers craving a good scare. Here are 10 things only true horror fans would have noticed.
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The Nightingale Is One of 2019’s Most Challenging Movies

Don Kaye Aug 8, 2019

The director of The Babadook returns with a dark, disturbing historical horror movie in The Nightingale.

It was in 2014 when Australian filmmaker Jennifer Kent stunned the world with her debut feature, The Babadook. The horror tale, about a widowed mother and her young son who are haunted by a presence that may or may not be solely in their minds, was both a genuinely frightening genre exercise as well as a searing study of grief, motherhood and loneliness. It became one of the first movies to lead the current wave of what some critics call “elevated” horror, films like It Follows, The Witch and Hereditary that combine visceral terror with sophisticated emotional/psychological underpinnings.

While fans might have hoped that Kent continue in the genre (and she most likely will at some point -- more on that later), she has pivoted to a different kind of horror with her second feature,
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Why Joe Hill is Launching a New Horror Comics Line

Don Kaye Jul 31, 2019

Hill House Comics is coming your way courtesy of Joe Hill and a few friends.

Acclaimed novelist and comics author Joe Hill is launching a new line of horror comics this fall through DC. Called Hill House Comics, the monthly line will start off with a tale called “Basketful of Heads,” written by Hill himself and illustrated by Leomacs (Massimiliano Leonardo). Four more stories -- “The Dollhouse Family,” written by Mike Carey with art by Peter Gross, “The Low, Low Woods” by Carmen Maria Machado and Dani, “Daphne Byrne” by Laura Marks and Kelley Jones, and “Plunge” by Hill and an artist to be announced -- will follow.

In addition, Hill -- whose novels include NOS4A2 (now an AMC TV series) and The Fireman -- will also pen a backup story called “Sea Dogs,” about werewolves at sea, which will run in the back of every issue.
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Comic-Con 2019: “Bold Voices of Contemporary Horror” Panel to Feature Ryan Turek, Akela Cooper, Adam Egypt Mortimer, and More

Gathering some of the most inspiring and influential producers, writers, and directors who help bring nightmares to life on the big screen, the “Bold Voices of Contemporary Horror” panel will be taking place this Saturday night at the 50th annual Comic-Con, and as a special treat, attendees will also see the world premiere of the trailer for Adam Egypt Mortimer's Daniel Isn't Real.

Taking place at 7:00pm Pst in Room 23ABC, the “Bold Voices of Contemporary Horror” panel will feature "Ryan Turek, Mali Elfman, Akela Cooper Gigi Saul Guerrero, and Adam Egypt Mortimer."

The panel will also include the first reveal of the trailer for Adam Egypt Mortimer's Daniel Isn't Real, ahead of the film's theatrical, VOD, and Digital release on December 6th.

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates on Daniel Isn't Real, read on for full details on the panel, and visit our online hub
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Frankie Muniz in Official Trailer for Paranoia Horror 'The Black String'

"This is worse than poison." Lionsgate has debuted an official trailer for an indie paranoia horror-thriller titled The Black String, which first premiered at the Austin Film Festival last year and is finally getting a direct-to-dvd/VOD release this fall. This stars Frankie Muniz (remember him?) as a twenty-something drifter whose life is turned upside down after an "unexpected encounter with a mysterious woman." He's soon overcome by illness and nightmarish visions. His friends believe he is losing his mind, but Jonathan is convinced he's the target of something far more sinister. The cast includes Chelsea Edmundson, Blake Webb, Jackie Moore, Alexander Ward, Ravi Patel, Cullen Douglas, and Angie DeGrazia. This looks a bit like It Follows, but twisted into a nightmarish, infection horror thriller. Maybe it's freakish fun? Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Brian Hanson's The Black String, direct from YouTube (via Bd): Jonathan (Frankie Muniz) is a lonely twenty-something,
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The Best Movies New to Every Major Streaming Platform in July 2019

The Best Movies New to Every Major Streaming Platform in July 2019
Netflix may get most of the attention, but it’s hardly a one-stop shop for cinephiles who are looking to stream essential classic and contemporary films. Each of the prominent streaming platforms — and there are more of them all the time — caters to its own niche of film obsessives.

From chilling horror fare on Shudder, to the boundless wonders of the Criterion Channel, and esoteric (but unmissable) festival hits on the newly launched, IndieWire’s monthly guide will highlight the best of what’s coming to every major streaming site, with an eye towards exclusive titles that may help readers decide which of these services is right for them.

Here’s the best of the best for July 2019.

Amazon Prime

Once again dumping the brunt of its film offering at the tail end of the month, Amazon Prime isn’t doing much to distinguish itself with its July
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Joe Hill Teams Up With DC Comics To Create New Line of Horror Comic Books

DC Comics is looking to build their horror comic book line and they are teaming up with author Joe Hill to create these new stories for them! Hill is the son of Stephen King and has written several wonderfully terrifying tales over the years. A couple of his more popular titles include Locke & Key and NOS4A2.

Hill is a great writer and It’ll be great to see what kinds of creepy stories he ends up creating for DC. This new line of comics will be debuting in October under the "Hill House Comics" line.

The official announcement reads, "This October, DC will team up with best-selling author Joe Hill to present Hill House Comics, a new pop-up line of horror comic books. DC’s long-standing tradition of publishing thought-provoking and riveting horror from House of Mystery to classic Sandman will continue with this new line featuring five original
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Hellboy Remake Dumped to Amazon Prime Just Months After Hitting Theaters

Update: We have been alerted by Amazon Prime that Hellboy won't be streaming for free on July 23. But the movie is available on Prime Video for purchase starting July 9. And then it will be available for rental on July 23.

Original Story: Those who opted not to check out the new Hellboy in theaters will have the chance to see it from the comfort of their living rooms very soon, as the movie is being dumped to Amazon Prime Video starting next month. Lionsgate released the reboot in theaters just a couple of months ago and it arrived with a hellishly ugly thud. Following a disastrous and short run, it appears the studio has decided to just cut their losses on this one, as it will be hitting a very popular streaming service in the coming weeks, which could possibly limit physical media sales. Then again, those prospects might be pretty low on this one anyway.
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Film Review: ‘Head Count’

  • Variety
Film Review: ‘Head Count’
While most horror movies settle for the usual slasher thrills, recent indie breakouts like “It Follows” and “Hereditary” have reminded that there are few things more pleasurably creepy than outré psychological horror in a credibly ordinary setting. Elle Callahan’s directorial debut feature “Head Count” is another intriguing mindbender in which 10 collegiate types find themselves under insidious assault by a vicious mythological entity. Samuel Goldwyn is releasing it to a sole hardtop — L.A.’s Arena Cinelounge — this Friday, which seems unfair, given the amount of pedestrian genre fodder that gets a better shake week after week. It will no doubt find its real audience in simultaneous home-format release.

Evan (Isaac W. Jay) is a college student spending his break visiting older brother Peyton (Cooper Rowe), a reclusive New Agey type living in a trailer near Joshua Tree National Park. It’s an awkward sibling relationship whose weekend bonding is
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Deadcon Trailer Unleashes the Terrifying True Horrors of Social Media

  • MovieWeb
Deadcon brings the true horrors of social media to life in a new scary movie from Gunpowder & Sky. Today, we get the thrilling first trailer which features YouTube stars in a chilling social media-age tale that will have you tossing your phone right in the trash. For a couple of heart-pounding seconds, anyway. We're sure you'll dig it right back out minutes later to post your own reactions to this terrifying footage.

Alter is the horror brand for Gunpodwer and Sky. They are bringing Deadcon to Cinepocalypse in Chicago with the world premiere of this unique and horrifying tale. The big event will kick off a year-long partnership between Alter and Chicago's historic Music Box Theatre.

Alter, a new horror brand from global studio Gunpowder & Sky, today announced that it will be a presenting sponsor of this year's Chicago's Cinepocalypse Film Festival. During the festival Alter will host the
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Indie Film Vets Kristin Mann, Laura D. Smith Launch Production Shingle (Exclusive)

Indie Film Vets Kristin Mann, Laura D. Smith Launch Production Shingle (Exclusive)
Veteran indie film producers Kristin Mann and Laura D. Smith are launching their own film and TV production shingle, Prowess Pictures.

Mann, best known for producing Jeff Nichols' mystery drama Midnight Special, which starred Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton, will partner with Smith, whose indie film credits include David Robert Mitchell's It Follows and Brett Haley's I'll See You in My Dreams.

The duo will produce indie films with budgets over $5 million, while also doing studio projects and creating and producing TV series.

"We're finding it more important than ever to strike that balance between high-quality,...
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Jeffrey Reddick’s Directorial Debut, Good Samaritan Details!

Hood River Entertainment announces production on Good Samaritan, a dark revenge thriller by director/writer Jeffrey Reddick, creator of the popular Final Destination franchise. Good Samaritan stars Kourtney Bell (It Follows), Will Stout (Daredevil), Skyler Hart (Cruel Intentions), Jaqueline Fleming (The Tale), Han Soto (Preacher), Damon Lipari (Vice), Amanda Grace Benitez (All Cheerleaders Die), Stephen Twardokus

The post Jeffrey Reddick’s Directorial Debut, Good Samaritan Details! appeared first on Hnn |
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Chicago Critics Film Festival – Day Four Report

The Chicago Critics Film Festival Runs May 17th – 23rd. Stephen Tronicek is covering the event for We Are Movie Geeeks

The shows didn’t start until 3 pm yesterday, so I decided to take a moment to enjoy the city…by going to see Bi Gong’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night in 3D. That was worth it. It may have, in fact, been better than the city.

But at 3 pm, it was time to get back to business. The introducer of Richard Shepard’s The Perfection mentioned that he wouldn’t give it a trigger warning but rather he’d list the very few things that weren’t triggering about it. To me, that sounded a bit like a threat. If a movie leans in too much for the sake of drama, then it might come out false and offensive. The Perfection does, at times. When it works, it
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Under the Silver Lake | Review

Under the Sun of Satan: Mitchell’s Messy Neo Noir Revels in Elitist Superficiality

Look no further than David Robert Mitchell’s third feature, the labored neo noir Under the Silver Lake, to experience a film about Tinseltown which is wrapped in an even flimsier coating than the film industry city is itself. Following on the heels of his celebrated sophomore film, the Std horror film It Follows (2014), Mitchell further defines the trenchantly white, heteronormative perspective evidenced in his earlier film with a hapless, undefined male protagonist who seems inspired by a legion of aimless literary mouthpieces (think P.T. Anderson’s take on Pynchon in Inherent Vice but with the barest wisp of a back story).…
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Villains Acquired by Gunpowder & Sky from Bron Studios’ The Realm for Us Distribution

We've been excited for Daily Dead readers to see Villains since Heather Wixson gave it a 4.5 star review at SXSW, and it looks like we won't have to wait long, as Gunpowder & Sky picked up the Us rights to the dark comedy from Bron Studios' The Realm, with a release planned for this summer.

We have the official press release with full details below, and in case you missed it, read Heather Wixson's interview with co-writers and co-directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, as well as co-star Jeffrey Donovan.

Press Release: New York, NY – April 18, 2019 -- Gunpowder & Sky, the global content studio, announced today it has acquired the Us rights to Dan Berk and Robert Olsen’s SXSW crowd-pleasing comedic thriller, Villains, from Bron Studios genre arm, The Realm.

Bill Skarsgård and Maika Monroe star as a pair of amateur criminals who break into a suburban home where they
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