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Let's Get Together!
Hitchcoc24 March 2018
This is the second coming of Martin's mother, played by the great actress, Claire Bloom. She comes to tell Martin that his father has just died. He has had no contact with his parents. In a past episode, they came to steal Jane's land because they have misused their funds. We also have a kind of interesting panic going through Port Wenn because a well known hypochondriac leads people to believe that the city is filled with asbestos. Al comes to realize that he is responsible for his big time inertia and he begins to look on his life. And Bert makes a huge decision.
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Return of the evil mama.....
MartinHafer10 May 2015
When the show begins, Mrs. Tischell has gotten final approval to resume work. And, since she and Jennifer have never gotten along, Mrs. Tischell promptly fires her. However, when Bert asks Jennifer to marry him, she decides to stay in Portwenn. Additional plots involve a curmudgeon named Malcolm---who is a bit of a hypochondriac. Yes, he has an illness but it's not what he thinks. When Malcolm then tells the village idiot, PC Penhale, what he THINKS the illness is, Penhale panics and gets everyone else in a panic. Finally, when the show ends, the cold-blooded beast, Doc's mother, arrives in town and casually tells him that his father died some time ago and she's finally getting around to telling Martin!!

Overall, a typical and well written episode of "Doc Martin". None of the plots are earth-shattering but enjoyable and up to the show's usual high standards.
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