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The One Where Death Screams
Alex_Hodgkinson25 July 2014
There's trouble in Berk. Not only is it time for Gobber to take a bath, but the well has been drained. Naturally, Hiccup investigates the strange occurrence. What he finds isn't good; lots of Whispering Deaths digging tunnels everywhere under Berk. Just as he enters and is chased by them, they turn back and attack Berk with full fury. But that still isn't the biggest problem for Berk; it turns out that there is a huge white Whispering Death, or Screaming Death, that is also intent on attacking Berk and making it their home.

This one is another terrific episode. From the rather funny beginning with Gobber's bath scene to the massive fight the Riders have with the Screaming Death, a new brilliant dragon for the Dragon Book. This is the conclusion to episode one's cliffhanger this season, with the Whispering Death eggs being places by the Outcasts, and it isn't disappointing. Lots of fighting ensues in this episode with a new dragon to boot. A new dragon is always very welcome to me, as I love checking them out, and this one is excellent.

One thing I didn't like about this one is the ending with the well. Instead of it being explained with the logical "We filled the cave under the well so we can now use it" type of thing, they said that the Whispering Deaths must have circled around so much that the water lead back to the well. Uh, what? So more holes solved the problem of there being a huge hole under the well. Alright, makes sense. Other than that, fantastic episode. Nothing on development or Hiccup and Toothless, but I still give the episode a nine which is very strange for me if you look back at my reviews on this series. Another of my favourites.
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